Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Karin Becker

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

I was recently talking to a young person who said that they had always wanted to work in Child Care and open their own family day care, but they didn’t know if they could do it and doubted themselves a bit. I shared with the young person that I had a friend who opened her own family day care when she was in her sixties, so anything was possible if you really want to do it. The young person shared that their grandparents still work too because they love what they do, and they were really inspired by them and what they bring to their workplace.

This sharing got me to stop and really appreciate Karin Becker – my friend who had opened her own Family Day Care in her sixties. I have never met a woman quite like her before. When I look at her there is such a joy in her eyes; I am so inspired by her freshness, vitality and love of life.

Not only does Karin run her own Day Care, working with very young children from 8am to 5:30pm four days a week which is a very physically demanding job, she also gets up super early and supports women throughout the world  with Skype sessions in Esoteric Women’s Health and Sacred Movement; sometimes she might have three one hour long sessions in a row before she starts her day with the kids. Then in the afternoon when she has finished with the day care kids, she then runs groups for women in the evenings or offers counselling and bodywork sessions for clients. On top of this she is also involved in a number of community initiatives and also writes and oversees a women’s health magazine (Women in Livingness) for women in Germany.

The way Karin moves for a women in her 60s is amazing. She sits on the floor with the kids and she can get up with no struggle, pains or locked knees, there is no stiffness in her body, she has the flow and movements of someone in their 20s.

What’s more is that there is nothing about Karin Becker that is run-ragged or martyr-ish. When she meets you with her vibrant blue eyes, she is totally there and there is a joy emanating out of her that regardless of what mood you are in, you can’t help but smile and feel joyful too.

I love that there is absolutely nothing in her that is looking at retiring: Karin loves life and has so much wisdom to give back and share that if she were to ‘retire’ the world would really miss out.

Karin Becker
Karin Becker

There have been times when I have sought Karin’s counsel to get her perspective on something and what she shares is so practical and very relevant. Even though I am in my thirties, she is totally connected to what is going on for all women, so what she shares is very relevant and deeply understanding of the challenges that women my age can experience.

It’s also really cool that she hasn’t given up on dating and relationships. Her stories of internet dating are hysterical (!), but what’s so inspiring is Karin’s openness to life and still living – she hasn’t, and won’t ever put herself in the ‘over the hill’ basket. In fact she’s now in a committed relationship with a lovely man, which is also very inspiring.

I have never seen a woman age and embrace her body in the way Karin Becker has, and does. She is incredibly sexy in the way she enjoys herself, is open with people and in the way she moves. She is one woman with sass, and such a spark with the warmest heart and huge amount of love for every person she meets: there is no judgement in this woman – gosh that’s awesome!

Thanks Karin Becker for the woman you are, and thank you Natalie Benhayon, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for supporting women to know their value and worth so that we have elders like Karin in the world.

By Kristy Wood, Teacher, NSW, Australia

Kristy Wood Kristy Wood loves working with people to develop initiatives that build a sense of community and support wellbeing.

You can read more about Kristy Wood at

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719 thoughts on “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Karin Becker

  1. It is amazing to read this blog and many comments – there is undeniable truth when so many people agree about the qualities Karin has. There is undeniable truth in how women are supporting each other and not competing or jealous.

  2. What Karin offers continues to flow in such bountiful and generous ways and I am absolutely inspired by her livingness and loveliness. The latest deep appreciation comes due to the ‘Dating Workshop’ Karin presented. The openness, humour and practical support has been life changing. Old beliefs and views have been exposed for the myths they are and there is a lightness now in knowing that perfection isn’t a pre-request when dating. Sounds like common sense but it’s surprising where and how little blocks and stops are hidden in our thoughts, and Karin is brilliant at supporting the lightness and fun of life to the fullest, internet dating and all.

  3. Yes, Karin Becker is great fun and very inspiring. She certainly beams joy which comes without any tension or excitement so you have the lovely experience of feeling joy and stillness together in her presence.

  4. Your appreciation for Karin Becker is deeply felt in every word you write, and I appreciate you Kirsty, for sharing with us a snap shot of Karin’s rich and full life. I am a woman who lives on the other side of the world who benefits greatly and is deeply inspired by the love, support and wisdom shared so freely by Karin.

  5. It is a pleasure to read your words Kristy, there is no way that anyone reading this blog could walk away uninspired.
    Your words and Karins grace is simply there for all to see, feel and by the will of God within, chosen for ones self.

  6. I love this and love that a woman of that age is still sharing herself like Karin is.
    At a point in life when we throw people on the retirement heap it’s great to see someone starting fresh like this and not only starting but making inroads into how we see women and people of this age. It’s not that Karin is special but the way she treats herself, the quality she lives with herself in every moment certainly shines through. I love that this breaks boundaries for us all as well. I mean as we grow older we think less of ourselves and the world certainly starts to turn its back on us, but here we have a road map for us all to show how to tap the world on the shoulder and start to turn it around. Thank you Kristy and thank you Karin for living in a quality that certainly leads the way for us all to realise the same thing, how we are with ourselves, the quality we live supports us all.

  7. There is something (well a lot of things!) about seeing older people continue to embrace life and not give up into retirement. It seems like most of adults working life is all focused around when they can stop, buy the caravan and just live. Well, I have no judgement about those choices, but what is that showing our young people as they finish school and get ready for the work force? That life is about getting through so you can relax in your later years? Karin is a gorgeous example of someone who does not separate life from work, it’s one in the same and is not waiting until work finishes to actually live!

  8. Kristy, this is pure joy to read. Knowing Karin Becker also – she is all that you have described and more. A true role model for women, an inspiration and one who strikes me as ever (with no sense of an ‘off-switch’) willing to learn, grow and embrace more of who she is and we all are.
    To be held in her love and be around her true enthusiasm, joy and wisdom is to be in a very special place indeed.

  9. The role of the maturing woman is definitely being redefined in our society by women such as Karin Becker. Forget disappearing into the wallpaper, forget retiring into the garden… A woman of this age who knows herself and nurtures herself to the bone has so much to give back to the world.
    I am deeply inspired by these women to embrace more of the woman that I am now, that I may live such commitment and power in my own elder years, and not hold it back from the world one iota…

  10. Love this Kristy! So awesome to read about someone you are so inspired by and equally cool to be inspired but what you’ve shared about Karin. We need more of this to remind us what is possible. I would much rather feel like Karin does in her 60’s than how I feel a lot of the time in my 30’s. We have a lot to learn and look up to here. Life does not have to be a struggle…clearly!

  11. Thank you Kristy for expressing such loving appreciation of Karin who clearly has learnt to live life with love; a beautiful role model for the children in Day Care and all of us.

  12. What an Awesome appreciation, I would love to hear the dating/internet stories 😆. I didn’t know Karin until last year from doing the Sacred Movement Skype sessions you talk about and yes she is definitely funny, sassy, wise and non judgemental with a whole lotta love for everyone. I have and do learn loads from her.

    1. Same here Vicky, I have known Karin for two years or so, and have definitely benefited from listening to her no-nonsense way of talking. It is so refreshing to see a woman in her sixties who has so much zest for life.

  13. Thank you Kristy for your expression of appreciation of Karin, who is living her life with a vitality and joy seldom seen in someone in their sixties, a beautiful elder energy.

    1. Jill, you are also one for me who embodies a beautiful elder energy. When I look into your eyes, I see God and nothing less. Thank you for your reflection.

  14. I completely agree Kristy, Karin has become very inspirational elder in my life, I work with her in one of her online Sacred Movement classes and yes she is a woman with sass, with a sparkle in her eyes every time I see her and it is a joy to feel her light heartedness with everyone. You cannot get serious about life when you meet and talk to her, I learn that life does not need to be a struggle but a surrender to what is already there, love.

    1. That word ‘surrender’ had been a word for me, something I could easily do lying down but not standing up. Karin just shares from her body, what she lives and knows – deeply inspiring.

  15. I have been following one of Karin Becker online classes and I agree with everything you share. She is a inspiring woman, so open and joyful and indeed without any judgement. I am truly grateful for meeting her and knowing her.

  16. Because Karin is such an inspiration and joy to be around, I tend to forget her age and that compared to the average woman in their 60s she is quite extraordinary. There is no winding down and heading for the easy life of retirement for Karin. There are not the usual issues of the aging body or settling into a comfortable life. Karin is all about people and her deep love of them. This seems to be her fuel that sees her doing the extraordinary things she does.

  17. I have the pleasure to see Karin via Skype once every two weeks for Sacred Movement classes and she is everything you say and more. She is naturally sexy, funny and super loving. There no way this lady would just sit back a retire, life is far to interesting for her to do that.

  18. I can also testify to Karin’s awesomeness. Having met her in person, her joy, vitality and energy levels are totally inspiring and she does more in a week than most people do in a month, yet without any push or drive or need to be doing it. She also has an enormous amount of experience, and doesn’t hold this back. There is no part of her that pretends to be perfect or have it all sussed, which makes her incredibly accessible and relatable, and I appreciate her complete lack of judgment and willingness to be so open.

    1. I agree Bryony, I noticed that in Sacred Movement classes, Karin is very open and shares how she is still learning, she never is in the pretence of knowing everything or false authority as the facilitator, just a really lovely woman equally learning alongside the students.

  19. Most people in their sixties especially women are considering retiring around this time, it is inspiring that Karin has begun a new business at her age, this confirms the livingness and the energy and vitality available to us when it is truly lived.

  20. Karin is also for me a phenomena and a great reflection of what is possible in one day and life! Her sexyness, her willingness to be in the moment and to go deeper, inspires me while I do Sacred Movement Classes with her online. Great to get a role model like her!

  21. What a blessing and inspiration it is to have a woman such a Karin living in a way that redefines how a woman can live with vitality, confidence, fullness and share her wisdom at any age. To feel and witness a the strength and ageless beauty of a woman living in deep connection to her sacredness, with such a unwavering commitment to life and in serving humanity and is not only healing for us all, but also a huge confirmation of what is possible for us all to live, whenever we choose.

  22. What you’ve shared is beautiful. It’s easy to go into comparison or jealousy. This clearly is not either of those – rather more than just a few words of deep appreciation. It’s such a lovely way to be.

  23. Karin, I echo all you have shared about the utter gorgeousness that is Karin Becker. She totally blows away all the preconceived notions we have about how a woman in her 60s should be. She is physically fit and strong, warm and very wise yet firm with the children when needed and also at age 60+ has not lost one iota of her child-like playfulness and joy. All exemplary qualities that stand her in good stead in caring for the little sages that are our children, as well as fulfilling her role as a true elder who inspires us all to live the same depth of our love right up until our last breath.

  24. I am always looking forward to my Sacred Movement class online with Karin and I agree she is incredible and I love how she is herself and doesn’t hold back, her humour and gorgeous laughter. A true inspiration for women to keep on going and live in the sacredness, vitality, joy and more Karin is reflecting to us all.

  25. What a tribute to Karin Becker. I have only recently met Karin Becker, on the internet. No not in dating 🙂 – but as one of the men that are now participating in the Sacred Movement classes. For a woman in her sixties – which I would not have guessed if I hadn’t read this article – she is incredibly vital, witty, sharp and more into life than many women or men in their twenties. What an inspiration to men and women she is.

  26. Kristy, I absolutely agree with what you have written in this article, Karin Becker is an amazing woman. I attend a Sacred Movemnet class with her and her warmth and love of people, vitality, openness, honesty and how she holds all of the women in the class with such love and care is extraordinary, these classes have supported me deeply to know the beautiful, scared woman that I am and I am very appreciative to Karin, she is a true inspiration and role model for women of all ages.

  27. I am a newby to the online classes but wow – what an opportunity. Karin holds the group so well, I had no idea she did all those other things in her day but I am not surprised. Very inspiring.

  28. Maybe if once people matured into their elder years instead of ‘retiring’ they should re-tyre themselves. ie reflect back and do a recap of their life and then replace the tread on the worn ways they have walked and lived with new imprints…. and then share with others of their learning’s so they too may benefit from the wisdom of their experience.

    1. Yes absolutely Suse. As older people we can often think we have nothing to give but there is so much we can contribute especially when we have had a chance to reflect on our past and have chosen to mend the error of our ways so to speak, walking forward with a renewed purpose and love for mankind.

  29. Thank you, Kristy, I love your willingness to express your appreciation of others so openly. As I am about to enter my 60s I too am inspired by Karin Becker that there is no need to slow down and retire/withdraw from life but actually there is a responsibility to reflect all of us and the wisdom we can bring in our elder years until our last breath.

  30. WOW! The way you appreciate people is amazing Kristy! Karin sounds like a one in a million, but she also sounds very down to earth and all that she does, whilst it sounds like a lot, doesn’t feel like it’s too crazy for anyone else to do if they supported themselves in the same way. The idea that she should be retired by now feels so obsolete – why when she clearly still has so much to offer so many people.

  31. Wow the world would so miss out if Karin Becker were to retire!!! Her commitment, purposefulness and wisdom is so awesome and so inspiring. So many women her age are retired so we are so blessed having her reflect to us what is possible – and it’s not about doing it’s about her living a divine quality that can’t be dismissed.

  32. My only gripe with this lady is that she no longer does kids swimming lessons. Retiring, not an option but not sleeping at all so she can do swimming lessons again with my kids, yes please- hahaha!
    I know she has a very full plate and that is an inspiration at an age where some women are looking to wind down.

  33. I really enjoyed the detail in which you appreciated Karin, she is an incredible woman for any age and most definitely redefining elder years. I would love to read more of these appreciation based blogs.

  34. Karin is all that and more, her laughter reminds me of what joy there is in life. Her wisdom confirms all that I am. Her Joy puts a spring in my step. Her movement ignites a sacredness within I have not lived for many lives. I am incredibly blessed to walk with her this life.

  35. I am forever inspired by many students of The Way of The Livingness you can not but miss their joy, freshness and vitality for life.

  36. Beautifully said Kristy and very true. What a powerful reflection Karin offers all women of all ages – no matter what age we are we have a wealth of wisdom within to connect to and share with others.

  37. I very much agree with you Kristy Wood in all you say about Karin Becker. It’s super special to not be judged by an elder or imposed upon and nurtured for all that you are. It’s also very inspiring to see, hear and feel how much an elder can continually give back to the community to the last dying breath. I know many elders who I have met through Universal Medicine who provide endless support and give back. There more than just elders they are my family and dear friends.

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