The Gift of Clairsentience: Reclaiming my Ability to Feel Energy

We are all familiar with the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Most of us know we have a sixth sense, although it is not something that is openly spoken about or given any attention at all.

Our sixth sense is clairsentience: put simply, an ability to feel energy or what is happening around us.

Our clairsentient nature goes beneath the surface of what we are told and what we read, to allow us to feel truth in every moment and every situation. It is from using this sense that we allow ourselves to increase our awareness and provide understanding and healing rather than distort the situations that arise before us.

When Serge Benhayon presented clairsentience to me some six years ago I knew without any doubt that it was true. I did not know this word, but I knew that I could feel energy.

As a young girl, using clairsentience in everyday life felt very normal. I knew when to approach someone and when to stay away. I knew when someone felt angry or tender. I knew if someone felt OK to hug and I knew when I entered a room whether I liked the way it felt or not. I trusted my clairsentience as much as I trusted all my other senses – they were equal and all precious to me as a child.

Sometimes though, when I talked to adults about whatever it was that I felt at the time, they would tell me I was “being silly”’ or “over-sensitive”, or when I expressed to someone that they felt sad they would often respond “No, I am fine.” However, probably the most detrimental squashing of what I felt was true came from the message of ‘stranger danger’, which told me to trust only family and friends – yet some strangers could feel more loving and honest than those I knew well.

For me, living with this amazing awareness, to be able to feel energy, was too much, and I chose to deny and dull its power.

There are many ways I have dulled my awareness to energy and have done this by using drugs and alcohol, self-abuse, emotions, busy-ness, overriding what I feel with a belief or ideal, or by over-investing in intellect (relying only on textbooks and expert advice).

In fact, anything that keeps me in separation to my body can be used to dull down or distract me from my innate ability to feel, because when I feel, I feel energy and life through my body, not my head.

However, despite what I have done to myself, the truth is that I cannot stop feeling what the body conveys, but I can ignore or override it.

The ability to feel energy can help keep me safe and away from danger. In my teenage years I would attend parties with my girlfriends where there was alcohol and drugs and we would also go to nightclubs and pubs. On some occasions we were approached by another and would feel that something wasn’t right – something was a little ‘off’ or even ‘creepy’. At one teenage party I placed myself in a position where I was very close to harm from an adult that I trusted, as I chose to override the warning signs that I was feeling. Eventually these warning signs became so loud that I ran for safety. Now as an adult, I am so grateful for my clairsentience as, on that evening, it saved me from an experience that could have been devastating.

I have begun to wonder about all the times in my daily life where I have felt something was a little ‘off’ and I overrode those feelings or pretended they were not felt. Personal safety is an obvious example, but there are others worthy of mention. For example, what about the times when I felt jealousy from a friend, where I felt unwanted sexual advances, where I felt my partner become more distant in the relationship, or felt judged by another even without the use of words.

I know for many years I did not want to feel these things and I did all I could to try to hinder feeling that which I did not like or did not want to deal with.

At work there have been many times where I have walked into a room and felt anger and tension. Work is one place where people quite often put on a face, become emotional and override their true feelings. They ‘act’ what they have learned ‘being professional’ looks like on the outside and cover up all that they really feel with expected mannerisms, behaviours and words. This mixes up the messages – on one hand a smile gives the impression that all is OK and yet my clairsentience tells me that something doesn’t feel quite right. Using my clairsentient nature allows me to go beneath any facade and to honour what is truly going on in these situations.

More recently I realised that dulling down my clairsentience also diminished my capacity to feel when another was offering precious moments of care, adoration, love and appreciation: simple moments of affection captured in another’s eyes that may never be confirmed with words. Until recently, I have rarely spotted these loving moments, but now that I do, I can feel the abundance of love that is there all around.

I am learning to honour what I feel and to reclaim my clairsentience by reconnecting to my body with the utmost tenderness. I go to bed early if I am tired, exercise without pushing through, ensure the food I choose is supportive and not too heavy, and take heed and honour what I feel when I am with another or as I go about my day.

The gift of clairsentience is certainly now part of my everyday living that I allow to show what is truly going on in any given situation. It has taken many years to be able to deeply appreciate and reclaim this part of myself, and the powerful place clairsentience plays in my life. And whilst sometimes I am challenged to accept what I feel, I do make sure that I stop and give these feelings far more consideration than ever before.

By Maree Savins, Project Support Officer, Tertiary Education, Australia

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1,041 thoughts on “The Gift of Clairsentience: Reclaiming my Ability to Feel Energy

  1. I loved what you have shared Maree, I too had shut down my clairsentience, being told from a young age feeling were not to be trusted, so I went into my head to try to make sense of life, I am now learning to come back to my body and be able to open up to feel the truth of what is actually going on in life.

  2. Clairsentience is such a big word, but what it simply means to me is about having a very honest relationship with what I feel. We are feeling everything at all times.

  3. Our clairsentience or our ability to feel is so much more accurate than our ability to see, we can feel ahead what a week will be like, or if a choice is a good idea, down to simple things like what we need to eat, we never need to think too much about it if we follow our inbuilt navigation device.

  4. We deny or override our clairsentience and then the complications and struggles arise, when we honour our clairsentinece we begin to have a deeper understanding of life and relationships.

  5. We all must surely be aware that we have this sixth sense, the ability to feel, but for some strange reason we deny it. For most of my life I did too, yet I cannot deny that I could feel when someone was sad or angry, so how did I not realise I had another sense? Is it that the education system and medicine teach us the there are only five senses and we give our power and our knowing away to that?

  6. Life is so rich and multi-dimensional the we live it from feelings and clairsentience rather than navigating from our minds or desires, it’s like our very own inbuilt compass in life, it alerts us in advance how to avoid rocky areas and in which direction we actually need to go.

  7. It is really supportive when we allow ourselves to connect with our Clairsentience, it gives us an inner knowing about many things, it can also be a great warning system as it tells us not to do certain things in order to keep us safe too.

  8. We override clairsentience through various means. One of them is simply giving wings to neediness. When you relate to others based on needs, there is no way you will listen to what your own body is feeling.

  9. I have been really loving the process of re-discovering what I am feeling and it is super important to allow myself to truly honour what it is I am feeling and not react and shut down. The more I support my body by not dulling and numbing myself the more I am able to feel and read.

  10. It’s really true that our clairsentience can alert us to danger, to something not being right, so it’s a great reminder to allow our clairsentience to also take in the greater beauty to life such as love, and the many beautiful qualities people have.

  11. We all feel energy all the time and we know this because when we are children we experience what it is like to feel our families and those around us and know what is truly going on. Unfortunately when we express what we feel it can often be denied and so we become distrustful of ourselves and what we naturally feel. If we were all encouraged to honour what we feel, then the world would be a completely different place to live. We would not be able to fool each other with words, as feelings are the much stronger sensation whether we deny them or not.

  12. I have experienced as a child having my feelings, and in truth, my knowings overridden because they are not convenient, and I am sure I am not alone. I hear conversations these days all around me, between children and adults that follow the same vein. As adults we really need to consider why we tend to attempt to squash the truth of our children…

  13. Blind is he who will not see with the eyes of the heart and thus must navigate through the darkness, ill equipped to deal with what lays before him.

  14. Beautifully expressed Maree. I especially love the way that you show that shutting down to the aspects of life we don’t want to feel, stops us from feeling the natural love and support that surrounds us. If we remain open to feeling, we are delivered all we need to deal with whatever is before us.

  15. We have the ability to feel energy all the time even when we try to fool ourselves that we cannot feel by dulling and numbing our body, it makes sense that in opening up our awareness we give ourselves the space and opportunity to respond and fully support ourselves rather than react and deeply harm our body.

  16. Now also on the path of reclaiming my clairsentience, I can’t believe I ever lived without it and chose to shut it out for so long. Life is all the more richer, joyful and empowered for claiming it back.

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