We are not Averting our Gaze

“It’s in that moment of honesty brought by war that you’ll find out whether you’re truly willing to stand up to evil or not.”

This is what an elderly woman once shared with me and another group of French history students when we eagerly asked her to describe what it was like during the 2nd World War in occupied France. Back in her youth she had been an active member of the French Resistance and, now in her late 80’s, she had been invited to speak to us all on campus. What she shared cut down any romantic view I might have had of times of war and great unity; of brotherhood arising from the neighbourhoods, the grassroots, neighbours supporting neighbours, families supporting families, standing up to the fascist regime no matter what.

The reality wasn’t like this. Those that stood up to Hitler’s reign were very few. Even in the bleakest of times when France was either under occupation or in collusion with the Nazis, most people went about their day looking after their own business. They fenced their houses up and turned an ignorant eye to the brutality taking place, which was often right before their averted gaze.

This collective apathy and inertia has long been the colluding partner in the history of man. Most in society won’t dare to step out of line and raise their heads too high. They don’t want to be that tall poppy and have the evil they see – be it in the guise of abuse, bigotry, cruelty or violence – directed at them. Friends are made out of enemies – ‘strategic’ friends that is – and neighbours and families turn on each other. This has happened time and time again in history to the point that we’ve just dismissed it as the dark side of human nature.

But there’s a story to be told that will remind us all otherwise. That it isn’t natural to bury our heads in ignorance and pretend all is dandy when it is not.

Katerina Nikolaidis
Katerina Nikolaidis

It’s a story I’m proud to be a part of in more ways than can fill a page.

I’m still a student today, but not of history books. Today I am a student of a Living Way that includes religion, philosophy and science as an all-encompassing way of life, which I relish to my bones. This way of living, which comes from ancient teachings, has been brought back to the modern fore by Universal Medicine and its founder, Serge Benhayon. It is what we call today The Way of The Livingness, and along with many more from across the globe, it forms the bedrock of every aspect of my life.

Since 2012, we, the students of The Way of The Livingness, have been hounded by a vicious tirade of abuse staged online and offline by a handful of bullies and harassers who have one agenda alone: to bring our way of life down and break it so that it no longer exists.

This is what evil wants to do. To silence and annihilate – be it the human body into cinders, or a way of life. It is a crime against humanity and it has been allowed to perpetuate generation after generation in differing guises and forms because of the collective inertia that has reigned, which humanity itself has allowed.

This time around, we have said no. From the grassroots, we took pen to paper right from the first days when the witch-hunt began, and we started to write. We inspired each other – one stunning piece of writing followed another and organically the biggest collective blog movement in the history of the internet began. Many of us had never written before, and some of us at the beginning quivered as we felt the magnitude of what we were saying yes to after having stayed silent for so long.

Today, with more than 2000 articles and blogs written across a platform of no less than 10 inspiring websites, we know we’re still at the humble beginning. There is so much more to write, so much more to express and so much more to celebrate about our Living Way that is the real-deal tale of joy, love, harmony and brotherhood through and through – very practical and accessible to anyone who wishes to live this way. We are turning the page in history once and for all; no longer will inertia reign and no longer do we avert our gaze.

We are setting the precedent for all of humanity that staying silent and allowing abuse and/or turning a blind eye to the abuse of others is not the way for any individual or group, anywhere in the world. 

There is a story to be told, recounted by many hundreds of us the world over, and we will continue to share it with as many as are willing to listen, with our voices, our pens and our simple living ways.

By Katerina Nikolaidis, 41 years, Melbourne, business consultant, writer, practitioner and lover of love, life and truth.

Katerina Nikolaidis Katerina Nikolaidis is a business consultant with a love of sassy outfits and a passion for expressing the universal truth we all deep down know.

You can follow Katerina Nikolaidis on Twitter @KaterinaNikolai

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576 thoughts on “We are not Averting our Gaze

  1. Reading this: “most people went about their day looking after their own business. They fenced their houses up and turned an ignorant eye to the brutality taking place, which was often right before their averted gaze.” I could feel that is how we still live today, things we don’t like or feel are not right are just ignored and we focus more on ourselves. The insular feeling is quite strong. And even though we are not in war, I can still sense this energy of staying silent, which shows that things don’t change when the scenery changes, it only changes when we change the energy we are in.

  2. ‘We are turning the page in history once and for all; no longer will inertia reign and no longer do we avert our gaze.’ Spot on Katerina, we are so powerful when we front foot in life and allow ourselves to see everything in full, saying ‘yes’ is key to living with greater awareness and energetic responsibility.

  3. Reading this blog made me realise that some people will continue to avert their gaze with the atrocities going on around the world. On a positive note there are people that will not tolerate this and stepping forward and doing something about it – that is worth noting.

  4. I to this day am still perplexed with humanity in bringing one another down. I have the understanding if harm is being caused to another human being, I truly get this but when there is no harm, just simply living in a true way that the individual has chosen that is the correct thing for them to do, I don’t understand why the attacks and lies.

    When simply the choice is you live your way of life and we live our way of life, there is no need to harm another.

  5. It is easy to become the ruler when you annihilate anyone and everyone who does not agree with you and stands up. From the one side we have to wonder if this is the kind of ruler we want to be. And from the other side what would happen if every single one of us stood up and claimed the truth? There would be too many to annihilate so there would be no power in the one wielding the force. It is in the end up to us to start to see it is not safe to say nothing and hide because we are not ourselves when we do this. I am learning that giving ourselves away is not worth being ‘safe’ and expressing what is true is a right that we all have no matter how much it is not liked or threatened.

  6. People manage to carry on their day to day ‘normal’ lives under extraordinary circumstances where there might be an incredible amount of abuse and control going on. This is only possible because we have normalized abuse in so many ways and we have so many open doors to it that this is only another one. Humans have an incredible capacity to normalize abuse and, in some circumstances, to align to it very strongly in the name of a cause they feel is the right one. Others, instead, fight it in every way. The abuse fighters are those that stand on the one side of history. Yet, it is also true that even this collective is mainly driven and is also swimming in deep emotional waters as well. Truth is not always there to be found.

  7. What a beautiful and inspiring blog, keeping our heads under the radar has never worked and will never work. We all have a piece of the puzzle to add, a story to share and a lived way to express. Let’s not hold back, look evil in the eye and make a step forward.

  8. A powerful and inspiring blog Katerina. There have now been more than a million comments to blogs published on these amazing websites.
    We are turning the page in history once and for all; no longer will inertia reign and no longer do we avert our gaze.

  9. Not saying no and remaining silent, allowing abuse to slide and remain. It really hurts. But beating myself up for not standing by the truth and love that I feel is more of the same abuse. Saying no doesn’t hurt, there might be tension between me and another but there’s no tension within me with my truth.

  10. Once you have raised your head above the parapet and felt the wind of truth flow through your body the false protection of the battlements you thought were protecting you begin to crumble.

  11. There is much that goes on in the world that we deliberately close our eyes too, because we do not want to feel our own responsibility, the question is are we willing to choose to open our eyes, and not only see but speak the truth of what we see.

  12. Throughout history evil has flourished while good people stand by, but it does not have to be this way and the living example of many expressing here on these websites with blogs and comments is a testament to that. Throughout history there have always been a few who have stood up, now it’s time for the many to join them.

  13. I love your opening quote and really in every moment we get the opportunity to choose Truth or not. The more one chooses to stand up for Truth the more one starts to clearly see the deep lies and corruption that have infiltrated our society. Standing up for truth does not necessarily mean you have to verbally say something (although at times that is required) and it is not about being an activist – it is an energetic state of being, alignment and Way of Living and everything else is a consequence of that.

  14. Looking the other way, turning a blind eye, let sleeping dogs lie (how asleep are they really?), thinking it doesn’t concern us are not options when it comes to mastering life rather than letting life get the better of us.

  15. So powerfully expressed Katerina. Your words remind me to appreciate what is on offer through the incredible blogs on this site.

  16. What an inspiration Katerina. Thank for recording this factual account of the attempt to silence and shut down the Livingness of truth. Although it is very true as you say ‘This is what evil wants to do. To silence and annihilate – be it the human body into cinders, or a way of life.’, when we do stand up in truth in the face of evil, we find that this how we put an end to abuse in the world, making a stand that evil will no longer pass through our bodies. And in continuing to do so evil will no longer have anywhere to go, or will no longer have a place to dwell.

  17. “This is what evil wants to do. To silence and annihilate ….” If we stand by doing nothing and witness destruction then we are silently complicit. It is said we get the government we deserve. Time to stand up and be counted. Great to re-read your post Katerina.

  18. Not dismissing what we see in our lives and in everything that’s going on around us is key, so that we don’t dismiss the difference everyone of us makes in how we live our life, and how needed this is to support true change for all.

  19. Katerina thank you, reading this again has reminded me of all that goes on in the world, and my responsibility to live the love I am in essence, and continue to express the truth.

  20. I loved reading this Katerina, we are such powerful beings when we stand up and express the truth or call out abuse in anyway. Shrinking away from the evil only allows the evil to have a bigger voice but it has no chance when we stand together as one in truth and love.

  21. You know what, Katerina, I felt very uncomfortable reading this magnificent writing of yours. Like you, I am a student of The Way you speak of, but I cannot deny the fact that my expression has not caught up with what has been given to me. It is agonizing to feel so much love being offered while holding it back from being lived and expressed outwardly, but this feels like what I have been avoiding to feel, and it is about time I looked at it properly once and for all.

  22. So many of us hold back from speaking up, ‘averting our gaze’ and pretending we can’t see what is going on as it all seems way too hard to address, so we have settled for allowing others to do so instead. But all that happens on our planet, whether it is in our locality or not, is our responsibility and to look away because it makes us feel uncomfortable is simply irresponsible. Every choice we make has a consequence that is either harming or healing, and that consequence is our responsibility and ours alone.

  23. How can we ‘bury our heads in ignorance and pretend all is dandy when it is not?’ How can we pretend that we’re ok when clearly we are not? What makes us think we can fool another when we clearly can not? We may be quick to point the finger at another and rightly so but are we calling out abuse in our own lives and the way in which we choose to live our lives in every moment?… there is no such thing as self righteous.

  24. The fact that people may ‘succeed’ fencing themselves in a such a way that they do not have to stand up against evil in real life examples like the 2WW living in territories occupies by the Germans, is only the tip of the iceberg. It tells us clearly that people are experts in fencing to avoid feeling what is to be felt and in choosing to walk in disconnection to themselves.

  25. There is so much in this world that is abusive… Even simply in the way people live and relate to each other, what we accept as normal at work, the extraordinary imbalance in our financial world’s, it would be overwhelming, and yet what we simply need to is to be who we truly are and respond to the call of our heart.

  26. Keep silent is very harming, starting with us, because allows the evil to expand with and within us by our absence. Our presence is the only way forward when we want to live a fulfilled life. This makes us visible, exposed to every gaze and opinion, but I feel it’s the only possible choice. Why not show myself as I am? I deserve to be here as everyone, I have a voice and a way of living that not only is not harming anyone, but is based on brotherhood. Is it not something worth to be shared with everyone who wants to live the same?

  27. A powerfully written blog Katerina, thank you, evil exists because we the majority do not speak up, we as student body are saying no to that way of being, not only by our blogs and articles but by our living way of living the truth in every aspect of our lives.

    1. So well said Jill – I agree. The horrors that exist in our world today come by way of our allowing, of our permission. As such it is ‘we’ that can change all of it through how we live, how we stand for truth and as you say here through ‘living the truth in every aspect of our lives.’ This is the power we all hold.

      1. Well said Carola. Collectively humanity has said yes to a whole host of atrocities and it’s hard to stomach the fact that it is only happening because we have all allowed it to but this is absolutely the case.

  28. “our simple living ways” are our loudest voice as it is ‘the proof is in the pudding’, as the saying goes, and in time this ‘pudding’ that we are all ‘baking’ by our Livingness will not be able to be ignored for the harmoniousness of our Livingness will be such a contrast to the deepening crisis of humanity.

  29. To stand up and express, even in the face of bullying and bigotry, is true bravery. We may have moved past being burnt at the stake but we seemed to have ended up stumbling into a whole world of cyber space that is not yet chartered territory and allows room for high levels of stalking, harassment and abuse to take place without any real known consequence.
    I wrote a song many years ago to support the writing movement you refer to and one of the lines came to mind after reading your insightful and rich blog: it goes like this “You can’t fight darkness with darkness just go in and shine our light”…”We are writers, not fighters and it’s love that’s our might”
    Write on write on!

  30. This is beautiful, real and true – how we are living are the pencils of the future, even though we need to record it very much in our present time – in books, on the internet, in libraries etc. Truth must be known by our way of living and we need to document that – so our future generations and current generation can benefit from this truth being lived: inspired to do so themselves and have the trust that it is possible, also to offer the tools of what has worked and not worked. What we have explored – then another can benefit from – a true and collaborative way of living that is not individual but for all.

  31. In times where you see things for what they are you have the opportunity to express all you see or to hide it for the sake of self preservation and to avoid reactions, however, it is the later that then allows evil to get in and have its way.

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