Brotherhood Here on Earth

There is so much in life that I have chased in the hope it would be the magical ‘thing’ that would bring all my heart desired, but time and time again, life proved to me that this was never going to be the case. It wasn’t the home I bought, the overseas holiday, the job of my dreams – it was a moment where I felt that Brotherhood, in the true sense, would be lived here on Earth.

I knew in my heart brotherhood existed, but too many years of being tumbled around in life, settling for less in relationships, and then less again, weakened this knowing and soon I didn’t believe that I would ever find what this void in relationships was about, so I gave up. I gave up hoping, I gave up knowing, I gave up on humanity and I gave up on me.

I accepted my despondency about life – that people could be truly supportive and caring to each other. When I wasn’t hiding away from people to avoid having to feel the emptiness in myself and in my relationships, I would liven life up with a holiday or project or seek complication to invest myself in and flutter the time away. Coming to Universal Medicine certainly changed my life. I learned, once again, about love, something that I too had given up on. Without love for myself, I wasn’t able to truly love another. It is now clear to me, that without allowing love, this feeling of true Brotherhood would have always been beyond my grasp.

Recently though I experienced an amazing moment that has turned all this on its head. I was messaging with a friend on the other side of the world. We did not know each other well and had spent little time together one-on-one. He had posed a question to a group and as I started to answer, he popped on and we began to chat. The to-ing and fro-ing was so lovely, the wisdom in the conversation so inspiring, and in that, I felt something I had been searching for my whole life – true Brotherhood.

What I experienced was a moment where I felt that we were both the student and the teacher. The sharing between us felt amazing; a feeling so powerful, an equality that asked me to be more.

Similarly, I had felt the loveliness of this feeling of equality and connectedness with another in a conversation with Serge Benhayon a couple of months prior. Expressing from a grand pool of wisdom, hearing the words flow from my mouth and the steadiness that I felt in my body, allowed me to see that there was much more to me and to life, and that people could connect on a much deeper level than what I had resorted to in everyday life. I knew then that if I could feel like this once, it was attainable again, and it was here for us all.

In both situations I did not play less and was not treated as less. In my life I have often felt a strange feeling come into conversations, like dominance, control, power-plays and off-loading of emotion, but not in these two situations. Here I was treated as an equal and my heart opened wide. The love that I felt inside myself was monumental, so much that it brought tears to my eyes.

I realised that much of my ‘given up-ness’ was really that I had given up on myself and humanity being able to interrelate with this particular quality. I had felt so much rot and abrasiveness in society, and the relationships I chose did not allow the quality or depth that I knew could be there. I wanted so much to feel the quality of Brotherhood in its true essence in my daily life. Not feeling this created an inner disturbance or disharmony that could outplay with frustration.

Until now, I did not realize how important Brotherhood was to me and just how much I really love people. And neither did I know in absoluteness that here on Earth we could have the quality of love in relationship with each other that is available, or more rightly, a quality that is so expansive that it feels like heaven here on earth.

These moments of true Brotherhood have changed the game for me, as I am able to see both the love and the love-less-ness in the world with clarity and a steadiness.

By feeling the essence of Brotherhood, I now know that it is here for us all and that one day we will live each day from this quality of love, equality, and tenderness, exploring life where we are student and teacher all rolled into one.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for showing me the essence of Brotherhood that I knew to be true in my heart.

By Maree Savins, Australia

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1,008 thoughts on “Brotherhood Here on Earth

  1. Far from seeing each other as our fellow brothers, it is far more common to view others with suspicion and disdain. This is a sad but honest reflection of how far from our true living way we have allowed ourselves to get. And we can choose to live like this for as long as we like but we will all eventually return to brotherhood and beyond. I say beyond because in our truest form even brotherhood is too separated a state.

  2. Absolutely Maree, brotherhood is worthwhile obtaining as it comes with the most Loving package and ways of living that surpass any expectation we could have about this most divine connection.

    1. Appreciating the Love of our essences, and living in the intimacy of such a relationship is the foundation for us living in brotherhood. Then as we develop this intimate relationship with our-selves by being open and completely transparent, we then start to live this with another and then others, which is developing brotherhood, and in confirming this with authority and the appreciation with our lived intimacy delivers a purpose to our life. In feeling the glory of that purpose, then the appreciation holds us until the next purpose is complete, and thus appreciation is like warm water that supports us and keeps us afloat until the next purpose-full-package.

  3. I used to think – ‘what can I do?’ I’m only one and inside me was a given-up-ness. Once I got over that I have been amazed by what a difference just one person can make. And if we all did that – wow. Students of Universal Medicine make a massive difference to the world we each live in. I’ve not really appreciated that fact.

  4. “Without love for myself, I wasn’t able to truly love another. It is now clear to me, that without allowing love, this feeling of true Brotherhood would have always been beyond my grasp.” So true Maree. When we rediscover the love we have for ourselves it cant help but shine out to others.

  5. Over the last couple of days I have been realising how much colour, religion, gender and so on does not matter. I have a friend who is from a different cultural background to me, and while we were having lunch a couple of days ago, I made a comment about the differences in our cultures. I wasn’t discriminative, or racist, but with the distinction i brought in a separation between the two of us and could literally feel him getting hurt by that. It’s almost as if we all think we’re better than other races because our race is superior & in that we discriminate, desensitise and so forth. That is how we can then be mean, horrible – vile even, to other people. That is how corruption, greed, rape & murder are born.

  6. ‘Until now, I did not realize how important Brotherhood was to me and just how much I really love people.’ The coming together in common purpose with love and gentleness to me is what life needs to be about. When we can do this we are supported with a quality of energy that beholds all equally leaving us room to grow and expand.

  7. We rarely hear the word ‘Brotherhood’ nowadays and not in a true way either. For such a big global population it could really be a word we use daily and work towards living together, being in equality and constantly working towards greater love, truth and harmony together. One look at the world today and we can see that it is so very needed.

    1. Yes Brotherhood is so very much needed in our world today. However beginning with ourselves we can slowly contribute to turning it all around. When snowflakes are all combined together they make a huge mass.

  8. It doesn’t feel like we yet know how to live in true brotherhood, we have quite a self centred society where we look after our own friends and family and have a tendency to ignore others. But instead, to live a quality of love, equality, and tenderness with everyone in the world would feel really cool.

  9. Maree, I can relate to this; ‘There is so much in life that I have chased in the hope it would be the magical ‘thing’ that would bring all my heart desired, but time and time again, life proved to me that this was never going to be the case.’ I tried many different sports and different jobs in the hope that they would make me feel complete, they never did of course and it has been my re-connection with myself and others that has led to me feeling settled and content.

  10. Having been on a tour abroad recently and meeting a lot of people I’d never me before I realised how simple and great it can be to be in brotherhood. Staying open and transparent it was a joy to connect with so many, all form different walks of life, varying ages – none of whom had heard of Universal Medicine. I became so aware of the fact we are all equal.

  11. “These moments of true Brotherhood have changed the game for me, as I am able to see both the love and the love-less-ness in the world with clarity and a steadiness.” Beautiful to be able to hold both with clear vision and accept them both for what they are – with understanding comes clarity. .

  12. ‘I am able to see both the love and the love-less-ness in the world with clarity and a steadiness.’ Reading this i can feel how important it is to be honest and be willing to see the lovelessness and to be open and appreciate the love.

  13. We all know brotherhood really well, it runs through every particle of our body but if we shut this part of ourselves down then we can behaviour in very unloving ways that is the opposite of brotherhood and this is what I am seeing in our world today As we realise that brotherhood runs deep in all of us, and understand that running away from this responsibility will never get us very far, eventually, we will return to brotherhood as we will figure out that brotherhood is the only way to live here on earth.

  14. Everyone is looking to be treated in this way, “Here I was treated as an equal and my heart opened wide.” as we all deserve to be. I was just in hospital and was treated with utmost respect and genuine care, and yet I was surprised but then stopped and went of course this should be the norm for us all in our interactions.

    1. When I was in hospital a few years ago I too was surprised by the level of genuine care I encountered. Also helped by the fact I engaged with everyone I met with an openness – from cleaner to consultant, treating everyone equally.

  15. As we open up more, give ourselves permission to be more of ourselves, so we open up to others and allow them in. We cannot expect others to treat us as equals to them, if we are not willing to see ourselves as absolute equals to others.

  16. I loved this line about brotherhood “…a feeling so powerful, an equality that asked me to be more.” It reminded me of the difference between brotherhood and comparison, comparison being individual units feeling they are either better or worse than each other (and underneath that not really feeling enough), and brotherhood being individual units working together to grow and evolve one another in oneness and love.

  17. Wow Maree just what I needed to read today. I too have adored the true Brotherhood that I have experienced with the students of The Way of The Livingness that is deep within me and has been aching to be lived once more, with all, now.

    1. Thank you Natalie for your comment, it’s reminded me of how much there is to appreciate about the Brotherhood I’ve experienced with students of Universal Medicine, and how much more there is to come. It’s so beautiful to have a moment to pause and appreciate just what Brotherhood is too.

  18. It’s amazing what can happen with you meet another in transparency; that is, you have no protective shields up in case they may hurt you, so you allowing them to see every glorious particle of you. And when you trust enough to do this and then treat them as the equal they are, you are offering an opportunity to connect with another on such a deep level, past the peripheral trivia and right into the beauty we are as human beings; as members of the one brotherhood.

  19. The essence of true Brotherhood resides within us all as we are the custodians of Brotherhood, and when we honor and live the love we are in essence, we honor and live the virtues of Brotherhood here on earth.

  20. It’s ironic that most of us spend our whole life keeping people out seeking to fill the emptiness that can only be truly fulfilled by letting people in again.

    1. Well said Joshua. Even when some say they are not a people person or they are anti-social I know that’s not true. It’s more true to say, I am hurt and find it hard to trust people because of my experiences… least then they don’t label themselves and there is space to heal what is there.

    2. What you have described Joshua is how I have lived for most of my life. The problem is however that I didn’t have any conscious awareness that I was keeping others out. It wasn’t as if I was living by myself on a remote island off the Scottish coast, far from it, in fact, I have been living in a big city for the last 25 years and have had a partner, a son and lots of friends for all of that time. So it came as quite a revelation to me when I realised that by cutting myself off from what I was truly feeling that I was, in fact, severing my connection with myself and as a result had nothing deeper or truer to offer others to connect to. But now, having connected much more deeply to myself I feel like I have all of me to offer others to connect to.

  21. Serge Benhayon is an inspiration by which so many people have re-ignited their love for themselves and others when previously they, too, had given up on life.

  22. Our error is that we look for Brotherhood outside of ourselves instead of deeply connecting to the Oneness that lives and breathes within us and then bringing this quality through into all that we do and everyone we meet. Because it is equally living within all others also, the embodiment of true Brotherhood helps others see that they are also of this love and this light. We are never here alone, even when working on our own.

  23. Last weekend we gathered in a group of students of the Livingness to attend a workshop held by Universal Medicine. Natalie Benhayon’s presentation invited to us to explore and share together about a particular topic. The togetherness and equality, the openness and no need to say or do anything to impress anyone, the ease, lightness and fun was there to be enjoyed with each other. Every word spoken from my fellow students felt very enriching and invited me to be more and to deepen in my connection with myself and my body. Certainly I realized that we are here together to evolve and to reconnect back to the amazing beings we really are.

  24. Brilliant blog Maree, your sharing on how tender and open we can be with each other melts the old ways of control, hardness, comparison…that we have stablished in our society. What you shared here feels very natural and confirms the fact that deep down inside we know what we craved most for so long, a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

    1. True Inma the only way to be with the old ways of control, hardness and comparison is to allow ourselves to feel he innate qualities we have like tenderness, delicateness and love for all. When we deeply connect to God inside us, Brotherhood will be our purpose in life.

  25. Building love within ourself does lay the foundation for truly bringing love to all our other relationships and supports us to be steady and not so reactive to unloving expressions.

  26. Coming back from the supermarket sometime ago I had this realisation that I really do love people, the joy I felt within connecting with sometimes only a moment shows me the love and connection of brother hood that we all are and come from.

    1. That’s awesome Jill. Loving people is natural for us, it is not something to try or to develop for a special few, there is a big amount of love in every part of us to be shared and expressed with everyone everywhere we go, how wonderful.

    2. I smiled when I read your comment Jill, as, yes, the supermarket is not just a place to shop but a place where we have the opportunity to connect with so many others; from the shoppers, the children perched in the shopping trolleys, the staff endlessly re-stocking the shelves and of course at the end of our shopping, the check out operator and the bag packer. You can tell that I love visiting the supermarket and always come away feeling very connected to humanity.

  27. It is a wonderful thing, to recognise how much you love people. With love in this instance being a beholding quality and nothing less.

  28. This is a beautiful correlation to make – the connection between giving up on oneself and seeing that there is no true brotherhood being lived here. And what’s more, is how this can inspire oneself to bring brotherhood back again, because even if it is not being lived, we still all have it within us to express, and sometimes it only takes one person to stand up that can make all the difference.

  29. When we understand and truly live in brotherhood, the lovelessness in the world no longer overwhelms us. We are more able to see the love that is within us and around us is much greater than anything else.

  30. I have spent most of my life hating the world and its people, or thinking that I hated them, and in the past few years I have started wondering about a possibility that maybe I actually love people very much, that there is a deep knowing of who we truly are that I adore and treasure beyond anything.

  31. Being a Student of The Livingness I now have the beginning of an understanding and the experience of True Brotherhood, which is marvellous yet it is not some wishy-washy idealistic fairy tale. Instead it is grounded on truth and reality for as you say Maree, “I am able to see both the love and the love-less-ness in the world with clarity and a steadiness.”

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