Learning from History: Speaking Up Against the Attacks on Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

For three years now Esther Rockett, Lance Martin and others have attacked Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine with heavy accusations of crimes, none of which are true.

Serge Benhayon is a business owner in New South Wales in Australia and his business, Universal Medicine, is about supporting people in their wellbeing. Thousands of testimonials can be found on the Internet and there is living proof of the truth and love whenever you meet a student of Universal Medicine around the globe.

However, there are a few people, seemingly in fury about Universal Medicine’s and the students’ success and flourishing, who fight against Serge Benhayon and his family and friends in the most vicious way; cyber-bullying, stalking, lying, harassing, hating, blaming, harming, using language and other means in utter disrespect, total disregard and with alarming obsession.

Since I live on the other side of the globe in Europe, I thought I wouldn’t have to respond to this. After all, I am not personally accused and all this is happening far, far away. After some time I realised that there was more going on than just some cyber-trolling in Australia.

Born in Germany, I have always wondered how the Second World War could have ever happened here, some 70 – 80 years ago.

World War II started on September 1st 1939. But already in 1933, Hitler had become imperial Chancellor in Germany and with that had started the preparations for the mass destruction and murder of Jews, gays, the handicapped, the elderly and sick, people from different cultures or races and many more innocent human beings. And all this long before the war itself had begun.

How was it possible that people didn’t speak up against the acts of a few wielding their force?

I can now feel how it is possible to not speak up because I can find the same “oh well, it’s not affecting me, so I don’t need to do anything about it” energy in me also. “I’m not a Jew / not gay / not a woman / not associated with Universal Medicine … so it’s not against me, no need for action.”

History teaches us how force can be wielded against a minority very easily once the idea of separation has taken root. As if not belonging to the harassed group would make me safe. Not having a vagina keeps me safe from all problems that women are faced with. Not having a dark skin color saves me from being a slave. Not appearing gay saves me from bullying in the schoolyard. And so on …

The targets of wars are always a few people, a small or separate group compared to the all of humanity, so it’s guaranteed there will always be many who don’t speak up because they are left in the illusional comfort of feeling different – left in the illusion of not being attacked.

That is the big lie. We are not different. We belong to the same humanity, we have the same feelings, the same problems, even the same language when it comes to love.

In Germany we are currently faced with thousands of refugees and we are slowly learning to accept that love in action is needed, even though the civil war is far far away. Maybe we are starting to learn from history.

I feel the call to speak up for Universal Medicine because I indeed learned from history. I feel associated with Universal Medicine not because I attend courses or take part in projects; I feel associated with Universal Medicine because of who I am. I am love – that makes me part of the family.

In the process I have become more and more aware that these attacks are not just about Universal Medicine and the loving people who are the core of Universal Medicine.

These attacks are against love, joy, harmony and truth itself, and the missiles are sent towards those who hold that light and stillness the most.

It is definitely worth speaking up and standing next to Serge Benhayon, his amazingly loving family and the many other very sensitive and tender people that have been viciously attacked over such a long time now.

In the meantime, I work on my expression of love, joy, harmony, truth and stillness, because the energy that works through Esther Rockett and Lance Martin also works through anybody or anything that is not love, no matter where they are on Earth.

by Felix Schumacher, Complementary Therapies Practitioner, Hamburg, Germany

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