Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus and Buddha Meet up one Morning… What’s for Brexit?

Brexit has now become reality. The United Kingdom has chosen to leave the EU, although perhaps it would be wise to make it clear that England and Wales chose to leave the EU, whilst Scotland and Northern Ireland chose to remain. The fall-out from this decision is just beginning but the immediate sense around the community in which I live and work and even amongst some who voted to leave, is one of disbelief. People are devastated, not maybe for the reasons we think but because deep down we all have a genuine call to come together and unite. Love is calling us all to come together, however, are we living for the unification of man or for the division of humanity?

The call is for us to unite as one body of humanity, but surely first we must unite within ourselves. We must choose to connect with the energy of unity within ourselves and then allow this to be our expression in the world.

Do we have to have another world war to know what it is to unite with each other? In the UK there are still many films and series’ on TV that reflect with apparent fondness on World War II. This was an important historical event of course, but is that why we recall it so frequently? Or is it because it was a time when people united to fight a common enemy and got a glimpse of what it is like when we unite rather than separate? Do we really need a common foe to feel and connect with this unity with others, or could we just choose it because we love unity and it is our very nature?

Fans of Star Trek will know of ‘The Borg’ – the part biological, part cybernetic creatures who ‘assimilate’ races of beings in the most horrendous way, “adding their uniqueness to their collective.” How would it be if we did become aware of such a threat to humanity… and that the only hope of survival is to unite and work together – the power of our one unified presence being the only way to fight this common threat? Do we really need to be forced to unite in this way or can we simply choose it because we know it is true? Perhaps this threat already exists, but rather than coming from some alien invasion, it manifests from within man himself, who has rejected the unity he knows in his heart in favour of separation and individuality.

The philosopher Serge Benhayon presents that there is a link between this separation and the manifestation of illness and disease in our society. Is it possible that this ‘threat’ presents itself as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, depression, abusive relationships, psychosis etc.?

If Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus and Buddha got together for breakfast one morning, would they start a war, or would there be so much love that the question of difference was neither raised, nor considered? Perhaps they would simply celebrate the awareness of their unique expressions on the One Truth. If we agree that because their common message to humanity is one of Love, then perhaps we should equally ask ourselves how we have created division between Christian, Moslem, Buddhist and Hindu.

Am I just a naive human being or is it true that in the heart of every man there is a fundamental call for us to connect with each other and work together in a unified way? Not just to fight evil or another perceived foe but simply because it is our true nature that we love truth and we love harmony – true harmony that is aware of the commonality that is in us all and of the Love we are all of, and from.

There is a deep call from humanity at present and the reply is embodied in full and expressed openly by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Theirs is a call to remember our ‘One Unified Truth’ – to return to the place in our hearts where we know we are connected with each other and that we can choose to live this truth. This is not some fanciful notion or wishful thinking but a reality many are experiencing in the world today. It is a reality many – if not all of us – long for. Let’s not create another world war before we choose this united way – let’s choose it now, just because we can and we know it as our Truth.

By Richard Mills, Training Manager, Husband, Lover of humanity and of true equalness, Lightwater, Surrey UK

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552 thoughts on “Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus and Buddha Meet up one Morning… What’s for Brexit?

  1. Great blog Richard, and thank you for raising the fact that although at times it may ‘look’ as if humanity’s nature is separation, jealousy and disharmony, if you really connect with anyone you might meet on the street it’s clear that we are designed to work together and be in relationship.

    1. Isn’t that one of the great moments in life – when we connect with a ‘so-called’ stranger on the street. Here we are offered a glimpse of how life could be, and is perhaps intended to be. Meeting others and realising ‘they are just like me’ and that we are all part of a grand interconnected oneness. Much harder to start wars and hate others when we know that connectedness within.

  2. It is such an awesome idea that Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and Buddha all get together and chat – what a conversation. It shows us just how far away from the truth we are living when we see such religious strife in the world, when we know that these beautiful men sanctioned only love, unity and brotherhood.

  3. Surely more wars and more countries just going for themselves is not the answer to the state the world is in today. The answer lays in coming together working together we only have the choice to delay this or not.

  4. Its interesting that we hold War in a nostalgic light, in reality it is brutal but we are so starved for connection due to the way we choose to live that what we are really missing is the way we came together and united for a common goal.

    1. The nostalgia is not really about the war but about the way people came together and connected with each other during that time. Do we really need to create another act of world brutality to connect with this again – or is there still time to learn from the last one?

      1. We seem to be slow learners when it comes to Unity. Conflicts since the Second World War abound: Vietnam, the Balkans, the Sudan, the Middle East… Yet more and more are embracing The Way of the Livingness and the ripples go far and wide.

  5. We can indeed look at wars and big disasters, like the Tsunami disaster at the beginning of this century, the big World Wars as being horrendous. And yes they are, but there is also beauty in it: in these darkest times we see the true nature of mankind arise, that is that we can all work together, and set apart national, cultural, skin, wealth differences to support other human beings.

  6. “Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus and Buddha Meet up one Morning”
    Reading this tongue in cheek phrase in the title I find it a most natural picture to imagine. Wow what a powerfully loving and evolutionary moment would be brought about through such a gathering of individuals who are deeply committed to God, to humanity and to living according to their Soul. What a farce it is that humanity has been throughout the ages bickering, abusing and fighting one another in their name.

  7. There is talk of world war three between Russia and the US. This is yet another example of the uselessness of repeating another pattern of the ‘same old same old’. We have had the Cold War and many wars before then fought between both sides with no result other than the senseless loss of life and livelihoods for many on both sides. If both are affected in the same way is this not proof alone that there is no division in truth, other than that which exists from geographical borders, differences in ways of living and held beliefs?

    1. Good question you pose here Joshua – what is the true nature of these divisions we seek to protect? Are they actually real or do they only exist in the minds of men?

  8. Just in the smile of a stranger that we pass along our way, is enough to know that we are all connected by the love held deep in our inner hearts for this is where we all come from, united by love. Sad to see that we have to go to war to feel a connectedness to each other but not in a true sense, as we feel very disconnected to the enemy we are fighting, our fellow brothers.

  9. From watching news reports over the last few weeks it appears that there are many around the world who are now coming together to protest, often violently, at the injustices they are currently seeing in this world. It is great that people are finally beginning to speak up, but as you so wisely ask Richard: “Do we really need to be forced to unite in this way or can we simply choose it because we know it is true”. It seems to me that if we simply make the choice to speak up and to unite with our fellow man because it feels true, then all things are possible, but if we unite for a cause in reaction to what someone has done or said, then is it probable that we are less likely to come to a place of common agreement and the desired harmonious outcome.

    1. I love what you’re saying here, Liane ….. ‘Love has no walls’ …. and yet we create them all the time. We create boundaries, in every relationship we have, which limits the flow of our love to others and theirs to us.

  10. It’s quite incredible what is going on in our world at the moment with regard to this question of unity versus separatism. The recent executive order made by Donald Trump banning people born in certain countries from re-entering the US, even if they live there, has prompted a Universal wave of reaction. World leaders, companies, people from all walks of life, from all over the world, are all coming together to share their support for unity. However, there is a difference between being in reaction to what someone has done, versus, standing up for what you believe to be true. They feel very different. Energetically, some of the protests against Donald Trump are in the same quality of energy as the actions they are seeking to denounce.

    1. Wasn’t the whole presidential campaign full of vile vitriol and lovelessness? How refreshing it would be for a candidate to refuse to play that ‘game’ and stand for the truth of love rather than belittle, undermine and abuse their ‘opponent’. Then the electorate might have a true choice to make.

  11. When we all come together in a shared purpose of unity we can move mountains, when we make it all about the individual we are pushing against pebbles.

  12. “Do we really need a common foe to feel and connect with this unity with others, or could we just choose it because we love unity and it is our very nature?” – It’s a great question and makes me think how even though we don’t currently have the impeding threat of a conflict like in World War II we do very much still have a common foe – that of division amongst us all, prejudice, inequality, abuse in all its many varied forms in homes and online, and though it presents a different ‘face’ to bombs being dropped on us it is still a destructive force that wreaks havoc and splits people and communities apart.

    1. Great point Fiona. When does a war begin? When the first shot is fired, or when we become divided between races – or when we divide within our own hearts?

  13. Deep down we feel most at ease with harmony and harmony only ever comes with love when we unite and feel our connection that is beyond what we see on the outside and our perceived differences. It is a sense that comes from inside, from knowing we come from love and are made from love. If you have ever felt that ease with another then the difference between peace and harmony is clear and we could never champion separation.

  14. ‘Do we really need a common foe to feel and connect with this unity with others, or could we just choose it because we love unity and it is our very nature?’ That is the question – the fact that it has to be asked shows how far we have strayed from our innate sense of brotherhood and our deep knowing of justice.

  15. I work in a medical clinic and the tools we have, the assessment and management plans we have for healthcare do not cure people, what people really miss is brotherhood.

  16. You ask: “Is it true that in the heart of every man there is a fundamental call for us to connect with each other and work together in a unified way?” – yes it is true so all this conflict and separation must be coming from somewhere other than our true heart.

      1. And also when we check out, are irresponsible and let other energies express through us. We all have seen that for example when people get drunk, but it happens far more often than that which is why we have sayings such as ‘what has gotten into him’and ‘you are not yourself today.’

    1. My whole body ‘jumps for joy’ when I consider this fundamental calling. This is the clearest indication I can ever receive that it is our truth and our way forward as a race.

  17. Love is calling us all to come together, however, are we living for the unification of man or for the division of humanity? the politics of the world is currently bringing a separation for us all at a time when coming together as one has never been more prominent and needed. Talking to people around the world whilst travelling and visiting places and people says a very different message where we all really want and know the love and oneness we are all from and taking the time to have the conservation is a beautiful reflection of this.

  18. ‘The Borg’ forced races and individuals to give up their own free will under a suppressive and supremacist ‘one’ will but the aspect of “adding their uniqueness to their collective” I consider not such a bad thing as such but I would rather say; ‘understanding our uniqueness as being a part of the grander whole we are held by and contribute to, and to align to the One Will that makes us all what we are under the law of free will’.

  19. “If Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus and Buddha got together for breakfast one morning” I feel that they would be horrified at what the world has done in their names and a press release might be issued that they can not support any of the separative religions which have stemmed from a bastardisation of what they all had taught which was that we are all part of a oneness and that uniting is the only way. Anything that creates separatism needs to be discarded and as a starting point, all the religions would need to unite before they could support them in any way.

    1. My feeling is that if we truly understand love then we have no other option but to share it because we are love and hence we live it in all that we do.

      1. As love is the essence of who we are, it takes more energy to resist love than to live it. Our society has become very sick because we are love, yet en masse we are not in active expression of it.

  20. What you share here Richard is very true and extremely important for us to GET! War might bring us together but at what cost of human life and destruction of communities.

  21. When we start to meet for breakfast and start a conversation on how each of us today can contribute to the unification of people, let´s say collaborating with my colleques and customers at my work place or within the family, we will imprint the day with the quality we want life to be at the end of the day.

  22. Meeting one to one it is usually easy to connect at a deeper level. Once in a group it appears that our desire for individuality gets in the way and can scupper the process in hand. If one or two remain in and retain their power a beautiful reflection for truth can be offered – that can then bring others to step up and come along with them. One truth, but various expressions, as you offer in your post Richard.

  23. There is something very beautiful and inspiring about acknowledging that inside us all, the call and yearning is the same: for unity, collaboration and true equality. What we shy away from is taking responsibility for the way we live our lives and whether we are contributing to this call or to the perpetuation of our current chaos and separation.

  24. As soon as there is an ‘us and them’ we are already in separation, what if we started from an understanding that we all hold the same truth within, and it is just a matter of unfolding it together and revealing what is not of truth to be discarded. Then there can be no separation because we know we are in this together and equal in that same truth and love.

  25. “Do we really need to be forced to unite in this way or can we simply choose it because we know it is true? ” Great question here and one that I ponder often. We know how to do it, as it happens when we are forced to, but we often revert right back to our separate ways within minutes, days, months or years. Why do we choose that when we know the truth? What do we like about living separately? What do we gain? These are the types of questions we need to be asking ourselves as a human race.

  26. The illusion of separation is one we feed more than anything else – for without us fuelling it, it wouldn’t exist.

  27. The evil force of war is upon us and amongst us, a force that we as a humanity encounter every day. The war is on each and every one of us, the equal Son’s of God so that we do not live realised the love we are, the might we are when we embrace our oneness through living in connection to our Divinity. This evil exits only through the separation to our love within, through the disconnected minds of man and the loveless momentums that then transpire. For once we walk realised, in the knowing of who we truly and Divinely are, evil has no door through which it can enter and as such is rendered powerless.

  28. ‘Perhaps they would simply celebrate the awareness of their unique expressions on the One Truth.’ The truth of this is palpable and because it is so real it allows me to feel how very possible this is the way we can be with one another on an every day daily basis. A deep appreciation for one another that brings the understanding of how deeply harmful and crazy it is to suppress another’s unique reflection of the One Truth.

  29. I am there with bells on! I cannot comprehend the separation by an imaginary line of people and countries. We learn to live in different ways, we learn different native languages yet we all have the same physiology, we all love and hurt.

  30. Humanity is meant to be united as one and if we keep fighting that fact, we keep going against the natural law of things, the planet will keep having to correct that energy with more and more natural disasters. The Brexit thing goes on and on the cost financially and energetically is severe and now there could be a possibility of Scotland having another referendum to leave the UK and then what’s next Northern Island? We need to stop and realise we are heading in the wrong direction.

  31. We need to consider that these reflections being offered by Brexit and other world events ‘begin at home’. We have a saying in English that ‘charity begins at home’ but maybe we should equally consider that ‘division begins at home’. It is only when we have healed the divisions within our own hearts and therefore our choices that we can truly expect to see a true difference in world events.

    1. Yes exactly Richard. We can look out into the world and see everyone that is wrong out there, but we do have to look in our ‘own backyard’ so to speak to see a micro version of the same energy playing out.

  32. Today is the day Theresa May and her government ‘trigger’ Article 50 setting in progress the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Amongst it all is talk of Scotland seeking independence from the UK, maybe Northern Ireland too. There is nothing so joy-full in life as truly connecting with other human beings and yet, it seems we are seeking division again and again. How far must we explore division to realise that it does not offer harmony? It is a sad day for all who understand the importance of unity with our fellow man.

  33. Although it is sad to see people making this choice of separation we also have to understand that we all have an individual choice and in that, we are not held by the choice of the many and have to obey to that. We have free will and once we understand this in full, we will know how to use it wisely and make our choices from there instead. Living from this awareness makes us free from the beliefs that are around us which try to make us separate from one another while we are naturally designed to unite, live and grow together as one.

      1. By withdrawing from our expression of it to such a great degree we fool ourselves that it is not still there and beholding us all.

  34. Many of the worlds problems are because we do not live for each other. It is in fact natural and at our very core that we live for humanity yet we live opposite to this – no wonder therefore illness and disease is so high.
    Individuality is a breeding ground for disease. Brexit stinks of individuality.

  35. I agree Richard, humanity is desperately calling for us to live with open hearts, where there is no separation but the unification of love which is the essence of the all.

  36. ‘…just because we can and know it is our truth.’ Simple as that. We can, so why are we not choosing to be united. How much longer do we want to delay the inevitable and are we enjoying the drama in our delay? I’m not so much.

  37. When we look at evil we can observe how its power is always in collecting the mentality of a group and driving it in a particular way so as to destroy anything in its path with its malevolence…. and to shut down that same evil we need to see through its falsehoods and misinterpretations to rise above it – again collectively but from the foundations of and commitment to true purpose and true love.

  38. So true Richard, we need to take a really close look at what we are creating in this world! On the surface it looks like we are creating more and more separation between Nations and our fellow man in every way possible. I thank God for The Way of The Livingness and its presenter Serge Benhayon. This is about us coming together as one Brotherhood.

  39. We cannot long for or restore brotherhood on earth without the first having the awareness, understanding and lived true love from within one self… it is impossible no matter what or how much is spoken.

  40. Unity as a one body of humanity is something we can develop through the way we are first within ourselves and then in all of our relationships – every single one of them – the ripple effect of how we each live our day is not to be dismissed.

  41. I love how you bring Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus and Buddha around one table and ask whether they would argue or unite and how come we have made each of their teachings a distinct religion that is in separation to the others. We are in our hearts the same, the same love lives within us all and that is what binds us and if we so choose unites us.

    1. I sense that if the question ‘in one word, what is the essence of your religion?’ were posed to humanity a majority would say ‘Love’. This is the heart of the matter to me and the thing that truly unifies us all.

      1. So very true and so very simple, Richard. And thus if we made it all about love all that what we have accepted life to be with all its differences and argues, fights and wars would not be.

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