Life is Gold

There are times in our lives when we have significant moments. They can be moments of understanding and realisation, moments of appreciation or moments of Love.

Life is made up of moments and within that moment we can feel Truth, like a drop of gold from God.

Today I could feel that I had been given a precious treasure: it was a moment of deep appreciation – mixed with tears of sadness – for what I had been given that felt amazing and yet was something I had chosen to ignore for some time. This moment got me pondering…

What if we all have a pot of gold, from the moment we are born? 

Everyone… no matter where you come from, your culture, race or how wealthy or poor you are. What if we all have this treasure, no matter what?

When I have realisations of Truth, it is like another drop of gold that adds to the pot and depending on how much you value that pot, it can be full to the brim and can shine brightly or it can be ignored, undervalued, dulled and tarnished. We can even try to give it away. Sometimes we don’t want to see the pot at all and rather it not be there because we are too stuck in our minds or looking the other way, focussed on what we could have had, or haven’t had, or should have.

All the while the pot is there and yet we are focussed on everything else but that gleaming treasure that’s right in front of our eyes.

So what is going on?

We can see the pot, we know it’s there, but we don’t treasure it? Or we deny it’s there and look away, focussing on something else to distract us away from that Gold? What does that treasure mean for us? How much do we value Truth?

And then when that pot starts to fill and shine brightly, what then?

…Do we say that’s enough or do we keep going until it is overflowing and inspires others to do the same with theirs?

We often live our lives seeing the ‘wrong’ or the ‘bad’ or the ‘what needs to be fixed’, but all the while we miss out on the Truth that’s right there in front of us. A Gift from Heaven. So why do we choose to ignore such a precious Gift?

When we start to fill our pot, life starts to change. We shine more brightly, we know Truth abundantly and have great access to it. But there is something else…

With each drop of Gold, comes Responsibility.

Responsibility to live that Truth. To be the custodian of Truth. To uphold the Truth, even if people do not see or value their own Gold at that moment.

And the more Gold you have access to, the more Responsibility that comes with it.

Could it be that this is what we have been avoiding all along? Responsibility for the Gold we already have, and have always had.

By Susan Green, Amazing woman, Café Owner, Catering Manager, Mother of two boys, Somerset UK

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892 thoughts on “Life is Gold

  1. Whatever we are feeling or what ever is going on and feel stuck in, the only thing that truly can take us out of that is responsibility. Seeing how and why we ended up in a situation like that and also it empowers us to come out of it because it is in the end our own choices that make our reality.

      1. Yep we’ve chosen our way into every single thing, every scenario, every encounter, every situation. We’ve chosen our way into everything that we see around us on both a personal level and a global level, we are responsible for the whole rotting lot. And if ‘rotting’ sounds like too strong a description for the life around us, then I would argue that it’s only possible to think that if we have completely lost sight of our natural, harmonious and equally loving way with everyone, a one unified way of living that leaves no one out and recognises everyone as the God that they are; a far cry from our current reality.

    1. I agree Lieke and very well said. I notice how often we shy away from responsibility to dull ourselves down with blame and under valuing who we are.

    2. That’s true power Lieke. And Chanly88 I like what you have shared about under valuing ourselves also as a way to avoid responsibility and shining, I hadn’t quite thought about it like that, but it makes sense. Under valuing ourselves can be like a form of protection also.

  2. Never is there a moment that we are in separation from God and the godliness we are within, in essence. It is only us that willingly denies this connection. The responsibility is for us to live all that we are in full, as such to live in honour of our Fiery way of being, as the face of God.

  3. “What does that treasure mean for us? How much do we value Truth?” – Awesome question and one I feel we can keep asking ourselves as the more we can connect with what we truly value the more we can embrace living it in our daily life.

  4. When we have a significant moment, life is not the same anymore. There is something we learn, from us, from others, from life that is a watershed. And, it is only a moment that only required moving in a way that made it possible.

    1. Imagine Eduardo if we were so present and connected to our soul and God in every moment, and that every one moment had that significance and richness – wow, what a way to live, and we know that’s possible from the reflections of Serge and the Benhayon family.

  5. The moment we judge, expect or hold a picture of how things should be, the gold that actually is right there in front (within) of us is out of reach. It is the absence of any imposition that lays bare the gold, hence transformation is the process of calling out and releasing the imposing energy from the body and restore space for the inner gold to shine again.

      1. Exactly Simon, so often we think that we need to ‘do something’ in order to bring more gold into our lives, but it’s much more accurate to say that we need to stop doing things in order to reveal the gold that’s already there.. As Alexander said ‘stop judging, stop holding pictures’ and I can add to that stop holding beliefs, stop thrashing our bodies, stop reacting to everything. Re-discovering the gold is a stripping back, a return, it’s not a forward movement, it’s not an ‘out there’, it’s an ‘in here’.

  6. Makes perfect sense that the alchemists of old were looking to transform lead (being less than we are) into gold (our divine essence), in other words, to bring the divine into the mundane and thus restoring ourselves to live as the divine beings that we are.

    1. Thank you Alexander for your comment and for deepening my understanding of the magic that is there when we take our soulful presence out to the world.

    2. The thing is that through our alignment we are constantly bringing the mundane into the divine. We have to continually move in such a way (align ourselves) to a consciousness that muddies our perception of who we are, to not know the divinity that we already are because we are already that. We are the consciousness of God in activity and if we stopped and moved against the grain of God then we’d all know it.

  7. I wonder how much of our misery, struggles, pain, deep hurts, ills and disease in life comes from our resistance to taking ‘responsibility’ and from avoiding our pot of gold that is residing within us all? I reckon everything relates back to our willingness to embrace responsibility and our willingness to share our pot of gold.

  8. “We often live our lives seeing the ‘wrong’ or the ‘bad’ or the ‘what needs to be fixed’, but all the while we miss out on the Truth that’s right there in front of us.” – This has been a recurring theme for me of late, and I noticed just how much I have been focusing on what I thought was wrong with people or the world. But in this I realised this negativity actually started with the negative self-talk that had been running in the background of my mind, and stopped me from seeing the beauty in people first, before going into reaction to their un-loving choices (which is not the true person anyway).

    1. The deeper we go in knowing who we are the deeper we can go in knowing who everyone else is and this deepening will continue in all of us until we all reach the same conclusion and that is that in actual fact there is only One of Us, The United Consciousness of God.

  9. ‘Responsibility to live that Truth. To be the custodian of Truth. To uphold the Truth, even if people do not see or value their own Gold at that moment.’ We all have a responsibility to live the truth that we know deep down inside, and if another cannot feel that truth in that moment when you hold steady in your truth, it opens the door for them to connect to theirs if they choose.

  10. “Life is made up of moments and within that moment we can feel Truth, like a drop of gold from God.” Love this Susan, and the more we feel these moments of gold the more we can feel God all around us. Shut ourselves off from these moments of truth and we shut ourselves off from our connection to God.

  11. “Life is made up of moments and within that moment we can feel Truth,” So beautiful to take a moment to appreciate the truth of who you are.

  12. I think it is really important to appreciate the innate wisdom within us all, something that can get neglected in our current ways of education, where recall of knowledge seems to be held as the bench mark for intelligence. The more we truly value the wisdom we can access from inside of us, the more likely we are to listen to it and develop our relationship with it, for the benefit of all…

  13. Brilliant question: ”Could it be that this is what we have been avoiding all along? Responsibility for the Gold we already have, and have always had.”
    I say yes, as I know I have (and still at times do).But heh, we better be honest about it, as this serves us much greater, for there comes a time where we accept our responsibility for the Gold we already have, always had..

  14. It’s true we can often see the negative side of something and ignore the gift that is also there. Thank you for reminding me to not jump to conclusions about what might not be how I want it to be and to see the gold that is there always if I bother to look under my nose.

    1. So true elainearthey for there is always much we can learn from considering the ‘all sides’ or perspectives of something.

  15. ‘What if we all have a pot of gold, from the moment we are born? ‘ Absolutely yet the problem we have is that we bring in jealousy and comparison with others and only see what we think others have, it is not until we reconnect to our essence we realise what gold we had all along.

    1. Great point Sally, this exposes how crazy it is to be jealous and go into comparison when we all equally have the same amazingness and quality within us all. Jealousy and comparison easily creeps in when we reject how magnificent and grand we already are.

  16. It is true, the more I appreciate what I have got, the more it starts to grow and then I love the reminder of responsibility, because that is exactly what makes me often drop the ball on appreciating and feeling what is actually there, and how amazing I am because it might feel like too much. Yet the responsibility is also a beautiful thing, because when I feel how much I can bring to other people by being responsible myself, there is no resistance to this responsibility to appreciate and allow ‘the pot of gold’ to grow.

  17. I love the feeling that I was born with a ‘pot of gold’ ready and waiting for me to accept as mine, but what I would have loved was that I had been encouraged to know that it was there and to own it. But what I have come to know is that it is never too late to re-connect to this pot and begin to live the golden riches that it is offering us in every moment.

    1. All the education in this world teaches us the opposite, i.e. that we have nothing and that we are nothing until we find that pot of gold out there somewhere. We have all been lied to.

  18. It is beautiful to re-read this blog Susan and bring a deeper level of awareness to the ‘innermost pot of gold’ and say yes to there always being more, to bring more responsibility to our daily living way.

  19. This blog brings us to something we are often reluctant to accept. We may like the pot of gold and truth is natural within us all. It creates space and a solidness within that can’t be denied. Yet each time we accept and say ‘yes’ to a truth, it brings more responsibility for us to live, share and grow, which can be at odds with whatever comforts, beliefs or control we want to hang onto.

  20. ” And the more Gold you have access to, the more Responsibility that comes with it. ”
    Yes but truthfully the responsibility is simple , the responsibility to live the full truth of who we are, then the responsibility will take care of itself.

    1. I agree John it is super simple, but why do we avoid responsibility when it can bring so much joy and love to life? Embracing responsibility actually makes life super easy and amazing, but a large percentage of humanity avoid it, run the other way and deny it. Is this because we allow our spirit to run the show? Our spirit does not want us to connect to our pot of gold and it does not want to take responsibility because it would mean giving up living in separation, identification and hurts.

    1. And I would add that we are all the One Pot of Gold, one eternal, overflowing, constant Pot of Gold but that we have done such a good job at pretending that we aren’t, that it seems utterly incredulous for most of us to even entertain such a notion. We live the reality of what we see which is vastly different from living the truth of who we all are.

  21. ‘The pot of gold’, what a lovely and powerful metaphor Susan . I know I have pot of gold, but I don’t feel that each moment, which made me doubt whether I live with this pot of gold. Is it really possible to constantly feel that I have pot of gold and live with the richness of that? The truth is that we know that is the truth.

  22. Coming to acknowledge the “pot of gold” that each and every one of us holds within is a step towards the magnificent beings that we are. But with that magnificence comes responsibility and that is why so many choose to ignore their pot of gold as they perceive the responsibility as an onerous burden not the joy it actually is.

  23. Yes.. the link between wisdom, awareness and responsibility is huge and awesomely inspiring. We get given gifts from the universe all of the time – deeper levels of knowing of ourselves, life, and our relationships.. and then it’s up to us as to what we do with that knowing and awareness – put it to use, and reflect that deeper relationship with ourselves to others, or keep it internally, for ourselves? One feels expansive, the other, contracted.

  24. Perfect timing for me to read this blog. ” Responsibility to live that Truth. To be the custodian of Truth. To uphold the Truth, even if people do not see or value their own Gold at that moment.” In some circumstances in life it seems easier to give in than to face the onslaught but when I remember to uphold Truth and that is my responsibility I get right back on track, I feel the empowerment that this alignment brings and my purpose is clear.

  25. “With each drop of Gold, comes Responsibility.” for we are constanlty being showered with blessing from heaven for us to reflect truth to another, so they too know God within themselves.

  26. It is interesting to observe life from the knowing that we all have that pot of Gold and see what people, including myself, choose to do with that Gold. In general I might say that while we can live in the abundance of the treasure we all carry within, we tend to choose for another way of living that is ignorant of this abundancy, but instead is focused on the creation we have made our world to be. A creation which is of a much lesser quality and value than that pot of Gold inside represents in its grandness.

  27. The question your blog raised for me is ‘what am i doing with my pot of gold,’ I feel it has been hidden for sometime, but gradually I am accepting I have a pot of gold that I can take out to the world to reflect to others that they too may find their own pot of gold deep within.

  28. How often do we get jealous about the pot of gold someone else has while completely ignoring the fact we have our own? Jealousy and compassion blind us to the magnificence of us.

  29. When we consider that love does not have stop moments, yet we like choosing to access our gold on and off at will, we have a sense of the magnitude of what is available if we choose to re-connect to it.

  30. Moments of stillness like this… Even the pause at the bottom of our out breath can be a place of such liquid and fluid beauty and presence that it is indeed a moment of God ( or Gold 🙂 )

  31. “What if we all have a pot of gold, from the moment we are born? ” The question is what do we do with it? Knowing it is always there to be re-found, even if we have ignored it for aeons, gives us an opportunity to express from this pot at any time we choose.

  32. When the pot shines brightly I keep shining brightly regardless what I am being presented with. This is not always easy but I know it is my purpose and those moments of what may seem like challenges are gold to support me to fill the pot and evolve.

  33. “How much do we value Truth?” – Great question and one that makes me consider how much do we value what we are aware of, how much do we dismiss what we feel or recognise…?

  34. We are so often dazzled and tempted by the bright lights that exist in the world around us, yet the truth be known that never can these lights come close to the brilliance of the light of God that we are innately are within, the only light that truly guides our way and represents the truth of who we all are.

    1. Everything on this planet is designed to hook us in the “beauty” and “brightness” of the outside. That´s why it has to become more and more extreme to entertain us, because it never truly fills the gap between our innate beauty we miss feeling. Our souls ask us constantly to connect to that by embracing us and what we bring into this world. NOTHING, can ever replace that unique shine, we all carry inside us.

  35. Beautiful. What’s in the pot is to be shared with everyone. No need to wait until it starts to overflow. It will keep coming and coming.

    1. It’s not possible to feel the pot of gold without sharing it with everyone, because if we thought that we could feel the pot of gold and not share it, then that would indicate that it was only fools gold and not the real thing.

  36. We all love truth at our core, so you remind me that how we live and choose to take responsibility can come with great joy. We don’t always feel this and make it a struggle but we certainly can change that for sure.

    1. Great sharing Raegan, in which you remind me that when we connect to truth, we know it to be the absoluteness of all we are, and once this is known, for what do we leave this? Such is our responsibility to continue to surrender to all that we know is who we are so that this is what we represent.

    2. It is interesting how fast we blame others and in effect go into a victim mode because a situation is not like we “need” it to be. I like the fact you are bringing in joy, because even when it is hard to accept the responsibility, I certainly love it when truth is spoken as it is the greatest form of love.

  37. ‘And the more Gold you have access to, the more Responsibility that comes with it.’ Well said and very true Susan, responsibility is not so hard when you say ‘yes’ and allow yourself to be in the flow of what life is offering us, the hard part is when we go against this and begin to complicate life.

  38. Life really is gold, but i know that it doesn’t just turn up like that. One has to move, live, make choices each moment in the day to connect, stay connected to our inner selves, not allowing life to take you out, overwhelm you and the like. It is gold and can be everyday, but through our daily choices, not because it just should be.

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