Lies can Never Last too Long

Most of us have had an experience about lying and more often than not, that lie has been discovered with consequences that aren’t too pleasant.

In my experience, everyone gets hurt when they are lied to – possibly because it is an innate quality of us to be honest, and truth is something we can feel, not something dreamed up or imagined.

We all know, in some sense or another, that lying doesn’t get you anywhere. Sooner or later it gets found out.

The person might not ever actually find out, but there is that feeling you have in your body or regret that we feel in ourselves. One might often think that we are the only person that knows about the lie, but even in that… we are just kidding ourselves. The other person can feel something is amiss.

My parents would always tell me to be honest and whenever I wasn’t, I would get a sick feeling in my stomach. I lied one time at school and then chose to tell lie after lie to keep it going, but in the end the truth came out and the consequences were worse than if I had just taken responsibility for my actions.

From my experiences, I realised that being honest and telling the truth was the way to go. Even if it was a little hard at the time, at least there was no sick feeling in my stomach.

I also realised how hard it actually is to lie. You have to remember what you said and to whom you said it.

It is a lot easier if you are telling the truth about what actually happened at the time – true experiences are easier to remember. It doesn’t feel good to be lied to and no one likes it.

We can feel the amount of disrespect there is in a lie. How uncaring it is for another, as we all deserve the truth. For the truth is what we all innately know and can already feel. Even though sometimes we may choose to cover our eyes and not see the lie, we can already feel the quality in someone’s words and actions.

Telling a lie means that there is no responsibility for what is going on in life: be it the little white lies that are meant to ‘protect’ someone, or a big lie, to not take responsibility for something you know hurt another.

It is plain to see lies are used to cover up what is really going on, meaning we are not choosing to take responsibility.

We might all have experiences like this – where we have lied and it has been found out. Even the lie that Santa Clause is real doesn’t stay dormant. Everything comes to the surface eventually. Lies can never last too long.

Cheating in relationships might take a while to be exposed; sometimes people think that they won’t get caught. Even if the partner never finds out, often the couple’s relationship isn’t great, a result of something festering underneath.

There can be a lack in communication and drifting apart. Even if they don’t want to be consciously aware of the fact, people can feel it, often resulting in a breakdown of the relationship.

Lies can never last too long.

Some people hold onto a lie all their life about something horrible that may have happened. Their actions or behaviours and health can begin to show clearly that something is wrong. Lies can never last too long. Something gives it away eventually…

There are so many news stories about big scandals, covering things up and lies being brought to the surface. The obvious one that comes to mind is of the church and paedophilia. They had the lie of being pure and just, when the exact opposite was going on. And what happened? It got found out.

Lies. Can. Never. Last. Too. Long.

So, why can a lie never last too long? Well, we can all feel the truth, or lies, in someone’s words. Because of this, it is only a matter of time until someone calls it for what it is. We know when someone’s lying.

Why then does it take so long for lies to come to the surface in some cases?

Well, we all have our own lies, like what we tell to another daily, a mask (lie) we put on for the world. For example, saying “good thanks” when someone asks you how you feel when you really don’t feel good, saying you like something to please another, not showing or expressing how you truly feel or even sitting on the back benches and not saying anything at all.

It suits us to not call out lies straight away when we feel them, for then our own lies would be called out also.

This is why little white lies are often seen as okay, because everyone is doing it, and most of the whole world has been dishonest in this way at one time or another.

No one can ever ‘cover our eyes unwillingly’ with a lie. People can and do lie to us all the time, and the only reason that the lie lingers is our unwillingness to feel what is true or not.

A lie can be felt in the moment it is expressed, we all clock it, but how often does it suit us to overlook the lie?

Lies about an amazing friend.

I have a super amazing friend, who lives an amazing life and inspires so many people as a result of what he presents based from his own way of living and what he observes.

This friend, Serge Benhayon, has been seriously lied about recently – lies that have been intended to hurt and harm him and his family and others who are associated with him.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

There have been complaints based on more lies that have been sent to numerous government agencies, only to be found to be baseless by those agencies when they looked and investigated them, in something like over 20 accounts. Bit ridiculous yeah?

But then again, isn’t that amazing? Over 20 accounts that have been found to be lies, as there is no truth to the accusations made. So many people scrutinising and putting a magnifying glass on Serge Benhayon’s life. It really is a testimony to how he lives and his integrity as a man.

We all know by now, as pointed out from above, that lies cannot last. So here Serge is… over 16 years doing what he does and nothing can be held against him – the baseless complaints that have been made have all proved to be empty. What is really there is an impeccable history of true care and dedication to others, I seriously don’t know anyone else with that kind of track record.

Surely there must be something, right? Well he doesn’t admit to being perfect but he is the most loving, understanding and inspiring man I have ever met.

And in 16 years all a few people can do is make up crazy stories to make something appear wrong with him or about him. This means they can’t actually find anything wrong with the way he lives, they have to make up lies to create something that looks bad – that’s pretty darn amazing.

I have never once got a feeling that Serge may be lying, or that what he was presenting wasn’t true.

No one would be able to lie for that long and have things not be found out – he has so many people close to him and able to observe all that he does, and this clearly shows there is nothing to be found out.

Emily Newman
Emily Newman

This, apart from his many amazing qualities and how much of my life has changed for the better since meeting Serge, is why I trust Serge Benhayon one hundred percent. Because, well really, there’s no-one else like him that I know of. In him I can feel someone who presents truth, not lies, in everything he does.

I trust what I feel, for truth can stand the test of time… and lies get found out in the end.

By Emily Newman, 20, Brisbane, QLD

Inspired by Ray Karam’s blog “Ex-Police Officer’s Life Turned around through Serge Benhayon: The Truth about the Lies of Esther Rockett & Lance Martin”

Emily Newman Emily Newman has a deep interest in people and psychology, she loves the beauty of nature.

You can follow Emily Newman on Twitter @emilynewman_

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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812 thoughts on “Lies can Never Last too Long

  1. I understand that choosing to lie is really no different to choosing to consume poison. Lies are pretty toxic, they can ruin lives, relationships, harbours distrust and causes great harm to everyone, especially the people involved. We can feel the poison lingering in our body as tension and the feeling is very sickly. I have also witnessed people being addicted to lies, no different to a drug.

  2. ‘I trust Serge Benhayon one hundred percent. Because, well really, there’s no-one else like him that I know of. In him I can feel someone who presents truth, not lies, in everything he does.’ There really is no one like him, to have a friend like Serge that you can trust in no matter what is the most incredible friend to have. Not because Serge will make you feel good or tell you what you want to hear because he doesn’t do that, time and again he simply responds with the truth of a situation and it is for us then to do what we choose with that truth.

  3. When we speak and live the truth our bodies feel lighter than the heaviness we carry if we are shouldering the burden of a lie.

  4. Thank you for sharing the background and how it played out. We all really need to be paying attention to this sort of bullying and manipulation by the media as has impacted on so many people. As a society are we Ok with this behaviour ? Is this really how we want to be treated by people who are supposed to be presenting news not making it up?

  5. All lies will be found out at the end and for all to feel the biggest lie we all lived by not living the love we are. Serge Benhayon is living this true all the way. The love is pouring out from his body, the light emanation is felt in my body in every word he speaks. As we are not ready for the whole truth we keep all different degrees of our lies. Nobody is lie proof free.

  6. As you have said Emily, lies cover up what is true. we all know what happens to the beautiful green grass if it is covered up by a box, it goes yellow because it has not been able to receive the light of the sun. Why would we do it? Just to save face and avoid attack? but if this is placed as more important than truth and evolution, the health of our race is lost.

  7. It is interesting that lies are somehow associated to protecting. Protecting the one that is lying from showing themselves in action. ‘Protecting’ those that are lied to (‘it is better that they do not know’). In truth, lies are part of the contract we have with creation. We do not want to disturb it. We do not want others to disturb it either. Yet, we are protecting a lie.

  8. Sometimes when I hear a lie it’s a bit like it flicks a switch that sends me into total battle mode – yet I know this is literally the worst way to deal with any situation! Instead of speaking the truth, holding steady and knowing that no lie can stick and that the truth cannot ever be truly tainted – which is a much better way to handle a situation when you are presented with a lie.

  9. This is such a gorgeous blog. ‘I trust what I feel, for truth can stand the test of time… and lies get found out in the end.’ I agree with Emily if anything was amiss with Serge Benhyaon we would all know about it because he has so many people around him. And what do the people who spend time with him, work with him and attend his presentations say? He is the most loving and inspiring man that they have ever met! If I tell a lie, it gets found out straight away, I don’t get away with anything. I’m tipping that if Serge Benhayon told a lie it would be exposed before he even finished telling the lie because he lives with that much integrity.

  10. Why is it considered to be a crime if someone lies in court but they are allowed to lie as much as they want in the newspaper and online?

    1. We all know that the newspapers and in particular the tabloids are full of lies and yet we still read and support them. By providing a market for these lies we are asking for and condoning them. The one receiving the lies and accepting them, is as much responsible for the lie as the ones putting them out there.

      1. Well said Nicola – those pumping out the lies are certainly responsible and so are all of us who feed this industry with every newspaper that we buy, every silence that we hold, which accepts the lies and shows an alignment with them – Instead of the silence it is about speaking up and not accepting this, and this can be through the simple act of not purchasing the newspaper that prints lies that we are aware of, about putting out an article to print that speaks the simple truths. Herein lies our role in feeding the lies or feeding the Truth.

  11. ‘I trust what I feel…’ One of the bedrocks of being able to discern between truth and fiction is our connection to our bodies – we can feel inside when something isn’t right. But dull that capacity with the wrong foods, overwork, checking out with alcohol or TV or gaming and so on and we’re disconnected and unaware… and vulnerable to lies and abuse.

  12. From Serge Benhayon I learned to trust on all what I feel. As before I always was doubting what I felt especially when people Told me that what I felt was not true.
    Now I feel like all my life very clear if something is not true But I just stay with what I feel in stead of doubting me.

  13. Lies are interesting…we can lie to ourselves, little lies or big lies, and we can live a life that is a lie. I know this sounds harsh, and I don’t mean it to be harsh, but the reality is that so long as we are not living our fullness of who we are with no holes barred, then essentially our life is a very watered down version of what life truly could be, which to me is a lie. The reality is that when we realise the lie we are living, it is only the beginning of making changes, for there is much to embrace and change in our every day before we can really be free of the lies. And yet every little thing that we can come back to that is true, builds more truth in our lives all of the time! For me too, encountering Serge Benhayon and Ageless Wisdom allowed me to feel more deeply those areas where I am not living in my fullness, and this is an ongoing process of learning, and learning to embrace the Truth. Thank God for Serge Benhayon, for I much prefer to be aware of the lies I have chosen and then make the choice to be free of them, than to be blind to this and not know the difference.

  14. It takes up so much energy and effort to keep up with a Lie. Trying to remember exactly what we said or did takes a great effort and confusion reigns ! We have a wonderful example of truth in Serge Benhayon and many have tried to tie lies to him without success.!

  15. I have just spent the day listening to Serge Benhayon once again sharing the deepest of wisdom without a hint of self or arrogance – just loving presentation. Those who truly know him, know he is the real deal – and I suspect that those who attempt to smear his name and his work also know he is the real deal but they choose to deny the fact to themselves and create a smoke screen that serves nothing but yet more lies.

  16. What stands out for me is that we can not be lying like obviously but can still be lying by not speaking up about things we do not agree with, staying silent in this way is a form of lying too.

  17. It’s so true Emily, we are innately honest and when we lie to ourselves or others it undermines our greatest strengths and natural affinity for truth completely.

  18. So true Emily! Lies in the end cannot lasts there is not substance to them at all and they have to keep on being circulated and propped up to have any ‘life’ at all. Whereas the true can never be obliterate. It just is.

  19. If we respect our body, it is impossible to lie. If we lie and disrespect our body, our body shows it and we have the choice to lie again or not. So lying is first and foremost a disrespect to ourselves, before it is harming anyone else, we have already harmed ourselves. I observe others especially children, their bodies always give it away when they want to lie, and usually it is obvious they cannot.

  20. I was just pondering on the fact that lies will eventually get exposed. I know for most of my life and even now I find myself living a lie compared to the true full divine being that I am. And even this one big lie gets exposed for everyone, far more often than we would want to admit.

  21. A lie is a lie is a lie. There are no grades of lies so a ‘little white lie’ is just as harming as a big fat whopper of a lie. It’s convenient isn’t it that we have a scale of lying which makes these so-called ‘little’ lies acceptable.

  22. The only way to make sure we do not accept lies in society is if we stop lying to ourselves and see life as it is rather than how we want it to be. Serge Benhayon’s book ‘The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth’ is a wonderful book that exposes the lie of creation that we have all bought into.

    1. This is very true, Elizabeth. If we want to stop the lies that we see around us we have to first stop lying to ourselves. The biggest lie we need to be honest about is how we buy into the lie of creation, which as you say is clearly exposed in A Treatise on Energetic Truth by Serge Benhayon.

  23. The truth will always prevail no matter what, it might be ridiculed by lies that attempt to keep it quiet but never the less the Truth will always stand strong, unwavering and unshakable with a foundation that is so solid not even the biggest lie will even come near it.

  24. We need to look at how we are conversing in every day situations, are we exaggerating to make a point or trying to impress ? Are we talking in a way that we want someone to like us or do something for us, are we trying to persuade someone to do something against their own judgement, are we judging another? If none of these utterances are from the truth of who we are then they too are lies. We can so clean up our own act and thus make the way clearer for everyone.

  25. Lies can never last too long because our bodies are great indicator’s of truth and wisdom and they let us know how they feel when a lie is expressed. A great blog that exposes the lies we can choose and the bodies reactions to them and how truth can show us so much depth and clarity that far outweighs the lies. Thank you Emily.

  26. To maintain a lie requires so much energy to ensure it is not discovered, which can never be done forever, while telling the truth requires none.

  27. Well said Emily. It requires an enormous amount of energy to maintain a lie, and indeed present one. Energy that takes its toll on our body and being, in ways deeper than I’m sure most of us could imagine.
    And so, those who promulgate such ridiculous lies about Serge Benhayon, are essentially harming themselves, and greatly so. Period.

  28. What you’ve shared here about the nature of a ‘lie’ is so important for us all Emily. A lie serves no-one, and is not only existent in something we may say – for indeed we may base a whole way of being upon a lie, we may choose a marriage based upon a lie, we may present to others that ‘all is rosey’ with us, based upon a lie…
    We do well to be attendant to the lies and also the honouring of truth that we ourselves are living, and be willing to read beyond the surface of all those around us.
    We feel the lies – yet how often do we actually respond, and offer a correction to them?

  29. I think majority of people don’t live by telling outright lies but they hold back from living the full truth that they are which then means that they are living a lie with themselves. When we don’t fully honour ourselves and how we are feeling- this is part of the lie too, when we hold back and don’t express in full- this is part of the lie, when we don’t express our full love for others- this too is part of living a lie.

  30. It is a fact that lies and truth can be felt. I can clearly feel them in my body, and I can feel them, because I also know how my body feels after saying a truth or a lie. There is an energy behind them that expands me or contracts me. It is as simple as that. The thing is that when I don’t feel them is because I want things to be in a way that suits me, not in the way they naturally are. Then, I mask the situation, I blind my eyes, I close my ears and in those moments accept a lie as a truth. Only when I’m honest, I come back to the clarity that is always available to me.

  31. I’ve found that if I am honest with myself I can feel when others are lying more easily. Im also less judging of others because I am understanding of the inner struggle that is accompanying the lie. We lie when we feel no connection to our natural and innate beauty and awesomeness because this really hurts to turn away from. So we lie to ourselves and this becomes our so called normal way to be. This doesn’t mean the lie is acceptable but it is understandable.

  32. Lies have absolutely no substance and no reality and people have to keep repeating and circulating them for them to last. The term lies covers a much larger area of our communication than is generally thought. Much of what we read in magazine and newspaper is heresy and not the truth and so comes under the category of lies. We must be responsible to not repeat things that are not absolutely and truly known to us.

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