Unconditional Love

We often pretend to love someone without condition, but is this really the case? It starts with falling in love. Well, we can fall into a puddle of mud, but how on earth can we fall in love?

Love is always there, inside of ourselves and everyone else. Meeting someone and feeling a special connection or pull towards that person simply means that we have allowed a space for more love to unfold and become tangible. It is two human beings opening up to let each other feel their essence behind the facade we have often so carefully built to mask what is underneath. Continue reading “Unconditional Love”

The Laboratory of Life

In two different laboratories, two technicians work diligently at their projects.

One is trying to piece together something they found. They are not sure what they found: it feels precious and important but they are not sure they have all the pieces. However, they are convinced that once they work it out, what will be revealed will change the world.

The other is restoring a beautiful work of art that has been covered in dirt over the centuries. The faint outline of the image is there in many places but in others it is totally obscured. Continue reading “The Laboratory of Life”

But are they Really ‘Skeptics’?

Have I ever met a true skeptic?

I’ve known a few ‘skeptics’ in my day. The one I know best is myself, IF my definition of a skeptic is used (not expecting anyone else to share my definition, however). It tallies more with the ancient definition that did not include shutdown or attacking behaviour against others, as we are seeing abundantly in the so-called ‘skeptics’ of today.

My definition is: someone who is on a committed search for Truth, requiring solid proof of it (not restricted to reductionist science or intellectual argument) instead of blind belief, someone who will question the validity of appearances until reaching something essential that feels true and holds true, and ‘stands the test of time’. Continue reading “But are they Really ‘Skeptics’?”

The Grandness of our own Love

There is a driving force in human beings to be seen as more special, more powerful, more successful, more famous, more popular, and more amazing than another. We want to stand out just a little more, be seen as a little better, recognised for this little extra that makes us different, unique and individual. It is a ride on the merry-go-round of disharmony, never providing the inner fulfillment so desperately sought and such a distraction from the grandness of our own love.

This desire for recognition almost has a momentum of its own, popping up in insidious ways. We can fool ourselves and think thoughts that “I don’t do that”, but with closer observation it is possible that we will find it there, playing out in our lives. Continue reading “The Grandness of our own Love”

From Apologist to Confident

When I was younger I used to apologise for everything. I used to say sorry to people at work before I asked them a question – like my manager, even if it was to do with my job! I used to say sorry to people if we bumped into each other on the street, even if they bumped into me. Sorry was a word that would automatically jump out of my mouth if I wasn’t sure about anything.

I had totally forgotten about this until I remembered the other day how much I used to apologise for just being me. Continue reading “From Apologist to Confident”

Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Karin Becker

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

I was recently talking to a young person who said that they had always wanted to work in Child Care and open their own family day care, but they didn’t know if they could do it and doubted themselves a bit. I shared with the young person that I had a friend who opened her own family day care when she was in her sixties, so anything was possible if you really want to do it. The young person shared that their grandparents still work too because they love what they do, and they were really inspired by them and what they bring to their workplace.

This sharing got me to stop and really appreciate Karin Becker – my friend who had opened her own Family Day Care in her sixties. I have never met a woman quite like her before. When I look at her there is such a joy in her eyes; I am so inspired by her freshness, vitality and love of life. Continue reading “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Karin Becker”