Images of God

Recently I was at a meeting and celebration. Various presenters got up on stage, and great music bands too. One of the presenters, a senior academic, asked the audience the question:

What is your image of God?

It was a challenge for us to look honestly within and see what kind of image we had of God, what we believe and feel and think we know about God.

Suddenly my journey with seeking the truth about God throughout my whole life was sitting there with me. Continue reading “Images of God”

For Every Force there is an Equal and Opposite Force

I was always a keen physicist at school and thus was very aware of Isaac Newton’s Third Law which states that:

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” (Isaac Newton)

In one of the many presentations given by Serge Benhayon, he offered an expansion to understanding Newton’s Third Law:

“For every force there is an equal and opposite force.” (Serge Benhayon)

My scientific mind was immediately pricked, so I began to consider the world through the lens of this scientific fact and it enabled me to unlock a far deeper understanding of the world.

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Holding Onto Denseness

In my previous blog “What does it Mean – ‘Holding Onto’?” I began to explore how the expression ‘holding onto’ came to my awareness, and then started to reveal many things about how we often live as human beings in a world that asks us to adapt and best manage all its rules, challenges, injustices, disharmonies, relationships and ideals on how to live and succeed.

A very early experience in life, a boat that nearly shipwrecked when I was only two years old, left me feeling a tension in my body that later on I could identify as a ‘holding onto’. Yet it expanded beyond a trauma that was held in my body, to a way of living that was about protection, manipulation and control. I learned that we can hold onto nearly anything! Continue reading “Holding Onto Denseness”

The Reality of Entities and Spirits

The first time I attended a Universal Medicine workshop by Serge Benhayon, presentations included a discussion on entities (spirits). The way Serge spoke about them was completely on par with my experiences.

Up until this point I realised I had never been part of a public group discussion on this topic: I realised there was something in me that felt it was simply socially not acceptable to talk about spirits and that people may think I was crazy if I did. Even with all the experiences I had as a child, some of these I shared with others and some I didn’t. My relationship with spirits/entities was something I had kept mostly to myself.

So as Serge presented, I reflected on all my experiences of entities to date: Continue reading “The Reality of Entities and Spirits”