What Does Universal Medicine Mean?

Many look at the name Universal Medicine and wonder why this particular choice of words was made to describe the complementary healing business founded by Serge Benhayon in the township of Goonellabah, NSW, Australia, in 1999.

The Universe, as we may know, is the constellation of planets and stars our Earth is a part of. As many have discovered, the Universe we belong to is but one of several that exist. It can be hard to fathom that there is so much more out there beyond this planet of ours.

Medicine is something we may identify that is needed for our bodies in order to heal them from some sort of illness or disease. Illness or disease are states that are not in line with what is ‘healthy’ or our most natural and harmonious way of being. There are varying perspectives on what should be classified as medicine, and what is able to bring true healing.

Controversy and argument aside, our bodies know exactly what true healing and true medicine is.

So then, what is ‘Universal Medicine?’ And why is it needed?

What Serge Benhayon has proposed, along with an extensive lineage of teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, is that we are love, divinely and innately so. There is an order we belong to that is bigger than us as individuals, that is there to constantly bring us back ‘into line’. What is this line?

We may have heard of ‘the order of the Universe’. What is this order, and what does it look like? If we take a zoomed out view of our planet, would we say it is in keeping with this divine or Universal order?

If we were to look at a planet that had a species that was increasingly killing itself by gorging itself to the point of explosion, knowingly ingesting toxic substances and championing them, and destroying the very ground it walked on with little regard for it or fellow members of the species – what would we say about that planet? Does it feel like it would fit with the harmony and order of the rest of the Universe?

So then, if this planet was deemed to be ‘ill’ in the context of the Universe, what would it need?

Could it be Universal Medicine?

The principles and tenets that found Universal Medicine are simple.

There is an order we are designed to be a part of that we have far departed from as a species. There is a way to come back in line with this order, and this starts with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all.

This is the medicine – to bring true harmony and love back to this planet of ours, and thus its position in the Universe. Those that are interested in doing this, have the complete choice to do so – as do those who do not wish to, or wish to do it their own way.

Such is the order of the Universe, that Free Will is allowed for all.

Ongoing appreciation to Serge Benhayon for all he presents, and allows forth, for us all to learn from.

By Amelia Stephens

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1,188 thoughts on “What Does Universal Medicine Mean?

  1. As you say Amelia our bodies absolutely know what is true healing and what is true medicine; the responsibility we have is to listen and respond with great love and care.

  2. ‘developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all’ I read this and feel the simple steps back to love for us all.

  3. A beautiful expansion of the deeper meaning of Universal Medicine and our responsibility to reflect true harmony back to the Universe.

  4. Feels to me like the name Universal Medicine is greatly needed by us all. Never have I come across an organisation dedicated to empowering humanity to get back on track like Uni Med. We have no idea just how much taking responsibility for our choices actually impacts the world at large.

  5. Beautiful Amelia, it’s great to consider that bigger picture. Takes away the narrowness that is sometimes easy to take on that life is just what we see and experience in our daily life.

  6. Well said and very true Amelia, What I love about Universal Medicine is the principles it is based on are simple, truly loving, caring and deeply healing – not just for a special few, it exists for everyone equally.

  7. Thank you Amelia for sharing the simple truth about Universal Medicine: that it starts with living with self love and self care, creating healing and harmony in the body. Free will is there for all, it is just a matter of choice.

  8. “This is the medicine – to bring true harmony and love back to this planet of ours, and thus its position in the Universe. Such is the order of the Universe, that Free Will is allowed for all.”
    Free will is always there for us all; the choice is ours, always. Thank you Amelia for reminding us of this vital and important fact and for inviting us to choose love and truth.

  9. When we relate the workings of the universe back to our lives on earth, not in a scientifically reductionist way, but in a fully aware and responsible way – where your every act, choice, movement, thought, has an effect on the whole that we live within due to the constant flow of energy that passes through our human bodies and our planet as much as it does the stars and the wider universes – then life takes on a different meaning to the one that is propagated to us through the various channels of media and technology/entertainment devices that seem to be wholly what life is about these days.

  10. Thank you Amelia, this is incredibly simply put and amazingly described. Exactly how it is and how everyone knows it is. Universal Medicine does actually in truth not sound that new in, maybe only at the beginning as we are not used to use these words combined. Excellent Amelia, thank you for being so prompt on sharing.

  11. This is such a powerful call for us to deeply consider who we are, why we are here and what is needed for us to return to living in way that is harmonious in all respects and as such honors the truth. The truth of who we are is not that which only applies to one, but is a quality that encompasses the universal truth of us all, all that we are connected to and part of. We are currently choosing to live in a way that settles for far less than the magnificence that we are in essence as the state of our health, well-being, the turmoil and abuse in our world reflects this truth. Yet through our connection to our bodies we can learn what medicine truly supports us to be guided to live in alignment, in harmony to the order of the Universe and to the Love we all equally are in essence. The principles of Universal Medicine as you have so clearly described offer all who choose to, to discover another way to live that is guided by our connection to our bodies, by our Love within to understand that true medicine is everything that we live, and the quality that we are choosing to live in.

  12. This blog makes it so simple and clear, there is a Universal order and this has been observed by many over time, but it has come to a point where the way humanity as a whole lives does not equal the harmony of the universe, perhaps why there is so much sickness and illness within ourselves.

  13. Your description of both Universal and Medicine clearly show that Universal Medicine is the perfect name for what Serge offers through the Ageless Wisdom teachings. With the world in the state of turmoil it is, healing is deeply needed and each choice we make in responsibility to the principles of UM, ripple across time and space supporting in bringing us and the Universe, back to live the magnificence of what is possible.

  14. Thank you Amelia for a great read, our little planet is like a note of discord in the beautiful harmony that exists in our solar system. The medicine that brings healing is so simple and we each hold this power of love within, that not only brings order and harmony to our own lives, but in doing so starts to bring harmony back into our world.

  15. We do indeed need Universal Medicine to bring us back into order again. As humans we do have very strange behaviours that we champion at times but eventually we have to understand that we are part of a bigger constellation that doesn’t accept ill ways so therefore we need correction in forms of illnesses and diseases. It’s quite serious that as a human race we tend to look at the illness or disease and try to fix it as if that is what is most important instead of looking at our behaviours that led us to have the correction (illness and or disease) in the first place.

  16. The universe is very harmonious and is continually expanding and never imploding in on itself. Maybe we could as a society, learn to live a harmoniously together in way that is forever expanding. A harmonious, expanding society or true brotherhood sounds like the future, which will unite all of humanity back to true religion!

  17. I love how you talk about the everyday ill’s of humanity and how this is obviously out of sink with the harmony out there in the greater/wider part of the universe, hence the need for Universal Medicine.

  18. Beautiful and simple, the universe is a constant reflection. We know we are connected when we look up at the night sky and don’t feel so far away.

  19. Universal is indeed an enormous, unfathomable understanding… And yet this is the depth and breadth of what Universal Medicine is addressing… Moving out and away from the seemingly solid concrete world we apparently live in , into a world where we really start to understand that “ everything is energy, and everything is because of energy”, as Serge Benhayon says.

  20. When my body tells me through pain that something is not quite right, I have a choice to see myself only as a physicality, or an energetic being, or both – that is a part of something unfathomably big. I am learning that it is not about having an illness/pain free body – in fact the illness/pain could be the start of a healing that is so needed for me to be a part of the order that I belong to – and precisely because of that big picture, I need to take care of the part that I am.

  21. Your breakdown of the meanings of medicine and universal was superb Amelia.

    If we are to look deeper into our existence and purpose a truly universal method of analysing our current state of being is required. A love what you have described.

  22. I would say that universal medicine literally means what it transparently, in plain English, says. . . it is a medicine that can be applied by anyone and everyone benefits as a result as it is a livingness that incorporates self care and self responsibility that if is taken on becomes the medicine .

  23. To consider that there is a Universal Order – a flow of life that is in harmony with all of us brings us to considering the responsibility we have in the way that we live if all that we do affects everyone and everything and not just ourselves…

  24. Hi Amelia – ‘……….free will is allowed for All’, and because Humanity live in their own ‘Reality’s’ there is no congruence and separation occurs. How amazing would it be that the Human Race began to re-connect to who they truly are and then all ‘reality’s’ would be the same and a reflection of each other? Universal Medicine would exist in the truth that it is and would be lived but us all.

  25. We are love. It seems to me that to not live love will lead to illness and disease, so to live the love we are in full is true medicine.

  26. Thank you Amelia for this succinct, clear and profound blog. I just love what you have expressed in the following paragraph;
    “There is an order we are designed to be a part of that we have far departed from as a species. There is a way to come back in line with this order, and this starts with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all”.

  27. Universal to me is all encompassing, inclusive of every single one of us and thing on this planet and beyond. Medicine to me is that which truly supports us to connect to ourselves so that we can live in harmony with ourselves and therefore with every one and every thing. So to sum it up, Universal Medicine is living in a way that is truly loving with oneself and therefore aligned with the all.

  28. Thank you for your simple and comprehensive explanation of what is Universal Medicine Amelia. This is the truth of what it is. We are either in alignment to universal order or not. If we are – there is harmony. If not there is dis- ease and eventually the correction will present this fact in the flavor(energy) of the ill situation or behavior.

  29. It can be a bit hard indeed to fathom the fact that there is so much out there and we belong to the it all – nonetheless we cannot deny it. From there, yes there cannot be true healing for our planet and humanity without a universal form of medicine, which is exactly what Universal Medicine presents.

  30. Medicine from the Universe accessible to all of us. Medicine in its whole meaning, from the most immaterial, to the most practical and specific. Deep and final healing for this planet, by restoring harmony in it, through our bodies and our own choices.

  31. Our medicine is the way we live. A choice to unpack patterns and reactions leads one to restoring greater harmony in our relationship with ourselves and with others. And this is the beginning of living medicine.

  32. There most certainly is a juxtaposition on Earth between the order we can observe in nature and the disorderly way human beings live. While we may ignore a lot, it is hard to now ignore the self-inflicted neglect from poor lifestyle and health choices, and the relationship breakdowns between couples, families and countries. The planet itself moves in order with other planets and the stars too, the observation of nature is something we marvel at, yet we still dismiss the grand order of the universe and rather seek to conquer Earthly life and disturb the existing natural order.

  33. Thank you Amelia, for this simple and profound understanding you share and make accessible here – this is a piece of writing to cherish.

  34. You may boast that you are healthy now because you are now cured of your condition, but whilst ever you do not know and live from the fire of your own glorious self, then I say without judgement, but from love – you are still terminally ill. And it is only time and circumstance that will determine the physical outplay of your condition.

  35. The way the world is at the moment, it is imperative that we define medicine as being anything that serves to heal us, and this is in itself a step up from the way we currently limit our definition of medicine as being the science of “the practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.” But I crave for the day when we consider true medicine to be that which deepens our divine connection, and not that which is needed to remedy us out of our diminished state.

  36. The fact that our universe is one of many, raises questions about relationships, because they are all clearly living harmoniously side by side, and yet we here on earth struggle so much with just sharing a planet together.

  37. I love this blog, I just returned to it for another read again. Wow, do we as a human species walk oblivious to the harm we serve up by being so dismissive of the consequences of ill choices. Eating and drinking substances that are toxic to the body are not just harmful to us, they have a ripple effect on everyone and everything else as well. If we choose toxicity and ingest it, we then think this, walk this and this is what we emanate in our interactions, frustrations, stress and exhaustion. The world is a challenge we often want to shut the door on but we’ve set it up this way by the ill choices we have made.
    Universal medicine offers us this awareness so that we have loving choices we then reverberate with everything we do and act on — we create a ripple effect of love instead. That is DJs is absolutely amazing, heavenly and so necessary about universal medicine.

  38. We belong to an order far bigger than ourselves, yet by desperately seeking to own that which we have created for ourselves, we cap ourselves from seeing and feeling the majesty that abounds in the space that surrounds us. That is, by looking down we miss the magic (God’s love) within and around. This is how we have come to blind ourselves to the truth of all things and live a vastly reduced form of ourselves that has resulted in much exhaustion, illness and disease. We are universal beings and to live out of sync to the rhythm of love that pulses within is causing us alarming and unnecessary upheaval. We are sick and as such we need a medicine that is truly universal to help heal the waywardness we have succumbed to but has no place in a body of love.

  39. A tiny, yet powerful blog that contains so many beautiful truths. Finding our place in the universal order of things has been greatly assisted by the teachings of Serge and universal medicine. Thanks so much Amelia.

  40. Many don’t want to admit that our whole planet and majority of what is lived on it is out of order with the whole universe. The arrogance of humanity is exposed by the fact that we think we are an intelligent race who is looking out at the rest of the planets and stars asking “I wonder if there is intelligence on other planets and maybe we can spend trillions and trillions of dollars on scientific ways to go and measure this”. Whilst the whole time the rest of the universe is watching and waiting for us to align to our divine intelligence, which is the intelligence of the universe or the universal mind, which is what Universal Medicine stems from.

  41. All that is, is born from love. All that is not, is born from that which is not love. Therefore, to live the love that we are is the greatest from of medicine to help us heal from the dis-ease of living all that is not the love that we are. As such it is Love that is the universal medicine we each require in daily doses, full strength.

  42. Thank you Amelia for this beautiful blog, I agree and love this bit,
    ‘The principles and tenets that found Universal Medicine are simple.
    There is an order we are designed to be a part of that we have far departed from as a species. There is a way to come back in line with this order, and this starts with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all.’

  43. Amelia I too know with all my heart Universal Medicine is the medicine that will bring true harmony and love back to this world. When we start to live medicine instead of rely on it externally we will see start to see the change that is so desperately needed.

    1. I absolutely agree Samantha. True medicine is how we live – and this is what needs to be studied. Universal Medicine brings the understanding but by living true to oneself we can confirm this as true for ourselves by our own observation and experience.

  44. “There is an order we are designed to be a part of … to come back in line with this order, and this starts with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all.” How gorgeous and supportive of all of humanity is this…and there is no trying, no struggle in this – just a choice to be more loving and caring of ourselves which then naturally supports deep care for all.
    There is a simplicity of choice and then a responsibility to be this way in the world. Beautiful.

  45. The fact that there is an order independent of our own will that has some properties that we offend with our own created order is what kills us. At the same time, this exposes the irony: even if we would love our own created order to be the only one, what the other has to offer to us is immensely greater in grace and true joy.

  46. The beautiful thing about Universal is that it honours equally those that connect to it through an all encompassing knowing of life as well as those that connect through it through the body’s particles.

  47. “This is the medicine – to bring true harmony and love back to this planet of ours, and thus its position in the Universe”, to do this we need to work on bringing harmony back In to our body by self care and self love.. Once we have started to make changes in our body then we will be able to reflect that to this planet of ours.

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