Intelligence Alone is Not Enough

As you look around the world, it seems for centuries now we have thrown our collective intelligence at life to try to improve things.

We have dedicated our schools and universities to fostering greater intelligence and understanding of the sciences, arts, law, or humanities. We have more ‘centres of excellence’ and more PhD graduates than ever before. Indeed we are smarter by the traditional measures than at any other time in history.

Yet while the mind is an amazing tool and some people use their intelligence for the betterment of mankind, at some point we should step back and take stock of how we are truly going.

  • We have domestic violence, family violence, inter-racial violence, sporting violence and, of course, many wars and conflicts that still occur in the world.
  • We have religions professing love yet either tacitly or by omission endorsing child abuse and/or the denigration and at times murder of women.
  • We have growing rates of preventable lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.
  • Then there are the people who have lived with backache, neck ache, headaches, or other niggles for so long they have become ‘normal’.
  • We have global pandemics of disease, starvation and ongoing issues with adult and childhood slavery.

Sure we get it right at times and many live comfortable lives, but there are some pretty big things that don’t seem to be heading in the right direction.

If this is the case, and in spite of our high levels of collective intelligence, our health and quality of relationships are NOT improving, it begs the question “is intelligence alone enough?”

If fact, ‘intelligent people’ often do things that might be considered less than intelligent.

  • Why would doctors smoke, after everything they have studied?
  • Why do some people who have PHD’s in psychology/marriage counselling get divorced?
  • Why do the majority of society eat or drink at least one food that is known to be bad for our health and call it a treat?
  • Why do some journalists, dedicated to truth, become one sided and biased in their reporting?
  • Why does a ‘man of the cloth’ abuse young children, after all their years of studying God’s love and compassion?

In each example there is a person who on some level has made a choice, first of awareness and then an action that leads to a less than intelligent outcome.

But let’s not point the finger… how many of us take ‘better’ care of what we do and how we eat when we get the flu? We may not even go to the doctor but innately know the basics that support the body.

When the body speaks loudly enough we listen, yet when we recover we start doing and eating the same things that contributed to our illness in the first place. The mind seems to kick in and make ‘smart choices’ once again… until the body shows us they are not so smart.

If it is our bodies that send us signals that lead to well-being and our mind that overrides these signals, maybe our connection to our body is where true intelligence lives.

Looking more closely at those mind driven ‘smart choices’, many have a similar outcome – they avoid feeling or ease tension rather than heal it. It gets a mental craving for a certain food not because it’s good for us, but because it stimulates, dulls or soothes us in some way. This is not a bad thing and on an intellectual level this makes sense, but the reality is that physically the body suffers.

If we apply this to the doctor, the counsellor, the journalist, the priest, things begin to make sense. It is possible that what drives these seemingly incongruent choices is a choice for protection/relief. Who hasn’t done the same from time to time?

So we are faced with a conundrum. We have a mind that at times is less than honest about its motives, but that we trust implicitly, and a body that suffers the consequences, that cannot lie but we override regularly.

If this is true, then building true intelligence would start with a deeper connection to the body and relationship to what we feel. It starts with learning to discern the difference between what we feel and how we react to what we feel.

The less we need to protect ourselves or react to what we feel, the less we draw on the mental intelligence to avoid something, which strangely may mean that in that moment we are more free to think!

By Joel Levin, Western Australia

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1,187 thoughts on “Intelligence Alone is Not Enough

  1. You share some great points here. What if we are reacting to what we feel and the simple step of taking a pause when we feel something, to connect to why we are feeling what we are feeling, we might give more voice to the body and not abuse it in our reaction to what we have felt.

    1. I remember Lucy, taking that time may allow us to come to an understanding and acceptance, release the reaction, and continue on in our day in harmony with ourselves.

    2. The trouble is none of us are practiced in the art of pausing but we’re masters in the art of reacting. If we were to be as proficient in pausing as we are in reacting then we would turn life on it’s head.

  2. “If this is true, then building true intelligence would start with a deeper connection to the body and relationship to what we feel. It starts with learning to discern the difference between what we feel and how we react to what we feel” this is great, perfect timing for me to read this as i have been studying a lot recently and using my brain hurts, the body is the one that knows.

  3. My experience ( with myself, clients and friends) is that: with a deeper connection to the body, we naturally take more care of ourselves and that means we get more clarity in our lives, and in that we have more confidence and a greater knowing of what is true or not.

  4. I know people who are very intelligent and have barely completed school. They can do the basics – read, write, count but they may not have a piece of paper. But how they are with people, how they understand life, how they understand themselves in life and how they question what’s going on and what really matters, shows me that they are equally if not more intelligent. Unfortunately as a society, we still value the intelligence that comes with a career that’s born from a University degree, which definitely serves the community. But unfortunately we don’t equally value the person who may work as a cleaner or in hospitality, who connects to everyone they meet and is always available to work when needed. Asking what is intelligence is one of the most intelligent things we can do.

  5. Academic intelligence is not the only intelligence that is available to us – in fact if we dismiss those who did not go to university as somehow lesser in any way we may well be missing out on much wisdom that we can learn from.

  6. The intelligence of the mind is only truly intelligent if it honours the body in full. Hence true intelligence can only come first from the communications of the body and the heart which will always hold everyone as equal. This is easy to understand but not always easy to put in place and live for much of our society is so ingrained by keeping the intelligence of the mind as the focus and the priority.

  7. We certainly are a society and a world of academic excellence with technological advances that are happening faster than we can sneeze. However, we seem to lag behind in quality of relationships and the health of our society is at an all time low with more and more diseases and illnesses with greater severity hitting harder. This to me is a sign that we are not truly advancing – not if such an important component is left behind.

  8. Smarter maybe but not wiser. When we make it more about connection to our inner heart and to all others that is a day I will truly celebrate.

  9. It seems to me, that in the pursuit of what society labels intelligence, we have lost sight of much common sense, and from that loss humanity is living a much lesser quality of life than is actually possible. And this is demonstrated so clearly in the global statistics on the rising ill-health of the world. We may be more intelligent, but we’re getting sicker, so maybe this highly lauded intelligence of the mind needs to examined very carefully and very honestly, before we get even sicker.

  10. Small Children show us true jntelligence. They respond to the demands of life with a very natural way in honoring themselves. They don’t shake hands when it does not feel right. They know all about energies as we all may be can remember ourselves. We know where we are from.
    Why we trade this intelligence for a lesser form of intelligence?
    The true reason why we also don’t understand how the pyramids are built.

  11. Redefining what intelligence means for us as a humanity would be wise as it is evident, as you have pointed out, that our current understanding and championing of intelligence is not supporting us to live our true potential at all. We have overlooked the fact that there is a greater intelligence that we all have access to, one that requires no university degree or retainment of knowledge, only a commitment to study and honor our connection to our body and our Soul where therein we discover we have access to a wisdom that is ageless and represents the truth of us all.

  12. Indeed Elizabeth.
    We need to talk about how we can become more aware about the signals from our body so we do not need to be ill before we are brought to a stop.

  13. Time after time we see that the worlds best minds can’t help with the out of control nature and addictive approach to life that so many of us have. Perhaps indeed it is not the answer but part of the picture and it’s time we become truly intelligent and embraced what is really going on.

  14. Being real and honest about the fact that our bodies do have an integral role to play and that the way it communicates with us is beyond anything that the intelligent mind can muster up. When we allow our body to communicate with not only our body but our connection to our Soul, things become a lot clearer.

  15. One of my pet hates is the discrimination in most religions against women. They are so hypocritical in my honest opinion professing love of all but there is such discrimination between the sexes this cannot be true.

  16. I used to feel a sense of apology for the areas in my life where I did not feel very intelligent, or as intelligent as others or what I expected of myself. Nowadays I have come to appreciate that my ever expanding ability to FEEL things over the intelligence of my mind has been my greatest asset and I deeply appreciate Universal Medicine for helping me to recognise and develop that.

  17. This morning I had a beautiful Facial Release treatment from a fellow student of Universal Medicine. Her touch, the absoluteness with working with the divine made my face clear a lot of mental energy that I had kept in my head. I felt the freedom from my head to a space in which I surrendered into my body. It is there I find so much more access to the universal intelligence. We narrow ourselves to just go for temporary life knowledge.

  18. Mental intelligence can be used as a barrier to keep people out. It is fascinating to watch the way it separates people rather than unites us.

  19. There is a lot of intelligence without love in the world and its results have been ranging from less than optimal to truly ghastly in their outcomes, sometimes deliberately so, often ‘with the best intentions’.

  20. It would appear that there is a single choice we make… to be responsible or to not be responsible. That is it. Everything there after is governed by the quality of the former choice.

  21. Agreed intelligence alone is definitely NOT enough and yet despite everything you have listed in what we have going on in the world we are still increasing and putting pressure on children and young people in education with exams. A young person I was working with earlier this year told me in her last year at school she had 20 exams .. 20! I think when I had exams at school I had about 6. So much pressure is being put on children and young people, doing tests and stats earlier and earlier that it is affecting their mental health and whole wellbeing. Yet what for? What will it take for us to stop and say lets make it first about people and love. Then and only then will we start to begin to be intelligent .. true intelligence.

  22. Everything that stands on its own without being part of or being imbued by love is at best a watered down version of the otherwise true quality and capacity we then usually idealize or overdue to substitute the lack of love and thus step even a step further away from.

  23. And in that pointed narrowness, we have lost our faculty to feel our inter-connectedness. Many of us simply don’t even know how to be with one another – in the simplest and the most natural way for us – to be love. When we look at our relationships/arrangements, we can see how retarded we actually are. There’s not much intelligence in settling for a nice, comfortable, functional arrangement.

  24. I can really feel the narrowness of the so-called intelligence our society champions and we strive for through our education. It feels very constrictive to the body, and it sure is a way to overpower the body and its wisdom.

    1. It certainly is Fumiyo, It appears to me that our current form of intelligence championed by society is highly competitive, destructive and separates us. True intelligence is not any of the above and it is based on love that evolves us all and unites humanity.

  25. A friend of mine recently went on some medical training and shared that the Doctor who was giving the training shared some shocking stories of what people do in emergencies, from this the friend then went on to say that is why on irons it says ‘remove clothing before using’. I looked at her incredulously and said ‘what!?” She then went on to say yes because it has been known that people have ironed their clothes while wearing them. I could not believe this. The same day while talking with a colleague at work a similar conversation was shared between us and I shared with her what I had heard earlier in the day about there having to be a warning on irons to say ‘remove clothing before using. My colleague then said ‘oh yes, I knew a really intelligent woman, very clever, and one day when I saw her she had a huge burn mark on her arm and I asked her how did that happen and she replied I was ironing my clothes (while they were on!!!!). So there you have it people may be intelligent and really clever but do we have common sense? Not forgetting, of course, the innate love within our hearts that supersedes this all and is, in fact, the biggest intelligence when truly listened to 💫

    1. Such a great example Vicky of the stark contrast between ‘so called intelligence’ and common sense. Ive always favoured common sense myself – you know where you are with that, and of course ” the innate love within our hearts that supersedes this all and is, in fact, the biggest intelligence when truly listened to”

  26. I feel that relying on ‘intelligence’ has led us down a dead end street of absolute misery, now we have to retrace our steps back through what we ourselves have created in order to get back to where we should have been before we took the enormous detour.

    1. I absolutely agree Mary. I who class myself as a reasonable intelligent person, have been led down that street many times, wondering how I actually got there. And walking back over all those steps, we can certainly get to see how the intelligence of the mind can lead us astray very easily, so maybe it’s time to question if the mind is actually the seat of our true intelligence.

  27. Joel, great article, thank you. What you are sharing here makes sense and exposes how there is so much focus on the mind and so called intelligence which actually isn’t truly intelligent at all.

  28. I find it amazing how there was a time, not so long ago, when the number of people on the planet with university degrees was relatively very few. And now not only do we have a huge population of university graduates, but also so many people with phd doctorates as well. This says to me many things about how life has changed, but especially how the thirst and the desire to learn who we are and why we are all here is just getting stronger and stronger, with universities offering many answers, but perhaps just not exactly what is being sought – hence the bigger and bigger search continues.

  29. Never have I felt inspired by religions ‘We have religions professing love yet either tacitly or by omission endorsing child abuse and/or the denigration and at times murder of women.’ or so-called intelligence both have just made me want to walk the other way. In religion, at one stage Buddhism felt more in line with what I knew to be true with regards to reincarnation etc but still, it did not feel that clear. Something was missing. I can honestly say that nothing in my life is missing any longer, I am no longer searching for the truth or clarity. That is HUGE! How many people on earth can say that and genuinely mean it! The Ageless Wisdom and The Way of the Livingness are completely transparent, it has always been there for each and every one of us. No stone is left unturned and nothing is held back with regards to truth. But do we want to hear it? It is up to each and every single one of us to choose how are we going to live when we start to truly awaken and this is a personal thing and journey but the absolute truth, the Ageless Wisdom is the same for everyone it just is for that is the way it is.

  30. And the irrationality of this is that the intelligence that perpetuates this behaviour is founded upon is being rational, supposedly.

    1. So, our general understanding of intelligence is really a lesser version of true intelligence. No wonder our world is in such a mess, we are not living true intelligence most of the time but instead capping ourselves from accessing true intelligence in order to delay taking responsibility and to evolve.

  31. ‘When the body speaks loudly enough we listen, yet when we recover we start doing and eating the same things that contributed to our illness in the first place’, great example of the not-so-intelligent intelligence and the arrogance of the mind that puts itself above/more important than the body.

  32. When we react, in practically all instances it is our survival mechanism being triggered to ‘protect’ us from feeling the pain of something unresolved that has been triggered. Heal our unresolved hurts and there will not be anything to be triggered and we can then observe and respond accordingly.

  33. As we heal the hurts stored in the body there is less to react to and we are freer to access a deeper kind of knowing that is more honest and allows for greater connection.

  34. “Why does a ‘man of the cloth’ abuse young children, after all their years of studying God’s love and compassion? This is such a great question and exposed the fact that a “man of the cloth” means nothing if they do not make life about truth and love.

  35. I recall several years ago coming across universal medicine and meeting some people who seemed to have access to immense awareness and wisdom. I kind of felt envious of that and annoyed. By the lack that in comparison I saw in myself. I wanted something like litmus paper that would give me an irrefutable knowing about the choices I needed to make so that I could tell what responses would be supportive. To my surprise when I found out that I did have such a tool, internally, via my own body, 24/7 already, I was not that elated. I did not like the responsibility I was bring offered. Very exposing of how we could be deliberately dumbing down our innate connection with awareness and wisdom.

  36. Yes, we need to go deeper and not accept what is happening in our world. That is the start of questioning whether the intelligence that we are relying on is really working.

    1. I agree Ken, we need to see it for that it is (the corruption, greed, lies, abuse, stress etc) and that it is happening, but not accept this as our marker or truth at all for we have veered so far off the track it is not funny .. not that it ever was!

  37. Intelligence does not support how we feel. We are in our heads with it, when in fact there is a wisdom in the body that cannot be ignored. I have seen professors walk in pain or have bodies that are given up – so how is that true intelligence. there is so much more here to learn and understand about what intelligence truly is.

  38. This is so true ‘how many of us take ‘better’ care of what we do and how we eat when we get the flu?’ We also vow to look after ourselves and then fall back into our old ways of disregard.

  39. “In fact, ‘intelligent people’ often do things that might be considered less than intelligent.” This is so true, and it does beg the question ‘how can this be?’ A question I often used to ask myself was how can or why does a Doctor for example, drink/smoke him/herself to death when they know the harm that such substances cause in the body. There is a poignant irony in such actions.

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