The Ripple Effect of the Benhayons

I have met the Benhayons once, on my first Universal Medicine Livingness workshop, in June 2016. My memories from this initial introduction go as far as the-never-experienced-before most delicate feel of Miranda Benhayon’s hands, and the undoubtable warmth and openness of Serge Benhayon.

During this course I didn’t get any huge revelations, no eureka moments from the ‘skies’ telling me “this is it, you’ve found truth!” No, nothing revelatory here, just another seminar to expand on some knowledge.

And yet, for the first time in years I could walk into a very large room full of people and not compare myself to just about every single other woman in there, not feel self-conscious about my size, or for the first time since I can remember, listen to somebody present for longer than a minute without completely blanking out and going into a daydream. Pretty cool eh? And for me – revolutionary.

I was first introduced to Universal Medicine by my boyfriend and then his mother. Two incredible people who have supported my growth like nobody else, with deep honesty, love, and appreciation for me and all that I bring. Two people who don’t hold back when it is time to tell me that I need to pull my act together, or who deeply care for me in my most vulnerable state. The same two people who responded to my poisonous jealousy of their relationship with “okay, let’s talk about it” and “you need to deal with this” without ANY judgement, resentment, or dismissal, just understanding.

Michael Brown & Viktoria Stoykova
Michael Brown & Viktoria Stoykova

Dragana Brown
Dragana Brown

Since my introduction to Universal Medicine, whilst researching the organisation I came across dozens of articles, videos, websites etc. accusing Universal Medicine of being a cult; even people in my life who I believed to have had the most solid relationship with, flipped 180 degrees and began to oppose everything that was unfolding before them and the remarkable self-loving choices I was bringing into MY life. I was accused of being brainwashed, gullible, a follower.

But my question is, how can I be brainwashed if in every presentation by Serge, in his books, each article I read, and conversations I have with those who study with Universal Medicine, I have found that these people I am meeting think like me, that we have the same views on life and our understandings built on the same or similar awareness? How is this a cult? By this logic, pretty much every celebrity fan and sport club also has to be called a cult.

My experience is that people, especially those close to us, start to respond and often react in different ways when we introduce changes into our lives, especially when the changes no longer align with their way of living. Yet to me, the more intimately I started to get to know myself the more it all felt like everything I had learnt and lived up to that point had been a massive bubble of lies that was now bursting in front of my eyes. The convenient relationships and the die-hard habits of life were starting to crumble down; the beautiful smile I had mastered to perfection in order to keep the ‘always positive’ and ‘happy’, ‘good girl’ mask was starting to wear out.

Reality was beginning to kick in and I was no longer choosing to avoid it. My thirst for truth, meaningful relationships and deep connections paved my path to the home of the Browns where I was presented with an opportunity to further explore and connect deeper with everything I had already known was inside of me, but did not have the confidence or the self-worth to express to my friends, family, or anyone around me.

With the support of the Brown family, Universal Medicine Practitioners, and the Universal Medicine student body I am able to stand here today as a young woman and embrace the fact that I do feel, always have, and always will feel Truth.

All of these people have been inspired by the fiery love of Serge Benhayon and without even knowing me, Serge and the Benhayon family have brought truth, love, and honesty into my life too, that they so unreservedly and selflessly bring into the lives of countless others. If this isn’t proof of the fact that we are all equal and that every one of us can bring out the great in others, I don’t know what is.

How amazing the ripple effect of the Benhayons!

By Viktoria Stoykova, Student, UK

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667 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect of the Benhayons

  1. The ripple effect flowing through Serge Benhayon presenting the Ageless Wisdom is felt in all corners of our world.

  2. I love how you are claiming your truth here Viktoria, standing tall for all to see and know what is possible. You are an inspiring young woman. Thank you..
    “With the support of the Brown family, Universal Medicine Practitioners, and the Universal Medicine student body I am able to stand here today as a young woman and embrace the fact that I do feel, always have, and always will feel Truth”.

  3. Inspired by truth and a living quality, this is what is seen and appreciated from the Benhayon family. How can this be called a cult when there is free will to live with love?

  4. The ripple effect we can have on one another is far greater than I think we can even comprehend; the quality we bring to life and all our relationships can truly make a significant difference.

  5. Exactly, how crazy is it to doubt the truth when its presented? What on earth have we created such ill mind to respond like that? For our greatest intelligence is love.

    1. Yes, it is like we have dug a hole for ourselves, put ourselves in it and then whenever anyone comes to point out the fact that we don’t need to be in the hole we shout at them for trying to lead us astray. Clearly we just need to be left in the hole for as long as we choose to be there – or not.

  6. When people close to you react when you are becoming more self-loving and taking care of yourself, it exposes the false love we have all settled for in our relationships. This form of love comes from need, security and control is an agreement between friends, colleagues, partners and families. There is a backlash when one party steps away from the original contract.

    1. Fiona there can be a backlash as you say, there are also those who say I can see the level of care you have for yourself and it is amazing. I do not have that level of care myself and I’m fine with that. Then there are those who see the changes that have been made and decide that they want to make the changes too, then feel the benefit of the changes. Sometimes, it needs someone to step away from what we have come to accept as life, in order for the rest of us to see and feel the rot we have been living in.

  7. Such a wonderful dose of appreciation I feel in your blog, it inspires me to appreciate those that have and are supporting me in my journey back to soul and to re fresh my appreciation for the Benhayon family that is growing in numbers and quality all the time.

  8. The ripple effect of the Benhayon family is deeply powerful and felt far and wide, thank you Viktoria for expressing with such clarity your appreciation and love for the Benhayon family and the amazing turnaround you have made since meeting them.

  9. It is a joy to have you as part of the community Viktoria – and see how you continue to grow and flourish based on choosing more truth in your life. Yes there is many articles and opinions out there about Universal Medicine, but it comes back to our own discerning and own reflection to the world, knowing what truth is, and standing by it no matter what.

  10. The Benhayons receive multiple attacks, the student body of The Way of The Livingness does too. It doesn’t make sense that in a world where free will is championed and considered a human right such level of abuse is allowed – yet it makes perfect sense when one understands the energy behind it all.

  11. I am inspired by your commitment to keep shedding all the lies that you and we all have grown up with. I could imagine there were several points such as having to deal with jealousy, where most would start to defend or deny and refuse to grow. This is what Universal Medicine offers us all, the opportunity to become more aware and question what is true or not and make adjustments in our life based on the answers.

  12. If I and other Universal Medicine Students do not conform to many of the common activities of society such as getting drunk, taking drugs, drinking coffee, being regularly sick, having dysfunctional relationship make me a member of a cult of healthy living, free and independent thought, living a far more harmonious and joyful life than I ever did before, then I am proud of it.

    1. I’m with you there jstewart51. I have had a belly full of being drunk, or being in dysfunctional relationships from a need of wanting the other person to love me because I’m incapable of loving myself. I too live far more harmoniously than at any time in my life with the knowing that this is just the beginning that there is so much more to be. How amazing is it at the age of 64, I feel my life is just beginning when most people are counting down the days to when they can retire.

  13. YES – ripple effect they bring! What I have learned is that you, you, are an essence and that the more we connect to that essence, the warmer and more all-encompassing the ripple effects are..

  14. Everything you have shared here Viktoria, I could not agree upon more. I do find people react when we make the decision to change the way we live, it kind of doesn’t make sense. We act out on our decision to improve our lives and the people around us want us back to our old ways, which were not serving us in many ways then just one. Its as if jealousy or comparison takes over and they want you to wallow in the what is not than the what is.

    Cult is within every culture, work environment, religion, etc, it is everywhere so it isn’t in isolation or to one particular group that has chosen to live differently.

  15. To stay true to the way of living that you know is right for you Viktoria, even in the face of great criticism and attacks, is a powerful thing to do, and one that will provide the reflection for others to find their own way back to their souls- this is the ripple effect that you spoke of, started this time around by Serge Benhayon and his endless love for Humanity.

  16. All of us were raised and socialized in a peculiar way and under a specific view of the world: us and others. We all learned that to be loved by others, you had among other things, to share the basics of what you have been given. That is why it is so hard for them when you realize that part of what you were given, you discover that is not true and you start changing your life to create more space for truth to flourish. The irony is that truth is never against anyone and is to the benefit of everyone equally. The critical issue is how to handle these situations well. It has to be done from love. Otherwise, it will create a pretty difficult situation for everybody.

  17. Today, two years after my introduction to the Benhayons, I stand more solid in what I felt back then. In these two years my life has truly changed beyond recognisable, I am aware, I know what it feels to be truly solid on my own two feet and I have a community of friends who are absolutely supportive, loving and amazing in more ways than I could have possibly imagined two years ago – all inspired by this incredible man, Serge Benhayon.

  18. You share so clearly why so many are reactive to Universal Medicine because it brings up this town’s choices. It seems we would rather live in reaction than even consider living with truth. I speak from experience! It’s quite extraordinary how much I have been willing to resist simple facts.

  19. This is an awesome testament to ‘The Way of The Livingness’ and the Browns. When we are offered a true way of living with deep care and love the truth that we have always known within ignites and starts to burn again.

  20. You wouldn’t be able to count or see all the ripple effects that are being made with the absoluteness of the Benhayon family. I have been fortunate enough to experience it first hand with them, but how that then is carried through and passed onto everyone in my life is extraordinary. You can only really connect with it by feeling the impact that this has had, but in saying that, many people I am in connection with have experienced points in their life where they see that there is another way of living. The Way of The Livingness.

    1. Their ripple effect is huge because each person they inspire then has a ripple effect of their own. I just know now that the ripple effect can come from 2 sources, so our movements will choose the quality of ripple effect we have.

  21. It is very inspiring to watch others live the truth of who they are, you can’t but want to do it yourself.

  22. And there are so many more people in the world who have been touched by those within the student body as those who choose this way of living reflect something different to the world around them just as the Benhayon’s do.

  23. So many people’s lives have been changed for the better because of the Benhayon family. They are living examples of how to live love on earth.

    1. If everyone is 6 x removed from each other the impact of us all living with more love for ourselves is going to have a huge impact – imagine if we actually lived the love and responsibility that the Benhayon’s do – it would be quite remarkable.

  24. When the real reality kicks in and we start to honour our natural thirst for truth, and meaningful relationships, our soul is there always to guide the way, ensuring we meet the right people at the right time. If its a true call – its always delivered.

  25. When we start living true to ourselves, everything changes, and yes our old baggage can start popping up, which is great because then it clears from our bodies, giving us more space to feel what works and what dosen’t as we continually refine our choices.

  26. Just as the stars illuminate the night sky, so too does our living way inspire others to also live what they know to be true.

  27. ‘My experience is that people, especially those close to us, start to respond and often react in different ways when we introduce changes into our lives, especially when the changes no longer align with their way of living.’ I have found instances like this too, but the beautiful thing is that whilst those that loved me had initial concerns and reactions, they have over time seen such inordinate positive changes within me, that they no longer have any adversity towards Universal Medicine. They have openly said that it is not for them, but are in full support of my choices and my attendance of Universal Medicine workshops and presentations.

    1. What an amazing turnaround, Rachel. This is a complete testimony to your choices and the way you live your life. Thank you for sharing.

  28. How amazing for us all that Serge Benhayon woke up to who he truly was, went about living it and now so many people are inspired to do the same.

  29. A beautiful reflection of how the ripple effects of love impact greatly on the lives we live and offer inspiration through all our relationships. And this is something we all hold the responsibility and power to live, to reflect the love that we all are in essence. If we can feel the power of what one can live as with Serge Benhayon, then this highlights the power that is truly possible for us all to live.

  30. When I first wrote this blog, I could swear by the openness and warmth of Serge. Today, I can swear by his love, truth, humbleness, sweetness and care. Over the last two years I have gotten to know this person from attending his presentations and having one to one conversations. He’s a truly remarkable man and a blessing for us all.

    1. So, true, Mary! The beauty of how ripples work! I also see the Benhayon family like the initial torch bearers. They ignite the first light and inspire others to ignite their own… then as each one lights up, more and more are inspired to do the same.

  31. When we choose truth and live with appreciation for our divine quality it’s simple, effortless you could say and might seem like we’re doing ‘nothing’. But living our light is huge in the context of a messed up world obsessed with achievement and driving through. So we should never underestimate the powerful effect that we have just by choosing to hold ourselves with Love. Thank you Viktoria.

  32. The Benhayon family definitely change lives. When you meet any one of them, you cannot but feel the love and truth they hold, and the equalness they hold everyone in, and when they meet you, you are inspired to do the same, and the cycle continues with each person who is inspired by love, truth and equalness.

  33. I personally feel that Serge Benhayon offers a reality check for everyone, it then becomes a choice whether you agree with what he presents or not. He doesn’t have any investment in the outcome. There are many people living today who are dissatisfied with our current way of living and thousands of people when they hear what Serge Benhayon presents say “that makes sense to me”, because it just does make complete sense, there is no other way to describe it. And the relief one feels in the body is tangible.

    1. Yes.. we may not like what is presented at first because it goes against everything we have been brought up to know is true- but that on closer inspection, is not true at all- just a lot of pictures and rules about ‘how life is’, handed down through the generations. What Serge and his family present is that there are no rules, just a very natural way to live that comes from within us, and learning to listen to that connection. No following or copying anything from the outside, just an attunement and and alignment to what we already, always feel and know within us, but have perhaps forgotten about.

  34. The ripple effect is beyond what we can even comprehend is my sense. Every life changed course has a ripple effect – it is profound.

  35. The other day I had a young man criticise the way I live and the choices I make, but what this brought home to me was that there was no need for justification or defending because I have many years of lived truth, and without a shadow of doubt I know where I have come from to where I am today.

    1. When we have that solid foundation of lived truth Julie, there is not much that can rock our boats, as we have so much more understanding of ourselves and then others, there is no need to defend or react and even that is a solid reflection.

  36. The ripple affect is enormous and is very evident in the many hundreds of life changing stories from students, clients and families who have been inspired by the Benhayon’s and Universal Medicine.

  37. It is the degree of Livingness reflected by the Benhayon family that is leading us all out of the ditch we have fallen into. We can ‘know’ or ‘know about’ many things, many consciousnesses, many hurts, many reactions, but unless we live vibrationally our knowing then it remains as ‘knowledge’ – making us think we have got somewhere. The Benhayons bring that vibrational being to us in life and it is this which truly shifts the bonds of our imprisonment.

  38. ‘If this isn’t proof of the fact that we are all equal and that every one of us can bring out the great in others, I don’t know what is.’ Yes a love that knows no bounds that inspires people to reconnect to the love we all have within and express it in our lives for countless others to feel. That’s pretty cool 🙂

  39. An inspiring and very relatable blog Viktoria. I am one of the countless others that Serge and the Benhayon family have brought immeasurable opportunities to return honesty, love and truth.
    “Serge and the Benhayon family have brought truth, love, and honesty into my life too, that they so unreservedly and selflessly bring into the lives of countless others”.

  40. Wow – yes the ripple effect of the Benhayons is truly extraordinary and the changes in your life are testament to that. It’s obvious that you know and express truth with ease and have no desire to convince anyone of anything and I find this quite wonderful to witness.

  41. We often take life to be what we see, how amazing to see life as so much more and to appreciate the ripple effect that happens when we live life based on our commitment to love.

  42. And the extraordinary thing is, continuing the ripple effect, is that everyone who has been connected with, and lives enhanced by this connection, will be the next ripple generators themselves.

  43. When I stop and think about it, it is in fact ridiculous that it takes such effort and bravery to make choices that are based on what we truly feel. It shows how much we are invested in our comfort that we would attack those who challenge it.

  44. We built relationships based on needs and agree with each other on what we will and will not bring into those relationships. So now wonder if one starts to questions the arrangement, and starts to make different choices bringing much more to the relationship than was initially agreed with that there will more likely be much effort by the other to bring them back down to the level they are comfortable with.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen this in relationships of people from all walks of life. But until I cam across Serge Benhayon I’d never seen those resisting love held in such love and understanding , and how in that steadiness people were given the opportunity to trust again and some did wholeheartedly.

      1. Absolutely and the beauty in it is that everyone is fully respected for the choices they make no matter where they lead them. In this way love is never lost and people are always held, even if the relationship ceases to exist.

  45. One of the things I absolutely love about life is how one person, or one action, or just one thing you do can ripple out and affect so many more people than we could ever see or imagine. The Benhayon’s ripple is incredible and if that is possible with just one family, imagine what is possible with many many families living with the same integrity and truth…. The world changes one ripple by one ripple.

    1. Very beautifully said. There is no action or thought that does not affect others and the ripple effect is magnified. Shows what a huge responsibility we all have.

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