Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Karin Becker

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

I was recently talking to a young person who said that they had always wanted to work in Child Care and open their own family day care, but they didn’t know if they could do it and doubted themselves a bit. I shared with the young person that I had a friend who opened her own family day care when she was in her sixties, so anything was possible if you really want to do it. The young person shared that their grandparents still work too because they love what they do, and they were really inspired by them and what they bring to their workplace.

This sharing got me to stop and really appreciate Karin Becker – my friend who had opened her own Family Day Care in her sixties. I have never met a woman quite like her before. When I look at her there is such a joy in her eyes; I am so inspired by her freshness, vitality and love of life.

Not only does Karin run her own Day Care, working with very young children from 8am to 5:30pm four days a week which is a very physically demanding job, she also gets up super early and supports women throughout the world  with Skype sessions in Esoteric Women’s Health and Sacred Movement; sometimes she might have three one hour long sessions in a row before she starts her day with the kids. Then in the afternoon when she has finished with the day care kids, she then runs groups for women in the evenings or offers counselling and bodywork sessions for clients. On top of this she is also involved in a number of community initiatives and also writes and oversees a women’s health magazine (Women in Livingness) for women in Germany.

The way Karin moves for a women in her 60s is amazing. She sits on the floor with the kids and she can get up with no struggle, pains or locked knees, there is no stiffness in her body, she has the flow and movements of someone in their 20s.

What’s more is that there is nothing about Karin Becker that is run-ragged or martyr-ish. When she meets you with her vibrant blue eyes, she is totally there and there is a joy emanating out of her that regardless of what mood you are in, you can’t help but smile and feel joyful too.

I love that there is absolutely nothing in her that is looking at retiring: Karin loves life and has so much wisdom to give back and share that if she were to ‘retire’ the world would really miss out.

Karin Becker
Karin Becker

There have been times when I have sought Karin’s counsel to get her perspective on something and what she shares is so practical and very relevant. Even though I am in my thirties, she is totally connected to what is going on for all women, so what she shares is very relevant and deeply understanding of the challenges that women my age can experience.

It’s also really cool that she hasn’t given up on dating and relationships. Her stories of internet dating are hysterical (!), but what’s so inspiring is Karin’s openness to life and still living – she hasn’t, and won’t ever put herself in the ‘over the hill’ basket. In fact she’s now in a committed relationship with a lovely man, which is also very inspiring.

I have never seen a woman age and embrace her body in the way Karin Becker has, and does. She is incredibly sexy in the way she enjoys herself, is open with people and in the way she moves. She is one woman with sass, and such a spark with the warmest heart and huge amount of love for every person she meets: there is no judgement in this woman – gosh that’s awesome!

Thanks Karin Becker for the woman you are, and thank you Natalie Benhayon, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for supporting women to know their value and worth so that we have elders like Karin in the world.

By Kristy Wood, Teacher, NSW, Australia

Kristy Wood Kristy Wood loves working with people to develop initiatives that build a sense of community and support wellbeing.

You can read more about Kristy Wood at

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737 thoughts on “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Karin Becker

  1. This is so worth a shout out for Karin and the Benhayon family
    ‘Thanks Karin Becker for the woman you are, and thank you Natalie Benhayon, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for supporting women to know their value and worth so that we have elders like Karin in the world.’
    The Benhayon family live in a way that is constantly inspiring and up-lifting, showing the world that there is another way to live that is full of joy; a richness which comes from the appreciation that there is an intelligence beyond what we know; that if we connect to this intelligence it opens us up to endless possibilities. Instead of the current intelligence being used at this moment in time, which shuts us down and controls us through complete domination of being distracted from what is actually taking place.

    1. The Benhayon family are incredibly inspiring, living in a way that shows us all that love, joy, truth, harmony and stillness are a natural part of our lives.

  2. It is beautiful to see one persons’ appreciation of another, it is rare that we actually look at the core of those around us and value what they bring. This article teaches us something.

  3. I totally agree with your observation of Karin. I see Karin every two weeks on a group Skype session
    and her aliveness and joy of life is infectious, and there is no sense at all that she is in her sixties more like 20’s How amazing is that!

  4. It’s really beautiful to read the depth and breadth of your appreciation of Karin, she is an amazing woman, and it’s a reminder that there is much to appreciate about everyone we interact with.

  5. I have also had sessions with Karin and completely agree that she is an amazing woman and practitioner with a real understanding of people. Her joy and sparkle is a great inspiration to many.

  6. Ah Kristy what a really beautifull appreciation and testimony. And goodness 1. I cannot believe Karin is in her 60’s!!!! and 2. WOW that is some jam packed day. I attend Sacred Movement Groups online and living the other side or the world Karin adjusts the time difference her side so not to affect or disrupt the group .. which means she is up and ready to hold the session at 3.15am!!!!! Now that is true dedication and commitment along with care for others. I agree an AMAZING woman and true inspiration ✨❤️

    1. To host and run her own Day Care for young children when she is in her 60’s is amazing, not to even mention the Sacred Movement groups that she hosts on a regular basis.

  7. I know Karin from the sacred movement group that she runs and they are amazing. The group that I share time with feels very powerful, committed and strong, I love the time I have with our group and the depth of understanding that this group shares. To me this is true group work when we all work together for the all and not to be an individual.

  8. I too am lucky to know Karin and can completely vouch for what you have shared here Kristy. A true inspiration for women (and men), showing us what can happen when we take responsibility for our stuff in life, stay open to life, and live it to the fullest (without ending up crashing and burning).

    1. I agree, she holds you as an equal and expresses in such a way that allows you to see the bigger picture with what is going on.

  9. I agree with every bit of this blog, Karin Becker is simply amazing. I love her wisdom and authority when she speaks, it’s very supportive, confirming and empowering when around her, even if it is over Skype, it doesn’t matter because her quality comes through regardless.

  10. Everything you say about Karin is just incredible in today’s societal standard. It’s absolutely so amazing that now we do have role models like Karin to be inspired by, and one day, it will be our norm – and it is down to every single one of us who knows and recognizes a true role model.

    1. Absolutely Fumiyo. The world now has a choice again, as there are so many role models all around the world, thanks to Universal Medicine, who go about their day inspiring others, showing that there is a different way to live, other than the current way which lets face it, isn’t working at all. So why not try something different, what is there too lose?

  11. Awesome Kristy. Your words reflects very precisely all what Karin Becker brings trough her natural expression. Love how she beautifully holds the Sacred Movement groups she runs. Being supported by her is a blessing, just her presence melts the protection in my body and invites me to connect with the greatness in me. A precious woman who ignites the preciousness we are.

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