Nature: The Ultimate Reflection

I didn’t realise how important green space was for health until I spent time in a city with limited access to the natural elements. When I made my way to the river and botanical gardens, I felt a noticeable shift in the way I was feeling. I let go of the tension I was holding in my body and felt a deep appreciation of the beauty of the natural world.

So what is the powerful quality of nature all about? What is it about nature that allows us to feel content and reconnected to ourselves?

Research confirms the healing quality of nature. It reveals that the natural environment can reduce stress, which in turn impacts on our body. It can change our mood, but also affect our nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Alternatively, being disconnected from the harmony of nature can make us feel anxious, sad and helpless, which can elevate our blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and suppress our immune system [1].

The physician, Robert Ulrich, conducted a study on patients who had undergone surgery. One group was provided with a view of trees and the other group a concrete wall. The group with access to nature healed faster and appeared to nurses to have fewer negative effects, spending less time in hospital [1].

Time spent in nature also connects us to each other and the larger world and this in itself has healing properties. When I go for a walk, I will often meet people along the way and we will exchange a hello. During the day, say, when I am at the supermarket or going about my daily tasks, I notice there is often little connection between people at all. Being in nature seems to support us to be more willing to connect openly with each other, perhaps because we have connected more intimately with ourselves. We can let go of drive and busy-ness, the need to get things done, and we may begin to let people in and make relationships a priority.

Indeed, nature does offer us the chance to relieve ourselves from the tension we feel as a result of how we live our days, but are we failing to bring our awareness to the fact that nature serves a purpose that is so much more? Through its reflections, nature offers the blueprint to all of life, and for humanity to learn to live more harmoniously together.

Research in a Chicago public housing estate with trees and green space around the built environment reported that these residents know more people, have stronger feelings of unity with neighbours, more concern for helping and supporting each other, and stronger feelings of belonging than did tenants in other built environments where the buildings were without trees. In addition, there was reduced risk of street crime, lower levels of violence and aggression between domestic partners and an enhanced capacity to cope with life’s demands [1].

Scientists have reviewed the effects of nature on our brain. When participants of a particular study viewed nature scenes, the parts of the brain associated with empathy and love illuminated, but when they viewed urban scenes, the parts of the brain associated with fear and anxiety activated [1]. Our body is so sensitive it is constantly providing information about how we feel about our environment. How amazing!

Lately I have been reading about biomimicry. In this Science, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, biologists etc. look to nature for answers. Nature has a successful history of survival, regeneration, dealing with waste, using only what is needed, and working together within systems, and so it has much to share about achieving balance and harmony. Nature may very well be our expert, far superior and more refined than anything we have achieved thus far as human beings. For instance, to find out how to pump water to the top of a skyscraper, an engineer using biomimicry may look to the detail of trees, or when designing a helicopter, may study the hummingbird, or even the flipper of a whale to perfect a wind turbine blade [2].

So when the world was made, perhaps it wasn’t by chance that nature was a part of its design. Perhaps it was all part of a grand plan to support us in our lives.

There is also so much in nature that shows us how communities work effectively together. We can see this by observing the ways of the Emperor Penguin, which reflect absolute brotherhood. Their survival relies on each other, and on working as a community, in order to survive the harsh winters. The Meerkats also show us that many families can live together and support each other, as well as the importance of always being aware of what is happening in the surrounding environment. Ants, such a tiny species, work steadily together with such dedication and achieve mighty things, like being able to carry supplies weighing far more than themselves back to their nests… and please, let us not forget the gorgeousness of our bees.

If nature was designed by God, then it was the most loving blueprint we could have been offered to help us to learn to live in a more loving way. And the message is clear – nature is asking us to learn to live on the planet as One and to move away from a life about Self.

What do we learn from all of the reflections in nature?

Our world is an amazing place, here to support us to live with more harmony. Connecting to nature in this way provides the opportunity to look at the world through a different lens, allowing us to feel its constant reflections and to remember we are part of a sphere that is ultimately much bigger than us.

Nature is a gift from the Divine, the most precious gift of all, and it was given to Us as the ultimate support.

By Maree Savins, AssocDegLaw (Paralegal), GradCert HROD, Australia



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830 thoughts on “Nature: The Ultimate Reflection

  1. Reading this what I can appreciate is how I used to go to nature to escape to forget what I was feeling and just be or re-connect. Now I no longer go anywhere to escape with thanks to Universal Medicine know that I can re-connect anytime/anywhere I am off just through simply changing my movements – walking and expressing. I still very much appreciate and love nature though and the reflection it always offers for us to continue to deepen and expand or see where we are at and what needs to change.

  2. “Our world is an amazing place, here to support us to live with more harmony.” So true. Ive never seen a rose wanting to be more like the rose next to it – or wanting to be a daffodil. Nature offers us such beauty and reflection for us all to consider that under the stars we are all one. No need for comparison or jealousy.

  3. I love this blog, sharing that the reflection of nature asks us to move away from individuality and back to the logic of nature and its natural connection to community and working as one.

  4. As far as I am concerned, nature is definitely part of a “grand plan to support us in our lives”; in fact, it is often more than grand, it is magnificent. But, what is so important to understand, is that it is no grander or magnificent than we are, than our body is, the only difference being is that while we tend to see nature outside of us and often abuse it, nature is always offering us the most divine reflection as to how we too could live our lives when we work in cycles, and in harmony and brotherhood with our environment and our fellow man.

    1. I agree natures reminds us to just stop. It is what we do after we have stopped that then counts #ournextmovement ✨

  5. That ‘Nature is a gift from the Divine’ is something I have always known. When the craziness of the man made world felt too much for me growing up I went for long walks. I became particularly fond of beach walks and recently went to the beach and loved the stillness and gentle rhythms of the waves lapping the shore. I used to live near the beach and went for daily walks. I loved the cycles and rhythms of nature I saw all around me. Seeing cycles on such a large scale, the moon affecting the height of the tides, the wind affecting the surf 100s of miles out to sea, all helped me reconnect to the rhythms I knew I was a part of.

    1. I agree many times in my life nature has been very healing for me and you just have to look up at the stars to know we are part of something so much more grand. ✨

  6. That people recovered and healed after their surgery quicker because they had access to nature is something for us definitely all to consider and study in detail more.

  7. I love being outside in nature. I’m relying on it less but I do still love it when I have taken on emotions of others etc. I find its harmony reminds me of an inner harmony I can surrender to.

    1. Yes, the stillness of nature reminds us of something inside, something that is constant and not at the mercy of the emotional ups and downs we have subscribed to in life.

  8. There is much to see and feel when we marvel in awe at the magnificence of nature’s reflection, be it on the ground, through cycles or in the universe. Nature’s reflection is a constant offering reminding us that we too are impulsed by the same and even greater divine magnificence it is, all of us, and from our divine stillness our sacredness, power and oneness is lived. If we live with the purpose that all aspects of nature unquestionably lives, we then live Heaven on earth as is our Godly way.

  9. Thanks Maree, I really enjoyed reading this today and all of the research confirming natures benefits. It’s been a great reminder for me to be in nature more and bring more awareness to when I feel out of harmony.

  10. Nature is such a great example for all of us, but the question is do we use it for relief or do we in fact truly observe it and learn from it, for that’s its purpose.

      1. As others have shared that is a great question and even if nature is used for relief if we are honest enough with ourselves about this, are willing to really go there with why and what are we not wanting to feel then this alone can start to shift/change where we no longer do this and instead start to re-connect to the innate love within.

    1. From where I stand, nature is one big glorious classroom offering non-stop lessons and forever at our disposal. But of course whether we choose to appreciate its valuable lessons and then live them is totally up to us. Being a student of nature, has had a huge and rather wonderful impact on my life in many ways; I love being the forever student in its classroom.

  11. There is a definite connection between nature and feeling harmonious inside, which can affect our mental wellbeing. However, it doesn’t guarantee mental wellbeing as people living in idyllic natural conditions can still have anxiety, depression etc. The most important environment to care for and find harmony in is within us first. As amazing as nature is, it can only reflect to us the beauty we are.

    1. I agree Fiona, nature is a silent offering, it doesn’t try and persuade or bully us into being anything other than who we are, it is not invested in any outcome. It simply acts as a silent reminder of our true nature.

  12. So true – nature reflects much wisdom, not so that we can improve and better this world, but to remind us where we truly come from, that we are that beauty and divinity we recognise and appreciate, equally so.

  13. I never really appreciated nature until I heard Serge Benhayon talk about it and how it is God’s divine design for us to have a reflection back to us about life, and how we are living. This opened my eyes and I began to see the incredible magic and love that is being offered to us every moment of the day.

  14. It is quite an experience when you feel so harmonious, so joyful, that even nature doesn’t add anything to the harmony and joy.

    1. I too have felt that Christoph. I used to feel that nature was the most wondrous and magnificent thing and that there was nothing that could top it’s beauty, but now I am starting to get a real sense that we can, human beings who are aligned to the intelligence of God, we are even more magnificent than nature.

  15. It would appear we well under appreciate nature as we do ourselves. We see the reflection a whale offers and mimic its flipper design to our great benefit yet we also kill or harm them for food, with our waste and in our modern ship design. Such a stark contrast!

    1. Yes, a real warmth can be there when we truly appreciate, but when we lack that and don’t value those around us or nature there can be quite a coldness.

  16. I notice a lot of little things change when I leave my office and walk around our lake at work. I really notice my breath deepen and slow down and my whole body feels like it has a sigh. It puts my work and anything going on around me in perspective as nature carries on reflecting harmony regardless of what dramas I get caught up in.

    1. Wow, what a powerful reflection. It is the constancy of nature that always brings me back too; I recall being in such turmoil over a friend dying and noticing that nature was still the same, it just held me and reminded me that it was here long before any of us and will continue long after any of us. That reflection offered the space to appreciate my friend rather than be consumed by the grief.

  17. Nature is naturally very healing for us in so many ways and no wonder the colour green seems to be a colour associated with healing and has a calming effect because it reminds us of nature.

  18. Town planners and developers have no doubt about the effect the environment has on mental and physical health. Yet I have also noticed we need to step into supporting ourselves by actually using the spaces provided.

    1. Yes Lucy. I remember periods when I lived in cities and very rarely used the parks and open spaces. On reflection I can see that these were times when I became less vibrant and felt less supported.

      1. When I Lived in London I used to sometimes walk home form the hospital through the parks. I found it really uplifting after the heaviness of the wards.

    2. Yes Lucy. I remember periods when I lived in cities and very rarely used the parks and open spaces. On reflection I can see that these were times when I became less vibrant and felt less supported and was not so much myself.

  19. Nature reminds us that there is a breath to breathe that is not the breath we have been taking into our lungs when we have become so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Learning to ‘breathe our own breath’ is a task we must all one day complete in order to arise out of the mess we as humans have created in this plane of life.

  20. “Being in nature seems to support us to be more willing to connect openly with each other,” It is interesting that when walking in nature when you meet another you may greet them and say hello but if we are walking along an urban street we are inclined to just pass by with little or no connection even if there is only one other coming towards you.

    1. Yes Ive noticed this too. Dog walkers seem especially friendly in the country. In towns people look at me strangely if I smile or say hello. And as for sitting on tubes or buses. People are startled if you begin a conversation, however ‘meaningless’ it may seem.

  21. Do we use nature as a relief for our stress and tension, or do we consider all it offers us? As Maree shares here, it reminds us of the bigness we come from and how we can be and live together in harmony, by showing us so many examples … it’s there for us to see, do we see it?

    1. Well said Monica, and when we appreciate what nature reflects to us we are also able to appreciate how deeply held in love we all are in God’s body.

  22. “If nature was designed by God, then it was the most loving blueprint we could have been offered to help us to learn to live in a more loving way. And the message is clear – nature is asking us to learn to live on the planet as One and to move away from a life about Self.” This is so true and the amazing thing is that just being in it we learn subconsciously, evidenced by the enhanced quality of life when we are in its envionment.

  23. I recently moved and my new suburb is on a headland where nature and animals are the majority and humans are the minority. Nature surrounds us with sea views to the front and river/mountain views to the back. I often find it challenging to wind down of an evening to rest from the day and prepare for the evening nights sleep – I can get caught up in the doing of life and pushing myself to do another job or wasting time on Facebook! Moving here, I can feel how nature is supporting me to come more into stillness and rest. It is quite the gift!

    1. That sounds like a healing retreat as your new normal. One more thing I have noticed is that nature can be very busy at night but it never has the frenetic energy of our busy. Nature’s busy has purpose or it is not busy!

  24. Nature in all of its magnificence, inspiring us to be more, confirming of our gloriousness, interconnectedness and beauty. Reflecting how we can work together with purpose, holding us to account when we don’t. All of this divine creation showing us that we are even grander than this, our home away from home,

  25. ‘Nature is a gift from the Divine, the most precious gift of all, and it was given to Us as the ultimate support.’ So true Maree, having spent a week away in a city that is like a concrete jungle with not any greenery in sight, I am looking forward to returning to the lush, green pastures I live in and being bathed in the beautiful nature I have that surrounds me.

    1. I think it’s the colours of nature that I love so much. An unlimited range of colours, shades and hues, which change by the moment depending on the light and the angle from which they’re viewed. The word ‘breath taking’ is often used for nature and it’s true, what we see in nature can be so stunning that it literally takes our breath away. The thought of living without nature is a devastating one, (at least on Earth anyway).

  26. Biomimicry sounds so logical to me. Yet it also makes me aware of how arrogant we have become to consider ourselves bigger and better than the divine design of the All we are from.

  27. This was truely an inspiring read about nature. It made me ponder more on nature and its cycles. Everything is about evolution, from the seasons, to the natural disasters, every species has or serves a purpose, has its way of living, there’s certainly community / brotherhood in some of the animal kingdom.

    I work in a hospital and my office does not have access to windows or natural light and I can feel the difference when I walk into a room that has natural light or a tree. It is so true watching a tree dance or a bird playing or flying, brings that reconnection to us again, nature is a good reflection for us and how we live too.

    1. There are so many messages from Nature reminding us of who we are but often we ignore its messages and not only that we tend to destroy it to the point where in some locations its magnificent reflections are no where to be found.

  28. This was a fantastic read Maree, and so fascinating to get a sense of the impact of Nature on our well-being. This shows how even the smallest little change in our environment and our feeling of connection or disconnection that is a by-product of it has potentially huge ramifications. Also, this blog made me remember all the times while hiking in the mountains when people just seemed generally more friendly and willing to help each other. I never really made the connection as you have here so wisely, that it was the connection to themselves that was fostered by Nature that rippled on to those they came in contact with during that time.

  29. Anything that is larger than we are and we feel upheld by it (nature, God) offers us the perfect counter for a very common tendency of reducing our life to a point. That is why, it offers truth to pursue.

  30. Nature reminds us to drink in the exquisiteness of all that has been divinely created so that we can reconnect to our own divinity and from here take it much deeper. In this way, nature acts like a bridge between Heaven and Earth and as such is a necessary one to cross, but once on the other side, although appreciative of it, we are not dependant on it as in our true essence we are far grander than this.

  31. Nature is a fantastic reflection, we are reminded and shown things through the symbology of each element. What I connect to on an even deeper level is that there is the multidimensionality that is has the precision to guide us to see the exact nature and its symbology when we need it. There is so much more going on than what we see. I Love this.

    1. Natalie thanks for bringing in the multidimensional aspect of nature, the fact that what each of us sees has been sculptured and synchronised just for us is mind blowing, totally mind blowing. But most of us are either oblivious or disbelieving of this fact and so the whole majestic display goes on without us even noticing it.

  32. Nature is probably the only place we can go that is free of the challenges of everyday life. It is indeed a sanctuary that we can use to relax, let go and recharge. A very beautiful gift..

  33. Haven’t we all looked at a flower and felt its delicacy and its beauty? Imagine how amazing we would feel if we got to the realisation that each flower is reflecting that we hold exactly the same in us…

  34. Nature is pretty awesome, I could say how en mass we ignore all it has shown us, but then I flip it back around – what does nature reflect to myself that could be given more attention to?

  35. There is a constant, constant reflection happening around us all the time… In every instance, with every step, with every breath, always there for us with such a rich tapestry that, if truly felt, would answer every question that we have ever had about the meaning of life.

  36. I am totally in awe of nature and see that biomimicry is the only way for us to learn. Nature just has it down pat so why fight it when we can be inspired by it?!

  37. Nature cannot be tamed it stays and offers us the rhythm of the universe no matter what we do or how much we fit it into our own concept of life.

  38. Nature never ceases to amaze me. The symbols that it gives us are absolutely the truth of what we need to see. I have come to trust these symbols so completely, and have learned that if I ignore them my life gets super complicated. If I take notice of them then life unfolds easily. It’s about living in tune with everything instead of going against the grain.

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