Brotherhood Here on Earth

There is so much in life that I have chased in the hope it would be the magical ‘thing’ that would bring all my heart desired, but time and time again, life proved to me that this was never going to be the case. It wasn’t the home I bought, the overseas holiday, the job of my dreams – it was a moment where I felt that Brotherhood, in the true sense, would be lived here on Earth. Continue reading “Brotherhood Here on Earth”

True Reflection, The Way of The Livingness & The 5 Elements of God

Have you ever looked at a magazine, pictures on the Internet or on TV, and felt truly inspired?

By ‘feeling truly inspired’ I mean, did you feel the beauty and grandness you were seeing, reflecting to you what is actually within yourself? Or did you cringe and feel yourself shrinking by the massive amount of comparison and inaccessible ideals these images can bring up?

When I looked at magazines I only received the message that there was something out there I still did not have (and I may never have), but that I needed to achieve to be able to feel myself as equal to this.

I never ever felt inspired by any of the pictures I used to see; instead I always felt how I was reduced to being less.

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The Way of The Livingness – Where can I Register?

“Honouring the love you are in full and bringing that into full human life forms the basis of a new worldly religious way known as The Way of The Livingness.”
Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 648

The number of university subjects today is expanding immensely. I remember a time when there was just Medicine, Biology, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Sports, Psychology, Science, Engineering, Arts and Linguistics – and that was mainly it. Today there are over 400 subjects one can study.

And so I asked myself – “What if ‘The Way of The Livingness’ was taught in university – and what would the students be like?” Continue reading “The Way of The Livingness – Where can I Register?”