Autumn – Nature’s Teacher

As I was walking in our local park recently I could not help but see the huge piles of leaves on the ground – the true expression of Autumn.

I noticed the variety of colours and how some leaves were comprised of different colours. The leaves were all different shapes as they had fallen from different trees.

The leaves had many different patterns etched onto them which formed from the different colours, shapes and textures.

Some leaves looked quite old while others looked freshly fallen. No matter the shape, colour, pattern or age, they all landed on the ground and formed this amazing magical carpet of colour.

You may be thinking – why is this relevant?

I know and feel the reflections of nature often in many parts of my life and know that nature is there to support and confirm me, so I wondered what this pile of leaves could be confirming for me at this moment. The answer was not long in coming…

  • The colours represent the many different ethnicities in the world and how they offer a different perspective on how to live, which may be evident in the food they eat, how they dress, and the traditions that they follow.
  • The shapes represent all the physical differences in our bodies with no shape being more superior than another. Every body carries its own beauty which comes from our innermost and is reflected out for others to feel.
  • The different patterns are our lifestyles which are the result of the choices we make in how we live our lives.
  • The different-aged leaves carry their own individual beauty and wisdom. The younger leaves reminded me of the innocence, the potential and the enthusiasm of youth with their bright fresh colours. Although the older leaves looked wrinkled and were crackly, their prominence in the leaf pile showed the dignity and grace of ageing before they returned to the land on their never-ending cycle of life.

However, it was the entire constellation of the pile of leaves lying on the ground on the same level which held the greatest joy for me, as I realised that it represented just how equal we really are regardless of our colour, shape, pattern of living or our age. The pile of leaves represents brotherhood on earth and this is only possible if we truly accept our differences and understand that although we come from different trees of life, we are all on the same journey, albeit at different stages, as we fully reconnect back to soul.

It is through the presentations and writings of Serge Benhayon that I understand that nature is reflecting truth to humanity constantly, and these reflections help us to understand how we are truly living on earth.

by Anne Hishon, Registered Nurse, partner to Peter and mother to Joshua and Ben.

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565 thoughts on “Autumn – Nature’s Teacher

  1. Autumn was a season I didn’t use to like except the flamboyant colours. Isn’t it interesting that it is a time to go inwards, the weather changes, it becomes cooler, even wet at times.
    When we have a stop moment and truly observe the various season’s, it is no different to us in our seasonal changes. From the time we are born, we move to puberty/adolescent, menopausal age and then the elderly – our seasonal changes occur within us all, its how we perceive it is the question.

    1. It certainly is Eduardo and if we all lived our daily lives according to the reflection that seasons and mother nature provide us it would undoubtedly enrich our lives immensely.

    2. I can definitely feel this in my body currently Eduardo, I’m being asked to let go of all this stuff that has never supported me and held me back. This is our path of evolution; to discard all the ideals, beliefs, pictures, projections, reactions – that’s a big one, on how life should be. Reconnect back to our soul and get the hell out of here.

  2. Thank you for sharing this awesome reflection of brotherhood in the pile of leaves, just like us they are each magnificent but offer so much more together.

  3. The wondrous thing about nature is not only that its breath-taking beauty is an awe to behold, but more so that is serves to remind us that who we are within is far greater in magnificence, waiting to be appreciated and lived.

  4. Thank you Anne a beautiful observation, reflecting that we are all equal and part of the whole. That there is no individualism we are merely a reflection of different parts of each other and together we are one.

  5. To walk in nature with an awareness of the Magic of God that is all around us is to know that we are called to return to the Divine love that we are.

    1. Walking in nature offers us space to re-connect to the body we are all within. There is no question that our particles shift in nature, so perhaps our role in this world is to take that shift and reflect it wherever it is needed to offer that same particle expansion in other areas. We were given legs for a reason!

  6. A very beautiful reading Anne, with the sense of wonder that only comes when we are connected to the all. There is purpose in everything.

    1. There certainly is Jennifer, I have walked past autumn leaves many times and this blog and your comment reminds me that we are all deeply connected and that everything in nature is a reflection of the beauty and grandness that we all are.

    2. Jennifer what a great reminder
      ‘There is purpose in everything’.
      And the purpose in everything is a constant reminder that we are not from this plane of life and to make the moves within evolution to go back to where we all come from, which is the universe. Our particles constantly remind us that we are not from here. We are far grander than we could imagine stuck on this plane of life called Earth, born into a model of life that literally holds us prisoners and we believe this is all there is. If someone dares to challenge this way of life we have all accepted then they are ridiculed and made fun of. Is that because it is impossible for us to admit that we have all been fooled and our pride is so great we cannot admit we have it all wrong?

  7. Loved the reflection your got from the leaves and how you widened this out to not just a pile of leave, but something to do with the world and people and celebrating our unique innate beauty no matter what shape, colour, age or size.

    1. I agree Vicky and it reminds me to appreciate how much nature has to offer and it is a constant reminder that we are all One, deeply connected and in essence we are all the same.

  8. When we accept and appreciate the stage we are at we can live in full who we are and thus our contribution to to the whole is complete.

  9. This is such a beautiful symbolism that you have presented Anne, and it makes so much sense on every level. Perhaps each tree represents a different family of spirits that incarnate and ‘fall’ to Earth just like the leaves falling from the trees in autumn.

  10. The pile of autumn leaves gave a beautiful reflection of the value of each of us in the makeup of humanity. We all have different qualities to bring, are at different ages in life etc., but everyone’s contribution makes the whole complete. There is not one leaf that is more valuable than another.

  11. If we are open to Gods magic, we will see it everywhere, as God does not have favourites, it is there for everyone to learn from equally. It’s funny though because although nature is a confirmation of what we know to be true inside, we only seem to see this magic if we a living in a way that is connected to the love we are.

  12. Human beings have an in-built radar for truth, although we can often override truth for comfort and settle for less.. I love what you shared about nature reflecting truth to humanity constantly, which made me think that even amongst our settlement for less, we as a human race, often seek nature to ground ourselves. Truth is the ultimate grounder.

    1. That’s beautiful Sarah. Regardless of how far we veer away from the truth we so well know, nature will always offer us the reminder of this truth and of the choices we have made.

    2. I have noticed how in this current way of living how even in the wet and cold of winter people want to be out in nature, because in nature they can feel the pull of God as he pulls us back to who we truly are. So it’s no coincidence that the authorities want to close down open spaces so people are confined. It seems quite obvious that there is something at play that wants everyone to check out in their homes watching television, eating and drinking so that we become dull to our surroundings.

  13. We are all different variations of the one humanity in all its various colours shapes and sizes but in our very essence we are deeply connected as one within this love.

  14. Nature is constantly supporting us to take notice of our grandness or our choices that are not so grand. It’s is ceaselessly supporting us. Having this understanding in opens up a lot of beauty in life.

  15. I love how you have described the reflections you saw from your walk with nature Anne, there is much that surrounds us every day that we can choose to learn and evolve from when we open up and develop our awareness.

  16. I love this Anne, ‘we are all on the same journey’ … and when we deeply consider this we cannot judge in any way but it’s an opportunity for us all to see how each of us reflects something and we all learn from each other for the thing is we cannot do it alone. We do it together, each in their own time and way.

  17. Such a simple gesture by nature that teaches us that beneath the surface differences there is a sameness between us all that cannot be denied.

  18. As the trees and nature around me show winter is around the corner, the leaves all different colours and so, so beautiful I really felt supported in accepting the different cycles life lives in. No trying to hold onto past times – a youth that has gone, or aspirations not fulfilled- or fear of the future and the cold to come; but a delicate acceptance and flow with no resistance.

  19. We all come from the same source and we all return to the same source and how we live in-between will never change that truth no matter how hard we try , we are all one from the one.

  20. We most often appreciate the similarities between ourselves and others . To appreciate our differences is also very lovely and to feel the glory of us all together like the trees in autumn with so many colours, vibrant and ever changing.

  21. If we are willing to see and read the reflections not just in nature but in everything that comes our way we open ourselves up to opportunities that support us to learn about ourselves and others more deeply and therefore express a greater love in the universe.

  22. I love how nature always reflects to us how we can live the oneness of the pulse of the universe, as nature so effortlessly does. A forever reminder of how our greatest power is known through our surrender to our innate way of being. As it is only through living our Soulfulness that true Brotherhood will be lived.

  23. Loved re-reading your post this Autumn Anne.Your analogy with life is spot on. “The different-aged leaves carry their own individual beauty and wisdom.” Gorgeous

  24. The wisdom of nature is so very holding, it is the cocoon that holds human life. To not connect with the harmony it is, is to be in battle with our own wisdom within.

  25. I can relate to this as I was somewhere in the last couple of days that we walked under a tree canopy and you could see the leaf carpet that then turned into music from the sound of your feet moving into the leaves. It was so much cooler temperature wise and the mood was very different. It’s like changing the landscape completely and you could be anywhere and yet you are in the same place. I didn’t read the leaves to this depth but at the same time I appreciated what I was feeling and how at that time the leaves bought us a welcomed rest.

  26. This feels very beautiful – how observing our surrounding leads us to understand and appreciate ourselves more deeply. Nothing is ever nothing.

    1. Yes, we live within cycles that are part of greater cycles to which we cannot but be part of. To work against the cycles is to feel like you are constantly working against the tides and is exhausting which leads to the feeling of despondency. Surrendering to the cycles which are such a natural part of who we are, where we come from and what we are made of quite simply makes sense both mentally and physically.

  27. There are two main patterns of movement. One in which you take the outside world at face value and as something alien to your own physicality. You apply the same rules in relation to you and the others. This way highlights separation. The other way is to see the outside world not as alien but as something that shares with us deep things. In other words, in this last way, we are part of something bigger that reminds us constantly so.

  28. Nature allows us the opportunity to start to know ourselves for who we are, it is not the end of it for there is so much more to power of our true nature that supersede the everything that we can imagine when we live as true sons of God.

  29. The beauty of equality, true energetic equality, is that it cannot be felt if our whole innate being has not first and foremost appreciated the true quality that we have within. As equality is simply adding an e to our own quality.

  30. Nature is indeed a profound teacher… In its magnificence, and in its ferocity, in its delicateness, and in its absolute beauty… it is always there is a reflection and a teacher

  31. All in nature is a reflection for us and how we are choosing to live. Observing and reading nature will support us by either revealing to us that some of our living ways may need changing, or it will confirm for us that we are on the right track.

  32. Nature, as is God behind it, is constantly offering to us the precise messages we need to understand at each moment. The more I open to them, the more blessed and surrendered I feel.

  33. ‘Leaf me out of this discussion’ as we are so much grander than nature, even though we are connected by our divine intuition to nature. As I ponder on humanity we do feel all the same it is only our perception from what we interpret through our eyes that creates the myriad of differences. Could it be as divine servant, nature gets a reflection from us that is lifting it to become more?

  34. A beautiful sharing of your awareness Anne, of what nature is reflecting to us all the time, if we only but listen and observe the magic of God on show.

  35. The season are a conformation of what Universal Medicine has been teaching for 18 years now and that is that life moves in circles not in a straight line. Just like the seasons cycle around, year after year, so does everything, the planet moves on circles around the sun and we move and return in order to keep learning that we are all equal and connected, that we are simply lost brothers, beautiful that you are able to receive Gods love and magic with such open arms.

  36. What I love about all the seasons is how it shows us to just be and allow all of the different stages of life to unfold as all a equally important.

  37. Serge Benhayon recently presented how decency and respect need to form the core tenants to relationships and how this then supports us to live in a way with each other that brings understanding and then love.

  38. The reflections in nature are always around us to confirm us and to ponder and learn from. The more awareness we build the deeper we are able to read and understand what is being offered as a reflection.

  39. Thank you Anne, I could never tire from the myriad of reflections nature offers us. It speaks a language of love that reminds us of our multidimensional nature in all expressions. It brings richness to life when we receive with our heart.

  40. To be with nature and all it offer by way of reflection and symbolism is medicine for our body and wellbeing.

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