How Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Connected me back to God and Religion

I haven’t been one to dabble in different religions throughout life, but whilst I attended Catholic Secondary College I accumulated much experience with the Catholic Church, and in my senior years my interest in the many differing religions brought me to undertake a subject called the Study of Religion.

Whilst I could always see the similarities between the array of religious and spiritual beliefs that inhabit our world, I always felt that they were only bringing part truths but perhaps missing something, or missing the whole.

I wondered how we could all be equal if some are excluding of others? And how is it that people can preach certain rules or disciplines but not actually live them for themselves?

I also had to ask: if God is Love, how could there be any discrimination against people, degradation of women or even a lack of self-love and true care within our very homes if we considered ourselves to be love and so-called religious?

Because God is Love, there can be no punishment, no judgement and certainly we won’t be sent to the fiery depths of hell for not being perfect, when perfection doesn’t even exist!

Through Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy with a highly qualified Universal Medicine practitioner, I have been able to connect back to God and the fact that God is with me, in my body.

Through this modality I claim the light that I am and feel a freedom or expansion in my shoulders that feels like I have wings. Right through to my feet there is a fullness of the natural flow and rhythm that my body’s connective tissue just knows how to be – every cell within me feels like Divinity.

When I connect to myself and to the very core of my being, which I call my essence or my Soul, I know exactly what it feels like to be held in God’s love and I am reminded that I am held in grace and absoluteness at all times. I sense the very glimpse of what it truly feels like to hold everyone else as equal Sons of God too, whether they choose to know God or not.

I cannot help but feel that we are brothers and that this makes us all one and the same.

In my Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy sessions I am fully supported to feel the lightness and acceptance of who I am as a Son of God on earth, and this forms a marker to carry with me wherever I go.

Whether I feel aches, pains or tension in my body or get caught in the tension of my day, nothing changes the fact that my body knows how to naturally align to love and flow accordingly.

As we know, the universe naturally moves in cycles and rhythms all of the time, and as our bodies are made up of the same particles as our universe, I realise I have this same opportunity to choose to live with awareness of my own cycles and rhythms every day. I can accept and let go of that which does not feel supportive for me, choosing to honour my body, my delicate exquisite connective tissue, to choose to align to God and embody love once more.

My body and the way that I live, is Religion. 

I live religiously each day through the choices I make to connect deeply to myself and thus to God and his love.

With this understanding, and thanks to the teachings and presentations of Universal Medicine together with the many healing modalities I have studied, I now know the true and whole meaning of religion on a very personal level.

Religion resides in my very own body, in the graceful way in which I choose to live, to move and in the choices I make to reconnect to the love that I am. It is then through this quality, which I bring to my every movement, that I can consistently confirm my connection back to God and Religion.

In deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Kate Greenaway (physiotherapist and Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy extraordinaire) for their consistent and supportive approach in inspiring many to reconnect to the wisdom held deeply within our own physical bodies.

By Cherise Holt, 32, Nurse, Australia

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854 thoughts on “How Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Connected me back to God and Religion

  1. What comes up for me when connecting with my experience of Connective tissue therapy throughout the years is: space. It communicates to me: It is ok and safe to surrender to all that I am. With no effort whatsoever just being and allowing the universal flow in my body.

  2. I never cease to be amazed at the level of healing that occurs with this incredible modality, not just on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional level as well. And even with the physical it goes so much deeper than simply supporting the basic function of the body. The power and depth of what is offered here is quite remarkable.

  3. In the support of connective tissue sessions, where I feel supported to come back to an inner stillness I also feel connected to the more, to the divine and to myself.

  4. The Connective Tissue modality is a physical connection, the practitioner holds your arms or your legs, but much more happens energetically inside your body. It brings a deep feeling that is not physical at all, a connection to the inner self where we can experience a completely different place we may have long forgotten but always known was there.

  5. After a session of Esoteric Connective Tissue I always feel much lighter, much more connected to myself and when I feel the lightness and stillness in my body I feel connected to God.

  6. When I have a connective tissue session there is a gorgeous sense of returning more to myself. It is a reminder of how I can live every day, connected to the natural flow that is there, and I can choose to allow that spaciousness in my movements and interactions. The sessions are a reminder of what we can choose.

  7. “Perfection doesn’t even exist!”- this is fundamental wisdom that everyone needs to know because so many of us are caught up in trying to be perfect in one way of another.

    1. I would put my hand up for this. It is very important to examine where the perfection sneaks in, then gets us into reaction of not having done it right or accordingly acted out to the picture /ideal we had, instead of taking in everything a situation is offering us to evolve from. Which is the only purpose the situation occurred in the first place.

    2. The insatiable push for perfectionism is also a competitiveness with yourself – and we never think we are enough when we get caught in that mentality.

  8. “When I connect to myself and to the very core of my being, which I call my essence or my Soul, I know exactly what it feels like to be held in God’s love and I am reminded that I am held in grace and absoluteness at all times” – I love this statement because in this we are all held as one, no one less no one more, All Sons of God.

  9. I LOVE Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, I find it brings me back to myself to a deeper level, the connection to my body that is sacred. My cells in my body could not agree with you more “what it feels like to be held in God’s love and I am reminded that I am held in grace and absoluteness at all times”.

  10. Esoteric Connective Tissue really allows us to feel the true flow of the light of the Soul through our body when we truly surrender.

  11. ‘My body and the way that I live, is Religion.’ This is key Cherise – our connection to our divinity and how we live that every day.

  12. So many religions with a variety of rules that we must follow to stay on the good side of God or else. The wrath of God notion never sat well with me when I was a child and even less so nowadays – just seems to be a way to control the masses.

  13. To consider our relationship with our body as a religion really turns religion on its head! Yet it makes total sense. When we live religiously we are honouring the body that inhouses our soul, it helps us get from A to B. We need to honour it, to nurture it and to ensure it is fit for life and for work.

  14. This here…”I wondered how we could all be equal if some are excluding of others?”….is a great question to be asking and quite simply blows a hole in organised religion right there and right now.

  15. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy connects us to the energy of love that flows through the tissue of our physical body.

  16. ” to reconnect to the wisdom held deeply within our own physical bodies”, the level of wisdom held within the body is absolutely unfathomable and yet we treat our bodies with criminal disrespect.

  17. Cherise what you share here “my body knows how to naturally align to love and flow accordingly” is absolutely pivotal because what it’s saying is that left to it’s own devices our bodies would naturally align to the Divine BUT and it is a massive but, we don’t allow our bodies to follow their own instincts, in fact we manually drag them in the opposite direction! Hence the excessive and rampant levels of illness and basic unease amongst the world’s population.

  18. This exquisite modality helps us realise on a very physical and tangible level that there is an interconnectedness to all that lives and breathes in the vast universe we are a part of – the plants, trees, animals, people, organisms, stars, moons, planets etc. and that there is a way to move where we can either be in accordance with this flow of life or in discordance to it.

  19. Very important, to recognise that divinity is within you and, that it is a tangible quality that can be felt in your body – making it something that will always be and has always been there.

  20. It never fails to touch me every time I feel we are a part of the universe’s rhythm that every one of my particles know this truth and they are responding to it.

  21. ‘Whether I feel aches, pains or tension in my body or get caught in the tension of my day, nothing changes the fact that my body knows how to naturally align to love and flow accordingly.’ I could judge myself for having pains and aches or tension in my body which was not very helpful, so what you are presenting feels very supportive and makes it clear there is the choice for us to be present in our body and align to the rhythms of the universe.

  22. I love having connective tissue sessons, they are so gentle but very powerful in a gentle way, I feel my whole body light up as the energy flows and connects every part radiating out its warmth.

  23. I am blessed to be part of a practitioner team for a practice trial for Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. The results are truly awesome with clients being free from many years of chronic pain.
    This modality is truly Heaven sent.

  24. It is very humbling to feel the true flow of our body that is unmistakably felt during an Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy session.

    1. Yes, it is humbling, because you realise that regardless of the merry jaunts you take your body off on, regardless of the substances you consume that make it work over or under its optimal flow, it still stays steady waiting for you to come home and appreciate it.

  25. The choice in quality is obvious in every person, there is either a complete lack of care for self and others and a very poor quality of movement and expression, or a deepening love held for self and ultimately all, that inspires a level of integrity and honour in the quality of movement and expression.

  26. We know what supports our body in every moment… it is a question as to which type of energy – fire or prana we align to that determines whether we are connected to our body or not.

  27. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy brings me the most beautiful awareness of how connected and Godly I am.

  28. Esoteric connective therapy – a modality that supports us to feel our connection with God, how awesome is that?

  29. I also can’t say enough good things about connective tissue therapy, I love receiving it, and I love giving it and anything that can bring us closer to God and our true way of being is simply golden.

  30. Religion, if you understand it to be a re-connection to the essence of who we are, and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy certainly work well together as they are both about re-connection.

  31. It is interesting how there is the word or the concept of love in almost every religion, but there are varying descriptions of what this love is and how it can be lived. So what comes then when love is brought about by way of an esoteric life? How much does this change the meaning and living of this word?

  32. What I love about connective tissue therapy is its simplicity: it just connects me back to my body through the simplest and smallest of movements. It reminds me of the natural and innate sensitivity and delicacy of our bodies – and how amazing it feels to live and move with those qualities.

  33. Religion is simply a reconnection back to that which we originally withdrew away from. From this space we begin to feel once more the interconnectedness of all things and understand that even when we live in disconnection to ourselves and thus all others, this tiny isolated fragment (spirit) still belongs to a far grander stupendous whole we know as Soul.

  34. It is beautiful to make that connection between the body and divinity and how these can both be in the same place at the same time, because ultimately that is the truth of life.

  35. Living religiously has nothing to do with buildings and dogma etc and everything to do with how we approach daily living and taking loving care of ourselves for this is how we share the love of God in our daily reflections to others.

  36. Discovering the flow of energy within my body through Connective Tissue has opened doors to understanding of myself, how I am with others, what a day of flow feels like (the outer flow as a result of the inner flow), and what that means about my connection with others, and even with the universe. Wow what a revelation.

      1. We have tampered with life so much and effected the natural flow. It is up to us to bring true flow back into our everyday life.

      2. Thankfully we can only ever scribble over the top of Life, we can’t actually stuff it up completely. The flow is always there for us to slip back into when we’re ready to fez up to having made one massive mistake in the first place and that was choosing to walk away from God.

  37. Without Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy I simply would not know my true connected flow or vitality. I adore how this therapy is so subtly, tangibly felt and profoundly deepening of the body’s light.

  38. Religion could not be more simple, as you share it is to reconnect to the love you are, and to the love God is, and live from that love. This is how we truly get to know God, it’s in the surrender to ourselves as Sons of God, as equal reflections of his love. Talking about religion and treating it as knowledge is not working, it’s in the living of true religion that we restore harmony and love to ourselves and others.

  39. Religion has been at the centre of so many arguments. What you show here is the simplicity of our connection with God or the Universe or whatever name we give to it.

  40. I feel it is an important point to make, that most people have a sense of their own true divinity and thus know God. The only thing therefore that gets in the way of this being expressed is the hurts we have all experienced through living on this earth. To come back to God is therefore a journey of letting go.

  41. Beautifully shared thank you Cherise, I love Connective Tissue Therapy, it is so gentle but so very powerful in opening up our awareness to the divine connection we have with God in our bodies. As the energy flows from my feet I get a sense of all the dots through out my body being connected by this beautiful divine flow of love.

  42. To receive a Connective Tissue session confirmes to me the flow of God through the body.
    All is needed is to surreder to who we are, which is sons of God in our essence and that can be beautiful when felt within the body.

    1. Connective Tissue sessions allows us to connect deeper to the light of our Soul, it is a beautiful way to deepen and surrender with our body.

  43. “Whilst I could always see the similarities between the array of religious and spiritual beliefs that inhabit our world, I always felt that they were only bringing part truths”. I feel we keep accumulating religions partly because none of them do the whole job they are supposed to do and partly because we the consumers don’t want a religion that delivers everything because that would mean responsibility and evolution.

  44. The connective tissue in our body is so super sensitive and delicate, and will register any impact, assault, or roughness that we experience in any way shape or form. And so to support this intricate network in our body, to relax again and return back to its more fluid and maleable state is a healing and an immense blessing. So many of us hold so much tightness in the body and it is not necessarily muscular tension, as it can be the accumulated hardness in the connective tissue itself. And so it is that when we learn to let go of this tension, we have much greater access to what lies deep within us all, our essence, our connection to divinity, to God.

  45. A very beautiful & profound experience of Esoteric Connective Tissue. It deepens all the layers of tissue in the body and helps to truly let go of the hold tension and contraction in our body. I am learning how esoteric connective tissue works and how much it is benefitial for all.

  46. Religion for me to is about the way that I live each day – how I am with myself in every way and equally how I am with everyone else; something that I can continually, refine, deepen and evolve with…

    1. It is the same for me, the way I live daily, how I am with myself and others daily. I am continously refining and deepening as I evolve with it.

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