Autumn – Nature’s Teacher

As I was walking in our local park recently I could not help but see the huge piles of leaves on the ground – the true expression of Autumn.

I noticed the variety of colours and how some leaves were comprised of different colours. The leaves were all different shapes as they had fallen from different trees.

The leaves had many different patterns etched onto them which formed from the different colours, shapes and textures.

Some leaves looked quite old while others looked freshly fallen. No matter the shape, colour, pattern or age, they all landed on the ground and formed this amazing magical carpet of colour.

You may be thinking – why is this relevant?

I know and feel the reflections of nature often in many parts of my life and know that nature is there to support and confirm me, so I wondered what this pile of leaves could be confirming for me at this moment. The answer was not long in coming…

  • The colours represent the many different ethnicities in the world and how they offer a different perspective on how to live, which may be evident in the food they eat, how they dress, and the traditions that they follow.
  • The shapes represent all the physical differences in our bodies with no shape being more superior than another. Every body carries its own beauty which comes from our innermost and is reflected out for others to feel.
  • The different patterns are our lifestyles which are the result of the choices we make in how we live our lives.
  • The different-aged leaves carry their own individual beauty and wisdom. The younger leaves reminded me of the innocence, the potential and the enthusiasm of youth with their bright fresh colours. Although the older leaves looked wrinkled and were crackly, their prominence in the leaf pile showed the dignity and grace of ageing before they returned to the land on their never-ending cycle of life.

However, it was the entire constellation of the pile of leaves lying on the ground on the same level which held the greatest joy for me, as I realised that it represented just how equal we really are regardless of our colour, shape, pattern of living or our age. The pile of leaves represents brotherhood on earth and this is only possible if we truly accept our differences and understand that although we come from different trees of life, we are all on the same journey, albeit at different stages, as we fully reconnect back to soul.

It is through the presentations and writings of Serge Benhayon that I understand that nature is reflecting truth to humanity constantly, and these reflections help us to understand how we are truly living on earth.

by Anne Hishon, Registered Nurse, partner to Peter and mother to Joshua and Ben.

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565 thoughts on “Autumn – Nature’s Teacher

  1. The seasons also show us the cycles we live within, there are so many cycles within cycles and yet we live life as though it is lineal.

  2. Nature shares so much and as you have shared Anne, when we are open to reading what is happening around us we are blessed by the level of appreciation from God in every aspect of nature, and the appreciative-ness we have for our own connection to God.

    1. I was out in the woods recently and the stillness was profound. I understand why we walk or go out into nature as it can support us to reconnect to that part of us, our soul, that we have become disconnected from.

  3. Nature shares so much and as you have shared Anne, when we are open to reading what is happening around us we are blessed by the level of appreciation from God in every aspect of nature, and the appreciative-ness we have for our own connection to God.

  4. Thank you Anne, reading your blog I was appreciating your expression and the innocence and dearness you write with, and the wisdom with which you felt the symbolism of the leaves. I am inspired to go deeper with my relationship with nature, thank you.

  5. This is a beautiful observation of nature and its symbolism Anne. These loving messages from God reminding us of who we are is everywhere we look.

  6. The seasons are more that physical seasons but reflect to us that there are also different phases of our physical life and how we can be in each phase. We put so much emphasis on spring and summer because they represent the new and activity, without equally valuing what the movements of autumn and winter bring in terms of inner reflection and inner work. We are all of the above, no one more or less and we need to learn to balance all that is represented by all of the seasons.

  7. I love what you have shared here Anne and can really appreciate if we lived our daily lives according to the seasons cycles how supportive it is for us – for Autumn is not natures only teacher as Spring can be considered as a time to clear the old and renew, hence the spring clean. Summer can be a time to bask in the sun (figuratively speaking) and appreciate all that we have accomplished. Autumn is a time to let go of the old to allow space for the new, and winter allows us to stop and take a stock take, warm ourselves up and again appreciate all that we have lived to prepare us for spring again.

  8. I love this; ‘The pile of leaves represents brotherhood on earth and this is only possible if we truly accept our differences and understand that although we come from different trees of life, we are all on the same journey, albeit at different stages.’ it is beautiful for us to accept ourselves and each other and know that we all have a role to play and that no-one is no more or no less important.

  9. The reflection of nature is something that makes my lungs expand, in fact my whole body when I allow myself to truly feel it. There is an awe at the order and the surrender to the process and I feel that my role is to live as part of and with respect to that order, not try to dominate it.

  10. Although in form we appear to be different, it is the quality of our formlessness that unites us all. In truth we are all from the one same source, much like leaves are born from a tree so are we as Souls, the sparks of God, his Sons no less, in a body here to shine the light of who we are.

  11. Autum is such a magical seasons with all the bright colours of the leaves, the wind and rain but also the sun. Nature is reflecting us so much and in this season I appreciate the grace of the falling leaves, just letting go their save place to make space for all that is new to come after the pause of winter.

  12. Beautiful analogy Anne. A perfect example of how nature can reflect our truth to us and bring us above the feeling of merely existing. I love autumn, the variety of colours and the sound of dried leaves.

  13. And all the leaves eventually disintegrate and go back into the soil and support other plants and living beings to grow and continue its cycle.

  14. What a great analogy for all of us, that no matter our shapes, colours or ages we are all part of the pile and all equally a part of that whole. Each of us brings a different aspect and the whole is diminished without it.

  15. There is the magic offered by and through nature, but it is our openness to see beyond the temporal and read the energetic dimension of life that reveals the magic, hence it is up to us to be aware of the magic that we cannot escape but ignore to our great detriment.

    1. Last night I saw the moon and it was magical, as I could feel the stillness it inspired in me. There was a quality of energy I could feel emanating from it that resonated within my body. As you say Alexander Braun magic is everywhere but how many of us truly appreciate all that is being offered to us? I for one do not always see or feel the magic that is surrounding us all. Is it possible that if we reconnected back to our innate sensitivity we would be able to see and feel the magic of life again?

  16. Thank you for taking us on your insightful autumn walk Anne. This reminds us that we can read and deepen from every observation if we are willing to.

  17. I love this blog, thank you Anne, it gives me a fresh way to look at nature. The inspiration it offers is dynamic and full. It never leaves anyone less or anyone out and I can see it is responsive to the body of divine order we all come from, we are a mere part of that divine order.

    1. Yes it does indeed Victoria and appreciating the messages and beautiful reminder from nature of our multidimensionality and showing us how grand we all are.

  18. I would like to understand more deeply how we are living on earth, collectively, all together. Because so much of life does not make sense, so much of it is so obviously disharmonious to the sensitive beings that we are, and yet there seems to be this ‘carrying on’ aspect of life that just keeps us all going even in the obvious falsehood of it all.

  19. I love autumn, last autumn I was fortunate enough to be in New York and made a special trip to Central Park and took some beautiful photos of the tress and their different colours of the autumn leaves, nature does offers us such amazing reflections.

  20. When we align to our connection with the universe, we can feel that life is limited in how we have been living – and that it is not it. We can feel by virtue of our connection that we stem off from a whole, a grandeur that is greater than any images or perceiving ultime high. I love that about the universe, that it is endless forever more. Just like we are..

  21. I love the 4 dot points Anne, it is such a beautiful sharing of the autumn leaves. Nature does reflect so much for us to learn and appreciate.

  22. To me, it is true evil to take nature and it’s beauty and relevance in our lives flippantly, and that without it and its reflection we would not be able to live on this plane of life.

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