Brotherhood Here on Earth

There is so much in life that I have chased in the hope it would be the magical ‘thing’ that would bring all my heart desired, but time and time again, life proved to me that this was never going to be the case. It wasn’t the home I bought, the overseas holiday, the job of my dreams – it was a moment where I felt that Brotherhood, in the true sense, would be lived here on Earth.

I knew in my heart brotherhood existed, but too many years of being tumbled around in life, settling for less in relationships, and then less again, weakened this knowing and soon I didn’t believe that I would ever find what this void in relationships was about, so I gave up. I gave up hoping, I gave up knowing, I gave up on humanity and I gave up on me.

I accepted my despondency about life – that people could be truly supportive and caring to each other. When I wasn’t hiding away from people to avoid having to feel the emptiness in myself and in my relationships, I would liven life up with a holiday or project or seek complication to invest myself in and flutter the time away. Coming to Universal Medicine certainly changed my life. I learned, once again, about love, something that I too had given up on. Without love for myself, I wasn’t able to truly love another. It is now clear to me, that without allowing love, this feeling of true Brotherhood would have always been beyond my grasp.

Recently though I experienced an amazing moment that has turned all this on its head. I was messaging with a friend on the other side of the world. We did not know each other well and had spent little time together one-on-one. He had posed a question to a group and as I started to answer, he popped on and we began to chat. The to-ing and fro-ing was so lovely, the wisdom in the conversation so inspiring, and in that, I felt something I had been searching for my whole life – true Brotherhood.

What I experienced was a moment where I felt that we were both the student and the teacher. The sharing between us felt amazing; a feeling so powerful, an equality that asked me to be more.

Similarly, I had felt the loveliness of this feeling of equality and connectedness with another in a conversation with Serge Benhayon a couple of months prior. Expressing from a grand pool of wisdom, hearing the words flow from my mouth and the steadiness that I felt in my body, allowed me to see that there was much more to me and to life, and that people could connect on a much deeper level than what I had resorted to in everyday life. I knew then that if I could feel like this once, it was attainable again, and it was here for us all.

In both situations I did not play less and was not treated as less. In my life I have often felt a strange feeling come into conversations, like dominance, control, power-plays and off-loading of emotion, but not in these two situations. Here I was treated as an equal and my heart opened wide. The love that I felt inside myself was monumental, so much that it brought tears to my eyes.

I realised that much of my ‘given up-ness’ was really that I had given up on myself and humanity being able to interrelate with this particular quality. I had felt so much rot and abrasiveness in society, and the relationships I chose did not allow the quality or depth that I knew could be there. I wanted so much to feel the quality of Brotherhood in its true essence in my daily life. Not feeling this created an inner disturbance or disharmony that could outplay with frustration.

Until now, I did not realize how important Brotherhood was to me and just how much I really love people. And neither did I know in absoluteness that here on Earth we could have the quality of love in relationship with each other that is available, or more rightly, a quality that is so expansive that it feels like heaven here on earth.

These moments of true Brotherhood have changed the game for me, as I am able to see both the love and the love-less-ness in the world with clarity and a steadiness.

By feeling the essence of Brotherhood, I now know that it is here for us all and that one day we will live each day from this quality of love, equality, and tenderness, exploring life where we are student and teacher all rolled into one.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for showing me the essence of Brotherhood that I knew to be true in my heart.

By Maree Savins, Australia

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944 thoughts on “Brotherhood Here on Earth

  1. True brotherhood is a banquet for the Soul, it enriches our lives and brings an understanding of our multidimensionality and oneness.

  2. For far too long we have had a reflection that is the total opposite of brotherhood and when I first heard about brotherhood I wondered if it was actually possible, but now I have seen and felt moments when people are working in true harmony with each other.

  3. To simply allow space for the master and the student to be one in our bodies we open up to the multidimensionality we are all from. It is an equality that is inspiring as we recognise our responsibility to never play less or expect another to fix our life.

  4. I totally understand how we can react with despondency at seeing the lovelessness in our world, the lack of brotherhood and yet that also confirms how we innately do know what true brotherhood is and then raises the question for me – are we willing to bring that quality, that we do know, unconditionally to life or wait until others bring it to us…

  5. I reckon every single one of us on earth resonates and would love to live in brotherhood and when we experience it, every part of our body sings with joy. Living in brotherhood is our natural pull and hence why it would hurt to resist this and it hurts even deeper when we attack this natural pull.

  6. We have put the world upside down from what it actually truly is. Or better said who we truly are we have twisted and twirled it all around.. Now having little to no awareness of who we are and what we bring to life. This is where we might question: what have we let between our truth – love?

  7. Maree, I love your blogs. ‘What I experienced was a moment where I felt that we were both the student and the teacher’. What a great line, brotherhood, equality and evolution.

  8. Universal Medicine has represented, and still presents that healthy living comes from the quality of our movements, choices, relationships etc. From this commitment and foundation a love can be deeply felt and connected to in oneself. This connection is what connects us all. A forever endless fountain of love and togetherness that we have been part of all along, we simply have forgotten and walked away from. Lets connect to our truth and brotherhood again..

  9. We might think we give up but we can never truly give up as it is impossible to extinguish that internal eternal flame.

  10. It is so easy to blame the world and others for things not being they way we would like yet, as you say Maree, it is in fact arises from “…. my ‘given up-ness’ was really that I had given up on myself and humanity”. Through the loving support of Serge Benhayon, his family, Universal Medicine and the students of The Way of The Livingness I have regained trust in myself and by doing so in humanity.

  11. Brotherhood is a quality that is true to every heart, to every Soul within everyone here on earth. It is wise to be open to see the ways in which this is not lived, how we abuse ourselves and one another through our separation to the love we are within, and also of course the ways in which this quality is lived. For it is this awareness that allows us to confirm, deepen and inspire each other to live the love we are within first, so it is this quality we come together with in honor of us all.

  12. The despondency we may feel over and over when we are meeting people and feel that there is something missing, something we all know so well as we have lived it before… brotherhood, but have forgotten about because we have chosen for a life in separation instead.

    1. I agree Nico, we can feel that and we can get despondent yet I am realising that the despondency feeds the separation because I am not holding the fact and the truth that we are all equal and if I hold that in my body then they will not feel that ‘something missing’ in me and it might re-awaken the opportunity for them to see a glimmer of divinity they are from in them. If I mirror their emptiness then they would not know there was any difference. Thank God for that reflection in my life by more and more brothers and sisters!

      1. Yes Lucy, the despondency is part of the creation and when we go in there we give it energy and feed it back, as that is how creation works. We have to give it energy all the time, as it is a man made creation that cannot sustain itself. And that is the play we all play together, just do your lines to stay part of the plot that otherwise would fall apart if we chose to live from that inner spark we all hold within and can share with our brothers and sisters to show there is another way to live life aside from the creation we have made life to be.

  13. its amazing the connection that we can have with other people, without even really knowing them and without any effort. These instances are clear markers for us on what can be, rather than the protective way we think is normal.

    1. There can be certain beliefs around how we are with people, such as it takes time to get to know someone. If our connection is ancient we already know the essence of another. We may need to be filled in on some details, but the other is known. And when the connection is not ancient, if two people meet and their hearts are open, there is an instant letting in and the essence of the other is known.

  14. We all miss brotherhood and it is in that desperation we are accepting many forms of relationships we think brotherhood is. But every time we have to conclude that it is not it and can become a little disillusioned from. Brotherhood is not something we have to look out for. it is a quality that lives within that we have to develop and nurture. And that quality lived will eventually restore true brotherhood once again on this planet we live on.

    1. Yes, sports teams, fan clubs, night clubs, institutions and so on. What hurts may be the expectations of these collections of people.

  15. We all have a remembrance of brotherhood which is rarely found in our society nowadays where everything is about money, comparison and competition but not about the oneness we know living in brotherhood brings. And because we do not find that quality in life that often, we give up on life as we see it is not it. But that too, that giving up is not it, as it does stop us from cherishing and developing the brotherhood that lives within, which eventually will bring back that way of living we all know so well and are longing for.

    1. So true Nico, for it is because brotherhood is our true innate way of being and society does not live it – we look for all sorts of means to relieve the sadness for which we do not realise we are missing. We only come to identify the sadness and what it is for when we find the answer.

      1. From what you say Jonathan I understand that we have to cherish that deep feeling of sadness as only then it will reveil to us what we are sad about. It will give us purpose to build that what we innately miss so much from the inside out instead of looking for it externally.

      2. I am not so sure about cherishing the sadness. In this context of sadness for the loss of Brotherhood I was meaning that it is only when we reconnect to/discover true Brotherhood that we realise that we have been yearning for it and had not been aware that we were.

      1. True Nikki, the longing will always be there as the knowing about brotherhood is so innately in us that it will never fade away no matter how much we do give up on life.

    2. Beautifully expressed Nico, so true what you’ve shared. Brotherhood is imprinted in every particle of our cells from the day we were born and to move away from this takes a lot of resistance and energy. So, when we listen to our body, every part of it will naturally guide us back to brotherhood.

  16. ‘was a moment where I felt that we were both the student and the teacher’ – this statement removes the images I held about a teacher and a student, neither is superior or inferior.

    We learn from each other and we can step into these roles at any given moment.

  17. Brotherhood is synonymous with equality. When I approach another from a place of equalness neither playing more or less I am inclined to open my heart. I can then express and appreciate the love that is always there.

    1. Imagine Leonne, that we all live like that, to live from the love that lives within, how then the world would look like. There would not be any place for corruption, war, domestic violence, famine, difference of rich and poor, trafficking and so on, but a working together for a greater purpose for all of us to evolve back to, that one brotherhood that is at the core of our being.

    2. Great point Leonne, when we live in brotherhood, every step we take then reflects to everyone we meet that they too are equally grand and magnificent. It leaves no room for playing less or more, brotherhood is always about equality, love, harmony and oneness.

  18. “Without love for myself, I wasn’t able to truly love another” – I loved this statement.
    This is what many of us were searching for and many continue searching for from others. Well this is it, no bells or whistles, this is the thing that is the answer to our woes.
    Love for myself is the key, it has no boundaries, no measurements and is ceaseless before it can be shared or offered to another or others.

  19. It’s easy to look out into the world and give up on brotherhood, it’s massively missing from our world and our daily interactions. But – every time we speak to someone, every time we look in someones eyes, every time we do something for someone we have the opportunity to bring this amazing quality back into the world.

    1. Yes, we can be open to brotherhood and it can be surprising how often it is available in meeting another.

  20. “I felt something I had been searching for my whole life – true Brotherhood.” And when we feel true Brotherhood we know it is something we always knew but had forgotten.

  21. It shows that our feeling of separation is such when we all keep our hearts closed. All we bave to do is let people into our heart again to undeniably feel the connection between what is already there.

    1. Well said Joshua. We all know brotherhood is real and true. With so little brotherhood being expressed in the world I certainly understand why so many have given up. I will forever appreciate the incredible reflection that the Benhayon family has provided through their choices to live brotherhood and evolution on earth. The example this family lives has made it impossible for me to deny the brotherhood I know.

  22. I love your examples of brotherhood and how that is how we could be with all people we are with. I often look for this as well in life because I love to consider everyone when I am doing things and it is for me the only natural way to live.

  23. We are so much more connected and interrelated to one another then we, from our individual minds, want to believe.

  24. I can relate to that sense of giving up Maree, and it wasn’t a pleasant place to be but I didn’t know how to get myself out of it until I met Serge Benhayon. He inspired me and thousands and thousands of people to live in brotherhood and he has shown me how this is possible.

  25. We are all striving to live in brotherhood once again but at this moment of time we are still divided by how we look, our skin colour, race or our level of anticipated ‘intelligence’, our education, by our culture, the country we live in or the many languages we speak. So there are some barriers to overcome and borders to take down before brotherhood for all of us will be restored on this planet earth. But let us not get overwhelmed by the massiveness of our ways of separation but slowly start to build that love we all hold and are from which will eventually build the brotherhood from the inside out.

  26. It’s a great topic Maree, and it’s given me a pause to appreciate the amazing quality and experience of brotherhood as lived by Serge and his family, and now also by many students of Universal Medicine. The beautiful thing that Serge also reflects is it takes one to truly live and reflect brotherhood to ignite many others to return to this true way of being together. And, for the many that did know we could all be living more, to not give up on that but live in full what we know to be true as it only takes one to inspire.

  27. Brotherhood is a quality of life we all know because we have lived this before. That’s why we mis it so much in our nowadays’s societies that tend to become more and more individual because from the arrogant thinking mind we think that this is the solution to our wounds while we all actually know better.

    1. So true Nico, we all do know what it feels like to live in brotherhood. Like you said, we’ve lived this before, and we are certainly missing it and are affected by not living in brotherhood more than we realise.

      1. Yes Chanly88, we all have a remembering of brotherhood but we have forgotten its science and instead try to create our version that at the end always will fail us. Only when we truly understand and can reconnect to its science, brotherhood will return as a quality of living that will restore a way of life that is in respect and obedience of the grander picture we all are part of and belong to.

  28. Equalness is like a key that aligns us to the breadth and depths of love within all of us. Just as the barrels of a lock come into alignment when the right key is turned, so do we align with love when equalness is lived.

    1. And as when we align in love and live in equalness we do recognise we are all one and actually cannot live without one another what we think is possible when living from our reasoning mind.

    2. Richard you are like the Universal Locksmith – amazing and very beautiful comment!

      It’s such an illusion isn’t it Nico that we are separate from each other and therefore don’t effect one another. The truth is every movement and choice, even every breath determines the quality of energy we emanate and this perpetually has an effect on the all we live in together, not just planet earth but the entire universe. Returning to Oneness reveals this truth and opens us to the beauty of true responsibility – the love we can live and offer to the all by our own will.

  29. Having spent a long time of my life seeking brotherhood, I now know that it is only when one places reconnection to oneself, which naturally brings oneself to service, that through brotherhood is there.

  30. I always felt that there was something missing from the way we lived in this world. I struggled to understand why people had to fight and often kill each other but it took me until a few years ago, when I became a student of Universal Medicine, that I came to understand that the disharmony I saw and felt in the world was also within me. I realised that what I was missing was Brotherhood and that it began with me, with each and every one of us.

    1. Ingrid I could never understand why there was violence, fighting, wars, arguments or disharmony. Now through the work of Serge Benhayon I can feel why I have felt it’s our natural way to be in brotherhood and harmony because this is when we are living connected to our soul. Likewise when we disconnect to the soul, disharmony in its many abusive faces happens as we connect to the spirit and the loveless plane of energy it draws its existence and expression from, which is in separation from the soul and God. It explains so much to me why this direct contrast exists between harmony and disharmony, and why some are so loving and others so warlike. Even more startling are the simple tools like the Gentle Breath Meditation and the Universal Medicine Therapies that support our re-connection back to soul. This means we have so much support now to live brotherhood on earth.

  31. When we acknowledge that our giving up on people has come from giving up on ourselves first we are open to healing. Otherwise life becomes about blaming others and/or circumstances, all to avoid taking responsibility for our part in the lack of brotherhood we see in the world…for how many of us can truly say our every living movement is towards brotherhood for all?

  32. Today reading your blog Maree I too got tears in my eyes. I have to acknowledge that I miss brotherhood to the bones as I know it so well and therefore feel the devastation in me of it not being lived on earth in this moment of time.

  33. Brotherhood is deeply embedded in our being and therefore we all are so desperately searching for it in our families, with our friends and at work. But until we truly understand what brotherhood actually is, that it is a livingness in which we understand that we are all equal Sons of God and have to work together as one to work us out of the abusive world we have created for ourselves, we will continue to add to the abuse in the world.

    1. I agree Nico, brotherhood becomes a natural way to be when we reconnect to the essence of our true being, as brotherhood is a natural expression of our soul.

      1. Yes Melinda, and it actually hurts that we as a collective are not living it and we all feel this but the reality I see is that a majority of the people I see in society are only trying to avoid this re-connection with our soul and instead are going into stronger abusive behaviour then ever before.

  34. I remember running around everywhere searching for something I had always felt was missing. I was told it was love and so I went to the love we have accepted as normal in a world, a relationship. Only to find the same feeling there after a while and it was a case of settle for this or ask for me. It wasn’t found either in being in and out of relationships because eventually it was all there for you to see and feel no matter who sat opposite you. Then, like in this article there was this; “Without love for myself, I wasn’t able to truly love another.” While there were thoughts to the contrary, now this makes complete sense. How do you know something or how are you able to see it clearly if it’s not how you live with yourself. Love was forever a version in front of me until I grounded it back in how I am with myself and walked it out from there, this is true love.

  35. I used to be very puzzled why people didn’t get on with each other, from those in the same family, to different countries in the world. To me we were all the same, just different on the outside; a difference that sadly has been used to abuse others, segregate races and even start wars. But not many around me felt the same as I did. So when I first heard Serge Benhayon share about Brotherhood I was delighted that I finally had a name for what I had always felt. Like you Maree, I have the deepest appreciation for Serge “showing me the essence of Brotherhood that I knew to be true in my heart.”. That day the world began to make sense.

  36. The most beautiful thing about the teachings of Serge Benhayon who has reignited in so many the Livingness of true Brotherhood is that this future is not a hope but a very real and practical lived potential that is undeniably felt in the examples of the Benhayons and so many in how they are now living.

    1. Yes, so true Joshua, it is not hope, which is to live relying on chance to fulfill the wish, while what Serge Benhayon presents is the lived example of true Brotherhood.

  37. You have described Maree how you have found that your feeling of brotherhood not being possible in this life changed through being met in true equality. This reflection that shows all who come across it that true brotherhood is not only possible but that it is being lived by some already and many more are learning to be in this way.

  38. It is very easy to find oneself feeling frustrated when we consider the current state of affairs that we live in, However, it is not about changing what is out there but looking within and choosing to live who we truly are and meet others in equality from an open heart.

  39. Living brotherhood on earth is as important as getting myself a stable job that I can earn a living with and not hold back myself from, it’s the one thing in life that has put everything back into perspective for me.

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