The Laboratory of Life

In two different laboratories, two technicians work diligently at their projects.

One is trying to piece together something they found. They are not sure what they found: it feels precious and important but they are not sure they have all the pieces. However, they are convinced that once they work it out, what will be revealed will change the world.

The other is restoring a beautiful work of art that has been covered in dirt over the centuries. The faint outline of the image is there in many places but in others it is totally obscured.

The first goes through a process of assembling and reassembling the pieces they have; at times they glimpse something beautiful but in the end there are always holes and gaps and so they go in search for the missing piece once again.

At times they want to pretend to the world that the work is finished to avoid embarrassment; at times they become despondent but they are persistent, driven by an inner longing. They assemble and reassemble the object to see if it can come together in another way.

They receive encouragement from senior technicians, who share similar experiences and pass on assurances that it doesn’t matter if you get there or not, the focus and dedication that is shown is what needs to be appreciated. In fact the technician is so well known for their dedication that they get invited to conferences to speak about their work.

The second technician works patiently, starting on one section of the painting and is amazed at the beauty and the colour that is revealed.

The work is delicate and they need to continually fight the desire to rush ahead. Sometimes they do rush ahead and it leads to mistakes and delays long term. If they focus on what is yet to be done, they become despondent, but if they focus on what is being revealed, time evaporates.

At the start of each day, they set the tone for their work, either rushed and focused on what is left or still and joyful in the knowing that the whole image is already there and that all they need to do is remove what is covering it. People from the first lab would come in and start to ask if they thought the colours were as vibrant as they once were, or comment on the technical merits of the art work itself.

From time to time the technician gets distracted by this chatter, becoming concerned that what is being uncovered maybe not be what they anticipate. So once again, the technician has a choice, to be swayed by the ‘what might be’ and the theories of jealous counterparts, or to be held in the knowing that what they are doing is already whole and complete. And with a dedication that is not measured by time or the accolades of others, but by a consistent dedication to restore each centimetre to the beauty and majesty that lies beneath.

In the laboratory of life we are often sold the job of the first technician. We are told we have to build something special but that we don’t have all the pieces already.

We are encouraged to find the missing pieces, the job, relationship, degree or award. We form groups who have all assembled their pieces in a similar way, so that the holes are less obvious. We even begin to think a life with holes is true and something to be acclaimed.

But the magic of life is the canvas, an image fully rendered and glorious in its beauty but obscured by past choices.

So the alternative is to work like the second technician. Knowing that our own soul is complete in every way and our work is to uncover a portion of colour and beauty a section at a time. We can become despondent at what is to be cleaned, or can be confirmed with every revelation that there is even more to uncover.

Inspired by Serge Benhayon, master craftsman and restorer of technicians the world over.

by Joel Levin, Western Australia

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863 thoughts on “The Laboratory of Life

  1. Love this allegory of the steady technician of life, knowing his purpose and responsibility and holding that beyond anything others might wish to sway.

  2. Without criticism or comparison we can stay in each present moment and express who we truly are. If we get distracted by what was behind us or what lays ahead our true quality is lost which means we simply re-connect and continue to truly express.

  3. I have become more aware recently that in living life with more self-loving choices we are in truth restoring ourselves to our original masterpiece – that it is a restoration of us to our original magnificence. This analogy reflects this beautifully.

  4. Wow, Joel amazing, as you have described life all we have to do is be aware we are already enough and not to go looking for a grander version because underneath we have a heart of gold.

  5. “So the alternative is to work like the second technician. Knowing that our own soul is complete in every way and our work is to uncover a portion of colour and beauty a section at a time. We can become despondent at what is to be cleaned, or can be confirmed with every revelation that there is even more to uncover.” This is so beautiful and the only true way to live. The more we open up within ourselves the more purposeful we become.

  6. I love the deep wisdom shared in this blog Joel, there is nothing we need to search for outside of ourselves – it’s a beautiful step by step process where we get to live and be more of who we truly are.

  7. Lovely Joel you have explained the so called mystery of the ages ” whats life all about ” . Revealing the master piece we are by the way we live , that been proof of our mastery .Mastery of nothing but who we truly are and where we are truly from.

  8. Thinking or making ourselves believe that our world is in truth broken and nothing can fix it is a conscious belief, (an energy) behind the wheel, so to speak – One that tries to mask away the truth about our capacity to deconstruct evil. And so, yes we might now have a world created all together where so much is out of place and in absolute misery by our choices of brutality in individualism, and so in disharmony to all.. But as we had created this – we have the power to undo it, and so it is simply by our willingness to do so. This is the truth that the opposite force (evil) likes to hide away – simply because it likes the pleasure to create – no matter the consequences. Hence it is not easy to dismantle – as we carry such arrogance with us. Until one day we, as we are part of this thriving character, realize in full that creation has never been the way.

  9. This analogy is so powerful. Using a temporal, earthly image to represent divinity. It’s a true reflection of life in this plane of life – we connect to our divinity through the very earthly body we live within.

  10. “And with a dedication that is not measured by time or the accolades of others, but by a consistent dedication to restore each centimetre to the beauty and majesty that lies beneath.” thank you Joel, this really stood out for me today, it makes me realise more, how important every detail in life is in uncovering my beauty that lies within me.

  11. What I could feel in this incredible piece of writing is the gift of appreciation and the importance of appreciating every step we make along our path in uncovering the gem within. A wise friend said to me the other day, take small steps and master every one and in this we leave close the space for a slip up to happen.

    1. Appreciation – So easy to forget and yet makes all the difference in how we feel about ourselves.

  12. When I am with you Joel, I am always reminded of the fun that can be had while we uncover the philosophies of life. I can feel that I am much more than my daily tasks, I am brought the future and held by the forgotten or hidden history that makes up the richness of what we can draw on to evolve.

  13. “knowing that the whole image is already there and that all they need to do is remove what is covering it:” This is beautiful and allows us to feel the completion that is already there.

  14. The constant search for missing pieces is debilitating but when we accept that we already have everything we need life becomes amazingly simple.

  15. I love the way you contrast the two choices we have in the way we live; either by trying to solve the puzzle of life without having all the pieces and getting despondent or patiently uncovering the true awesomeness of life one section at a time as the layers that have been obscuring it are removed to reveal the absolute beauty underneath.

  16. I love what you say here Joel “work like the second technician. Knowing that our own soul is complete in every way and our work is to uncover a portion of colour and beauty a section at a time.” how awesome is this.

  17. From a fellow technician learning and ever-deepening in the fine art of restoration – of one’s body and being to the magnificence that has always lain within – thank-you Joel Levin.
    This blog deepens my heart.

  18. Restored from the knowing of completeness, takes me to the fact that I’m temporarily here. The only thing I have to do is allowing this whole I am, and come from, be revealed and manifested in everything I do. Then there’s no time, no effort, no goals, but the simple flow of expanding in my living day to day.

  19. You reveal a beautiful science and that our Soul does not need restoring in any way, shape or form. All it takes to reunite is to patiently get rid of the layers that have obscured and dulled it.

  20. Returning to our beauty and re-discovering it is far more enjoyable than forever seeking it as if we aren’t already everything we’ve ever imagined and more.

  21. We are all scientists of life the moment we put ourselves under the microscope and truly observe the quality with which we express in, in any given moment.

  22. My shoulder dropped and a smile crept over my face as I read this today. I swopped jobs – I went from technician one to technician two. Thank you.

  23. “If they focus on what is yet to be done, they become despondent, but if they focus on what is being revealed, time evaporates.” and the more we appreciate what is being revealed the brighter the colours and the more our magnificence is revealed.

  24. Wonderful description of the two ways to live life, we are so conditioned to live like the first technician we can’t believe how simple it is to be like the second and just reveal and allow what is already there, but when we do surrender woohoo it is like nothing else on earth. When your body surrenders to what is, it is pure gold.

  25. Trying to put something together without all the pieces means you often also end up wasting an inordinate amount of time trying to put square pegs in round holes.

  26. Another piece of alchemy Joel, so well written and expressed, gently offering one to ponder on what life truly holds.

  27. Have you ever tried to put the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together without looking at the picture on the box? It takes a very, very long time! So too is it a very lengthy process to try to assemble the many ‘pieces of us’ when we have lost sight of the whole from which they have separated from.

  28. The choice of how we view the world has an interesting feedback that is set up by the way we approach it. As the articles offers, ” If they focus on what is yet to be done, they become despondent, but if they focus on what is being revealed, time evaporates.” Allowing your thoughts to run into the future or back to the past takes you away from what is there and also confirms your next step will carry the same impress. But what is the future and the past? Is it not a series of choices whichever way it looks? What is important and where the dedication should focus is on our choice in the moment, as past or future the moment we are in shapes how both will be seen. We can fantasise either way but if you keep your presence more and more in the moment you stand in then you will view the world differently.

  29. One step at a time Joel, valuing, honouring and expanding from each step as we go. Great blog to come back to and be inspired by; much appreciated Joel, thank you.

  30. What I took away from this blog is the dedication to one step at a time, to the step by step uncovering process of what is already there. It is a great way to describe The Way of The Livingness where every movement counts and contributes to the All, or not – the choice is always ours.

  31. This is definitely one of my favourite blogs Joel, it should be a bedtime story for all children everywhere. A fable of truth and resonance that shows everyone we are complete already, we need not pull ideals and beliefs from outside of us.

  32. It’s great that we can get inspired by others who are also returning home to where we once started out from.

  33. Gorgeous Joel – that if we take our time – revealing the beauty we naturally hold – we come to understand that nothing is missing or needs uncovering. We have everything already it is just a case of dusting off he cobwebs. Your analogy of the painting can be applied to many things in life. There is no fake it till you make it here. There is only keep wanting to explore and find out what we already are.

  34. What a set up having to live with an insatiable chase for those missing pieces! Life indeed could be so different if we could start from a place of knowing we have everything and we are enough.

  35. This blog beautifully presents the two choices we have in life, one leading to life, the other to death (which does not exist anyway!) It is one of those parables that we are either going to get or not get, depending on how much we have already twigged about the 2nd technician!

  36. Beautiful read, the magic of life is in uncovering the masterpiece, revealing the gold that is already there and simply clearing away the layers that do not belong.

  37. After re-reading this blog, what stood out was how we can either be influenced by others to give up on the uncovering of our masterpiece or we can hold fast in the truth and the knowing that there is always more to be uncovered.

  38. Another beautiful piece of alchemy Joel, we are already whole and glorious we just need to clear the dirt away.

  39. Exquisite Joel, your writings are truly inspirational. It is so true that in today’s society we are encouraged to believe that we are incomplete and life is about searching for what is missing, who we can become, how we can be identified through what we do. Yet as you have share, the truth is that who we are in essence is already complete, simply waiting to be explored and discovered through our willingness to be honest, as such surrendering to being guided by our love and truth, as the richness of our Soul, in its full majesty, is ever-present within us all.

    1. Also in today’s society we tend to focus too much on an end result or achieving a goal often forgetting the magic is in appreciating our journey of uncovering, learning and knowing we are already complete.

    2. Whole industries and entire marketing campaigns are created on the basis of the need for improvement. The truth is that we need to get rid of what is not true and then, what is true and right and beautiful gets uncovered. And best of all – it was always there.

  40. Great post as always, Joel. The idea of working towards an image will almost always let us down. How can reality compete with one’s imagination? As you rightly say, it is through focusing on the here and now, the conscious presence we bring to a role which will reveal a much grander and beautiful whole.

  41. ‘Knowing that our own soul is complete in every way’, Beautifully said and very true Joel, knowing this and then taking steps to live this truth is an absolute game changer that allows us to experience a deeper level of love and joy everyday.

  42. The preciousness and fragility of who we are, slowly revealed in the tender honouring that our imperfections are to be held in equal love, for they are rendered nought in light of the perfection of our soul.

  43. We are already and eternally pure and untouched at essence. Our beauty is always there to be seen by those who have eyes to see and yes we often have a few layers of “not us” on top to remove.

  44. What an amazing laboratory our bodies are to work in, restoring ourselves day by day returning to our former glory and grandness.

  45. Life is a continual recovery of the wonder we already are, as by removing all the dirt our beauty will be revealed in all its brilliant and bright colours and in fact made available to be shared with all of us once again.

  46. It’s so true we tend to believe that a life with holes is normal. But in truth, that is a false truth (lie). Hence, it is shown that we most of us live in a life with holes – and so make it our normal way of being.. So we have to turn it around, and feel the holes in our lives and start to take responsibility for them. For we know the truth, we just need to live it, all the way. Which eventually will leave to less and less holes. I am Inspired by Serge Benhayon, who lives to the best he can the most full life I know.

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