What is the Question?

Have you ever questioned how much there is in a question?

Questions can be:

  • revelatory and transforming
  • malicious and harmful with evil intent
  • incredibly powerful in exposing the truth
  • incredibly forceful and deceptive
  • a wonderful way to ponder and reach truth oneself
  • a great way to hide and mislead

On the side of truth I have been regularly blown away by the questions Serge Benhayon has presented at courses and events. He regularly poses very simple questions that simply by the asking free up my thinking and expand my vision.

It always used to make me (and everyone else) ponder “Why did I never ask that question myself?” because just on hearing the question I discover that I already know the answer. It exposes how imprisoned we are in our thinking and how unaware we are of just how much we are owned by energies that control what kind of thoughts we have.

The above statement may sound radical, but we all know this really, such as the jokes where a psychologist holds up a card and says what does this remind you of, and the other person says ‘sex’ (or whatever) every time regardless of the image.

I have also found that if I need clarity on an issue and imagine I could send God an email and take the time to get really clear on my question, by the time I have completed the email I don’t need to send it as I have already received the answer!

Journalists are very skilled with using questions both for truth and against truth. In terms of the latter if you are asked a question such as how long have you been beating your wife, what can you do? You can deny it and tell them I don’t even have a wife and they can then publish that you deny beating your wife. These kind of made up and absurd sensational questions are impossible to answer and you hang yourself whichever way you go.

Serge Benhayon and many other members of the public have been on the receiving end of a particularly vicious attack of such questions for over 3 years now by Esther Rockett, a serial cyber abuser.

Esther Rockett regularly and systematically shrieks ANSWER THE QUESTION. After about two years of these disgraceful tactics, Alison Greig and a group of Universal Medicine students set up a website – www.universalmedicinefacts.com where they forensically and factually answered every possible question and exposed the lies.

However, no matter how many times they answer, Esther Rockett continues to shriek ANSWER THE QUESTION all over social media whilst never actually asking any questions, or asking questions that are such extreme opposites of the truth as to be unanswerable.

It seems in life that questions, answers and pretty much everything can be used for true good or to harm. If we are interested in truth and do not want to be puppets for those who wish to harm, we need to develop our discernment. One simple question is: “Does what is presented contain any emotion or judgement?” If it does I would not listen, for Truth always unites and does not contain one ounce of emotion or judgement.

By Nicola Lessing, Goonellabah

Nicola Lessing Nicola Lessing shares that she only has one job ~ it is a 24/7 job, a lot of fun and one that she plans to never retire from. Her job is to be, live and express the love that she is in everything she does!

As the General Manager and Director of both Travelbay (www.travelbay.com) and In Your Interest Financial Planning (www.inyourinterest.com.au), leader of two voluntary international teams working on Unimed Living, a Justice of the Peace, an active member of the local community and married to the gorgeous Christoph Schnelle she has plenty of opportunity to put this into practice.

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