Liane Mandalis, Me and all of Humanity

I am blessed to have a close friend in life who goes by the name of Liane Mandalis. We met years ago in a café in Sydney and ever since have chosen to have each other near, call on each other for support, and inspire the other to the nth degree.

Liane Mandalis and Nikki McKee
Liane Mandalis (left) and Nikki McKee (right)

She has many great attributes, but the focus of this article is her commitment to Truth. She does not waver and nothing can get in the way of her expressing Truth. It can but try, but it doesn’t stand a chance.

Liane does not hold back her expression of Truth. She does this in many ways and not just verbally. If I have lost my way or got caught up in something, all it takes is a look from Liane to bring me back. This is not a certain look she gives me, like a death-stare or some other contrived look; it is simply the look in her eyes combined with her steady presence. The what-is-not-truth is exposed and I am called back to all that I am.

Being exposed can be confronting. If I am not willing to be honest, or see what Liane is exposing, then I can get very uncomfortable, reactive and dismissive of what Liane is offering. Fortunately my commitment to Truth is akin to Liane’s so we fare well together, but for many, this is not the case.

History is filled with people who speak the word of God only to be crucified, burnt and buried alive, tortured, persecuted, lied about… it seems humanity isn’t always so keen on Truth.

But when we are not willing to hear the word of God, we are the ones missing out. Our own comfort is placed before evolution.

Liane Mandalis, Serge Benhayon and others who speak Truth straight from Heaven, have no need to be heard. Thankfully for us, they continue to speak Truth, whether we listen or not.

When Divinity speaks we may need to get our own stuff out of the way in order to hear what is being said. It may not feel nice, comfortable or even remotely pleasant but what is on offer is evolution. Whilst in-Truth all we do is go round and round the sun, without Truth and evolution we are but going nowhere.

On behalf of Humanity, Liane, I express my gratitude and appreciation for your commitment to Love, Truth and Evolution. You call us all to the simple truth of who we are.

By Nikki McKee, Member of Humanity, NSW Australia

Nikki McKee Nikki McKee is a business woman, Joint Managing Director of Travelbay (, mother, writer, woman of the world and lover of Truth.

You can learn more about Nikki McKee at

Liane Mandalis Liane Mandalis has a love of writing and philosophy with a deep interest in community wellbeing.

You can follow Liane Mandalis on Twitter @lianemandalis

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471 thoughts on “Liane Mandalis, Me and all of Humanity

  1. I agree, Liane has a beautiful connection to and expression of the truth. The way Liane expresses truth is powerful, uncompromising, and unwavering. Liane really reflects what a gift each human being can be to this world when we commit to living love and truth.

  2. “The what-is-not-truth is exposed and I am called back to all that I am.” True friendship is shared when we are called back to who we truly are. No true friend would leave another drowning in the swamp of dishonesty and being less than the truth of who we are.

  3. Truth binds and equalises us to the ‘more’ we are a part of. In other words, the universal intelligence we all equally have access to is the same, our expression is just unique from our own lived experiences. When hearing or feeling truth it can have this steadying effect, a knowing that that is where we are from, but also a devastation that we have not chosen to express or live that truth in every breath or everyday. That’s what makes it uncomfortable to hear at times.

  4. How blessed we are to be part of a community where truth is of the utmost importance, where we learn to evolve by our interactions with each other; we are both teachers and students in what we reflect to each other, these are true friendships.

  5. “But when we are not willing to hear the word of God, we are the ones missing out. Our own comfort is placed before evolution.” This is a great sentence and one I can relate to well. God is always there communicating yet by being in comfort and holding back we are directly saying no to his love.

  6. What a great friendship, true friendship. I much rather have the truth expressed no matter what rather than the cover up version that keeps things comfortable and un-evolving.

    1. What I feel is that this blog is offering a fresh new look at what true friendships and relationships are. Often relationships can be arrangements where we are comfortable together, no one pushes buttons and we may have similar interests. It may even be about ticking boxes and to have people around us based on the beliefs, ideals and pictures we live to of what relationships and friendships are. When we live from our essence and soul and make life about evolution all the above drops away and what’s there between us is true power and purity. I really appreciate this blog because it’s one example of how a relationship can be when we live from our essence.

  7. It is a blessing to have friends in our life who are willing to express love and truth no matter what. Sometimes we trip and fall in life, and even make mistakes but it is our willingness to embrace love and truth that will support us to walk with gentleness, steadiness and purpose on our path of evolution.

  8. ‘Liane Mandalis, Serge Benhayon and others who speak Truth straight from Heaven, have no need to be heard.’ This blog shows a deep appreciation for Truth and the line above speaks volumes of the detachment from need for those who speak the truth. Quite beautiful.

  9. This is so awesome to read and feel the appreciation of what Liane reflects to you. What is so true is when we are exposed sometimes it can become uncomfortable and awkward but when we really allow ourselves to let in what is being shared there is much healing to be had.

  10. I love being around people who are committed to truth. They are so easy to be with because they feel safe. It is very different than being around people who are suppressing their truth and instead pretending that everything is fine when it clearly is not.

    1. I feel the same Elizabeth. I much rather someone be completely honest and express truth to me any day even if it can feel uncomfortable. I find it very supportive and expansive to hear truth being expressed. I love being around people who are not afraid to express truth lovingly.

    2. I agree, there is a simplicity to the conversation. Someone who is skirting around the edge and isn’t direct results in a tension that gets really complicated! I would much rather have someone speak a truth that is hard to hear than elude to something I should know but not actually nominate it.

  11. Lianne a divine example of living our essence and how inspiring it is for all around, this is literally changing the world.

  12. Beautiful to feel your love and appreciation for Lianne, in your writing. And your honesty about your dismissiveness towards truth, which I recognize so well. I too have people around me who always present truth, like Serge Benhayon. And yes I can be dismissive towards them as well, but in the end the pull to evolve is stronger than my holding on to old ingrained ways of being or illusions.

  13. ‘…when we are not willing to hear the word of God, we are the ones missing out. Our own comfort is placed before evolution.’ – this sums it up really and exposes how we can choose comfort over the truth when the fact is we miss out! Truth allows us to feel things in full – and how awesome is it to have people out there who live this, with no investment, it is just who they are.

  14. “When Divinity speaks we may need to get our own stuff out of the way in order to hear what is being said.” Throughout the ages we have ignored, dismissed and ridiculed, tortured and murdered those that spoke the truth. We are still doing this, we don’t like to hear the truth if it means we have to look at our comfortable lives and see how we are contributing to the way the world is today.

  15. No need to be heard stood out for me, how often do we stand in the pulpit and preach – these are not wise words they are telling. True wise words come from living God’s words not telling.

  16. Beautifully shared Nikki, in a world where competition and comparison between women happens all too much it is deeply inspiring to read your appreciation and celebration of your friend Liane.

  17. In all Honesty I have a way to go on my path of return to having truth as a fully integrated part of my Livingness. Truth for me is part of the divine aspect of God along with love, stillness, joy, harmony and light all of which I have amazing moments of connection to, but honestly is still a work in progress. Thank you for sharing Nikki and am inspired to bring more truth into all that I do.

  18. In rereading your article, what really stood out to me – and something I’d never appreciated – is that the word of God is truth. Simple as. Amazing to have someone in your life who speaks the word of God. An inspiration.

  19. Awesome confirmation Nikki – truth needs to be expressed. Funny though that we have to state that, it should be the only way to express. Imagine a bird not expressing truthfully. I guess that is hard to imagine but we can as humans, funny thing. But until we get back to being like a bird in expression (some of its ways…) expressing like you two do is important, thanks for sharing.

  20. So inspiring Nicki. That look that holds you in its full gaze where you can hide nothing, you feel so bare, exposed, and utterly held without judgement is love in full. It is how we ought to be with each other, holding ourselves and everyone else in our innate magnificence and not letting ourselves play games with the lesser that keeps us separated and so so much less of who we truly are.

  21. This is what relationships are really about – Truth. Truth is a traded commodity these days as everyone seeks the truths to what is going on in life yet we’ll all know them, all it requires is honesty and a lot of love to embrace them.

  22. Having people that don’t waver from the truth is deeply inspiring. It feels as though this brings us all closer to living more of who we are. The reflection we get is that we are also from this truth and that we can build our commitment towards it with every choice we make.

  23. I love the way you describe that those who speak truth have no need to be heard. This shows me that when I am invested in someone ‘getting it’ I am not speaking from truth.

  24. What a gift to read this article because it shows us all that one of the things that is truly valued is when we do express the full truth we feel and know, for us not to do that is a disservice to all. Yet in our heads we sometimes think that we can’t say certain things to offend the other person, what if instead of that we lovingly share how we feel – the truth that is – and from there the relationships and lives of those people we express in this way with have the opportunity to truly deepen.

  25. It is super inspiring to have people in our lives that are rock steady in who they are and the truth of this. We make that choice to have these people in our lives because deep down we know that this what we truly want, to be expose of the loveless choices and to be called to be All of who were Are not just parts and we hide behind the comforts of holding back.

  26. This article continues to inspire and inform me about the richness and intimacy possible in every friendship. My approach to, and care of, relationships is developing all the time. Thank you.

  27. I love how you have expressed that at times you feel the support of your friend to see the truth of a situation without her saying anything: “If I have lost my way or got caught up in something, all it takes is a look from Liane to bring me back. … it is simply the look in her eyes combined with her steady presence.” I have noticed this too with people who take care to live a certain quality. Their presence alone communicates and pulls me and others up toward also expressing that quality. It is very beautiful and shows how taking responsibility for the way we live naturally has a wonderful loving impact on everyone else.

  28. Appreciation I know is something lacking within myself for myself and therefore for others. Thankyou for sharing the love and appreciation you have for Liane Nikki, your dedication and commitment to truth is a blessing for humanity.

  29. Too often people shy away from truth and speaking what is being felt. It’s very loving in a relationship to bring honesty. Much is learnt in the
    process and the more people get comfortable with expressing honestly without holding back much will start to shift in this world.

  30. I met Liane briefly, in Vietnam but what really stuck me was how 100% met I felt when meeting her which seemed to stay with me for a long time. A truly beautiful woman!

  31. When we have friends who can offer such clear truth for us it is a sure sign that we have been blessed. When we offer this friendship to ourselves, first, we not only magnetically pull such people into our lives but we bless ourselves and them also.

  32. We do….”When Divinity speaks we may need to get our own stuff out of the way in order to hear what is being said,” and dignity speaks every day in many ways, it can be what someone says, or it can be the way a leaf falls in front of us, or a cloud forms, or a gentle hand…so much is offered for us to feel our true quality. It is a blessing to know someone prepared to speak the truth to us.

  33. What I get from what you say Nikki, is how Lianne does not hold back or apologise one single bit. I too have experienced that look from someone else’s eyes where it’s like they say ‘I don’t mind what you say or what you try to do, but whatever happens I will be here holding you in truth’. Reading this, this morning reminds me in no uncertain way that I can actually hold this truth in me too, each and every day.

  34. Finding truth is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. How can you put a value on truth! Appreciation to Nikki, Liane and Serge Benhayon for sharing the truth that communicates so much of what humanity is looking for.

  35. “Liane does not hold back her expression of Truth. She does this in many ways and not just verbally.” This is great and shows how expression is not just verbally in what we say but more so comes from our way of living. I often like to change things in my life or want to be more truthful yet if I am not willing to live this in my life then nothing changes. When I do change how I am living my life as in not accepting anything less than love and truth, naturally I am more truthful in my conversations and relationships but also when I do not say anything it is felt.

  36. I love looking at this photograph – the love, light and joy just radiates out and because of its composition continually circulates from Nikki to Liane, to the viewer and then back to Nikki. Gorgeous.

  37. We all can clearly feel if truth is spoken or something that may be look like truth. As the energy that comes with it comes from either a source of love or from astral (non-loving) forces. Our body knows, and to connect with our body is the way to know what will bring evolution.

  38. Sometimes the truth can be hard to hear but if it’s awakening us to greater responsibility and love it is never ever worth holding back.

  39. There are those who bring forth words which can move an entire society, they were called seers and oracles in the past. And although they may have lost their ancient place of reverence amongst us, they are still here, still speaking the words and still lighting the way for us all.

  40. This is beautiful Nikki and shares something we don’t do as a humanity enough; celebrate each other. What you share here shows the importance of living and reflecting truth, essentially who we are in full. There is great power in this.

  41. It is undeniable that your friendship with Liane is one of love and evolution and I appreciate you sharing your innermost feelings with all of us. In time, I am sure that we will all develop, or should I say re-develop the openness and honesty that you and Liane share and return to a way of living that is nearer brotherhood than it is at this current time.

  42. It always serves to see the divine reflection people hold in life and to deeply appreciate it and celebrate it publicly. It never serves to see the bad from a place of judgement.

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