Embracing Awkwardness

Do you ever have awkward moments with people, situations where you just want to run or hide – or do both? Awkward moments have been a common experience for me throughout my life.

I realised through talking with an Esoteric Practitioner about not knowing how to deal with awkwardness that my awkward moments are actually not the issue, but it’s how I respond in these moments.

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Learning to Play Again

When we were young, we had no trouble playing. We did it all the time. We did not even have a word for it – that was just how we lived. Life was play – we enjoyed every moment of it and we did not differentiate between one activity and another: it was just one joyful, spherical whole.

But then we went to school, to college, to university, to work… and somewhere along the way, some of us forgot how to play. We learnt to do things we called play, like playing sport, which often hurt, playing up, which ended up with a hangover and all sorts of other bad side-effects (or as I like to call them, effects!) and playing golf, which in some opinions, is just an expensive way to spoil a good walk. Continue reading “Learning to Play Again”

Is God Real?

All through my teenage and adult life I had two burning questions: who or what is God, and what is the purpose of our existence?

Yes, I also looked for love, comfort, fulfilment and any kind of satisfaction in my worldly life, with lots of distractions and often self-destructive activities and behaviours, but I always came back to those two most important questions of God and purpose. Continue reading “Is God Real?”

Surrendering to Being a Son of God

Have you ever seen a kid getting upset and throwing a tantrum? Have you seen how they ignore and defy and do exactly the opposite of what their parent said? When I was a child, that was me. I’d kick and scream and shout.

Famously, I once redecorated the interior of a museum foyer with the contents of my smarties packet, such was my fury at what I was being asked to do. Continue reading “Surrendering to Being a Son of God”

What a Man – Serge Benhayon

I have known Serge Benhayon for coming up to 5 years and what I have seen from his presentations, courses and the way he is with his family and the students of Universal Medicine, as well as the way he chooses to live his life, has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Here is a man who holds himself as a complete equal to each and every person he interacts with. This man is like no man I have ever met.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
He, Serge Benhayon, has a natural way of knowing how to support each person, whether individually or as a group, by expressing simple truths that stop you in your tracks. Continue reading “What a Man – Serge Benhayon”

There is no Right and Wrong in God

Judgment has been exposed to me recently as being a very ill and very ingrained condition we hold in our general way of thinking. In short, a moment stopped me in my tracks as I got to feel how evil it really is to judge another.

I realised making judgments places others into a box based on what they have done or said in relation to my own perceptions of what is right or wrong, as opposed to seeing them for who they really are. Continue reading “There is no Right and Wrong in God”