God is Love

Today as I walked, I passed some people going from house to house, looking like they were door knocking or passing leaflets out to people in their homes. I felt them, and their purpose, was to spread the word about God to remind all that there is a God, or perhaps a way to God. I felt myself walking along equal to them, and all others, in my relationship to God.

I know God is as much in me as in all others, and in every piece of nature I walk past on this glorious September morning. 

I pondered on the fact that these people were out walking with their family on a Saturday morning going from door to door to tell people all about God, in their own way. On one hand I felt their dedication to this purpose, and on the other I know how some may react when door knockers such as these come around.

Now I don’t necessarily agree with the door knocking process, however sometimes we do need reminding that God exists. We may or may not accept this reminder, so what we choose to do with it is completely up to us.

I felt myself as being a reflection of God, walking around in everyday life.  

What does a reflection of God look like, you might ask? For some the concept of God being in human form may be hard to fathom, as there are many teachings espousing that God is external to us and as a figurehead to be revered – instead of inside each of us, equally so.

The qualities of God are unmistakable, and are actually in us all…

  • God is Love, in equal measure for all.
  • God communicates this Love in every word and detail of action.
  • God remains to Be Love, no matter the reaction of those who may not want to feel the reflection of this Love.
  • God does not allow abuse, in any form – which is anything that is not the absoluteness of the Love known to be.

From when we are born, we have and know the innate quality of Love. We know nothing but this Love until the people of this world show us otherwise. Unfortunately, due to the amount of lovelessness that abounds in our world, we get reflected this more often than not, and so as we grow, we can adopt this same lovelessness and abandon the Love we innately are.

It is important to know that we all started out knowing that Love: the above qualities of God are our most natural way of being and a way we can return to when we choose, allowing it to be.

These qualities are then there for us to reflect to all of humanity.

Reflecting God’s Love shows the world another way from the chaos and corruption that currently ensues. When we feel the power of this, we can feel the responsibility we have in living this Love, in whatever way we can.

We don’t need to door knock to do this. We can simply walk down the street knowing who we are and what we reflect – that is, God’s Divine Love.

Serge Benhayon with Universal Medicine, and all the people I meet on a daily basis, continue to support me in my unfolding and knowing of God, and the Love that we all are.

By Amelia Stephens

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887 thoughts on “God is Love

  1. “We don’t need to door knock to do this. We can simply walk down the street knowing who we are and what we reflect – that is, God’s Divine Love.” it is in our movements that divine love is magnified. Thank you Amelia for a beautiful sharing.

  2. “I felt myself as being a reflection of God, walking around in everyday life.” Just being who we truly are, a reflection of the love and stillness of God – that we all have inside us – can be an inspiration for everyone we meet during our day. No door knocking required.

  3. I am not a door knocker and I understand why people might get annoyed when they are approached in their homes but even though I do not follow the faith of most people that knock on my door, am never rude to them. In fact, sometimes I let them speak if I have the time, so they feel heard and sometimes I will share my experiences of God and connect about that. I have admired the dedication I have seen and sometimes baffled at what a waste of time it seems like, depending on my mode. All in all, though, I know that most of the time, their heart is in the right place.

  4. Great points, that we can walk that reflection of God in our everyday lives – we can always connect to the qualities that are there and live these in our expression. To walk this knowingness is very different to talking this without having truly walked it – the difference it offers others is remarkable and a much needed reflection in the world today.

  5. Ah, the ‘door-knockers’… I wonder how many have connected to a true knowing of God within, for if He is known, there is no ‘saving’ of others – as has been my experience of the intent behind the seemingly humble ‘door-knocker’ who has visited my home…
    We save ourselves by saying ‘yes’ once more to the divinity that was always bestowed upon us. It cannot be done for us, though we may most surely can inspire!

  6. Words beautifully shared Amelia, thank-you. We have forgotten – or might we say, negated – the simplicity of God’s presence within ourselves, within us all, and in every molecule and the space in which we reside.
    To walk and live in the knowing of Him is all that is ‘required’ I would say, in order to serve Him in full and light the way for all to know that the same depth of Love, Joy and graciousness lives in all.

  7. Thank you for sharing Amelia this blog is a simple but powerful reminder to live God’s love in whatever way feels true to us which is currently needed more than ever as humanity struggles in an increasingly loveless world where so many are desperately trying to numb and distract themselves from what they can feel around them.

  8. I agree that sometimes we need a reminder that God exists and hope I recognise that next time I get a door knocker trying to sell me their interpretation of religion! In the past I have tended to react to what I saw as the imposition of their beliefs onto me as it was a continuation of other impositions throughout my childhood which turned me away from God for many years. Coming back to the truth that God is within me has been a slow process but the more I embody it the more it is reflected out to others without me having to say anything or impose on others in any way.

  9. To share God’s divine love ‘we don’t need to door knock to do this. We can simply walk down the street knowing who we are and what we reflect’ in the full appreciation of the divinity we all have equal access to from within.

  10. What I love about this blog is the simplicity and wisdom with which Amelia shares with us, that God is love. She presents this truth without any imposition what so ever.

  11. “we can adopt this same lovelessness and abandon the Love we innately are.” This is something we need to keep constant vigil in ourselves from moment to moment.

  12. It is unfortunate that many of us abandon and trade off the love within us as we grow, and we do need a reminder that we are love. And it’s just beautiful how love works by knowing the same in others by reflection – and there’s no need for preaching or converting. It has been taking us a very very long time and some more to come, but love has even allowed us time as our ally. How grand is this love.

  13. When I first heard that God is love at a presentation by Serge Benhayon my whole body sat up and payed attention as I knew with every fibre of my being that what I was hearing was the truth. Up until that point the image that was presented to me as a child, of God being a man with long white robes sitting on a cloud in the sky did not feel true and so I was unable to relate to this version of Our Father. To have my connection with divinity restored through knowing that God is love has been the most important turning point of my whole life.

  14. Yes indeed God is absolute Love in the true meaning of the word without any emotions. I would not exactly agree with the way you write “God does not allow abuse, in any form” because love never imposes and respects free will including the choice of others to not live or express the love they are at essence. Of course those choices have a consequence. Unimedpedia God: http://www.unimedliving.com/unimedpedia/word-index/unimedpedia-god.html provides some absolutely wonderful short audio excerpts and quotes about the energetic truth of God and all of us.

  15. Yes we do need reminding that God exists, but if it is a true message, it will never come with imposition, but rather present itself for you to choose to see or not according to your own will and in your own time.

  16. Thank you Amelia for beautiful sharing that “We can simply walk down the street knowing who we are and what we reflect – that is, God’s Divine Love.” with nothing to do just be the love that we are in all that we do.

  17. I feel that door knocking to tell people about God is imposing and puts more people off being aware of God than pulls people towards God. Although door knockers may talk about God, are they really talking about God or their interpretation of God? Is it a false version of God they are pushing? Are they promoting a God perhaps who has chosen people, who decides who goes to heaven etc? A God that judges as opposed to a God who simply loves all his children and holds all in total equality.

  18. “We can simply walk down the street knowing who we are and what we reflect – that is, God’s Divine Love.” This simple and beautiful statement comes with the responsibility to appreciate and be who we are.

  19. I have never liked ‘door knockers’ I always felt imposed when they expressed their message of God. It seems a hard way and never loving, yes they seem very dedicated to their task but always from a saving mode. We can only be ourselves and ‘We can simply walk down the street knowing who we are and what we reflect – that is, God’s Divine Love.’

  20. The sense of loneliness, separation and division that is something that is commonly seen today is life without God. But this is a choice and a choice that we make in disconnecting from something that is naturally and always a part of us.

  21. Amelia, this is a great reminder that God lives within us all, and that we can reflect the quality of God to everyone, when we live the love of God from our hearts first we cannot be anything other than at one with God.

  22. Thank you Amelia for a loving sharing, I feel so blessed to now know that God’s love resides within me and in every single human being on this planet, even though most are not as yet aware of this innate love. so much of my life has been looking outside of me for God and feeling lost in that separation, God lives within through the light of the soul.

  23. Connecting with the love within us, which is God’s love, is something most of us did automatically as children, but for various reason we separated from it along the road of life. Through knowing that is was us who separated from it we can choose at any stage to reconnect with it and be at one with the love of God, and allow this to emanate and permeate all that we do in life.

  24. Deep within all of us lays a spark that has never forgotten the warmth of the fire that breathed it forth. This flame never dwindles, it can only be masked by that which is not of the same beauty and thus, seeks to cloud its presence from our sight.

  25. A great reminder of how powerful our living way is – as it is a form of communication as much if not more so than the words we speak.

  26. It feels I have just touched upon the power of living that Love. And indeed it is a responsibility to always reflect that Love to humanity. That is my biggest responsibility. Not to make it as a burden, or something heavy because being and living that Love is absolutely amazing. For me it is just, just the beginning, and the more I feel it, the more I can feel the Power of it, and the more I feel it is not only for me, but to pass it on to others.

  27. It is beautiful to realise that it is simply in the quality of our beingness that we naturally are a reflection of God. As within us all equally resides the spark of God, and when connected to we emanate God’s Love in the way we move, live and all that we do, bringing our light (that is the light we all are here to live), to the world.

  28. When we appreciate the bursting beams of light that we are and that we reflect this light to the world through our every movement we can begin to see the enormity of who we are and that we all play a major role in this world. Its very beautiful to feel.

  29. As I look deep into the eyes of another and let any barriers of protection melt away, I feel God within me and feel God within them. God knows the power of reflection and will take any opportunity to shine through. We simply need to be open to seeing Him.

  30. that God is within and without, that even if we choose to not feel this deep interconnectedness of all things, it will still always be there… We are deeply and profoundly loved, even when we choose not to feel this.

  31. I love the simplicity in not having to say or do anything to reflect to others everything they are and can be. It is gorgeous to know that such a powerful and beautiful exchange is going on all around us, in every moment, without even a word.

  32. In this I feel how important it is for everyone to explore what divinity is for them.. And so, allow everyone the space to walk their path to return to who they are. I have lived for so long wanting everyone to be a certain way that fitted in with a certain image I had .. But coming back now to reality, to truth – I found that no greater surrender can be than allowing people to be, allowing myself to be and let go of all the images (lies) that I have build in mind for so long – that fit no longer, that do not match in any way with the truth I now know to be. So allow, understand and appreciate all that is within – within everyone, and let them do the work.

  33. I am not sure I have ever been comfortable with door knockers, I feel like the ones I have met have always wanted to convince me of their way of viewing God. I love the idea of God being reflected everywhere and in everyone and that our role in life is to be a reflection of that love, through decency, kindness, honesty, joy, playfulness and simply by being ourselves.

  34. to have our connection with God , with divinity, restored… Reconnected… Is one of the most important turning points in anyone’s life; to understand this deep deep connection as an experience and knowing will then shine a light of responsibility clarity and understanding upon every action that we do and every interaction that we have, all our relationships, and even our thoughts… It brings a degree of responsibility that is hitherto for vary difficult to do perceive.

  35. “God is Love” God is my true essence expressed in this form and life that I’ve come to live. Only when I don’t honour this fact, when I separate from myself (because of images of what I should be instead of who I truly am) I separate from God. This only happens into my mind, because in fact, I’m made of Love.
    I come back to God and to myself so, when I surrender into my body, listening to its messages and taking deep care of it. Then God “resurrects” into my cells and is not an image anymore, but a living experience which is expanded in everything I do.

  36. Another thing I felt was that if we do not surrender to the essence of who we are which for me means to have the vibration of God in our bodies then our body is under constant distress. The particles in our bodies are meant to vibrate under a certain quality to be truly successful and if we resist our essence or God’s vibration then the body will eventually show some form of disharmony in forms of illnesses and diseases.

  37. I’m beginning to understand what God truly is – that it is something I can surrender to and have lived through my body. And then God can express in, through and with me. But most important that God is not something that is separate from me but we are one and the same.

  38. The way we life carries either a loveless movement of love-full(filled) movement – so this is either a connection or not and so when we walk through life it is felt if we are connected to ourselves and our bodies or not – simply by this fact. We can feel our bodies and each others bodies how we have treated it. The more we life in connection – the more love we can grow in our bodies – and so will we understand that we are from God – and that there is no need to door knock only life and inspire (reflect that Godliness all around). We need more living creatures living the love they are.

  39. God is within us all equally so, this brings an whole new understanding of relationships and our everyday life; it is to reflect these qualities, and return to to being part of God in full.

  40. Such a fantastic reminder and yes we always need to be reminded of God and the Love that we are. I really loved how you shared that we have always been this and when we were born this was exactly who we were until we decided to leave this and join the other camp so to speak. This is what hurts us the most, that we chose to walk away from the Divine Love that we are. What we need to remember is that this Love has not left us, it is eternal and awaits the re-ignitement that once was alive when we were born. Nurturing ourselves like we were babies again and being super loving and gentle is a stepping stone to being this.

    1. I agree Natalie, what hurts is that we ourselves walked away from love, others cannot give us what we actually already are, and we feel the hurt of not presenting a true reflection to others and by doing so honouring who they truly are.

  41. What if we cannot feel God and its Divine vibration resonating to the last of our particles through the words that are written in so called religious documents of the institutionalised faiths?

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