Surrendering to Being a Son of God

Have you ever seen a kid getting upset and throwing a tantrum? Have you seen how they ignore and defy and do exactly the opposite of what their parent said? When I was a child, that was me. I’d kick and scream and shout.

Famously, I once redecorated the interior of a museum foyer with the contents of my smarties packet, such was my fury at what I was being asked to do.

When we grow up and leave home there’s a sense that we say “At last now I can do things my way.” Stay up late? No problem. Do that essay? No thanks mate! Take the bins out? Not right now. As an adult our great dream seems to be all about being free from responsibility, even if it’s only temporary.

Yet everything about life is telling us this doesn’t work. Mortgages, kids, cars and houses, relationships, families and physical exercise, the responsibility list soon grows. So if we can’t avoid these essential tasks and they actually help support our life and health, what is it that makes us resist them so?

Through the presentations of Serge Benhayon I have come to understand that there are two distinct elements inside of every woman and man. There is a Spirit that recklessly does what it wants and willfully makes choices that make no practical sense. It indulges in games and anything where it gets its way and gains a momentary high. And you can be sure it will viciously fight anybody that will dare to point this out. But there is another part of us and that is the Soul. It’s  wise, and is patient most of all. It’s simple and straightforward, kind and gentle, but firm, strong and direct.

Today I can feel that every moment I am receiving impulses of how to be in life. Read that book, speak to that person, walk this way or that. Every choice flows from an impulse – but who comes up with that? The more I experience life, the more I can see that each impulse comes from either my Soul or Spirit.

So when my Soul offers what I am to do, do I listen and honour this to the hilt; do I follow it with grace and style and deliver it in full? Or do I say ‘not right now’ and find something else I think I might like to do? And isn’t that the rub, for if this impulse doesn’t come from my Soul, is it really me at all?

For a few years I’ve been doing Esoteric Yoga courses and hearing quite a bit about surrender. I’ve always had a picture of this being like being very relaxed – kind of floppy if you like! But what I see today is that true surrender is not restricted to a session or a workshop day but actually lives inside every moment of our life.

When I get the feeling to act lovingly and I listen, as I would to an ever-loving parent, this is surrender. When I feel to walk with joy and fun and flaunt it shamelessly, this is surrender. When I share what I am feeling is there to be said, without expectation, this is surrender. When I feel to give myself a loving hot bath and I do, this is surrender too.

Surrender is any moment I listen to, and honour in full, this communication inside of me.

At first it was hard to hear, I had ignored it for so many years. But after attending a few Esoteric Healing courses it became clear that these impulses were just there waiting for me to heed. The more I followed these impulses, the more my life and body started to feel clear.

But the Spirit does not like to give up its throne without a fight. And so it’s quite content to continue to suggest a relentless list of alternatives you might like. It will often use ‘loving things’, seemingly important jobs or tasks, to sabotage and distract from what is true to do. So it can seem like it is good and ticking boxes in life, but ultimately it’s still the reckless driver in charge of the body and its choices.

The greatest way I have found to discern the difference between Spirit and Soul is by the quality in my body. Whatever the Spirit does, however nice or good, it does it in a rush, a forceful, relentless, determined drive. This is so different to the even and consistent way the Soul tends to be. When I live this way, and do what is true, I get a lovely warm feeling in my body.

Writing this blog is a good example. I felt to do it, put it off and did my finances instead. But the feeling kept coming, so it was clear there was nothing else to do but get my phone out and get typing… so here we are.

So what if we do actually know exactly what we need to do in life? What if, like a constant ever-loving parent, our Soul is constantly communicating to us the perfect, loving thing to do?

If this was the case, and it is, then doesn’t that explain how awfully tired so many of us are? For we have to work pretty hard to override and ignore these natural impulses in life.

What would our life be like if we surrendered to the fact that there really is no ‘me’ at all, but just two qualities of energy coming through our body? What if we surrendered to the fact that although our physical frame had to cop the consequences, that all those choices, movements and plans we made, were actually not ours at all?

What will our day be like if we surrender to what our Soul communicates to us?

With appreciation for Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Healing practitioners and students, and everyone I meet every day – who teach me constantly about the Soul’s living way.

By Joseph Barker, Web Designer, Writer and Doodler, Melbourne, Australia

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676 thoughts on “Surrendering to Being a Son of God

  1. Surrender comes with discernment. We clearly feel in our body what is needed, what is loving, what is supportive. Then we are able to choose this or not… and yes, when we choose surrender, this always brings the expansion of Love in our life.

  2. Joseph, I am deeply grateful for the fact that you chose to listen to your soul and write this blog. A touching account of how we are essentially masters of energy, knowing exactly what we are doing all of the time, and it is always just a choice that we each have to express from one source or the other.

  3. Thank you Joseph, you have a lovely way of sharing through your writing. I appreciated your words on surrender and the simplicity of listening to the loving impulses of the soul.

  4. We have a choice in each moment of which consciousness we will align to – and that choice of consciousness then provides the momentum for the next moment and choice and so on and so forth. It is not until we make that all-important choice and change the energy that is coming through us that we exercise what is otherwise wrongly termed free will.

  5. This is a beautiful offer to take surrender by its true meaning and get a feel for what this means in our daily life.

    1. True Esther for if we cannot feel and appreciate such words as surrender in tangible practical terms we will be unable to bring them alive in our day to day life.

  6. To “surrender to being a Son of God” must surely be the most loving thing we can do for ourselves, From this point we are then able to see ourselves as truly worthwhile and valuable and no need for the searching to find who we are that many of us do everyday. Thank you Joseph for a great blog.

  7. The word surrender is often used like it is a giving up in the bad sense, or a giving in but I think you nailed it by showing how actually that word – surrender – can be in truth about us surrendering to what we are being impulsed to do or express from our Soul, and with that is deeply empowering.

  8. You are so right Joseph. There is a tension when we ignore that pull to connect to our soul. But we do have to accept there is a difference between our spirit and our soul and you have illustrated how they feel so different from our bodies. This is the experiment we all need to take away with us. This is about our bodies and how things feel for us. Are we dedicated enough to ourselves to take the time to stop and feel and then have a fresh choice?

  9. What makes us resist responsibility and get so spirited about it? That is a great question Joseph for there is so much more than meets the eye going on in our lives – and when we wake up to this fact we begin to understand what is actually at play.

  10. Surrendering to the fact that there are two energies we choose from is life changing. Living surrendered to this awareness offers the next truth for us to choose. The less thinking about it the deeper the surrender.

  11. ‘The greatest way I have found to discern the difference between Spirit and Soul is by the quality in my body’.
    This is super supportive and a great tool to feel and be aware of which energy we are choosing in any given moment. I clock so much more quicker when my movements have become rushed because I am caught in a time issue – usually believing I do not have enough time….so I stop and change my movements that are unrushed and feel more gentle in my body.

  12. “Surrender is any moment I listen to, and honour in full, this communication inside of me.” Reading these beautiful words I could feel a light being shone on the darkest corners of my being and my whole body breathed a very deep and freeing breathe. How the body loves it when we stop, listen and honour its wisdom.

  13. Reading what you share Joseph I can feel the surrender in my body, surrendering to the truth and wisdom of returning to how my body feels. It’s amazing to feel reading your lived examples offer me the same choice by reflection. Thank you for the healing.

  14. This is brilliant and exactly what I needed to read today. I watched a baby throw a tantrum recently. In the course of the tantrum she hit her head and hurt herself on purpose to show her anger at being asked to be responsible. When we resist love we hurt ourselves and we don’t get away with anything at all. Instead we delay the inevitable and need to spend more time healing the damage we do.

    1. We do hurt ourselves by resisting love and we also hurt everyone, we all hurt at some level when love isn’t the foundation of our actions, it can be big or little but it still stings.
      The fact that we can take this hurt and intensify it by adding a physical hurt is quite something and worth deep consideration. I might not intentional bang my head, but what if I do it when I’m not fully with myself? There are so many ways I can feel little hurts creep in to moments so I can avoid and delay my true responsibility as a son of God – now that hurts! Great to feel and surrender back to my body and simply feel the loving connection to God and then move from there, simple.

  15. I really appreciate that you went with your impulse to write this blog and were not further distracted!! It has supported me to be more aware of the two energies and how they work, how they impulse me. There is no question the output is different so well worth continuing to study. Surrendering to love is one of the most powerful things I have been learning and I can see it will be ongoing and forever deepening.

  16. I had always believed that surrendering meant to give up, give your power away. But I have discovered that this could not be further from the truth. Surrendering for me now means to simply be all that you are, to let go of all that is not who you are in essence so that our Soulfullness is freely to the best of our ability. And the beautiful thing is that there is no end to the expanse of our Soul and so every day we are offered again and again to be and live more of who we truly are, a divine spark of God no less.

  17. I agree Joseph the Esoteric Yoga is a beautiful support that allows the space for us to truly surrender and to feel a deeper connection to our Soul. The choice to align to my Soul is a choice that simplifies life and I am part of a flow that beautifully supports me versus choosing to be in my spirit where I am controlling and disconnect from this pure source and my body and then life becomes more driven and a whole lot harder.

  18. What if there is no me, but energies to choose from … and we are constantly impulsed. When we consider this and actually live this, it really knocks out the personal and makes it about a choice we all have always, to choose our soul, the love we are or to choose our spirit, the distractions and dare I say it tantrums we can have and be. This is always playing out, our spirit and our soul there ready and waiting and it is all about what energy we choose love or not. We can surrender at any moment and in any place to the love we are, nothing special needed, just the willingness to choose this.

    1. So true, we can surrender to ourselves at any point yet we resist! How crazy is that?! I spent so long resisting only to find myself exhausted and that what I had been resisting was myself and the least imposing and energy-sucking way of life – go figure!!! I life lived with a dedication to the love I am from.

  19. Discovering surrender isn’t a dis-empowered thought or body but a body and mind in union without tension is such a gift. The more I play with it and choose to feel what a topic or situation is like in my body the more I can choose to hang on or re-choose the thoughts. If thoughts aren’t offering appreciation and or confirmation in that moment then choosing again supports a surrender back to connection to soul.

  20. Life is actually so easy if we just allow ourselves to follow that inner impulse from our Soul and is very honouring to the whole of our being. So why have we chosen to give that importance to the spirit instead, that is recklessly abusing our bodies to get its pleasures and excitements in life. To me it is because I have chosen to accept the experiment of living this physical life my spirit has proposed to me and because of that act I have entered into a contract that I have obligations with until that time that I choose to connect to my Soul again and free myself from these agreements and start to live the life of the Son of God on Earth once again.

  21. So beautiful what you have shared Joseph on surrender. When we come to an understanding of the truth about the two energies that run our bodies, be it Soul or spirit, we have a choice which impulse to say yes to. When we listen to and honour the impulses of the inner heart, we then are in true surrender.

  22. Hi Joseph, you have so beautifully exposed the ‘Self’ that so often gets in the way of us living in our fullness, holding a body that allows the soul to flow through, to be and bring the love the world so desperately needs. Your comment – ‘What will our day be like if we surrender to what our Soul communicates to us?’ If I was to approach each day as a vehicle, which is here solely to surrender to the soul and live this – wow. Every day we make choices and this is clearly one of the most loving we can make today.

  23. Learning to discern where our impulses come from, soul or spirit, is fundamental understand the quality of our movements and choices. Sometimes there is a strong impulse to go one way and it may seem irrational but if we go with it ‘not knowing’ and simply trusting, it can lead to incredible and often unexpected insights, meetings and even deepening relationships. When this happens we feel the magic of God at work.

  24. Why are we doing things, who are we listening to, what is driving our actions? If there is an energy that determines our actions then do we make that the divine spark we can all feel inside, or is it being driven by the outside world, by what we ought to do, what everyone else thinks we should do?

  25. Why have we made our life like this – that we tend to not live what we actually know so well but instead choose a life of creation that not only keeps us from who we truly are, it also builds up a tension in our bodies and when we make it bigger, in our societies at times needs a relief, we see in any outburst of cruelty and havoc? The choice is in fact so simple and equally accessible for each and everyone of us.

  26. I have contemplating this more and more – ‘What would our life be like if we surrendered to the fact that there really is no ‘me’ at all, but just two qualities of energy coming through our body?’ When things got a bit heated today I went for a walk. It was clear I could continue to let the disturbance continue running through me by thinking about it and adding to it, or I could come back to my gentle grace, my capacity to let people and situations just be and say what is needed and no more or less. The energy that runs my spirit would like me to force a situation or attempt solutions and frustrations. I could accept people’s choices and let all the rights and wrongs dissolve in the simplicity of living the fact that life is simply a choice between two energies.

  27. Cracker blog and with the three ‘s’ in tow, Soul, Spirit and Surrender. We often look at surrender as waving the white flag, giving up or giving over and this in part is exactly what it is. How do we surrender and are there different levels? The blog explains it very well and as things come up for us to face it’s not about running them over and over in our thoughts to try and make them look better or just make them better. It’s about allowing our bodies to settle and not running them around with thoughts or actions. This settled feeling is a surrender and so as soon as you can and as consistently as you are aware allow your body to settle, allow it to surrender to what you are feeling. Again it’s not to work it out, get on top of it, feel better but an allowing of your body space to truly breath and then in the next step the process could be the same. The only difference is that you have surrendered the best you could and now with the awareness of what has just been felt you are unlocking, unfolding or walking to the next part. Life isn’t just about living or functioning, there is a clear purpose to what we are here doing and these three ‘s’ are a huge part of it.

  28. Surrendering to the truth of what we feel in our inner-heart is to start the connection to the loving energy of the Soul.

  29. I love the true meaning of ‘surrender’ as you have shared here Joseph. I am learning to do this more and more. It is a choice in every moment to choose surrender and live more lovingly.

  30. I am finally becoming able to feel the difference between the ‘voice’ of my spirit and the ‘voice’ of my soul, and it’s definitely my soul’s voice that I choose to listen to these days. Unfortunately my spirit is a trickster and certainly never looking after my interests but its own selfish ones, leading me astray at every opportunity, whereas my soul simply offers me a way of living that surpasses anything I have known in this life, and leaves the choice to accept it or not, to me.

    1. Isn’t it extraordinary that there is something working through us that does not have our best interests at heart, and that it is happy to encourage us to eat, move and live in a way that wears the body out???? Crazy, we have to get to know the difference!

  31. “What will our day be like if we surrender to what our soul communicates to us?” A great question Joseph. Stopping and deeply listening to what our soul has to offer is so inspiring. Yet I know I can go about keeping busy in my day and not stopping to be in stillness, which is where the soul offers me gold. Always my choice. Beautiful to re-read your post Joseph.

  32. ‘What would our life be like if we surrendered to the fact that there really is no ‘me’ at all, but just two qualities of energy coming through our body?’ This is a great point Joseph and one we all could do with clearly understanding. It should be one of the first things we learn as a child, and here we are as more mature learners trying to get our heads around a basic principle. The struggle is because we do not want to let go of the thought of ‘me’. Instead we rebel and insist there has to be a me and it’s all about me. But what are we rebelling about? The responsibility that comes with understanding there is no me, only two sources of energy. Ha! And here is the arrogance of ‘me’ which avoids the responsibility of what is needed when two sources of energy are at play.

  33. This is the clearest writing I have read when it comes to talking about surrender, and this sentence is Gold
    “Surrender is any moment I listen to, and honour in full, this communication inside of me.”
    It has stopped me in my tracks and deepened my own communication with my soul.
    Thank you Joseph.

  34. A great blog Joseph highlighting that it is in every moment we have the choice to surrender to the inner wisdom in our body, the warmth in connection with our soul and move from this quality in everything we do.

  35. Joseph, thank you for highlighting the difference between the spirit and the soul and how important it is for us as we go through life to discern, from our bodies, whether we are surrendering to our spirit or the soul. I know when I am surrendered to my spirit life is all about me, but when I am surrendered to my soul life is about what is best for everyone, me included.

  36. Beautifully said Joseph, one of your many gems in this piece that stood out for me today ‘The greatest way I have found to discern the difference between Spirit and Soul is by the quality in my body.’ Thank you for this simple yet powerful reminder to always listen to the wisdom we are receiving from our bodies.

  37. ‘But what I see today is that true surrender is not restricted to a session or a workshop day but actually lives inside every moment of our life.’ And when I surrender and listen to what my body has to tell me, it feels natural, there is an ease in which I do what I have to do, there is purpose without questioning and there is an appreciation from inside that makes me smile on the outside.

  38. Reading this again it has resonated in a completely new, and feels, at a far deeper level. My spirit has been very strong and willful and although knowing that ‘surrendering’ is the ‘answer’ it is a challenge – not knowing quite what in reality that actually means. However, reading “Surrender is any moment I listen to, and honour in full, this communication inside of me”, I realise that when I get a feeling to do something but ignore it to do what I ‘think’ is best, then that is when I am being communicated with and being given an opportunity to surrender. I had not previously thought about it in that way and it feels like a door has been opened through which to enter into surrendering.

  39. Surrender is indeed the opposite to giving up or withdrawing. Surrender is a return to everything we are and always have been. I have discovered that surrender is in fact a strength.

  40. “The more I experience life, the more I can see that each impulse comes from either my Soul or Spirit”; given this Joseph it is incumbent on us to discern a true loving impulse from the soul or an impulse from the spirit which keeps us away from our true wise and harmonious selves. As you have pointed out listening to our bodies is the key to responding to our soul’s impulses.

  41. What would our day, our life be like if we truly lived in surrender to our soul?…’So what if we do actually know exactly what we need to do in life? What if, like a constant ever-loving parent, our Soul is constantly communicating to us the perfect, loving thing to do?’

  42. Surrender is an interesting word isn’t it …( Especially if you have a military background ) and yet here is being revealed a whole different world… Where you don’t surrender to anything external, where surrendering is simply a letting go to what is within, and where surrendering is actually empowering… What an extraordinarily different paradigm

    1. Yes, I definitely had a picture of it being a sign of giving up to an external power, how funny, I am sure that is why I resisted the word for so long. The surrender here is so clearly internal, not to another persons instructions or will but to an internal connection with love, heaven, with our soul. Just yum.

  43. Impulses from the soul are always there waiting for us to say ‘yes’ to. It is up to us and the quality in which we are choosing to live in and by that determines if we are ready to hear our souls communication.

  44. Your question Joseph ‘if this impulse doesn’t come from my Soul, is it really me at all?’ stopped me, as I’ve often been loathe to surrender or had an idea of what surrender should be, the floppy version you describe is one I know too. But true surrender, to hear, and honour those inner impulses which come from our soul – that is different. And of course my mind jumps in here and asks do I know what this is, and your blog describes it beautifully, I know based on how and what I do feel in my body. Often when I follow those impulses which are from my spirit I wreck my body and feel tired and strung out after, but following those soulful impulses there is a steadiness there, and not a drive, but a commitment and one that does not take the body away from it’s connection to the innate stillness it carries.

    1. It is interesting to see the two distinct outcomes from choices made surrendering to what the soul has impulsed and to what the spirit has impulsed! There are clearly two energies and building a relationship and a familiarity with both is incredibly important and empowering.

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