Life is Gold

There are times in our lives when we have significant moments. They can be moments of understanding and realisation, moments of appreciation or moments of Love.

Life is made up of moments and within that moment we can feel Truth, like a drop of gold from God.

Today I could feel that I had been given a precious treasure: it was a moment of deep appreciation – mixed with tears of sadness – for what I had been given that felt amazing and yet was something I had chosen to ignore for some time. This moment got me pondering…

What if we all have a pot of gold, from the moment we are born? 

Everyone… no matter where you come from, your culture, race or how wealthy or poor you are. What if we all have this treasure, no matter what?

When I have realisations of Truth, it is like another drop of gold that adds to the pot and depending on how much you value that pot, it can be full to the brim and can shine brightly or it can be ignored, undervalued, dulled and tarnished. We can even try to give it away. Sometimes we don’t want to see the pot at all and rather it not be there because we are too stuck in our minds or looking the other way, focussed on what we could have had, or haven’t had, or should have.

All the while the pot is there and yet we are focussed on everything else but that gleaming treasure that’s right in front of our eyes.

So what is going on?

We can see the pot, we know it’s there, but we don’t treasure it? Or we deny it’s there and look away, focussing on something else to distract us away from that Gold? What does that treasure mean for us? How much do we value Truth?

And then when that pot starts to fill and shine brightly, what then?

…Do we say that’s enough or do we keep going until it is overflowing and inspires others to do the same with theirs?

We often live our lives seeing the ‘wrong’ or the ‘bad’ or the ‘what needs to be fixed’, but all the while we miss out on the Truth that’s right there in front of us. A Gift from Heaven. So why do we choose to ignore such a precious Gift?

When we start to fill our pot, life starts to change. We shine more brightly, we know Truth abundantly and have great access to it. But there is something else…

With each drop of Gold, comes Responsibility.

Responsibility to live that Truth. To be the custodian of Truth. To uphold the Truth, even if people do not see or value their own Gold at that moment.

And the more Gold you have access to, the more Responsibility that comes with it.

Could it be that this is what we have been avoiding all along? Responsibility for the Gold we already have, and have always had.

By Susan Green, Amazing woman, Café Owner, Catering Manager, Mother of two boys, Somerset UK

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779 thoughts on “Life is Gold

  1. The more gold we have the more responsible we have to be with it! Brilliant analogy! This makes it so much easier to see just why we don’t all have pockets weighed down with gold nuggets…simply because we don’t want to be responsible for it all, so we wipe our hands clean of it and let someone else deal with it.

  2. ‘To be the custodian of Truth.’ I very much appreciate this. It comes with a knowing that we will all one day come to the same one unified truth and even if that takes a while there are those who know this truth so deeply they stay in connection with this truth while others to it in their own time.

  3. This comes back to one of those things that people find very very hard to comprehend, that life is most definitely a series of choices, and these choices are there to be made every day

  4. I am quite fascinated by this topic, what is it about a pot of gold that we so want yet when we get it we either don’t believe we have it or try to hide it in case we stand out? Thank you for getting me started in an unpacking of this pattern of behaviour because I know we do it for everyone when we do it for ourselves.

  5. When we appreciate the gold we have within us and not feel we have to run away from it, deny it or squander it but feel the truth of it and allow ourselves to move with it with purpose there is a joy and lightness in us that cannot be denied.

  6. Being a custodian of truth is a role I take very seriously, and goes beyond any physical act I may complete in this world. It is a quality that I hold dear and take with me each and every day.

  7. Life really is gold, but i know that it doesn’t just turn up like that. One has to move, live, make choices each moment in the day to connect, stay connected to our inner selves, not allowing life to take you out, overwhelm you and the like. It is gold and can be everyday, but through our daily choices, not because it just should be.

  8. ‘And the more Gold you have access to, the more Responsibility that comes with it.’ Well said and very true Susan, responsibility is not so hard when you say ‘yes’ and allow yourself to be in the flow of what life is offering us, the hard part is when we go against this and begin to complicate life.

  9. We all love truth at our core, so you remind me that how we live and choose to take responsibility can come with great joy. We don’t always feel this and make it a struggle but we certainly can change that for sure.

  10. Beautiful. What’s in the pot is to be shared with everyone. No need to wait until it starts to overflow. It will keep coming and coming.

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