Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation…..

Appreciation: I can feel the power this word emanates… and I can feel appreciation oozing from my body because there is so much to appreciate.

I can deeply appreciate that my inner knowing was aware all along, as we all are, how the ‘return path’ to my soul was going to unfold…

I also deeply appreciate how amazingly simple my life has become, and in that I have learned that through simplicity, my Soul communicates.

I genuinely appreciate I could not write or claim this 4 years ago.

I totally appreciate the understanding I have of myself, my life and my choices – with no judgement, criticism or self-bashing, but rather from a place that I have evolved to (self-love) through the lifestyle changes I have made.

This understanding unfolded from a very basic, yet very important teaching that found its way to my path of seeking and searching… something I had always known, but had lost in the same way you lose a treasured book and find it again. This understanding, this Ageless Wisdom, found me through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, which changed everything in my life.

I got to relearn and understand that there are two types of energy that we can align to – prana or fire – in other words, spirit or Soul. Once you have aligned to whichever one, all your choices thereafter come as a result of aligning to that quality of energy. I created my life from the energy I aligned to. In other words, this was the energy I allowed to run my body.

I have come to accept that once I aligned to spirit, the course and direction of my life was already set – a life of separation from my body and from my Soul – which kept me totally irresponsible, unawake and completely unaware… in one word: anti-evolving.

Yes, I deeply appreciate this teaching that has transformed my life.

Jacqueline McFadden
Jacqueline McFadden – “I deeply appreciate this teaching that has transformed my life.”

I can appreciate the fact that, for as long as I can remember, I have been looking for this wisdom, knowing deep within me there was another way to live, another way to be that would initiate my path of return.

I surrendered to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom on first meeting and from that moment I have been clearing, dusting, removing and getting rid of all my old behaviours and patterns that belonged to the way of aligning to spirit – especially the dishonesty, the self-rejection, the lack of nourishment, and the deep, debilitating anxiety I carried that goes hand in hand with the alignment to this energy.

Yes, I can fully appreciate my commitment to healing my old ways, and then feeling how much I resisted delaying the truth: I rejected my body, I rejected being a Son of God….

I can feel how much my body appreciates and adores my absolute honesty.

And how from this honesty blossomed ‘nurturing and true nourishment.’ The more I nourished from honesty (instead of contraction), the more certain foods dropped away, and my body shape changed to express more of my true beauty and my true essence.

This loving nourishment flows into to all areas of my life. Thus I have observed and acknowledged how much support there is for me (and for us all), but the difference is I now allow the support in, knowing I am responsible, worthy and deserving to receive it.

I have observed and deeply appreciate the importance and attention I now place on family and relationships and how the notion of family has expanded to include those that are not blood family… eg, friends and colleagues who I work with every day are part of my extended family, which provides so much reflection and so much support.

Yes, I can deeply appreciate how far I have come, and where I am going, and say YES to all that my Soul lays before me.

I appreciate that my reflection of my livingness offers and invites a truer way to live.

I can feel appreciation oozing from my body – in committing to life, committing to service, committing to the ‘return path of my Soul’ and committing to representing Heaven here on earth: as the angel I was born emerges, there is so much to appreciate.

With the new found awareness of my true essence, I can deeply appreciate the hand that connects us all, the hand that created us in the image of God, the hand that created us all equal in love and that the hand that is offered to me by you, my friend, or by a stranger, is also the hand of God…

With gratitude and deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon for making available and presenting the Ageless Wisdom through The Way of The Livingness.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Teacher, Esoteric Healing Practitioner, The Netherlands

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1,916 thoughts on “Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation…..

  1. Appreciation of our essences is the energetic appreciative-ness that is confirming us and comes with an authority and thus a purpose to who we are as a divine being as you have shared Jacqueline. And True appreciation also comes with a living intimacy we have for others and humanity, then appreciation becomes the glue that holds us between our movements, of one glorious moment to the next, so is it possible that we can never drop from appreciation as it continually expands, or evolves.

  2. There is truly so much to appreciate, looking over my life since I began studying with Universal Medicine there has been so many blessings and changes, and there still are, so many things have changed and continue to. I have added so much care to my life now treating myself as precious and bringing a quality to my daily moments that is truly supportive and nurturing. There’s no end point or perfection, but how I feel about myself now compared to a few years ago is so very different and so very joyful to experience – and it’s continuing to grow. What Universal Medicine offers is truly remarkable.

  3. Thank you Jacqueline, really beautiful to read today. “This loving nourishment flows into to all areas of my life.” What a great term “loving nourishment”, a way to see our choices and whether they nourish or deplete us.

  4. I had not understood just how powerful appreciation was till I started to have a go at appreciating what I had felt and connected to in my day, rather than a focus on all I did not do. It has been life-changing and a practice I now feel is fundamental to my mental and physical health.

  5. Sometimes issues can appear to be all consuming. And that is a reality for some at times. But reading this reminded me that there is also a lot more to appreciate and enjoy about life, especially more so now that I know I can connect to my Soul.

    1. Thanks for your comment Leigh, it’s very true, sometimes all we can see are the issues, it’s a great reminder for me to appreciate myself because my essence is untouched by those things, and appreciation helps me to stay in relationship to my true self … as I work out how to live it throughout life!

  6. “I also deeply appreciate how amazingly simple my life has become, and in that I have learned that through simplicity, my Soul communicates.” And I can feel the appreciation of my body for all the changes I have made to the way I live each day inspired by the teachings of Universal Medicine.

  7. ” through simplicity, my Soul communicates”. I’ appreciate how bringing order and simplicity to my home, supported me to connect more deeply.. It also applies to the inner workings of the mind, keeping our thoughts simple and true allows space for soul communication.

  8. I loved reading this gorgeous blog again, being reminded that there is so much for us to appreciate as we look back on our lives and how far we have come in learning to be the love we are, in our every day living there is always more for us to appreciate.

    1. There is much to appreciate, and it is worth taking a stop moment to reflect on how we have evolved and become more love over the years.

  9. I agree – appreciation is a body thing, it’s not something our mind can tell us to do, and the body never lies.

  10. It certainly does Doug and our spirit avoids appreciation because it calls it to take responsibility and to give up its thirst for identification and recognition.

  11. Gorgeous expression of appreciation Jacqueline, you’ve shown us how important it is to appreciate and to appreciate how far we have come. Appreciation is also one of the most important ingredients for our relationships, for life and for our evolution. When we look around, what happens when we live with lack of appreciation? War, conflict, and misery grows and pollutes our world. Holding back appreciation is a way of feeding the misery we’ve created and appreciation is a key ingredient to restoring harmony and love back to life/humanity.

  12. There is indeed so much to appreciate not only within my family including my extended family but also within the student body and community in which I live in. I am learning to appreciate every constellation that occurs as I know I am being offered the grace and love to support me to evolve.

    1. Yes, there are no accidents so surrendering to the potential in each moment takes away the reactions whilst leaving us with a responsibility to be engaged in our own lives.

      1. Yes when we make it our focus, our priority, the connection, and to surrender within ourselves, there is little room for reaction; we stop the procrastinating and live the purpose of what we are here to do.

  13. We can with awareness appreciate all in life, the small, beautiful, subtle, blocks, tricks, distractions, daily inspirations all divinely designed to support us on our way and to evolve.

    1. We do a pretty good job of it though don’t we! It’s like we are experts of not living the love and appreciation so that would mean this must be the key to really aligning to the order of the universe that we are clearly part of.

      1. We are experts at not living the love, the truth, and not honouring our bodies, ‘feeling how much I resisted delaying the truth: I rejected my body, I rejected being a Son of God….’

  14. I have found that too Jacqueline, that the spirit is relentless in its pursuit getting recognition and rewards, wayward in its behaviour, and most of all totally dismissive to the body. The spirit holds no mercy to the body as it is forced to sustain all the pleasures and moments of excitement the spirit is continuously looking after.

    1. So true, it is relentless and this pursuit of recognition, acceptance and excitement feeds a dysfunctional recidivistic loop of ‘need’ which is debilitating when combined with time.

      1. In fact you say that we are all debilitated because we have chosen to live in time instead of in our natural way in space.

  15. Such a gorgeous blog to read Jacqueline, thank you for sharing that there is so much to appreciate, there is always more to unfold in deepening our appreciation.

    1. One thing I recently do appreciate more and more is the fact that all human beings I am with on this planet earth have chosen to live in a human body, a body that belongs to the universe and to God, And this body will in time bring us all back to the being we naturally are but long time ago have walked away from in irresponsible pursuit to experiment with creation.

  16. It is super important what you write here and appreciation should be a very normal part of our life, a very extraordinary ordinary because that is what truly lifts us up and unleashes our power.

    1. So true Esther and you would think appreciation would be seen and expressed everywhere as it is free, uplifting, deeply confirming and expansive. So why are we holding this power back? Let’s go for it and like you share, ‘unleashes our power.’

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