What Does Universal Medicine Mean?

Many look at the name Universal Medicine and wonder why this particular choice of words was made to describe the complementary healing business founded by Serge Benhayon in the township of Goonellabah, NSW, Australia, in 1999.

The Universe, as we may know, is the constellation of planets and stars our Earth is a part of. As many have discovered, the Universe we belong to is but one of several that exist. It can be hard to fathom that there is so much more out there beyond this planet of ours.

Medicine is something we may identify that is needed for our bodies in order to heal them from some sort of illness or disease. Illness or disease are states that are not in line with what is ‘healthy’ or our most natural and harmonious way of being. There are varying perspectives on what should be classified as medicine, and what is able to bring true healing.

Controversy and argument aside, our bodies know exactly what true healing and true medicine is.

So then, what is ‘Universal Medicine?’ And why is it needed?

What Serge Benhayon has proposed, along with an extensive lineage of teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, is that we are love, divinely and innately so. There is an order we belong to that is bigger than us as individuals, that is there to constantly bring us back ‘into line’. What is this line?

We may have heard of ‘the order of the Universe’. What is this order, and what does it look like? If we take a zoomed out view of our planet, would we say it is in keeping with this divine or Universal order?

If we were to look at a planet that had a species that was increasingly killing itself by gorging itself to the point of explosion, knowingly ingesting toxic substances and championing them, and destroying the very ground it walked on with little regard for it or fellow members of the species – what would we say about that planet? Does it feel like it would fit with the harmony and order of the rest of the Universe?

So then, if this planet was deemed to be ‘ill’ in the context of the Universe, what would it need?

Could it be Universal Medicine?

The principles and tenets that found Universal Medicine are simple.

There is an order we are designed to be a part of that we have far departed from as a species. There is a way to come back in line with this order, and this starts with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all.

This is the medicine – to bring true harmony and love back to this planet of ours, and thus its position in the Universe. Those that are interested in doing this, have the complete choice to do so – as do those who do not wish to, or wish to do it their own way.

Such is the order of the Universe, that Free Will is allowed for all.

Ongoing appreciation to Serge Benhayon for all he presents, and allows forth, for us all to learn from.

By Amelia Stephens

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1,188 thoughts on “What Does Universal Medicine Mean?

  1. Universal medicine – that is exactly what the universe needs. Whether you agree with the tenets of Universal Medicine the organisation or not, you can’t deny that we need medicine for our universe to assist in rebuilding what has long been in quite a mess.

  2. The more and more I become aware of the true health and state of humanity and the planet, the more I can see that self interest is the root of the rot that abound. Indeed medicine is not just in healing our hurts but becoming unified with all.

  3. I grew up thinking medicine was actually just drugs, I’ve learnt so much from Universal Medicine presentations – that medicines simply what’s good for our bodies and what supports them and helps the body to correct itself, so good medicine can be going to bed early, going for a walk, the quality I live my day in. Once you start to look at medicine like this you realise that the whole day is designed to help you and the key is absolutely in your hands.

  4. This is beautiful Amelia, so clear and so simple. Especially loving the part about free-will, as this truly is the basis foundation for all of human life that, at the end of the day, it is everyone’s simple choice for the quality of the next move that we each make which, collectively makes up the sum total of the quality of life on earth.

  5. Not adhering to the order we are part of is actually the root cause of all illness and disease. And that is true for all bodies on this planet earth, including the earth itself. Universal Medicine, if we like it or not, does restore this balance in us through illness or disease or by choosing another way of life that adheres to the order we belong to. Same for the planet we live on, all the disruptions we bring to it have to be cleared and that is by what we call natural disasters but actually is a re-balancing, again Universal Medicine.

  6. it’s important that we are all open to medicine not being about drugs to fix a physical condition. Medicine is how we live everyday, how we care for ourselves and how we care for others and the world we live in.

  7. We think we know medicine but do we? What you present here Amelia is beyond the common understanding of what mankind currently is considering medicine to be, e.g. which is to give relief to the pain of the physical or mental hurts encounter from everyday life. The medicine we consider medicine to be actually does not provide the true healing the way Universal Medicine is presenting to us, medicine to be.

  8. I love how you say “…bringing true love and harmony back to this planet…” – for it is something we are re-instating and re-building rather than being something entirely new we need to go out and seek; it is all there already we just need to bring it back into our daily life and expression.

  9. Universal Medicine teaches us that through the way we live and the quality of our movements we have the capability to live a life full of joy and purpose in line with the flow of the universe.

  10. This is beautiful “There is an order we are designed to be a part of that we have far departed from as a species. There is a way to come back in line with this order, and this starts with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all.” Having started on this path, taking responsibility it has changed my life.

  11. Universal Medicine is a medicine for everyone no-one is excluded. At present we have a health service in the UK that is run by the pharmaceutical companies and some drugs that are expensive become what is called a postcode lottery and you may or may not be able to receive certain drugs depending on where you live. This is not universal. Universal Medicine has an understanding of the body that is universal and includes the whole body in its healing, not just the part that is sick. Universal Medicine represents a way of living that looks at everything and includes everything in our lives to support our healing; it truly is a Universal Medicine in every sense of the word.

  12. We do so often get caught up in our own individual lives that we lose sight of what the bigger picture is, and that we are all equally part of it. The disharmony that exists in our world today which we are all being affected by, can only change when we accept responsibility for the degree of love we are willing to embrace and live for ourselves first. As when we live from the love of our inner-hearts we live the love that represents us all. This is the way we can bring the change that is greatly needed to restore harmony in our world, through the way we are choosing to live. Universal Medicine represents this way – a way we can all live as it is a way that is lived guided by our inner-heart.

  13. Such a beautiful explanation on the true meaning of Universal Medicine and how it encompasses and embraces us as part of the Oneness we are all truly from.

  14. Universal Medicine is indeed a perfect name, as the Universe brings us all the medicine we need. We are part of the Universe and the Universe will in the end correct us, provide us medicine, when we are out of line.

    1. So true Willem, it is the Universe that keeps in line and it will correct us at the end, we can either choose to self correct along the way or be corrected by the Universe in due cause.

  15. The depth of the expression Universal Medicine is far from obvious. Understanding why and how the universe can be medicine for us is a fascinating thing that requires to start grasping and being able to start feeling into our relationship with it and its relationship with us and how this relates to our own relationship with self and others.

  16. This makes it all very simple and true, we are part of a Universal order… and we each play an intrinsic part in the flow of harmony via the movements we make in or out of alignment to this. Universal Medicine is all encompassing.

  17. Amelia , so true the source of true power is the universe an example of this for the earth is the Sun .
    What damage and illness we as humans have caused the earth is so, so tragic and truly not-believable , but sadly it is true. We are an ill planet because of the way we, the humans live on the earth and not because of any other creature . We have a lot to answer for and a lot of explaining.

  18. Such beautiful name this is – Universal Medicine. It encompasses and considers the all at every level from every angle. Love we are being held in is just humongous. Why would we carry on fighting it? Then again, that is even allowed. It patiently waits for every single one of us to eventually return, by our own choices. How devastatingly amazing is that.

  19. Our planet is definitely sick thanks to the irresponsible choices of so many of its inhabitants and thus in need of medicine that is available to support not just it and its inhabitants but to restore it to its true place in the universe. We are being offered invaluable support in this through Universal Medicine – the choice is ours to return to true health or continue on our wayward path to further illness and disease.

  20. “if this planet was deemed to be ‘ill’ in the context of the Universe, what would it need? Could it be Universal Medicine?” Absolutely – our planet – and the people in it all need Universal Medicine, as our current medications in all their forms – be it orthodox medicines, complementary medicine or self-medication with recreational drugs, alcohol, TV and other forms of stimulation – are not working and our planet and its people are getting sicker.

  21. Ha! Yes, what does our universe need? I good dose of medicine indeed! I agree with this wholeheartedly.

  22. This is my bible, this is such an awesome way to describe what Universal Medicine actually is because to me, its not just a company or a way of life, it is actually moment by moment choices that affect the cosmos. I am so appreciative that you have mapped it out like this, its just simple, Occult and beautiful.

  23. There is an order to life that we can feel and connect too. When we do we know what is needed in each moment when we consistently disregard what our bodies are communicating to us – it creates a dis-ease and a tension with our own truth and our bodies then need to communicate this with us.

  24. It is truly paradoxical that we, humanity, can call ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet when we, “increasingly killing itself by gorging itself to the point of explosion, knowingly ingesting toxic substances and championing them, and destroying the very ground it walked on with little regard for it or fellow members of the species.”

  25. If we TRULY took heed of what you’ve shared here Amelia, i.e. that there is an order – and a grand and divine one at that – of which we are a part, we would all re-align our whole beings and lives to restore our rightful place in this grand order. As clearly, the state of things currently on our planet is anything but in harmony with the All.
    Universal Medicine spearheads the way in this, like no other organisation I know – in holding back nought in regards to leading the way in all the details required for us to reassume our rightful place in the whole, and honour ourselves as being as magnificent as the true light we see reflected from the stars in our sky, and no less.

  26. At a recent Universal Medicine event I learned about the constellations and how they relate to human life, and now I have found that there is great healing in looking and reflecting upon them – far greater than escapism, distractions and so called ‘yummy food’.

  27. If we are honest we have to admit that the world we have created today is quite the mess. As a consequence, the errant ways that has got us to this point needs to be both corrected and healed – and the only way that we can do that is by being fully open to the true understanding of the universality of medicine to reignite the harmony, love and the order within our very beings.

  28. When put so beautifully and simply and although we do have free will, what right do we have to bring such disorder to such divinity that is the order of all that is here and out there in all the universes?

  29. Thank you Amelia, Universal Medicine is the bridge through which we can live heaven on earth, it allows us to know truth, love, and interconnectedness with the all.

  30. From a very young age I can remember feeling the disharmony in our world but I didn’t know how to live in a way that would help restore harmony and not react to the world. I often felt a heaviness in my heart when looking around and seeing huge levels of abuse, lies and loveless ways on our planet. At times I felt powerless to contribute to change and often felt lost when I pan out to look at the current state of our world. I used to feel overwhelmed and sad about everything I saw. But thanks to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I no longer feel this way because I now understand why we are living in such a mess and able to see what is really going on. I feel empowered to contribute to change, to harmony and know we will one day all return to love and harmony, our natural way. I can now feel that we are always held in God’s love no matter how far away we are living from the order of the universe, we are continuously called to return to this order and to return to who we are, love.

  31. How entrenched it is to think that we will be punished, judged and reprimanded, critiqued, analysed and ‘marked down’. ‘I’m sorry you have failed’ we half expect to hear and so constantly seem to live in fear. But the Universe doesn’t work like that, it’s not a line or a point we have to reach – but a vibration we are here to live in tune with. And if we don’t as your words show Amelia, we are simply shown that there is a gap – a quality that is currently missing. It’s just totally up to us if we wish to listen.

  32. As humans we live under a great illusion here on planet Earth when we do not zoom out and see the bigger picture of the vastness we belong to and our place in it. By only zooming in, we get lost in the detail of the ‘tiny self’ thus affording us an excuse to place small and ignore the truth in Hermes’ words “As above, so too below”. The key to life and thus evolution (which is simply re-turning to the love that we are) is to know that the macrocosmos is reflected in the microcosmos and as such our every move matters as to whether is resonates with the Universal Order we belong to, or against it. Only through the careful application of this great truth can we ever learn to arise out of the mess we as a humanity have allowed ourselves to slump into for so long. We all need a very large dose of Universal Medicine until such a time that the corrections are made for the wayward steps we have walked away from this Divinity, so that we can stand and fully claim the light of Christ within us all.

  33. When you look at it this way, it’s pretty bizarre to say the least that we have sent dogs, monkeys, women and men into outer space to try and find another race, to seek ‘new frontiers’ for humankind. For surely one look at our history shows a litany of murder and crime and absolute ignorance of simple universal facts. These are not new discoveries but ancient wisdom we have long known but chosen to ignore. We have tried everything else, surely it’s time we gave these essential truths a go and see what medicine can really be. Thank you Amelia for this reminder of these age old eternal truths.

  34. There’s so much money in pharmaceutical industry, research, sponsorships, grants… they try coming up with a cure for this, that and the other (or do they?) and the medical system the world over is failing. How can it be possible? Responsibility is such a power-full medicine, yet it costs nothing. It simply is a choice.

  35. Beautiful to read this morning your words, making it very clear that everything and everyone is connected and how Universal Medicine has deepened our understanding of how to heal and bring back harmony. And it starts with us choosing a quality of living ‘with developing self-love and self-care as a basis, that then feeds on to responsibility and deep care for all.’

  36. Recently I heard the words that we are the ‘wart of the universe’. Whilst it was said in playfulness and may sound harsh, it is true. I then began to ponder on the fact that perhaps in the universe there is no other planet likes ours where we are living in such disharmony. We are sold pictures of aliens invading our planet and how scary they may be, but what rubbish. What if we are a ‘wart in the universe’ and life here is quite different to how the universe is meant to be? It is quite humbling and exposing of our arrogance.

  37. So it is no wonder that Mother Earth rightfully corrects herself with tornadoes, floods, fires, etc because of our ill behaviours. I have no right to complain as I am part of its creation and it is my responsibility to let go of the arrogance and to heal myself and hence the universe. Thank God for Universal Medicine in supporting me and all those who choose to commit to living a life in self love as it is from a foundation of self love that true healing can be offered to all.

  38. So much needs to be brought into order in my life so that the Universe receives another reflection from a Son of God. Thank you, Amelia, for your commitment and responsibility to this blog and also that the simple way of starting our path of return is with at least being self-loving.

  39. Being Universal is also being inclusive and by being so this means the state of the planet is the responsibility of us all, absolutely no one is excluded.

    1. I absolutely agree Jstewart51. It is when every single person on this planet is willing to take responsibility for our current state of health in our body, our planet will also heal and return to its natural state. Everything is interconnected, when we collectively treat our body more lovingly we will start to treat our planet with more love too.

  40. It’s always an interesting way to look at the Earth, to see it as an outsider looking in – what are we doing to ourselves, each other and our environment? Give yourself a little perspective and you’ll realise the responsibility we have as Earth dwellers.

    1. And by looking at the Earth as an outsider it also enables one to take a step back and see the big picture. By doing so here Amelia has employed this analogy brilliantly to express that humanity is like a virus out of control. Hence in the same way that when we individually have a virus we require medicine so does humanity and the planet.

      1. Well said jstewart51, if not a travesty that it must be said… We are “like a virus out of control”. The ‘medicine’ clearly required is for us to realign ourselves to the order of which we are intrinsically a part.
        What stands out for me in reading Amelia’s blog today, is that ‘dare we’ truly reawaken ourselves to this very fact – that we are a part of something immensely grand, God’s in-breath and out-breath no less…
        We do well to stand back and truly observe the part we each, and globally, are playing…

      2. Very true, Victoria, and what you say confirms the truth that evolution is through co-creation and not individual creation.

  41. We look to nature and we can look to the stars, we see and feel a natural harmony. We look to our humanity, to our families and even to ourselves in the mirror – do we see and feel that same harmony? Thats what Universal Medicine brings and it starts in that moment we stand before the mirror with self-care and self-love.

  42. We as a species have really strayed far and the damage that we have created is massive. There is no doubt that the current way is not working and we are destroying ourselves and our planet so yes, Universal Medicine is needed for sure.

  43. I have never questioned why Universal Medicine is called Universal Medicine to me it makes perfect sense .. the wisdom taught and presented is universal and it is about returning back to a true state of harmony, stillness, joy, love and truth which is true medicine and this does not just relate to our bodies and health but our relationships, families, communities, towns, countries, work places, schools it is the medicine everywhere in everything through how we live.

  44. Beautifully put into perspective Amelia – The name is not just a name, Universal Medicine carries a very real and true purpose in delivering humanity what it needs to evolve back to the Love we are in order with all that is.

  45. Love what you have written so simple, we are the ones out of order and Universal Medicine is about coming back to our own love which will eventually bring back harmony to our Universe.

  46. So beautifully explained and nailed Amelia! If we were to step out of earth and observe what we are actually doing here….we’d be appalled.

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