Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Kristy Wood

Having recently received a truly loving and deeply appreciative email from Kristy Wood, it made me stop to feel just how much I appreciate Kristy and what I love about her.

Just in a matter of a few lines, Kristy shared her absolute love, warmth and appreciation of my expression, my writing and me.

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

It wasn’t so much about the words that Kristy shared, though these were heartfelt and important, but the absolute love, depth and care felt in every word written.

I have never met Kristy as she lives on the other side of the world, so I cannot share about day to day life, but what I do know is how much I am inspired by her – her absolute depth of wisdom, love, passion, commitment and care for people, kids, teachers, community and education.

Kristy and I work together on a global project. I love the clarity and truth Kristy brings, she makes it very real.

Since I have known Kristy for the past four and half years, Kristy’s love and depth has grown more and more.

When you listen to Kristy speak about people, children and education, you can’t help but feel the absolute lived authority and power that she is and holds, and the absolute rock solid, steadfast support she brings to everyone – kids, classrooms, teachers, head teachers, parents, schools and the communities in which she works and lives, not to mention her wicked sense of humour and playfulness as well.

Hearing Kristy presenting about her experiences in life, you cannot help but feel the humbleness she lives, and I would say she may not even realise just how incredibly awesome she is.

Her work has won awards, and there are so many people that have nothing but absolute respect for Kristy and the work she offers. I know for a fact, people across the world are deeply inspired by Kristy and all that she is and lives.

Kristy is a true role model for kids and adults too.

It’s not often we open up as a society and share this normal way of being and expressing with one another in the world, appreciating everything we love and adore about a person or a group.

This is what I love about Kristy Wood: her willingness to go there and appreciate people with absolute truth, depth, genuine warmth, love, and care.

Kristy has taken the bar of love and appreciation to a whole new level. Kristy Wood rocks this world!

Gyl Rae
Gyl Rae

By Gyl Rae, 38, Teacher, Scotland

Gyl Rae Gyl Rae works as a Visiting Arts Teacher, loves writing about life, supporting people and works as a volunteer on Global projects.

You can read more about Gyl Rae at

Kristy Wood Kristy Wood loves working with people to develop initiatives that build a sense of community and support wellbeing.

You can read more about Kristy Wood at

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516 thoughts on “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Kristy Wood

  1. I love Kristy Wood too, I have never met her but heard her speak and present about how she is with the children she teaches and supports and it is really beautiful how she really goes there and meets the kids for who they are without holding back on pulling them up if needed and with equally no holding back on expressing her love for them.

  2. I love how you appreciate the specific qualities that Kristy brings to the world as it allows for a deeper confirmation with each reading.

  3. Beautiful to feel the depth of your appreciation Gyl and it is so inspirational that you have taken the time to write it down for all of us to share. There are so many positive things that happen and yet so often we tend to focus on what is not going right rather than appreciating what we, or another, do well.

  4. Wow that is what I call true appreciation of somebody. And somebody that we haven’t even met. I do appreciate your writing Gyl, you write profoundly and lightly, very much needed in this world that takes the ‘ heavy’ things in life way to seriously.

  5. Imagine how different our world would be if we expressed our appreciation for one another more. Through openly expressing our appreciation for each other when we feel it, we confirm and celebrate the movements of love and truth, of who we are in essence, as such restoring the trust and dissolving the walls of protection that is much needed in our relationships today.

    1. The world definitely needs more appreciation for one another. Maybe we need a world appreciation day to get people started for what really should be a normal everyday part of our lives.

  6. Thank you Gyl, it is so important to appreciate people such as Kristy Wood for all the incredible and deeply inspiring work she does with children off all ages.

  7. “I have never met Kristy as she lives on the other side of the world, so I cannot share about day to day life, but what I do know is how much I am inspired by her – her absolute depth of wisdom, love, passion, commitment and care for people, kids, teachers, community and education.” Beautiful Gyl. I have never met Kristy either but seeing her on webcasts I feel the same. She is one inspiring woman.

  8. I met Kristy whilst in Australia in early 2016 and was struck by her solidity when it came to what she new was true and her jovial being, with such a warm smile. Pleasure to have met you Kristy 🙂

  9. Beautifully shared Gyl your appreciation of Kristy and the qualities she brings to her life and to her work. What a world of difference it would make to life if we stopped for a moment and pondered on all the things we appreciated in each other and then share it with them, this could be the new normal of relationships. I loved the photo just gorgeous thank you.

  10. I am blessed with having this woman, Kristy Wood so close by. Sometimes it takes someone from the other side of the world, with a whole lot of love to share, for you to snap to and realise what you have got! Kristy is so amazing on so many levels but her way with children and teens is what blows me away. It’s beautiful to see woman appreciate each other like this.

  11. It’s beautiful to feel your appreciation of Kristy, Gyl! She has also inspired me deeply as a fellow professional in the field of teaching. Her commitment to truth and speaking it has given me plenty of food for thought and the way she works with children is amazing to observe.

  12. I love the way you so openly appreciate here to Kristy, Gyl. It makes me feel how easy and powerful appreciation it is in fact. When we appreciate, we confirm the truth that we feel, and in that confirmation we honour it, offering the space to be seen and be expanded much more in our lives.
    Thank you both for offering to me such a beautiful reminder.

  13. What a Joy to read this unhindered expression of appreciation of another Gyl – and to celebrate the amazing Kristy Wood! This is one amazing woman, I agree – she never, ever takes her finger off the pulse of what is happening in her community and particularly with our young people. And she shies not from addressing the bigger picture and concerns. People with such consistent dedication deserve to be celebrated in full – indeed, books should be written about them, for we deserve ever-more insight into just what it is that inspires such purpose in life, and absolute care for others.

    1. Beautifully said Victoria, we absolutely need to study people like Kristy Wood and learn from her because she is a true educator and the world needs more of them. The more we celebrate people like Kristy the more we will be able to see what is needed to bring true education to all.

  14. When Kristy talks about her work with children there is an all encompassing equal-ness with which she holds them. No child or teen is any less than the teacher or carer. With this standard of equal ground it seems children dramatically respond and feel their own power and wisdom. This is something to celebrate – along with many other qualities that Kristy brings to the world.

    1. Rachael, it is this ‘all-encompassing equal-ness’ that Serge Benhayon holds everyone in and it serves as an invisible pull up to the vibration that is the truth of who we all are. And this is something that I need to remember and that is that no amount of nagging or cajoling will shift another but holding them in love and equal-ness has the power to shift them way further than my limited vision.

  15. After having just read some of Kristy’s blog posts dedicated to those she appreciates, it’s wonderful to now read one about how she inspires others. This to me feels like the knock on effect of what happens when people stop to appreciate each other. Like ripples, the love spreads far and wide. The impact of such a gesture is exactly the kind of impact we need to offset all that is going on as standard in the world.

  16. What an appreciation is felt and how beautiful to feel a woman appreciating another woman, which is truly so rarely seen in our world today.Talking about the appreciation of who you are, not what you just wear or can do etc. This is only because we lack this appreciation within ourselves and we miss that connection that we struggle to then appreciate or truly seeing who we are.

  17. Connection is so beautiful as we do not have to physically meet anyone to be truly inspired and to inspire, we meet and can be met purely by what is felt.

  18. There are not nearly enough genuine role models out there in everyday life living with the integrity and a loving authority that inspires us all to step up and change the status quo of a world we all can feel is not living to its full potential at all.

  19. I can only agree with what you share about Kristy Woods. Gyl! She is a Powerhouse at getting things done especially those things relating to children of all ages. A truly passionate and inspired woman who is not afraid to speak her truth.

  20. How amazing life could be if we all lived in this level of true appreciation of each other. It would blow jealousy out of the water.

  21. How could you not be continually inspired by women and community leaders like Kristy Wood. I know she has just started a Girls Group for young girls between 6 and 12 years of age with the first night being a huge success. It would seem everything this lady does has a focus on caring for the young people in our community, blessed to have her around us.

  22. “I know for a fact, people across the world are deeply inspired by Kristy and all that she is and lives.” True. I have never met or spoken to Kristy but have observed her commitment, work and the qualities she brings and am deeply inspired by her.

  23. Your genuine appreciation of Kristy is palpable and it just goes to show how intimately we can get to know other people, even if they do live across the other side of the world, if we are open to love and letting others in.
    I also agree, currently ‘It’s not often we open up as a society and share this normal way of being and expressing with one another in the world, appreciating everything we love and adore about a person or a group’ but feel we should try this more … let’s raise the bar on building relationships, being open to love and truly appreciating both ourselves and others. I don’t know Kristy personally but know of her and just how highly she is regarded in her field of work and have tangibly felt from presentations she has given that the depth of care, love, holding, commitment, respect and appreciation she has for children and young people, for their entire well-being comes from the very core and depth of her being. She is certainly inspiring to many.

  24. Beautiful Gyl! I know Kirsty personally and can concur on all you’ve said here. She really is a brightly shining star!

  25. To truly connect to others I feel we need appreciation because it’s so fundamental to the relationship to feel the qualities of the person. We might have behaviours or habits but who we are is in our gorgeous qualities.

  26. There would be a considerable change in the world through our relationships if more of us began to openly appreciate the greatness we see and feel from another. There can never be too much appreciation, for ourselves and others, as through appreciation we confirm activity of love, the truth of who we are.

  27. It is not until we truly appreciate ourselves that we are able to truly appreciate another. When this appreciation is felt and then expressed, we accelerate ourselves into the ‘what next’ in terms of our evolution back to who we truly are. Perhaps this is a clue as to why there is so much self-loathing and judgement of others in the world… we are doggedly refusing to go where we are being lovingly pulled to go by the Universal Order (God’s body) we live within.

  28. It’s quite amazing and says a lot, when someone without children of their own can be a role model for parents and teachers worldwide. Kristy does indeed have this authority and true connection with children that allows her to understand what is needing in parenting. I’ve witnessed this first hand, not with my own children, but in the community with Kristy.

  29. ‘Kristy is a true role model for kids and adults too.’ I also agree Gyl and anyone who saw Kristy recently present at Unimed Saturday would also know this to be true, such an inspiring woman with a deep understanding and love of all children.

  30. When we share and celebrate the gorgeousness of another we offer this joy to everyone. This was such a joy to read – once again, and I’m totally with you Gyl, Kristy Wood is amazing and an absolute role model for teachers, parents and all of us.

    1. Hear, hear Katerina, beautifully expressed. Appreciation is gold, the more we express it the more we have to appreciate and the joy we feel does expand reaching people far and wide.

  31. “I know for a fact, people across the world are deeply inspired by Kristy and all that she is and lives.” Thank you Gyl, I appreciate you sharing this as I too am inspired by Kristy even though I have not met her in person.

  32. It’s just so awesome to read something like this. It can be so easy (and common) to be jealous of someone in this situation. But as you show clearly here, Gyl, choosing to appreciate and to be inspired is much more loving for all.

  33. Thank you Gyl, so beautiful to read and feel such power and inspiration in the word appreciation, appreciating ourselves and all that we bring opens us up to deeply appreciate what another holds. I am inspired by and appreciate what you both bring to all of us in your living way.

  34. ‘Kristy is a true role model for kids and adults too.’ Well said and very true Gyl, it is so great to see Kristy having such a positive impact and is able to inspire and support adults and children of all ages.

  35. It never ceases to amaze me just how much another has to offer. Their life experience mixed with their deep loving expression constantly highlights that each of us is as vitally important as everyone else. To hide and not live and share this is a clear indication that one is yet to feel just how needed our individual grace is in this world of fear, conflict and irresponsibility.

  36. Thank you Gyl, that is absolutely well warm and appreciated what you have shared. To talk about a woman like that and all that she brings is quiet unique and profound.. Actually a way we can with all women.. So this blog inspires.. What a beautiful way to support each other to grow and absolutely enjoy each other’s presence, qualities and all that that comes with. Thank you.

  37. I love it when Kristy speaks on parenting and children. Her affinity with children and her ability to ready what is going on is second to none. Many parents find a way to dismiss what people who don’t have children have to say. Yet us parents have a lot to learn from non-parents as they are not in the thick hold of ideals and beliefs around parenting. Kristy says it like it is and I feel blessed to have her in my life.

  38. When we express our appreciation of another it allows us to grow as well as supports the other to grow too. Our relationship with ourselves and the other deepens, and it is like we open up more and more to depths we did not even fathom existed. Appreciation is such an important part of relationships – be it our relationship with ourselves or with another. Thank you Gyl for this reminder to always appreciate – no matter what situation, there is always something to appreciate in it all, even if it is the learning so it need not happen again.

  39. I love reading this again, love and appreciation works in an incredible and most magical way, it just keeps expanding. From Kristy’s email to you sharing her appreciation for you, this has now expanding to your blog, reaching people from all over the world. It is such a joy to read, feel and be inspired by. Thank you Gyl and Kristy.

  40. I’m a big fan of Kristy Wood. My son just spent a week with her at vacation care and he came home each day in the most gorgeous state. I showed up early on the last day when the kids were doing some performances. Kids performances are not something that I overly enjoy. Seeing kids in anxiety trying to please and perform doesn’t sit well with me, but this was something quite different. The kids were all relaxed and only performed if they wanted to, which they did. One girl got up and sang in the most beautiful way I had tears in my eyes. Kristy really has a way with kids and I feel very blessed that my child gets to spend time with her.

  41. It’s lovely to hear one person appreciate another – with no agenda, no seeking recognition… just an expression of what you feel that confirms the greatness of another’s livingness.

  42. Gyl your appreciation for Kristy Wood is so inspiring and I can feel the joy with which you write about her. Appreciation is something we as a human body don’t do enough of, and your blog has reminded me just how important appreciation is both for myself and for the other person.

  43. Kirsty so beautifully reflects that meeting our children and offering true education is all about connection, first, secondly and forever. No judgement, pure acceptance and celebration of the natural joy and playfulness that they bring.

  44. Love the appreciation here, and to hear not only of the love and deep care Kristy has for the world, but that this can be wrapped into a wicked sense of humour as well! Just shows that we need to be able to hold ourselves lightly!

  45. Gyl thank you for your blog, it has made me realise how many people I truly appreciate through Universal Medicine and how much more open my relationships are because I have been inspired to change the way I live.

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