The Truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

Less than 3 years ago I was on the verge of exhaustion, living a life I thought was normal – working hard, training often and playing hard too. Like many people I knew I had poor relationships, chatted with friends about sport or other irrelevant topics, “enjoyed” a glass of red wine or two each evening to help me sleep, watched TV and films, surfed the internet aimlessly and basically filled up my days and evenings. I never even asked myself why I lived that way or what the purpose of my living was. Continue reading “The Truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon”

What is True Religion?

One day after hitting absolute rock bottom, I shouted from my veranda, “God there has to be more, surely this can’t be it?”

I had never considered myself to be a religious person, so when the word God came out of my mouth, I must say I was a wee bit surprised, to say the least.  But at the same time, it felt like it was a true relationship with God that had been missing all this time, and that for my life to change, I needed to look at the possibility that there was a God.

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Middle England

In 1966 I was born into what is commonly known as ‘Middle England’. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is not a geographical location; Middle England is used to describe a particular class of people in England. People in ‘Middle England’ are characterised by the fact that they are neither rich nor poor, they are what is known as ‘comfortably off’. In fact, not only are they ‘comfortably off’ but they are ‘comfortably everything’. Comfort is a defining factor in nearly every aspect of life in ‘Middle England’. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but I shall talk about what makes up life for the majority of the people in Middle England, for I am one of them.

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Spirit or Soul

I have been exploring recently what it is like to feel me, the true me, my connection to Soul. The aspect in me that brings me back to how I felt as a child – open, free and extremely play-full, while in complete harmony and respect for everyone and everything else at the same time. When I am living from my connection with Soul, I feel my connection with God and my absolute joy of just being me!

It occurred to me that I have not always lived this way throughout my life; that I have often lived the contrasting opposite to this otherwise natural way of being. It has become far more obvious to me each day that there are actually two versions of me that I have at my will to choose to be at any given moment, on any given day, and each gives me a very, very different way of living and approaching life.

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Universal Medicine – a Documentation of True Change. No Fire Walk Required!

“A first degree burn we call a kiss” was the answer from a spokesperson from a recent Tony Robbins motivational seminar, after the event reached the news due to the severe burns on people’s feet after a ‘motivational fire walk’ that is advertised to supposedly change people’s lives forever.

People are desperate to engineer changes to their lives as the constant pursuit of happiness has left many stuck in a life without a deeper purpose, and yet others are left struggling to achieve the very same futile purpose they started out to achieve – that albeit when reached – soon fades into purposelessness. Continue reading “Universal Medicine – a Documentation of True Change. No Fire Walk Required!”

Autumn – Nature’s Teacher

As I was walking in our local park recently I could not help but see the huge piles of leaves on the ground – the true expression of Autumn.

I noticed the variety of colours and how some leaves were comprised of different colours. The leaves were all different shapes as they had fallen from different trees.

The leaves had many different patterns etched onto them which formed from the different colours, shapes and textures. Continue reading “Autumn – Nature’s Teacher”