The Missing Link to Understanding Reincarnation

For as long as I can remember I have not understood why it is said that some people go to heaven and some go to hell – it never really made any sense to me.

I did notice however, that someone could create heaven or hell on earth for themselves, or other people, depending on their personal life choices.

I could not understand either, that if God was love, why would he send some people to hell to rot for eternity, and others that were good to fluffy clouds, to kind of um, well… sit around with angels playing harps. Even though I was quite scared of the hell option I remember feeling heaven felt a bit boring, a bit mundane and a bit surreal. Continue reading “The Missing Link to Understanding Reincarnation”

Exposing the False Perception of a Perfect Life

I was living a seemingly perfect life and was feeling normal living with my emotions and selective memories of the good times I’ve had.

I was under the impression that I had worked out what life was about and had the illusion of being in control. I couldn’t fault anything physically as everything looked picture perfect, but there was a constant feeling that something was lacking. Life felt like a tasteless strawberry made out of plastic, but it seemed no one was aware of this except me. Continue reading “Exposing the False Perception of a Perfect Life”

What’s in a Saying?

This morning I realised the impact that certain common sayings have had in affecting my choices throughout my life. We tend to think that a saying or proverb is used by a loved one with fondness, as an ‘endearing’ turn of phrase, but are they really supporting us?

As a young girl, one saying I can remember clearly being told to me regularly by my Gran was, “Cold hands, warm heart.” I remember her having very cold hands so it was reassuring to me that she had a warm heart. Continue reading “What’s in a Saying?”