Elvis, Me, and All of Us

Recently, when browsing at a local bookshop, I purchased the “Little Book of Elvis in the Movies,” a book covering Elvis Presley’s very successful career in films. This led me on an investigative mission to try and understand the legend, the man, and finally, in his last quarter, you could say the tortured soul, who died in such a poor way, in total contrast to the charismatic, handsome, energetic, beautiful man that was seen and witnessed in his many years of movies and public performances. He was not named ‘The King’ without reason, and he definitely changed the shape of music with his cool dance moves on stage. “A white man that could sing and dance like a black man,” as quoted by media at the time.

So what leads Elvis, or any of us for that matter, to a path of disregard, self-abuse and into a place of no return?

We have seen so many successful stars not able to handle their light and power, and then make choices that eventually lead to their demise. The most obvious choices often relate to substance abuse through drugs, alcohol and food, but are they any different to many of us who rely on coffee to get through our day or who eat to hide, numb or bury our emptiness, sadness or unresolved hurts?

Are they any different to many of us who consider ourselves responsible providers, who drink at night to console, reward or numb ourselves after another long day at work providing for our family? Haven’t we all been there in some way or can relate to this?

Binge eating was something I started doing from a young age as a way of stopping myself from feeling. Feeling what, you may say? Feeling my sadness of not being met, feeling my fragility and tenderness as a boy, then as a man, in a world that left, or felt like it left, no space for this part of me, especially once I was corralled into the educational system. Not feeling safe to be myself, the sensitive soul, in case I was attacked. bullied or criticised at home or school. Feeling the tension of living in a world that didn’t feel right.

I remember as a child waking up and feeling so warm, full of me, yummy and safe in my warm bed and desperately wanting to be able to go everywhere in the safety of my bed. Then feeling the dread of having to leave this safe space to go out into the world and negotiate my way through the harshness, disconnection and loveless routines that were daily life. I was particularly sensitive to the way people acted and I could feel where people and l were at. This in turn caused me to harden and become quick and sharp with my tongue, to attack or be on the defensive so as to avoid attack. I also learned to not speak up, to keep my head down and calibrate what I said/did so as not to get the attention of judgment, jealousy or contempt.

Basically, I was always measuring what was safe to express. Therefore there was this lack of true expression or being able to show the real me that created tension in my body, to shut down and to calibrate myself to the situation, instead of being able to hold myself in joy and love in my body, regardless of what was happening out there.

So when it came to meal times, mainly at home where I could eat more (the little skinny dude), I would on purpose choose to overeat to the point of feeling stuffed or bloated. That way I wouldn’t feel any tension, or anything for that matter. Drugged and pacified, I would then proceed to go into comfort/relax mode. Before school, I would at times eat 6 -12 Weetbix to try and bloat or numb down tension or reaction. I also remember going to “all you can eat buffets” and just stuffing myself, and as an adult I would eat up to 7 plates of food. Pacified and numb, I would then have to lie down for hours with my body under load, trying to digest the gluttonous affair. It’s crazy looking back at what I did to not feel life.

As I became an adult, I then followed on with drugs and alcohol as a way to numb myself on a daily basis after a day of work in the world.

So why is it that, we as a society who have often loved so much the life and times of people like Elvis Presley, not to mention many other stars and individuals who have died due to suicide, don’t take heed and do a forensic study into what happened with them?

Why have they chosen to end their lives so prematurely in a way that is often in total contrast to what they, whether as stars or not, were portraying earlier on? It just doesn’t make sense, hence the need for all of us to dig deeper into why this is a regular occurrence with stars in particular, but also with everyday people. Saying “the person had depression,” is not a good enough reason to me because it says nothing and offers no insight into what may have been going on.

From what I have learnt from myself and, after slowly trying to go deeper, it is our hurts, or us in reaction to our hurts, that compounds the problem. The bits that we don’t want to look at, left unresolved, can then come back to bite us as manifested negative and self-harming behaviours.

The presentations and the healing courses from Universal Medicine, working with others in group work in a supported environment of like-minded people, not judging each other, have been very helpful for me in learning to understand that we are not our hurts and that it is a choice that we make to go into them, and then to act or live out our lives through our hurts. Most of us have been hurt and carry the scars from being abused – from the smallest incident to the most hideous cases like bashings, rape etc. And so the vast majority of us are all carrying hurts of some kind. The funny thing is, neither the world nor the people in it are perfect. Most of the time, most of us are acting out of our hurts so we then have the tendency to go around hurting each other without even being aware that we are doing it!

Now bring in our beliefs and ideals, our quality of connection to our selves/others and responsibility – the game changer that shows us that it is always a choice how we act toward another. I am learning that if another didn’t help to create a hurt we are carrying, why meet them or come at them carrying or wielding a hurt? This only creates more hurt and disharmony between us.

I feel blessed and have to pinch myself at times for choosing the journey back to love, to my innermost, and for making the choice to reconnect with the Ancient Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as, like Elvis, I could have easily chosen to go the other way many years ago.

I was at a serious crossroads, lonely and in my hurts from a relationship breakdown and in reaction, ready to re-invent myself, put on my old blue suede shoes for another round of the glamour and illusion of sex, drugs and rock and roll. This would have, no doubt, led to my demise or to a lesser, more lost version of myself as the outcome. This time around I chose a less glamorous, but far more fulfilling, healing journey – to come back to me. It started with Esoteric Healing sessions and reading the Esoteric Ancient Wisdom books (the ‘purple books’ by Serge Benhayon). They were like a life raft in a stormy sea.

Although far from perfect, my life became a wonderful unfoldment with always so much more to learn, as long as I stayed open and allowed myself to feel my way. So it is choice by choice, day by day that I am bringing myself back.

I am forever the student of my own livingness, which encompasses not only myself, but all people everywhere – including stars like Elvis.

Written in appreciation of what has been presented by life, by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the practitioners and Universal Medicine student body for all their evolving love and light.

By Greg, Australia

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538 thoughts on “Elvis, Me, and All of Us

  1. When one relies on and is recognised and appreciated only for one’s material accomplishments one eventually comes to realise that there is an emptiness, a hollowness to life which is never filled no matter how much recognition and wealth one gains. That emptiness is only fulfilled by love and appreciation of oneself for oneself and not for what one does.

  2. Your sharing makes me realise how choosing love would be the most direct, simplest answer to everything. We often choose to take a detour and indulge in hurt instead and call that life, but there is another way to live, not in illusion, but in truth.

  3. “Most of the time, most of us are acting out of our hurts so we then have the tendency to go around hurting each other without even being aware that we are doing it!” This is when we need to set a standard and solid foundation of decency and respect and resolve to never, ever drop below it no matter what.

  4. Elvis is good example to ponder on some important questions: what is the source behind our expansion? Is it our light? Do we expand alongside our light and in connection to it? Or do choose to disconnect from it at some point? That also brings to the question: what do we choose to see in someone (let’s say famous) and what do not want to see?

  5. For so many of us who were hellbent on a path of destruction and desolation the gratitude for meeting someone with enough love to mirror what is actually possible in this life is beyond words

  6. Listening to Elvis songs growing up used to keep me going. The messages were simple and made sense to me . Sadly the burden of life as he saw it was too much. It’s great Greg that you did not make that choice but chose healing ” healing journey ” and re-connected with the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It’s very significant what you share here Greg, about the way we use to numb ourselves to not feel and keep going in a world that doesn’t receive us for what we are. A continuous withdrawal that needs to be activated again and again, because our soul is always knocking the door for us to come back to our divine essence. Your experience is an example that shows it’s possible and worthy to walk this returning path. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. If we don’t allow our hurts to come up for us to feel then no healing can take place, it is in a willingness to be honest and take responsibility for all our choices that healing can take place so that more of who we naturally are can be lived.

  9. Embodying the fact, that I am not my hurts, is an unfolding path that I continue to walk. No matter how challenging I am determine to live my life holding this at the fore front.

  10. This blog exposes that even when we try to change the outside if we don’t deal with what is going on underneath then nothing truly changes.

  11. I agree Greg, reacting to our hurts only compounds the problem of living lovelessly. Understanding that we are not our hurts and that we have a choice to react or not is very freeing and through learning to observe and build our awareness we are able to let go of the beliefs that we take on that affect us and prevent us from building a true and loving relationship with ourselves.

  12. Thank you for this blog, what strikes very strongly in what you say is that we hold others to account for hurts they have not caused us, so we walk around with this giant chip on our shoulders about how people have hurt us, and because of those who have hurt us we keep everyone away … crazy really and yet many of us do this in some form or other. I can feel the responsibility we all carry to address our hurts and not tar the world and those in it , otherwise we just continue and perpetuate the cycle of hurt.

  13. It struck me reading your experiences of growing up about how sensitive we all are and how little this world is set up for people to express this sensitivity.

  14. Thank you Greg! I agree that there is much in your sharing .I would say that without having met with Serge Benhayon and listened to his presentations of The Ageless Wisdom I would be looking for that elusive something that was missing in my Life.

  15. Greg, you ask some really important questions. It seems that when a star commits suicide or gets heavily into drugs, alcohol and self-abuse that we just kind of accept it as part of life and something that happens rather than delving deeper. It is important for us to ask these questions, why? and to consider how society is operating – there is so much self-abuse; so many people not living to their full potential; so much hurt. It’s great that you have started this discussion.

  16. We are all the same, we may have different issues to deal with, but deep down we are all yearning to be loved and love.

  17. It is amazing how many ways we can numb and dull the natural light that shines within us so as not to be, and live our gloriousness. When the willingness is there to be honest and truly feel and deal with the why’s of our behaviours the discarding begins.

  18. If we do ask the deeper questions about ourselves and our behaviours there comes a time where we see it is our responsibility to do so. The ripple effect of our choices affects the whole of us.

  19. I can relate to being skinny but able to eat like a horse when I was younger to quell the awareness of the tension of reacting to my feelings. But phrases such as ‘clean your plate’ ‘growing boys need food’ ‘having a large appetite is a good thing’ ‘your lucky you can eat whatever and stay skinny’ all get me wondering that under these notions we don’t see the stress and tension the person is experiencing. For years I used this as a cry for help that went unnoticed until I started to stop and feel my own inner tension and with self-love feel my feelings. In this the intense binging has become less and less.

  20. There is so much in your blog Greg, so much that unpeels layers and patterns of behaviour that are clearly dysfunctional and self-abusive. “I am learning that if another didn’t help to create a hurt we are carrying, why meet them or come at them carrying or wielding a hurt?” That hurts both them and us and never addresses the cause.

  21. There is no greater medicine to healing the unresolved hurts and to commit to life in full than the Esoteric Healing Modalities and The Way of The Livingness.

  22. When we live a measured life and we calibrate to the imperfect world around us and not to our potential the whole world misses out – for our potential is and will always be way beyond measure.

  23. The idolisation of people like Elvis, Prince and the many other famous and hugely ‘successful’ people in the world who have come to a sad end has been a really powerful reflection for us all which the vast majority have chosen to turn away from. If we did examine and read what happened in their lives that led them to make the devastating choices they did, we would as you say Greg realise we are doing the same ourselves in order not to feel our hurts,

  24. Understanding that I am not my hurts, emotions, or wayward patterns was so freeing as it allowed me to become an observer of what was hindering me from living who I truly am….the son of God.

  25. Feeling the tension living in a world that does not feel right causes so any hurts, that harm and debilitate us in so many different ways. However we do have a choice to observe the ills of the world and not to absorb them; challenging as this might be at times. What you have expressed here Greg is the key and is simple and inspirational;
    “So it is choice by choice, day by day that I am bringing myself back.”

  26. It is like you share how important it is to look at why and how people end up so far from their initial beginnings. When we look at and feel a new born infant the absolute love that they are stops us all in our tracks. Yet it is not long after that, may be a few years, that a sense of absoluteness of expressing love in full is not so absolute. What we do to survive really is a bad choice as it never protects us in the way we believe it will, rather it hides and dulls down the love we are. What is presented by Serge Benhayon is that love never is reduced and can be reconnected to. Beautiful.

  27. Until I encountered Universal Medicine I had no idea that I was holding the entire world to ransom because of the hurts I was not letting go. There’s so many things we can numb ourselves with we don’t realise how much we are actually withdrawing from life. I thought I had worked out a way to manage life, but really it was just that – managing – I had figured out what/who to avoid and only hang out where my reaction would be tolerated. Learning to come back to myself to be me in full in the world has been an amazing journey and I too pinch myself sometimes for having discovered Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

    1. “I had figured out what/who to avoid and only hang out where my reaction would be tolerated.” Ain’t that the truth Fumiyo! – we are masters at calculation and avoidance so we can stay in the comfort and control of being around people and in situations where we don’t push any buttons. It’s a stagnant and retarding place to live.

  28. ‘Although far from perfect, my life became a wonderful unfoldment with always so much more to learn, as long as I stayed open and allowed myself to feel my way. So it is choice by choice, day by day that I am bringing myself back’. And our earth school is a wonderful playground to ‘feel our way’, back to our true essence.

  29. No matter who we are, we face many choices in life, to bury the pain we feel from our past hurts, or to openly accept them within and live free of what often binds us to making choices to numb and distract ourselves, from drugs, alcohol, coffee, or anything that takes us away from our own connection. I have found that every single moment is a choice to expand or contract, and the choice is always ours.

  30. I think it is a loving and honest thing to ‘dig-deeper’ and be willing to take a closer look at what is going on energetically in our own lives and those of celebrities and anyone we know to bring greater understanding (not judgement) to the choices we make and with that be more aware of the choices we are making all the time..

  31. I can relate to living a measured life not realising the true impact holding back had on my body and everyone I came into contact with. Not wanting to feel all the hurts drives us to accept a level of disregard and abuse of ourselves that sets us on a downward spiral completely lost from knowing our true selves. Thankfully through listening to the Ageless Wisdom teachings through Serge Benhayon I was able to reconnect back to feeling my body and to learn to respect and value my true worth.

  32. This is such a beautiful and honest sharing Greg and how we can either choose to let our hurts control us and lead us further away from love or choose to let our hurts go and walk through life willing to embrace love and truth that is on offer. It has been a blessing meeting Serge Benhayon who has been a true inspiration and support for thousands of people to make this loving choice and to re-connect back to our true essence.

  33. It is a huge thing to appreciate all that has been given by Universal Medicine. But just in this one journey, where we can see the turn-around of someone’s life, it is clear that what Universal Medicine offers, is profoundly important and relevant for everyday life.

  34. Lovely sharing Greg, it touched my heart. I too have been at crossroads, and remember standing in one uber-hip bar in my late thirties, trying to have a conversation with a friend of mine. I then needed these glamorous surroundings to get stimulated and feeling that my life was great, and I was doing great. In fact, I was not. That moment the question came up: what are you doing here? In hindsight, it felt like a soul’s question. I want to connect to this friend, but because of this bar surroundings, I cannot even hear what he is saying. At that moment I stopped going out go to glamorous bars, clubs and places like that. A little baby step to start living a true life, a path I was looking for and now found as The Way of The Livingness, an ancient path, lived and presented by all the big masters of history, and in this era, presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  35. Thank you Greg for such an honest sharing of your journey back to your own love “choice by choice and day by day”

  36. I have found that the greatest gift we have is to use our power of choice. It is in this choice that we can either look at our lives, past hurts and issues and discover why we may act or move in a certain way that is no longer serving us and making us unhappy. When we are able to see why we do things at certain times in our lives then we can begin to move through them to come to a greater understanding of who we are and the many opportunities of love and learning available to us. Thank you Greg for sharing.

  37. “So it is choice by choice, day by day that I am bringing myself back.” So true Greg; choice by choice bringing myself back to love.

  38. thank you Greg , for being so honest with us.. and truly observe the path you have now chosen and the previous path that would have possibly made you so unhappy and who knows would have let to thinking about suicide too. I am so glad we can just share honestly about this subject and actually be honest about how we have behaved in life, what we have been withdrawn from that has us now brought into the possitions of facing terrible deaths and traggic, lonely and separtive ways of living. Even with glamour or illusion – they are just a portray!

  39. Appreciating that we are not our hurts enables one to ‘observe them’ rather than trying to understand them ‘from within’ and so gain an objective perspective of their causes. By doing so one can disentangle oneself from the emotions, identify the cause of the hurt and learn the lesson from it, as you share Greg. This is true healing, which is liberating and empowering.

  40. This is a very cool blog Greg, you ask some great questions. I laughed when you talked about the crossroads, the choice to glamorously drown your sorrows or face your demons and truly heal. I am having a moment this week where I have been quite enticed by the glamor of my blue suede shoes, I haven’t put them on or anything but have been thinking how much easier things would be if I didn’t have so much responsibility all the time. This allure is what leads us down the rabbit hole, it has been a long time since I have been drawn in this way to burry my issues but I came to this blog for a reason, to remind me of what happens, if you choose light or darkness. Not to say one is good or bad, it’s just that every action or move we make, does in fact have a counter and therefore lack of responsibility does not mean things stop affecting other things, it just feels that way because your eyes are too foggy to see the damage.

  41. Something I learned about celebrities today is that we often see them for their roles and successes, but rarely do we see the real them behind the scenes, and they may be different to what we see in the media.

    1. And this is important as understanding why talented celebrities go down the road of drug and alcohol abuse allows us to gain insight to how to prevent others doing the same thing.

  42. Great stuff, Greg. A majority of the world doesn’t want to go where you go and ask/answer the underlying questions about how people like Elvis ended up the way they did. You shed light on the situation and this is felt as you are living in a way that makes it possible to understand. Thanks for taking us, the reader, there to a place of greater understanding.

    1. It is very true that the majority of people do not ‘want to go where you go’ and it is because of this the world is in the mess it is.

  43. Until I embraced the work presented by Universal Medicine, I was in complete denial of tension I had been living in, too busy living in reaction, burying old hurts with new hurts, and what I refused to accept the most was the fact that I was actually love. I am eternally grateful for what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present.

  44. It is very empowering to know that our hurts are not us and even more empowering when we learn to let them go and to feel the expansion and lightness in our bodies when we make this loving choice.

  45. “And so the vast majority of us are all carrying hurts of some kind”…. since coming to the work of Universal Medicine I have realised how many hurts I have been carrying and doing some of the healing courses, I can see that many others have too. So I am pretty confident that your statement here is quite accurate. But before coming to Universal Medicine, I dont think I would have been able to ‘own up’ to that statement. I think I felt too owned by the hurts and I had buried too many of them to admit to having them and that many of us do as well.

    But we do and they are vastly effecting the world and how we are living today. We just need to pick one person – as you have here today with Elvis – and look closely at their lives to see that there are hurts playing out. We can also pick ourselves too. The key to seeing them, which I loved discovering at these courses, is that they are not us. We have taken them on so they get in us but they are not us. We can let them go with some love, insight and willingness.

    1. Well said Sarah.It interesting how we can bury our hurts so deeply that we dont even realise that we have them.Its a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion ,once we start to begin the journey back to being more gentle and sensitive or able to feel more ,we can be open to heal old hurts ,that like you say we have taken on and stored in our bodies and minds.

    2. Hi Sarah, Well said.
      It interesting how we can bury our hurts so deeply that we don’t even realise that we have them. It’s a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion, once we start to begin the journey back to being more gentle and sensitive or able to feel more, we can be open to healing old hurts, that like you say, we have taken on and stored in our bodies and minds.

  46. Such an inspirational story Greg; thank you for sharing your experiences and your wisdom. I so appreciate and admire the choices you have made to transform your life; like you I am a forever student of my own livingness and the Ageless Wisdom teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon.

  47. I can relate to this, I think I lived most of my life with food in my mouth to attempt to appease the uncomfortableness and anxiousness I had with life.

  48. There is so much about life that gives us all opportunities to learn more about ourselves and each other and how our choices can evolve us to a greater understanding and appreciation or separate us further.

    1. I agree Linda and have found the greatest opportunities to learn come from those moments where we feel hurt. Those are the raw moments to just pay attention to what we do with that hurt – do we lash out, run away, eat, smoke, drink? We may not be able to change the situation but bringing an awareness to what we do in those situations changes the situation without a direct focus because we are more aware of our part in it.

  49. It is important to understand why people behave as they do, ‘So what leads Elvis, or any of us for that matter, to a path of disregard, self-abuse and into a place of no return?’ I am sure we could learn a lot by examining peoples’ lives and choices.

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