Life is Gold

There are times in our lives when we have significant moments. They can be moments of understanding and realisation, moments of appreciation or moments of Love.

Life is made up of moments and within that moment we can feel Truth, like a drop of gold from God.

Today I could feel that I had been given a precious treasure: it was a moment of deep appreciation – mixed with tears of sadness – for what I had been given that felt amazing and yet was something I had chosen to ignore for some time. This moment got me pondering…

What if we all have a pot of gold, from the moment we are born? 

Everyone… no matter where you come from, your culture, race or how wealthy or poor you are. What if we all have this treasure, no matter what?

When I have realisations of Truth, it is like another drop of gold that adds to the pot and depending on how much you value that pot, it can be full to the brim and can shine brightly or it can be ignored, undervalued, dulled and tarnished. We can even try to give it away. Sometimes we don’t want to see the pot at all and rather it not be there because we are too stuck in our minds or looking the other way, focussed on what we could have had, or haven’t had, or should have.

All the while the pot is there and yet we are focussed on everything else but that gleaming treasure that’s right in front of our eyes.

So what is going on?

We can see the pot, we know it’s there, but we don’t treasure it? Or we deny it’s there and look away, focussing on something else to distract us away from that Gold? What does that treasure mean for us? How much do we value Truth?

And then when that pot starts to fill and shine brightly, what then?

…Do we say that’s enough or do we keep going until it is overflowing and inspires others to do the same with theirs?

We often live our lives seeing the ‘wrong’ or the ‘bad’ or the ‘what needs to be fixed’, but all the while we miss out on the Truth that’s right there in front of us. A Gift from Heaven. So why do we choose to ignore such a precious Gift?

When we start to fill our pot, life starts to change. We shine more brightly, we know Truth abundantly and have great access to it. But there is something else…

With each drop of Gold, comes Responsibility.

Responsibility to live that Truth. To be the custodian of Truth. To uphold the Truth, even if people do not see or value their own Gold at that moment.

And the more Gold you have access to, the more Responsibility that comes with it.

Could it be that this is what we have been avoiding all along? Responsibility for the Gold we already have, and have always had.

By Susan Green, Amazing woman, Café Owner, Catering Manager, Mother of two boys, Somerset UK

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751 thoughts on “Life is Gold

  1. We are already everything and when we value this pot of gold love is there to be lived, the purpose of our lives becomes clear and we know how we just can reflect the gold as this is our responsibility.

  2. The pot of gold is like a never ending supply of access to the universe. We are constantly being communicated to from the vastness and expansiveness of space, yet we do so much to our bodies to dull, dense and numb ourselves to not feel this communication.

  3. Part of what leads to depression is the fact that we stop feeling life in all its multi-dimensionality. It becomes grey, dim, and one dimensional. This would probably be fine if that was all there was to life, but the mere fact nearly all human beings have a restlessness within that signals a dissatisfaction with life is a key pointer that there must be something more to life that we innately know, and from which, use as a barometer to compare life as it is. In other words, how would we recognise a world devoid of love if we did not know what love was in the first place.

    1. Great point Adam –”how would we recognise a world devoid of love if we did not know what love was in the first place.”

  4. We are the alchemists whose bodies are the living crucibles that determine whether we live the richness of the gold on offer, or whether we reduce it all to mere lumps of lead.

  5. Whether we choose to accept responsibility for the gold we are blessed with or not, it is still there it doesn’t actually pull up camp and move on because of our lack of value of our innate gift. Whether we use the divine resources offered or not the responsibility doesn’t diminish, but our self worth does declaring we don’t value the gold we are blessed with.

    1. Beautifully said Sandra. We have everything we could ever want and it cannot be taken away from us. The only thing that separates us from our own beauty is the unloving choices we make.

  6. Wow Susan, I have read your blog many times and every time I get a beautiful reminder of what responsibility is and how deeply powerful it is. It makes no sense why we would choose to avoid it (responsibility). I have been there and done this myself and I am still avoiding responsibility most of the time.

  7. Sounds about right. Avoiding the responsibility of being awesome. Yep, who doesn’t relate to that? If I walked around as if I mattered as much as someone else I have placed on a pedestal my whole life, then I would essentially have to accept myself 200% and I wouldn’t really have anything to complain about or be forever wishing that I had x,y,z. I’d simply have to get on with the show and continue to just be the wonderful person I am with no perfection but also no excuses. A pretty big responsibility.

  8. Yes there is such a comfort in staying small, always having an ‘issue’ in our lives etc. rather than embracing the responsibility we are all here to live…

  9. “Life is made up of moments and within that moment we can feel Truth, like a drop of gold from God.” Living life by moments enables us to encapsulate and hold our connection with complete surrender to the divine and shows that from our everyday movements in connection to our bodies we are truly golden and the quality felt from these movements reflects so much to the world. It shows just how important energetic responsibility really is and the grand impact each and every movement, word and step has on the bigger world today.

  10. Thank you Susan for reminding us of the responsibility we hold in this life to see these wonderful gifts and sharing them . At the same time appreciating who we are and what we have to offer.

  11. Deep down everyone knows that there is more to life than meets the eye. We only have to look up at the stars to know this. Who has not looked up at the starts and wondered about the universe, why we are here etc? All of this shows that we do know that there is more to us. The problem is that we tend to forget as we get older but this does not need to be the case. There is a rich inner life that any of us can connect to if we so choose.

  12. It is easy to disparage ourselves and others and not see the gold we are and have. And reading your blog today Susan I can feel this game, one I’ve played for a long time and how criticism is a great way to avoid the gold, to know and appreciate who we are and where we come from and to avoid our responsibility of living that gold in the world, keeping that standard for all of us. Thank you for shining a light here.

  13. The real pot of gold is with us always and yet we sometimes allow ourselves to get caught up or taken for a ride by our minds and the little voices that tell us we are not enough and to search for more recognition and or belonging from outside which then separates us from our true belonging and that is our inner hearts connection. It is the inner heart that will bring us back to where we are and that truth is golden.

  14. It is so true Susan, when all we focus on is our hurts and the imperfections of the world around us we totally discount the pot of gold that lies within. Great blog.

  15. I so love what you have shared here Susan. The fact that I felt to come to read this today is already proof if needed to me of the gold that is there in my day. As you beautifully show, isn’t the truth that this gold is always on offer, only we focus and fixate on the tiniest blemishes and dirty marks on the surface of our 24 carat pot? It seems this is just a delaying game we play to resist the true beauty, power and richness of life and who we are.

  16. Thank you Susan. you have helped me to understand why I often feel nervous and tense when my life feels wonderful. I’m clocking that my responsibility has gone up and trying to keep things the same. Your words help me realise that the harmony I seek comes with taking responsibility.

  17. I was just reading your words “a drop of gold from God” and noticed that if you add the letter L to God you get Gold. Perhaps the L can stand for The Livingness or for Love as a godly way to live on earth.

    1. I love your way with words Nicola, and there is a key also in the word love, it makes up part of the word evol-ve, our call to return to the oneness we are from. There is much wisdom we can ‘read’ in words.

  18. Lack of self-appreciation allows one to walk past the amazing gifts presented to us on a daily basis and not see them for what they truly are, as an opportunity to meet life through our bodies first and discover how we are all interconnected with the stars and the whole universe and at that moment we realise that life is gold all round us.

  19. When we express our gold everyone and everything is truly touched, these expressions leave lasting impressions as they connect to a depth within us all.

      1. By Truth, I mean all truths. And I do mean all. Yes all. I advise you to think harder about the implications of my phrase. All societies are, in the widest sense, built on some sort of belief system. If a truth contradicts this system the society will always suppress it without being ‘aware’ that it is doing so. And as for the truth about ourselves…well…we live according to our own personal narratives as well….

  20. Drops of Gold, like you have described, we cannot deny as we all know truth but we have a choice; do we surrender to the truth or resist and make our own version which will never shine brightly as when we live the responsibility which comes with truth.

  21. Gorgeous Susan, the responsibility is ours to be aware of the pot of gold within each and every one of us and to share our gold without fear or favour;
    “All the while the pot is there and yet we are focussed on everything else but that gleaming treasure that’s right in front of our eyes”.

  22. We try so desperately in life to make our ‘pot of gold’ something tangible and attainable by our hard work, good fortune or by meeting some ideal of what a utopian life contains. What we miss is the fact that gold exists only in a relationship with the innermost part of ourselves, and hence with God and our multidimensionality. If we don’t first go within, we will have nothing of true worth on the outer.

  23. And now its okay to say every day I feel the immense blessing of God and the light of God I bring through just being me. It used to be rare to say the word God and feel empowered, but since reconnecting to what form the teachings of the Esoteric, it is an everyday knowing.

  24. In the past if I had been presented with the possibility that I am here in this life “To be the custodian of Truth”, I probably would have run a mile, or maybe have simply stood there and gone ‘who me?” But today having come to know that yes, this is indeed my responsibility I can say without any reservation that ‘I accept this responsibility and all that it comes with”; and that to me feels so very simple, so very normal and definitely nothing to run away from.

  25. Our efforts to deny this connection and knowing of truth are huge; we are some way very scared of the responsibility that it belongs with being in connection with the truth. We are all custodians of truth and when we allow ourselves to feel this it is truly beautiful and oh so natural for us to live responsibly.

  26. “and depending on how much you value that pot, it can be full to the brim and can shine brightly or it can be ignored, undervalued, dulled and tarnished.”

    Thank you for the reminder to value my pot of Gold, so it can shine brightly for all.

  27. We are the bearers of great pots of gold. It is by our own choice of how much we chose to show the glow and emanation it offers. And beautifully said Susan, it is the responsibility that stops us from allowing it to glow it’s full might.

  28. It’s funny how when we are young we know these pots of gold so well and enjoy bathing in its joy. As we get older and disappointment, pictures, hurts and beliefs begin to pile up and we allow them to take over our pot of gold and diminish its reflection from fears or old behaviours that disconnect us from this truth. Re-connecting to the essence of who we are, connects us back to the simplicity of our movements. How our bodies feel to live day by day reignites this joy and vitality and our pot of gold beams and glistens once again, showing that it never left, it just got hidden in the corner for a while only to return to its full glory once again.

  29. Thank you Susan! I was out walking early this morning and found myself doing exactly what you expressed, Seeing the wrong (someone had driven their car onto a boggy walk track making a mess) then I recognised I was focusing on the negatives around me instead of the beauty of the morning, the animals and birds, the magic of God!

  30. Susan, reading this I feel the importance of appreciating ourselves and our innate qualities; ‘We often live our lives seeing the ‘wrong’ or the ‘bad’ or the ‘what needs to be fixed’, but all the while we miss out on the Truth that’s right there in front of us. A Gift from Heaven’, it is so true that it is ‘common’ to overlook our natural qualities of tenderness, sweetness, playfulness and beauty and to focus on any issues or things that we do not like about ourselves or others, and so not appreciate and live the amazingness of who we truly are.

  31. Susan this is so great to read again, simple but true. I find myself exasperated by my own focus on what didn’t go well so to speak, instead of the incredible love and truth that lives within in. I like the word you used “custodian” – that is a great fit for the gold we each have and can offer back to humanity.

  32. It is such a great blog to come back to remind myself of the gold I, as we all, have within. For me I need to appreciate the gold I have within more and allow everything else to also feel the gold I have within so it reminds them of the gold they equally carry. Otherwise I find I can feel the gold, love it but then choose less because I am not appreciating what I have and so subtly at 1st choose less until the gold has been covered over and forgotten about.

  33. ‘We often live our lives seeing the ‘wrong’ or the ‘bad’ or the ‘what needs to be fixed’, but all the while we miss out on the Truth that’s right there in front of us. A Gift from Heaven.’ Yes, Susan we often choose to not see our own gold and value its worth, but as you say this is a clever distraction tactic to not wanting to be the bearers of truth.

  34. It is easy to forget there is more to us than flesh and blood but that we come from something so magnificent it is often at complete odds with how life appears to turn up. Part of the reason for this is we lose sight of our own value and worth based on this magnificence, rather identifying with the ideals and beliefs we take on from society around us, asking us to be this or that. Appreciation of ourselves is a key ingredient to being able to recognise and foster our own pot of Gold.

  35. The more we live in constant appreciation of our beingness and the way life is set up so perfectly for us to evolve, we realise every single moment is gold as it offers an opportunity to be more love, more understanding and more of who we truly are.

  36. Thank you Susan for the beautiful reminder of lifes golden gifts and the responsibility we have to appreciate and share these gifts.

  37. Reading this fills me with great warmth. We are all sitting on the greatest treasure trove ever. We can choose to take a look and be guided by the wonders within or continue to seek the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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