Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation…..

Appreciation: I can feel the power this word emanates… and I can feel appreciation oozing from my body because there is so much to appreciate.

I can deeply appreciate that my inner knowing was aware all along, as we all are, how the ‘return path’ to my soul was going to unfold…

I also deeply appreciate how amazingly simple my life has become, and in that I have learned that through simplicity, my Soul communicates.

I genuinely appreciate I could not write or claim this 4 years ago.

I totally appreciate the understanding I have of myself, my life and my choices – with no judgement, criticism or self-bashing, but rather from a place that I have evolved to (self-love) through the lifestyle changes I have made.

This understanding unfolded from a very basic, yet very important teaching that found its way to my path of seeking and searching… something I had always known, but had lost in the same way you lose a treasured book and find it again. This understanding, this Ageless Wisdom, found me through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, which changed everything in my life.

I got to relearn and understand that there are two types of energy that we can align to – prana or fire – in other words, spirit or Soul. Once you have aligned to whichever one, all your choices thereafter come as a result of aligning to that quality of energy. I created my life from the energy I aligned to. In other words, this was the energy I allowed to run my body.

I have come to accept that once I aligned to spirit, the course and direction of my life was already set – a life of separation from my body and from my Soul – which kept me totally irresponsible, unawake and completely unaware… in one word: anti-evolving.

Yes, I deeply appreciate this teaching that has transformed my life.

Jacqueline McFadden
Jacqueline McFadden – “I deeply appreciate this teaching that has transformed my life.”

I can appreciate the fact that, for as long as I can remember, I have been looking for this wisdom, knowing deep within me there was another way to live, another way to be that would initiate my path of return.

I surrendered to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom on first meeting and from that moment I have been clearing, dusting, removing and getting rid of all my old behaviours and patterns that belonged to the way of aligning to spirit – especially the dishonesty, the self-rejection, the lack of nourishment, and the deep, debilitating anxiety I carried that goes hand in hand with the alignment to this energy.

Yes, I can fully appreciate my commitment to healing my old ways, and then feeling how much I resisted delaying the truth: I rejected my body, I rejected being a Son of God….

I can feel how much my body appreciates and adores my absolute honesty.

And how from this honesty blossomed ‘nurturing and true nourishment.’ The more I nourished from honesty (instead of contraction), the more certain foods dropped away, and my body shape changed to express more of my true beauty and my true essence.

This loving nourishment flows into to all areas of my life. Thus I have observed and acknowledged how much support there is for me (and for us all), but the difference is I now allow the support in, knowing I am responsible, worthy and deserving to receive it.

I have observed and deeply appreciate the importance and attention I now place on family and relationships and how the notion of family has expanded to include those that are not blood family… eg, friends and colleagues who I work with every day are part of my extended family, which provides so much reflection and so much support.

Yes, I can deeply appreciate how far I have come, and where I am going, and say YES to all that my Soul lays before me.

I appreciate that my reflection of my livingness offers and invites a truer way to live.

I can feel appreciation oozing from my body – in committing to life, committing to service, committing to the ‘return path of my Soul’ and committing to representing Heaven here on earth: as the angel I was born emerges, there is so much to appreciate.

With the new found awareness of my true essence, I can deeply appreciate the hand that connects us all, the hand that created us in the image of God, the hand that created us all equal in love and that the hand that is offered to me by you, my friend, or by a stranger, is also the hand of God…

With gratitude and deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon for making available and presenting the Ageless Wisdom through The Way of The Livingness.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Teacher, Esoteric Healing Practitioner, The Netherlands

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1,968 thoughts on “Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation…..

  1. There is so much to appreciate about ourselves, but how many actually do so? I know it is still a work in progress with myself, I am learning more and more each to appreciate. Because when we do, it opens up not only ourselves to evolve, but it fosters that in others too.

  2. It’s no accident that self-appreciation is not nurtured or encouraged in most countries and societies – for when we do self-appreciate, when this becomes part of how we simply are with ourselves, we catapult our evolution. We cannot truly evolve unless we truly appreciate who we are.

  3. It is amazing how challenging a compliment can be for us. I was in meeting recently where a beautiful and brilliant woman could not quite handle the honest description I was giving of her writing abilities and intelligence. The beautiful thing was that she was aware of the fact of it being challenging and nominated that so we were able to go from there with it and have a great conversation about the images of ourselves that sabotage us.

  4. The reason I feel I read this today was this ‘I surrendered to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom’ and to ask myself have I truly surrendered and live by the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom as much as I could? For I know the truth, love, integrity of these teachings and that basically .. this is it. The answer is no and from reading your blog today I got to feel this, therefore I can now surrender to these teachings, held within my body, even more. Thank you

  5. When we do not appreciate we depreciate. Thus, appreciation is the only way to initiate a movement that allows us to leave behind our choice of depreciation as our chosen way.

  6. We have so much appreciation for who we are when we except who we are, for then we can not help but feel the grandness we come from and that it is continually flowing through us.

  7. Thank you Jacqueline – appreciation is powerful. It is easy to focus on the things that upset us or the things we want to change. Appreciation is the road less travelled which is strange because it is a highway to heaven.

  8. Such a beautiful post, “can feel appreciation oozing from my body – in committing to life, committing to service, committing to the ‘return path of my Soul’ and committing to representing Heaven here on earth.” Appreciation is key to evolving and becoming more of who we truly are.

  9. Appreciation is beautifully expansive and very nourishing. “I also deeply appreciate how amazingly simple my life has become, and in that I have learned that through simplicity, my Soul communicates.”

  10. The more I appreciate the changes I am making the more I recognise that there are always deeper layers of appreciation to unfold.

    1. So very true Helen, a deeper layer has just unfolded. This very morning I was appreciating how tender I was with myself yesterday which felt truly loving and supportive. I had had a very long day at work ( too long, actually) the day before. First thing when I woke yesterday, my body communicated; ‘be tender with yourself today’. I heard, I listened, I obeyed. Now being hard ( my old way of being) and being tender are polar opposites, so as I write, I can feel the huge shift I have made and how far I have come, that not only do I feel blessed to be in this amazing vehicle of light that communicates with me- my body, I feel it’s a miracle!

      1. I love what you share. Appreciating our body is huge. Many would focus on the fact that they felt tired etc and curse their body – you appreciate what your body communicates and listen to it. Beautiful.

  11. ‘Yes, I can deeply appreciate how far I have come, and where I am going, and say YES to all that my Soul lays before me.’ It is inspiring to feel your appreciation for your journey of return and how willing you are to appreciate all the different elements that have contributed to turning your life around.

  12. Appreciation is enormous. We don’t live with appreciation anywhere near enough. I, myself never even considered it something worth contemplating until attending Universal Medicine events. I didn’t know that I was worth appreciating, I thought appreciation was about things and other people. Nope. Appreciating myself is the biggest work in progress of my life, but it’s growing, and as it does, my appreciation for others is also expanding.

  13. It’s amazing when you genuinely look at how hard we can be on ourselves. Take away how we are with others and just focus on ourselves. It would seem it’s no wonder at times that we don’t like what we see in the world. There are some horrible things that happen around us while at the same time how often do we genuinely appreciate what we see or how something feels. Even the smallest thing can be appreciated. It may seem small but from experience it has the power to change your view of things.

  14. Its a great way to approach life, from a point that the glass is nearly full, not almost empty. A chef that I work with during a busy shift sometimes just says this word out loud three times, appreciation, appreciation, appreciation! It always makes me stop and smile, I find it a very sweet word. I have always been hard on myself, since I was a kid, its sad that so many of us were taught and accepted this way of being as normal. Slowly I am undoing these beliefs and seeing how amazing I actually am, it can be a long path of return from self critic to self love but one I would never have embarked on had I not been so inspired by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

    1. ‘I have always been hard on myself’, this was my experience too Sarah. I have always made myself ‘wrong’ and made myself less, all my own doing of course, but for as much as I wanted to change, and knew deep down there was another way to be and to live in this world, all my old ingrained and entrenched patterns behaviours and beliefs kept me trapped, unable to move in any direction. But there came a turning point in my life, that I had been waiting for and the key to unlock my own prison came in the form of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and through these courses and presentations I have cleared and healed so much of my ‘old ways’, which has created so much space in my life for truth, for grace, for simple living and most of all to just be myself, and to not be afraid to shine my light in this world.

  15. I massively appreciate and love life, but appreciation of who I am is probably one my biggest downfalls, so I really enjoyed reading your blog. It’s so easy to be self critical, instead of celebrate who we are and how far we’ve come, and I’m sure that appreciation is the key for confirming where you are so that you have the foundation from which to step forward from.

  16. True appreciation keep that inner realm open to the beauties of the universe and to the fact that every heart no matter what form from the same place. Making the space for this to happen assists greatly defeating the hold the astral plane.

  17. Appreciation is so supportive for us all. The more we appreciate the more we can see and feel the joy and love within us and all around us.

  18. So often we can go through lives not really knowing the value of who we are and what we have to offer, we settle for function instead of looking to bring out all that is within and live with a vibrancy and joy for life.

  19. Yes, there is so much to appreciate and the presentation by Serge Benhayon about spirit and Soul is right up there as a most liberating and empowering teaching that makes sense of the whole mess we see in the world and in ourselves at times!

  20. If we think we haven’t aligned to either prana or fire, love is not love, then we are fooling ourselves. In not making a choice we are making a choice to align to prana – that which is not love.

  21. Appreciation is the new black. It is forever classic and in style, it is what deepens the love we are in feeling and embodiment, it is the coolest practice well worthy to commit to. The effects and results are only felt when it is lived.

    1. Appreciation is expansive. Every time I fully embrace appreciation I feel this expansiveness and feel deeply loving. I agree Adele, appreciation is pretty cool and so, so worth committing to everyday.

  22. Appreciation is absolutely essential if we are ever going to break the cycles that keep us trapped in thoughts of ‘not being enough’. To claim back the loveliness we already are appreciation is the essential support.

  23. Appreciation is a science I am just discovering: we can have true peeks in our lives, and we all do, but the clue is to fill the gaps in between with a movement of appreciation.

    1. Yes Willem, there is always a moment, in fact thousands of moments to stop and appreciate what is there to be appreciated…. consistency of appreciating is what builds more love in our bodies.

  24. True appreciation for me comes either in great appreciation for any human being showing consideration towards another, or often with looking back and seeing how universal law has worked through and in the unfoldment of events – this for me is truly heart-melting appreciation.

  25. What I also find interesting is that without both appreciating our spirit and soul we can’t begin to understand why we have certain patterns, beliefs and ideals about our choices past and present and how appreciating both sides of the human way can strengthen our reconnection to the loving way of the soul’s true heartbeat.

  26. Just the word appreciation makes joy flow through my body. I love appreciation, it’s the joyful love juice that nourishes our very being.

  27. A beautiful invitation to appreciate all there is and let go of the criticising and the need of betterment. To see life as it is in all its aspects.

  28. A beautiful appreciation Jacqueline of how far you have come to embrace self-love and align to the quality of energy that has enabled you to initiate true and lasting change with your lifestyle choices.

  29. Appreciation accelerates evolution. Perhaps this gives us a clue as to why we are so doggedly caught up in self-loathing, for true evolution is about returning to the love that we are (our Soul) – our true self that we as human spirits made the choice to withdraw from long ago.

  30. As a whole humanity we do not appreciate nearly enough the magic that blesses our everyday that founds the wisdom of our tomorrow.

  31. Jaqueline, your blog beautifully amplifies the enormity of what we can appreciate daily. There is so much on offer and so much we say yes to. All is worthy of deep appreciation.

  32. You write how much your body surrenders to appreciation – a feeling I have experienced too. It’s absolutely deliciously effortless.

  33. So important to appreciate but then also not cruise – my block on evolving – on what I have accomplished or what I appreciate. Always ask: what is next? Otherwise appreciation is anti-evolving.

  34. True appreciation opens us up to the wonders of the Universe and the ‘more’ that is in us just waiting to be lived – this I can clearly feel in the gorgeous quality of your writing Jacqueline. The spirit also has its own version of ‘appreciation’ which it uses to bask in so as not to expose itself and the creator of its own misery, living in separation to Soul. This is how many of us get caught up in the fervor of spirituality at great expense to the true gold (the wisdom of our Soul/God/the Universe) that lays beneath it just waiting to be tapped into.

  35. Our level of appreciation can always be deepened so beautifully – appreciation of the stars, the cycles, the rhythm of our days, the fullness of the moon, the evolutionary nature of our friendships, the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom presented by the world teacher, the giggle of a toddler, our ability to remain steady and observing in any situation, the discernment to know what is ‘circulation’ (harmful) speech – all this and a millionfold more is there as the most precious gift of Life.

  36. Appreciation is a vibration that we can choose to align to, so it makes perfect sense that if our movements hold this quality consistently then our choices will be naturally supportive and confirming of who we truly are.

  37. I love it when I feel a deep appreciation welling up inside me for someone. It feels so complete and enriching. And the same goes for self-appreciation. It fills the space – which otherwise would be colonised by self-doubt – beautifully.

  38. This one word has the power to change our every movement if we choose to live and feel all that it offers. It’s one word that I am only just starting to feel the power of, and just starting to embrace the love that it offers. It is not just a word but a vibration that can be lived in all we do. My love for humanity grows more and more as this word is lived and embraced in my everyday.

  39. To nourish from feeling and appreciating us is so very different and it allows us to feel and see we are whole, we have it within us and then it’s about how we express it with ourselves and our bodies. This is huge and something that is offered by the teachings of Universal Medicine, you already are it, there is nothing to seek, it’s just about living and expressing who you are and letting go all those things which are not you and allowing yourself to deeply nourish.

  40. I so loved this Jacqueline, a blog that bathes all who read it in appreciation. A powerful tool in life we should all study.

  41. Well today I appreciate my ability to stay connected to that true part of me that is not ever lost.

    1. Awesome Matts and there is so much to appreciate. It is the building block for life, and it can be pretty miserable when we live a life without appreciation.

  42. With what goes on around us appreciation is not only an action worth doing but one worth doing regularly and consistently. For me there is a ‘that’ll be enough switch’ where you take things to a point and then rest. Appreciation should be held everyday and I don’t mean just saying the word to yourself in your head. Life is a physical action and appreciation needs the same activity. I work with it daily but this wasn’t always my choice but now it’s one to ‘appreciate’ because of how it supports me. It maybe appreciating the little things, the details that you may never have seen but are always there. Life tends to take us away into the big lights and appreciation supports me to stand back and up and not just be blinded by what is in front of me, a daily ritual well worth the action.

  43. Appreciating oneself and others is a little like putting the best fertiliser on your favourite rose bush – what was already totally beautiful can only expand and share more.

  44. It’s come down to a call for moment to moment appreciation, confirming that what is before me and what is ahead is for All. That self plays no part in the true purpose of why we are here, yet if I drop the appreciation of who I am as I am the self takes over. This isn’t a riddle it is my understanding of what the Ageless Wisdom means. We are called to live and appreciate the absolute fullness of ourselves as we are from our essence and shine this out equally for All in all our movements. If I doubt any part of this the then self takes over with thought and my connection to true purpose is temporally dis-connected. This feels very heavy to walk with, so the moment to moment appreciation supports the continued connection.

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