Lies can Never Last too Long

Most of us have had an experience about lying and more often than not, that lie has been discovered with consequences that aren’t too pleasant.

In my experience, everyone gets hurt when they are lied to – possibly because it is an innate quality of us to be honest, and truth is something we can feel, not something dreamed up or imagined.

We all know, in some sense or another, that lying doesn’t get you anywhere. Sooner or later it gets found out.

The person might not ever actually find out, but there is that feeling you have in your body or regret that we feel in ourselves. One might often think that we are the only person that knows about the lie, but even in that… we are just kidding ourselves. The other person can feel something is amiss.

My parents would always tell me to be honest and whenever I wasn’t, I would get a sick feeling in my stomach. I lied one time at school and then chose to tell lie after lie to keep it going, but in the end the truth came out and the consequences were worse than if I had just taken responsibility for my actions.

From my experiences, I realised that being honest and telling the truth was the way to go. Even if it was a little hard at the time, at least there was no sick feeling in my stomach.

I also realised how hard it actually is to lie. You have to remember what you said and to whom you said it.

It is a lot easier if you are telling the truth about what actually happened at the time – true experiences are easier to remember. It doesn’t feel good to be lied to and no one likes it.

We can feel the amount of disrespect there is in a lie. How uncaring it is for another, as we all deserve the truth. For the truth is what we all innately know and can already feel. Even though sometimes we may choose to cover our eyes and not see the lie, we can already feel the quality in someone’s words and actions.

Telling a lie means that there is no responsibility for what is going on in life: be it the little white lies that are meant to ‘protect’ someone, or a big lie, to not take responsibility for something you know hurt another.

It is plain to see lies are used to cover up what is really going on, meaning we are not choosing to take responsibility.

We might all have experiences like this – where we have lied and it has been found out. Even the lie that Santa Clause is real doesn’t stay dormant. Everything comes to the surface eventually. Lies can never last too long.

Cheating in relationships might take a while to be exposed; sometimes people think that they won’t get caught. Even if the partner never finds out, often the couple’s relationship isn’t great, a result of something festering underneath.

There can be a lack in communication and drifting apart. Even if they don’t want to be consciously aware of the fact, people can feel it, often resulting in a breakdown of the relationship.

Lies can never last too long.

Some people hold onto a lie all their life about something horrible that may have happened. Their actions or behaviours and health can begin to show clearly that something is wrong. Lies can never last too long. Something gives it away eventually…

There are so many news stories about big scandals, covering things up and lies being brought to the surface. The obvious one that comes to mind is of the church and paedophilia. They had the lie of being pure and just, when the exact opposite was going on. And what happened? It got found out.

Lies. Can. Never. Last. Too. Long.

So, why can a lie never last too long? Well, we can all feel the truth, or lies, in someone’s words. Because of this, it is only a matter of time until someone calls it for what it is. We know when someone’s lying.

Why then does it take so long for lies to come to the surface in some cases?

Well, we all have our own lies, like what we tell to another daily, a mask (lie) we put on for the world. For example, saying “good thanks” when someone asks you how you feel when you really don’t feel good, saying you like something to please another, not showing or expressing how you truly feel or even sitting on the back benches and not saying anything at all.

It suits us to not call out lies straight away when we feel them, for then our own lies would be called out also.

This is why little white lies are often seen as okay, because everyone is doing it, and most of the whole world has been dishonest in this way at one time or another.

No one can ever ‘cover our eyes unwillingly’ with a lie. People can and do lie to us all the time, and the only reason that the lie lingers is our unwillingness to feel what is true or not.

A lie can be felt in the moment it is expressed, we all clock it, but how often does it suit us to overlook the lie?

Lies about an amazing friend.

I have a super amazing friend, who lives an amazing life and inspires so many people as a result of what he presents based from his own way of living and what he observes.

This friend, Serge Benhayon, has been seriously lied about recently – lies that have been intended to hurt and harm him and his family and others who are associated with him.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

There have been complaints based on more lies that have been sent to numerous government agencies, only to be found to be baseless by those agencies when they looked and investigated them, in something like over 20 accounts. Bit ridiculous yeah?

But then again, isn’t that amazing? Over 20 accounts that have been found to be lies, as there is no truth to the accusations made. So many people scrutinising and putting a magnifying glass on Serge Benhayon’s life. It really is a testimony to how he lives and his integrity as a man.

We all know by now, as pointed out from above, that lies cannot last. So here Serge is… over 16 years doing what he does and nothing can be held against him – the baseless complaints that have been made have all proved to be empty. What is really there is an impeccable history of true care and dedication to others, I seriously don’t know anyone else with that kind of track record.

Surely there must be something, right? Well he doesn’t admit to being perfect but he is the most loving, understanding and inspiring man I have ever met.

And in 16 years all a few people can do is make up crazy stories to make something appear wrong with him or about him. This means they can’t actually find anything wrong with the way he lives, they have to make up lies to create something that looks bad – that’s pretty darn amazing.

I have never once got a feeling that Serge may be lying, or that what he was presenting wasn’t true.

No one would be able to lie for that long and have things not be found out – he has so many people close to him and able to observe all that he does, and this clearly shows there is nothing to be found out.

Emily Newman
Emily Newman

This, apart from his many amazing qualities and how much of my life has changed for the better since meeting Serge, is why I trust Serge Benhayon one hundred percent. Because, well really, there’s no-one else like him that I know of. In him I can feel someone who presents truth, not lies, in everything he does.

I trust what I feel, for truth can stand the test of time… and lies get found out in the end.

By Emily Newman, 20, Brisbane, QLD

Inspired by Ray Karam’s blog “Ex-Police Officer’s Life Turned around through Serge Benhayon: The Truth about the Lies of Esther Rockett & Lance Martin”

Emily Newman Emily Newman has a deep interest in people and psychology, she loves the beauty of nature.

You can follow Emily Newman on Twitter @emilynewman_

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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866 thoughts on “Lies can Never Last too Long

  1. I love what you say here Emily that whether a lie is discovered or not, it still affects us and others because it is still hanging around and we know when we have not told the truth.

  2. You point out something really great here in this article when there is mention of how it feels in your body to lie and how even though being honest is sometimes scary, as it holds us up to responsibility, passing through that scariness is far more worth it than the sickly feeling of living with lies.

  3. When someone is living the truth of who they are we can feel it, no need for a slick presentation as it can be felt in every movement.

  4. ” In him ( Serge Benhayon ) I can feel someone who presents truth, ”
    I have the same feeling ,for me he is a man who lives truth, thank you for sharing Emily.

  5. I know what it feels like to hold onto a secret lie and hide it from a loved one for awhile, but have never been able to hold it secret forever, as I could not stand the yucky feeling inside when I did it. I can not even imagine the amount of disharmony and inner turmoil that has gone on inside the bodies of the people responsible for all the ridiculous and unfounded lies against Serge Benhayon, a man that has proven to thousands his consistent and endless love, support, and deep care for humanity and all he is in contact with.

  6. Sometimes we want to override or bury the truth as it exposes something we do not want to deal with, but the more honest we are, the more clarity and simplicity it brings when we are willing to surrender and express what we are truly feeling.

  7. As everything is energy and because of energy, lies too will eventually catch us out and have the opportunity for correction.

  8. Deep to the very core of our being we are each comprised of Truth. This means that the moment something enters the equation that does not match this quality, we know about it. The discord is felt instantly. The problem is that we have made lies the norm and thus settled into a nest of untruth that we allow to cocoon around us, so what happens is we begin to accept this reduced way of being as being nothing out of the ordinary. As a lie is not born from truth but is a deliberate contortion of it, it has no source of its own to sustain it and thus must rely on our chosen comfort in order to exist. The more we shake ourselves free from these ‘comfortable nests’ (that in-truth are not so comfortable!), the more the lies dissolve back into the ether they first arose from. It is we who must choose to not give lies the breath they require in order to survive. This we do by breathing our own breath and thus re-instating the truth of all things.

  9. The people who have taken on the ‘mission’ to lie about Serge Benhayon, are so in anguish about the lie that they themselves are living, that they let through them that force that would bring down the shining truth on earth, showing us a way out of the biggest lie in the universe – a life based on everything BUT the livingness of the Soul.

  10. In truth, there are no ‘white lies”. A lie is a lie is a lie. And for some lies, we don’t even have to speak an untruth as such but we lie by omission which then colours the way the message is received, casting it at a different angle or influencing the listener to be favourably inclined towards us.

  11. The greatest casualty of lies is trust because once you uncover one lie it damages your trust in everything else.

  12. Emily not only do lies never last but it’s often, well in my experience, been the lies that I’ve told myself, the ones I do to keep things “looking better” were the ones that really hurt me. The fact that lies never hold is an amazing support for life, for truth. What I find amazing with what Serge present, is how the truth just sits so easily in my body and from time to time I find a few challenges, but ones where my willingness to see truth allows me to know its truth even if I don’t like what that shows.

  13. The ongoing repetition of myths spoken as a truth to children (e.g. Santa Clause) is a beginning of self doubt and not being able to trust what people express in life. What appears to be a tiny white-lie is actually deeply harming in the long term.
    “Even the lie that Santa Clause is real doesn’t stay dormant. Everything comes to the surface eventually. Lies can never last too long”.

  14. The truth is we all do know what truth is but we choose lies to keep us from accessing truth, because we know that truth will expose our lack of responsibility and the comfortable way we are living that does not ask us to be more

  15. I think our movements reveal our lies and our dishonesty. For me I don’t often outright lie, but I will keep things to myself, or you could say keep the truth to myself – which is essentially another form of lying. And I notice that my movements change, my thoughts change, and it’s important to recognise that when we are dishonest it changes us. I completely agree with you that I trust Serge Benhayon, his movements and everything about him is always steady and consistent, and always, always, always with the same integrity and the same respect and care.

  16. Re-reading this and feeling the ouch of how often it has suited me to overlook a lie and how awesome it is to have the reflection of Serge Benhayon’s absolute transparency and his willingness and dedication to calling out lies wherever they are.

  17. Like a magician’s trick, a lie can captivate us for a second, and make us think it is real but it disintegrates pretty quickly when light is shone on it. The worst thing we can do is create another lie to cover it up, like a daisy chain or deception and disregard. This gets us fooled into thinking we have ‘got away’ with it, but we are just further away from truth. Thank you Emily for this account.

  18. ‘Lies can never last too long’ … yes they create a web, and like all webs they are eventually destroyed and unraveled.

  19. As a society we have allowed lies to corrupt because we have given our power away to words rather than feeling the true intent behind them, this makes it easy for anyone to distort truth through words and we easily fall for them.

  20. Emily, as someone that used to lie about everything it’s amazing to both appreciate that my relationship with lies has completely changed to the point I can’t stand them to be part of my life. AS you say and as I also know lies always get exposed and truth comes through, it just takes some time.

  21. I agree Emily, we all have an innate connection to the truth within us so that lies stand out a mile, because we feel them jar against the natural flow and harmonious vibration within our body that truth always has.

  22. Reading this is like having a swim in a beautiful clear spring waters it feels so refreshing. So true that we accept lies because it’s convenient for us not wanting to live the responsibility that truth calls us to. In the run up to Christmas I’ve been pondering on the Santa Claus lie told to children and how children who do know the lie are encouraged not to let on to younger children. I can’t remember ever believing this tale and can only remember confusion – what was the purpose of this lie I asked when a child. I couldn’t see one. So what if I ask it now? Is it an adults wish to want to foster a magical time for children when the adults have lost their connection to the magic that is around us all the time and instead are encumbered by the stresses of the world? Do the adults wish to re-create magic for themselves too? I don’t know but find it an interesting phenomenon of group agreement that keeps this going.

    Each year I find it more and more unsettling because we are asking children to trust what is not true and steer away from the magic of God that is. I know I was deeply confused and unsettled as a child by this national consciousness that children believing in Father Christmas was a good thing. Even then I knew to keep my mouth shut because I knew if I did not there would be a backlash. Now, that’s not so innocent or sweet or magical is it?

  23. How fantastic that you have learnt so young in this life, Emily, that lying does not work and needs an evil energy to keep it going, whereas truth sits very comfortably in the body with a settlement.

  24. There is a truth that surrounds this man that no amount of lies can penetrate. He is walking truth, and no amount of lies could waver his movement. Amazing.

  25. Brilliant Emily – when I read this first I thought of it only from the perspective of what people say. But what I am getting today is it also applies to the lies in our lives we entertain and let be everyday. I say I am angry and upset with someone but is that actually me? Or is it just a lie I let slide so I get to be irresponsible? Your sharing here inspires me to be super clear about what I choose to allow.

  26. I have a very strong radar to read lies. My whole body reacts when lies are coming my way. IT Can begin the news, from my family or any other way. I get very Sharp And clear. There is also many layers of lies. The official ones and the lies we live as a whole group or humanity as a whole. Because the openness and honesty about myself I naturally can clearly feel the lies in others.
    Serge Benhayon is pure gold. More than ten years I attend his presentations and workshops and everything he express, every word he brings carries an energy that resonates with that beauty i always felt in me as a kid.

    1. Reading how you are Sylvia is fantastic – you call me to be more responsible. You are not afraid to look lies in the face and see them for what they are. I remember a time when I was very dishonest and knew it. Being with someone like you was unnerving but I greatly appreciated feeling the discomfort of knowing I was lying because it inspires me to be more truthful. Truth brings great settlement to the body. It is connection to God, to the universe. There is no disorder only the obedience of unity. In a world of disorder and chaos we need unwavering reflections of truth. No more choosing to pretend a lie is a truth no matter how many people are going along with the lie.

  27. Re-reading your blog today and I saw my previous comment and it was the same line that stood out for me today “and the only reason that the lie lingers is our unwillingness to feel what is true or not.” Check. Again.

  28. There is often a perceived hurt, a situation in life that we have not been able to control and thus blame another for. If this is held and given energy we can get bitter and want to seek revenge or “get even`. This can cause a lot of harm to a lot of people, not just the one we are considering to be the cause of our pain or anger. What we forget is that it also harms us. It wreaks havoc in our own body although we might not want to acknowledge it or admit that any unease or disease is related to that event and worse still we might realise the connection but deny it because the energy that has taken hold has more power over us than we have over ourselves.

  29. I completely agree with what you say about Serge Benhayon – the only way to have a go at him is to make up lies because the man represents absolute love and truth. However, the lies do not touch him but seriously harm the people who make them – far more than they realise because they also lie to themselves. As the saying goes the Truth will always out.

  30. “I trust what I feel, for truth can stand the test of time… and lies get found out in the end.” Emily this is a great topic and one that I 100% agree with you on, no matter how hard I tried the lies that I used to try and keep would get found out. What i’ve found now is that compared to when I used to try and lie and convince myself it was the truth that my body shows me exactly what is true and what is not, if I do something that is not true, if I live in a way that is not true I get to see this. My view of lies has become more refined and something that I feel I need to appreciate more is how much I see a lie as something so subtle that in the past I would have said it was a truth.

  31. “and the only reason that the lie lingers is our unwillingness to feel what is true or not.” Ouch, so true Emily. I heard an expression once that a lie can be half way around the world before the truth has even put its pants on. So lies travel fast, yes, but truth as you say, always wins out. The lies stay longer because -as you say – our unwillingness to call them out.

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