Universal Medicine – The Facts of My Experience

My experience with Universal Medicine has been nothing less than life changing. Everything has changed: from the way I take care of myself to my enjoyment of work, the willingness I now have to be open about how I feel, to the care I take with the food I eat and the fact that I now listen to my body.

Yet this has occurred in an absolutely normal way: no fireworks, no exclusive clubs, magic potions, regimented dictations or secret handshakes.

Before Universal Medicine, and despite the picture perfect image I put on, my life was a complete disaster. Underneath the surface mirage, money issues, depression, constant anxiety, reckless relationships, drugs and alcohol plagued me daily.

The first change in my life started before I came across Universal Medicine, after yet another period of feeling deeply empty about the life I was living.

The constant parties started to feel empty, the sports cars no longer excited, superficial relationships felt meaningless and work was simply a drive to be seen. Despite ticking all the successful boxes in life, there was something missing that no amount of money could buy. I didn’t feel the joy, contentment and purpose inside that I sensed life could be.

I knew at this point that I was living a lie.

In 2004, many years after wrestling with what was missing from my life, I had my first treatment with Serge Benhayon, and this set in motion a change to the way I lived that has transformed everything.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

The treatment was deeply profound in that I had not been given anything: there was no chanting, no black magic and no “to-do” lists, instead I was supported to re-connect back to a very familiar yet distant feeling – the feeling of inner contentment and natural ease that I had as a child yet had forgotten was there.

The choice I was left with thereafter was what to do with that feeling – what to do with the realisation that the way I had constructed my entire life was the complete opposite of who I truly was. To say it was confronting was an understatement, yet nothing could take away or diminish the deep knowing of what I felt.

In the proceeding years I had the opportunity to get to know Serge Benhayon and his family closely when they came to stay at our family home on his trips to the UK. These times were deeply precious as it was my first experience of what true family was all about.

There was a level of care and support that Serge lived on and off stage; there was no show, no game face and no act with Serge, just consistency through and through. He lives a level of integrity in every aspect of his day. Here was someone who was living a full, vibrant and deeply loving life.

This was the complete opposite of the dysfunctional family life I grew up with. Being around this was deeply inspiring and on top of this, from day one, Serge treated me as family, as he does everyone.

Year after year when Serge and his family came to stay the same care and integrity was shown. There was a deep willingness to support and help with whatever was needed: from the care taken with washing up, giving it the same importance as cooking the meal, to the deeply supportive and loving conversations. There was nothing that was less, nothing that was not worthy of time or attention. At the same time I also started to understand what true work was all about, whilst still holding family dear and equal.

A few years later, on a visit to Australia, I met Simone Benhayon and was blown away by the incredible care, love and strength that she naturally held. At the time, whilst going through a difficult period in my life, she was an absolute support and remains so to this day.

There was no question that she was so very different to the women who I had been in relationships with, as she was someone who deeply loved me just for being who I am. As we started our relationship together the level of respect, care and love was absolute.

I can unequivocally say that Simone was the first person that I truly fell in love with and my first true relationship.

With the Benhayon family the simplicity of life was deeply profound. The drama I was used to in my family was non-existent and whilst big things went on there was a foundation of support to deal with them. This meant that everything was looked at, no issue left to fester and no games or carrying on – what was not loving was called out and everyone was honored and supported to deepen in love: this was true family.

David Nicholson
David Nicholson

There is no doubt that Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine have the deepest care and love for humanity that I know. And from my own personal and lived experience I know them to be benchmarks when it comes to a commitment to love, true purpose to life and endless support for everyone.

And even though my relationship with Simone Benhayon ended, this was solely due to the fact that I would not allow myself to deepen the love I held for myself and therefore, allow another to hold me in. Yet despite the abusive, irresponsible, reckless and hurtful way I behaved, something that is not truly my nature, the consistent love and support of Simone and the Benhayon family remained.

In meeting the Benhayon family I felt truly held in love from day one and know this will never change.

Today the Benhayon family are the greatest support for me and my family. I know that the marriage I have with my wife Hannah would not be the amazing quality that it is if it were not for the care, love, integrity and inspiration I’ve received from Universal Medicine and the Benhayon Family.

Published with permission of Simone Benhayon.

By David Nicholson, Company Director and Husband, Frome, Somerset, UK

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1,356 thoughts on “Universal Medicine – The Facts of My Experience

  1. Love is not sympathy. You can be held in love and still be shown how your behaviour does not match your natural way of being. Some may perceive it as harsh, others may perceive it as stern – but when the love is absolute, despite what your head is telling you, deep down you will always know the truth.

  2. Acceptance and the ensuing appreciation that you have shared for the Benhayons is a great reason for everyone to appreciate what they bring for humanity. It is with greatest intimacy that you have shared and this is enriching all our lives.

  3. Rarely witnessed in life: truly loving relationships that do not end when two people part, they deepen and expand.

    1. From a very young age I held this as a possibility – two people do not have to end their romantic relationship in a fight, nor friendship for that matter. Fights, never speaking to each other again and so on simply occur because of our own unresolved dilemmas. If we understand & work on our behaviours, there will never be a reason to blame the other.

  4. ‘In meeting the Benhayon family I felt truly held in love from day one and know this will never change’.
    What you share David is gold. We who have worked with Serge Benhayon and his family over many years know the quality of love he holds for himself and all of humanity. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. “from my own personal and lived experience I know them [Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine] to be benchmarks when it comes to a commitment to love, true purpose to life and endless support for everyone.” Here, here. They are the guiding Light for myself and so, so many others.

  6. “Yet this [life changing] has occurred in an absolutely normal way: no fireworks, no exclusive clubs, magic potions, regimented dictations or secret handshakes.” It is quite remarkable how something so transformational and remarkable feels so natural, normal and without ‘fireworks’. At the same time, though, it is essential not to take it for granted, instead it is important to celebrate and appreciate.

  7. Yes, and if we can view times of tension as ones of opportunity to grow and evolve then we can start welcome them rather than to resist them. That does not in itself resolve or get rid of the issues, they instead just become part of the natural flow of life without being caught in suffering.

  8. The day we are honest about how we are living, and what is true in our lives and what is not, is the day we take a massive turn towards true healing.

  9. Sharing that your relationship with Simone broke down because “… I would not allow myself to deepen the love I held for myself and therefore, allow another to hold me in” is deeply profound as it powerfully demonstrates that true love for another can only exist and be expressed if we first love ourselves.

    1. That’s huge jstewart51, how many times do we expect others to love us or show us love but we’re not prepared to love ourselves first.

      1. So true Julie and I wonder how many marriages would not end in divorce were we taught to love ourselves first, if they had happened in the first place.

    2. The way we are brought up and the pictures we take on certainly don’t carry this message.There is an expectation that another will fill up our emptiness, if only we could find that right person, and when it doesn’t happen we tend to blame them rather than ourselves. What is being shared here is simple but ground breaking. We can only love another if we love ourselves first. Also, we cannot let a deeper love in if we are not prepared to deepen that self love either. Love isn’t static, it is constantly evolving and asking us to be more.

      1. So true Michelle, for so often it is not appreciated that love is not static but forever evolving and that is when conflict and a breakdown in a relationship occurs.

      2. Being so much more aware that life is about evolution it is so much easier to deal with the upsets and tensions that come in. No, it is not always plain sailing, but being able to appreciate why these things happen, supports with the choices that need to be made during the storm.

      3. Yes, it is the glue that holds everything together. There is something about love that steadies the course and keeps bringing you back; ultimately it simply doesn’t let you compromise on it, no matter how much you have strayed from it in the past.

    3. Yes jstewart 51 I can relate to this myself. We can only receive the love of another, when we’ve deepened the love we have for ourselves.

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