Don’t poke Holes in the Air, the Seagulls might Trip Over

I remember as a child pointing in the air and someone saying to me, “Don’t poke holes in the air, the seagulls might trip over.”

I was recently reminded of this during an online Esoteric Yoga session. I have found that Esoteric Yoga sessions can really support me to build a relationship with my body and to reconnect to the natural stillness that exists within – a must for my busy lifestyle.

This yoga session happened to take place in my car as I was in between meetings, so I had pulled over to a quiet spot facing the beach, pulled out my laptop and completed the session by Skype with an Esoteric Yoga practitioner.

So here I was in my car, and as I was a bit caught up in the momentum of the day, I found myself talking really fast. The practitioner asked me to close my eyes and supported me to re-connect to my body, feeling my feet, my ankles, my legs, my buttocks on the seat, my back, my shoulders and neck, and then my head.

Within minutes I could feel the racy momentum I had been in drop away. I slowly connected to being with my body and the world around me expanded.

The practitioner then asked me to put my seat belt on, while holding the quality that I had just established in my body. It was like chalk and cheese compared to how I would normally put my seat belt on.

As I completed this gentle movement, that saying came back to me and I got that we can move in sync with the world, or we can move against it.

I found myself doing a very familiar movement that felt in sync in the world – which was a rarity because I normally don’t do it in sync; one could say I had made quite a few holes in the air!

My normal mode is usually one with very little conscious presence, in autopilot, and quite often I rush the ‘house leaving’ or ‘car starting’ part of my day. If my childhood saying was true, I would be “poking a lot of holes in the air,” and for sure, the seagulls in my neighbourhood would be on crutches more often than not!

But not this time: the energetic quality that I had established meant that I put my seatbelt on with such ease, one could even say with grace, and definitely it was in flow with the world. I don’t think the seagulls would have even batted an eyelid!

So continuing with this hole theory, have you ever watched someone in high emotion walk into a room – did you notice that a disturbance can be felt, ripples can be made, and that holes could be created?

I remember when a good friend of mine was dying. We were surrounding his bed during his final days, and I watched the effect of how different nurses would enter the room. Some would enter, take in the mood of the room, be in sync with what was going on and go about their duties. They graced the room. Others did not do that; they almost barged in and did what they had to do, then barged out again, leaving an out-of-sync feeling in the room.

I was then filled with a deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners and modalities because they are inspiring so many people to look at the energetic quality in which they are living their lives.

We all do trillions of activities throughout our lifetimes, but how often do we stop and look at how we are doing it – what energetic quality and what impact are we having on the world around us?

It is not what we do, but it is how we do it. Do we stop and ask ourselves ‘how’ do we talk to ourselves and to each other? How do we walk into a room? How do we put the bins out? How do we send an email? How do we hold ourselves at work? How do we do the dishes? How do we put ourselves to sleep? How do we respond to critique?

These are good questions to be asking ourselves and I have found the presentations and healing modalities of Universal Medicine certainly help me to understand energy and what quality I undertake many activities in.

Are we creating holes or are we maintaining the natural rhythm and flow of the world around us?

I appreciate that I now have a new marker as to how to put my seatbelt on – I might not remember every time but it is there.

Showing me how to put fewer holes in the air!

By Sarah Flenley, Woman and keen observer of life, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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599 thoughts on “Don’t poke Holes in the Air, the Seagulls might Trip Over

  1. As I head out to work this morning I am definitely going to be taking these words with me. “we can move in sync with the world, or we can move against it.” Working with children of all ages is certainly a great learning ground at the best of times but today I am going to be as aware as possible if the day flows more smoothly when I am in sync with what is unfolding around me. I love how life is the never ending classroom.

  2. Thank you Sarah, this is a timely reminder of bringing more conscious presence to all that I do. It is so obvious when someone is out of sync but to look more deeply at how we are moving in each moment is so important.

  3. There is a one movement that we can all be in harmony with, or we can choose our own movements and all bump around in the world.

  4. When we stop to feel the impact our movements have on others (as per the example of the nurses coming in and out) we start to understand that everything is connected and that we are only pretending that we are not hurting others by our emotions and movements when we bully our way through life.

  5. Moving in sync with the world, in sync with the flow that is there is such an extraordinary feeling. It is what poets of old wrote about, people waxed lyrical about it, and yet it is there for everyone to experience

  6. Understanding that we are able to choose our energetic quality is very empowering and a great responsibility when we open our awareness to understand the simplicity of flow and rhythm in sync with life and how emotionally reacting to life brings in denseness and complication affecting everyone around us.

  7. “It is not what we do, but it is how we do it. Do we stop and ask ourselves ‘how’ do we talk to ourselves and to each other? How do we walk into a room?” so true to note all this about ourselves Sarah, and equally the same it’s also not the words we’re using either or even our delivery of them per se, but instead having a level of attention towards specifically the energetic quality of what comes from us, knowing that that quality of what’s within us is having a direct effect on others either beneficially or otherwise the reverse.

  8. “Are we creating holes or are we maintaining the natural rhythm and flow of the world around us?”.. the perforations, punctures, holes, are such a great way to look at our quality and the ‘image’ brings responsibility to what we’re doing in the space around us.. definitely you can feel jaggedness when there is emotion, and also the graceful beauty when there is a flowing glide of harmony.

  9. Its also interesting watch the energy at play in a room and how we all curtail to it, enjoin it, It can be challenging if how you are does not fit into the mould of this, it stands out and it is noticed and is often misinterpreted as being personal, when it has nothing at all to do with the person, but what is needed at the time. When we interpret things as personal we are caught in our own reaction to an event rather than feeling the grander offerings being made in life.

  10. How we are in every moment not only affects us but those around us – thank you Sarah for this beautiful reminder!

  11. The moment we actually stop and let ourselves feel the body, we actually get offered an opportunity to clock how racy or off we can be and this in itself, though unpleasant to feel, is actually super powerful as it allows us to then know and make choices from there that are different, that allow the natural pulse of the body to return.

  12. I simply love the fact that Esoteric Yoga is a portable modality; you don’t need a healing room to do it, you can, as you have so beautifully demonstrated, do it anywhere even in a car. It is my go to wherever I am, when I feel that I am not connected to me. A few gentle moves and it doesn’t take long before I am back with me 100% and the seagulls are safe once again!

  13. I have found that Esoteric Yoga sessions can really support me to build a relationship with my body and to reconnect to the natural stillness that exists within – a must for my busy lifestyle.” I so agree Sarah. Recently I was caught up in some wild fires and my Esoteric Yoga practice supported me to stay calm and open and reflected this out to others, who later appreciated that fact.

  14. How do we do what we do, in everything that we do,as everything is everything and in what quality is all of our doings being done. I am again reminded today that the quality I am in is what is reflected out to the world.

  15. Great to return to this today, and be reminded of what I wrote :-). Last night I did an activity that was all about the output and I was not taking in the quality of the energy that I was doing it in. Gosh it felt a bit foul as I was quite stressed doing it. I would have poked quite a few holes in the air! This is a timely reminder that I do know stillness and harmony, and a call to return to putting quality before quantity!

    1. Yes the beauty of having markers in the body is they are always there for us to return to. I also find it is amazing the wealth that flows through us when we are connected to the quality of stillness within.

    2. Its like the saying ‘less is more’ although in truth there is no less, only seemingly. There is much more that we can explore in quality and what this means to how we live and our choices and the effect of this throughout day and life and it is something that we can choose.

  16. It really is amazing to feel the power of our stillness expand through the body, and feel the quality of that essence re-establish its presence – there is nothing like it. When we move in connection to this we are moving in the graceful power of who we are, rather than with the imposing force of who we are not.

  17. It’s quite amazing to consider the effect and quality of our every little movement we make in a day and how that movement can in turn effect another. A very cool blog indeed thank you Sarah.

  18. Introducing a different quality to what already is around would no doubt cause disturbance – maybe this is why many of us are so good at enjoining and following others – to avoid any reaction?

  19. When I focus on the quality of my movements and not being in the ‘busyness’ of life, I can feel I am in the flow of life and am in harmony with everything around me. Thank you Sarah for this beautiful reminder.

  20. How often do we move in sync with the world, in harmony with all those around us? How often are we so focused on the task at hand that we forget ourselves or those around us and are just keen to get the ‘job’ done? I am certainly learning that life can get away on me in that way, if I do not pay more attention! And so it is about me bringing more of ‘me’ into what I do – such as the simple act of going to the toilet when I need it rather than waiting till a task is completed (and then feeling like I am tied in knots trying to get things done fast, whilst holding tight in my muscles!) – something like this is a simple example of the ways that we do not work in line with natural ways, and hence can get racy and do things in abrupt ways! Of course at times we do have to wait a little while to go (to the toilet for example), but if the intent is to go as soon as is possible, the body responds accordingly and we are listening to all aspects – those around us as well as ourselves, and this does bring more harmony overall.

    1. Great question Henrietta. There is so much more of life, the world, each other, and ourselves for that matter, that we could be living and moving more harmoniously with. Our bodies certainly are the key to being guided as to how harmonious are movements are in any moment. As such it is wise move to develop a loving and honoring relationship with this incredible vessel and intelligence we all have on hand.

  21. ” we can move in sync with the world, or we can move against it.”This is an important teaching and can be verified by seagulls or any other bird in flight , they move with the energy of the wind , they do not fight it .They flow and move effortlessly , this is also available to us humans by synchronising with the energy of our true source , not what the outside world wants of us.

  22. ‘We can move in sync with the world or we can move against it.’ This really struck home to me today. Having had a headache for three days and nights, today, with the support of a friend I reconnected with my body. I had constantly been in my head ‘trying’ to fix my head. Once I returned to my body and moved with it – with the world – my symptoms changed. Being in yoga, rather than doing yoga.

  23. ‘we can move in sync with the world, or we can move against it’ . The anxiety in which sometimes we move is very draining. It’s always much simpler to stop, come back to ourselves and move again in sync with us and everything

  24. What I love about this blog on Esoteric Yoga is the practicality of movement – how we can make movement of a quality that brings integrity to the body (no holes). It’s real, practical, very ‘everyday’, and shows us the way out of that momentum.

  25. It is really lovely to feel and observe the drop in tension as you gradually come back to yourself throughout an Esoteric Yoga session. However if we do find there is an easing of the tension at the start, we really need to be looking at why we are running our bodies like that. A session is only one hour – the way we live is affecting our health and wellbeing the rest of the day.

  26. When we move from the true quality of harmony and grace within we are naturally aligned to the true rhythm of life as a whole, the ripple effect of which is deeply felt. With this energetic awareness it highlights the true responsibility we all have in the way we hold and move in the world and how we interact and engage with others.

  27. it really is so simple isn’t it… It’s simply in the way we live that opens the doorway to our inner heart and through that the joy and love of God is there at our fingertips

  28. We need stop moments in our lives to pause and reflect on how we are being and from there give ourselves the grace to change behaviours that no longer support us or perhaps have never supported us.

  29. ‘It is not what we do, but it is how we do it.’ So very little focus and attention is given to the quality we do any task in as long as the task gets done, but you so beautifully describe the energetic holes that can be felt in the rush, push and drive. Where as, completing a task with gentle movement and conscious presence we are enabling harmony in our bodies which can be felt by all others around us.

  30. Inspirations from this blog and the comments I have read above are endless. What a blessing for us to have access to these and read them, learn and grow together! Thank you Sarah, and all of you commenting.

  31. Awesome blog Sarah – and one I can so well relate to. Though I might not appear like a rushed person, there is a part of me that often feels ‘left behind’ and I often find my mind is working at a faster pace than what the body can keep up with. It takes a lot of will power to go at the pace of the body and not let the mind control the pace and rhythm. For me this is a continuous learning process.

  32. “We all do trillions of activities throughout our lifetimes, but how often do we stop and look at how we are doing it” – This is just as important as employee appraisals and regular evaluations; reviewing the QUALITY of how we live and what we do, all the time.

  33. I loved what you have shared Sarah, a beautiful reminder to be in sync with the energetic flow of the world and the universe in my movements, it is not what i do but the quality I do it in,

    1. Equally beautifully said Jill – the quality that we move in is key in how we will express in more ways than we realise. I am getting to feel this more and more, and it seems that when I think I got it, then there is another layer or level of ‘getting it’. When our quality is one of our innate and natural gentleness, then there is a flow in all that we do.

  34. You have changed my day, even as I type I can feel my fingers let go of the tension, I can feel how hard and robotic my movements have been, its like unwinding a wound up clock. My sky may just have a few less holes for seagulls today!

    1. Interesting you say that Sarah. I read a blog a while ago and it talked about not handling things twice, which can happen a lot in my world especially in my bedroom with my clothes -“I’ll just put that there” (i.e not away) and then that ‘there’ spot is needed, so I will “just put it here’ until that ‘here’ spot is needed and so on…

      But from that blog I was inspired to start no long do the – “i’ll just put that there” – and actually put it away to save double handling later, and I was appreciating how much a blog/or a line in a blog can really support you/change things and here is confirmation from you about mine saying the same thing! Love it!

      1. Yes Sarah,I think that is why I love the these type of sites and commit to reading them daily, it is like getting a free session everyday, why wouldn’t I. I get to be inspired from people all around the country and the world. Everyday people, like me, that work have families, that are involved in all things community, people that understand that life can be tough and that demands can be high. Unlike someone removed from the everyday living, that does yoga on a mountain somewhere.
        I come to these sites as I feel I can trust these life stories and if I want to ask questions, these sights are live and interactive, there is always someone there to answer or relate to, even if its not the person that wrote the blog. This is a model of how it is possible to interact online as a community who’s intention is to truly grow our relationship with ourselves and each other.

  35. Moving in harmony we not only grace everyone else but ourselves too with every movement. It is such a yummy way to live and feels so gorgeous in the body, that once experienced exposes just how awful it feels to not move in this way.

  36. I love the description of the nurses and how some of them graced the room by first discerning what was going on before entering, and others barged in and barged out again causing disharmony. This is the choice we have each and every day and in every moment. We can discern and take care of our movements, or we can be blind to what is going on and do our own thing regardless without any care or respect. Both have a huge effect – one is healing and one is harming.

  37. As a society we poke a lot of holes in the air as much is being done out of sync with nature and the cycles we are in. And this is felt by all, we all have somewhere a feeling that something is not right and are looking for ways to relief ourselves from this feeling. To make a change we could start for instance to become more conscious in how we are with our movements. are they harsh or in harmony with the the tenderness that lives within and everything that surrounds us. It actually can be that simple to make the world a better place for all to truly prosper and evolve.

  38. Seagulls on crutches – oh dear! Very cute but I get your drift Sarah, that we either flow with life or disturb the grace and harmony that’s naturally there. Much appreciation also for the reminder of all those movements we make through the day, from putting on seat belts to walking, they can all be done in a gentle and harmonious quality.

  39. It is an important aspect and science of life. The fact we are holding ourselves in harmony with the flow of the world or against it is so important to notice as it has an effect on many parts of our life.

  40. What if we learned from little that our movements are what we bring to the world and thus how very important the quality is we are moving in and not so much the moves we do.

  41. A deeper look at how we move and are Sarah, very timely to read, and it reminds me that we impact life and ourselves in how we move and we can change that in an instant.

  42. I have been observing myself as I talk recently and have noticed a steady, confident, firm but loving voice begin to emerge, markers to appreciate and confirm the natural voice that is within; a vast difference to the hurried, sometimes childlike and doubtful voice that I have spoken in for most of my life. The way in which we speak can reveal so much about the quality of energy we live in.

  43. This is a beautiful blog Sarah that has made me really ponder on the quality of how I do all that I do and the ripple effect is has on others and the world around me….

  44. Ah the not just what but how, appreciation and confirmation are qualities we so desperately need, otherwise we run around like we are frantic!

  45. It’s a great image of poking holes in the air. If we were to truly feel the effects of our movements on the air around us and then therefore on other people we would stop and move very differently. Moving through water can show us this very clearly. It’s great to play with this in a swimming pool.

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