What is “Swag” and Who has Got it?

I decided it was time to write a blog about swag.

But first let’s define swag… There are many definitions of swag, but as a slang word commonly used in the Australian language in our current society, swag is defined as something or someone that is stylish or styling. But does this mean that swag is just about fitting in, being cool or being sophisticated?

Is that it? Is it about where we buy our clothes from or what brand we get? Is it about the colour we choose or a style? Or is swag something deeper than this? Is it all of that and more?

So many I know have ‘swag’. Here are a few of many examples…

Michael Benhayon
Michael Benhayon

For starters, Michael Benhayon has swag – this emanates from the way he dresses, to the care he takes with dressing, the shoes he chooses to wear, to the way he walks, to the way he looks you in the eye and how he holds you with such warmth and joy. Even his eyes hold ‘swag’. If you have not already met him, wait till you do and you will know what swag means. He might wear green trainers that light up as he walks; he plays his musical instruments with his hands sliding on the guitar strings or on the piano with such grace and swag that it leaves you feeling your own beauty and joy. Swag could be his middle name. 


Ray Karam
Raymond Karam

Another man I know has swag too – Raymond Karam. Raymond’s swag also comes through his choice of clothing, as well as famous haircuts (alternating between the short crew to the curly 60’s style etc), but Ray’s swag also comes exhibited in choice of cars he drives. From vintage black Valiant with red leather seats, to more modern cars with powerful engines, his car swag is endless, as is his appreciation for cars. His eyes also hold swag, which comes from the warmth and the sparkle of someone who loves life and loves people and loves community.


Marshall Chang
Marshall Chang

And then there is another man who also has swag, and I swear I am not biased about this one (!) – Marshall Chang, my husband. Marshall’s swag is also revealed from the way he dresses, his choice of clothes and style, from the way he walks to the way he sits with you and looks you in the eye, the understanding he brings and his ability to connect with who you are, and see well beyond the imperfections. As a teacher, his students can feel his swag. The students often ask if they can walk with him, or next to him, and then they copy his walk. They ask him where he shops for his clothes, and ask him where he gets his shoes. They even call him “Lord of Swag.” Recently they gave him a mug with “Lord of Swag” written on it!

Ray Karam, Marshall Chang & Michael Benhayon standing next to each other showing their 'swag'
Raymond Karam, Marshall Chang & Michael Benhayon – A trio of Swag

So now that we know what swag means, and had some examples… could it be that swag comes from allowing ourselves to express in full who we truly are, with spunk, and whilst having fun?

And… could it be that swag is not just limited to a few people or ‘swag role models’? Essentially we all have swag – it is just about allowing it out and having fun with it, not being afraid to let the world see you All of you.

By Henrietta Chang

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568 thoughts on “What is “Swag” and Who has Got it?

  1. Henrietta you have missed Curtis Benhayon off the list, he is so full of grace when he moves, you are stopped in your tracks just to watch the beauty of the grace he walks with. His whole demeanour every movement is full of grace and sacredness. There is a power that flows through him that can be seen and felt. I would say that Curtis Benhayon could walk on eggs and not break one of them, that is the level of grace he holds himself and moves in.

  2. There is definitely a magnificence, a vibration, a quality that we naturally reflect when we live from our connection to who we are, our Soul, that represents what moving with freedom and joy truly is.

    1. I agree with you Carola Woods. I have a friend who I see at least once a week and I love being in her presence as she has such a calming influence. The way she moves seems to convey that everything is right with the world and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. She is such a delight to be with even though she doesn’t say very much. There is a part of me that wishes to be like that; less in the motion of life and needing to control it more in the ‘kick back’ of life and letting life just be knowing everything is taken care of.

  3. I was brought up to be modest and not boast, that expressing one’s confidence was akin to bragging and frowned upon. But reading this, ‘with such grace and swag that it leaves you feeling your own beauty and joy,’ I now get that not appreciating and expressing our innate awesomeness is actually very harming to ourselves and to others. Trying to contain the universe inside our human frame and not letting it out is going to cause huge problems, as well as communicating to others to follow suit in this self abuse. And if I entertain that it’s not abuse, then I only have to reflect on the addictions I have used to try and contain my amazingness. Swag says I’m awesome and so are you.

  4. What’s the real purpose of being actor, artist, musician…? Is it to impress the audience or the public with our habbilities, style or way of acting? Is it to show that we are the one that have something special that no one else could ever get it? Is it to gain fame and followers? OR there is something else that we can do by showing our natural habilites out? After reading this blog I’m realising that in whatever we do in life there can be a purpose, to inspire and remind others that the same sparkle of light is within all of us, to value the unique flavour from our essence, that is very unique but equally precious.

  5. That’s super gorgeous to read Henrietta. I couldn’t stop smiling while reading your sharing about Michael Benhayon, Raymond Karam and Marshall Chang. There is something inside me that have resonated very deep, maybe is the fact that the same swag, unique style, preciousness is inside me and all of us. Thank you

  6. It’s beautiful when we see someone being in their body, expressing themselves and moving, unapologetically, and there’s no imposition or appealing. It’s actually very sexy.

    1. Fumiyo Egashira, You have just hit the nail on the head for me as the saying goes. Of course it is that ability to move in a way that holds no apology for taking up the space they walk in, they are that space, they own it. What your comment has done is to open up a bag of worms; that I have never wanted to be here in this plane of life. I’m so sick and tired of humanity and the vileness that some perpetuate towards each other, it’s never ending and gets worse everyday, there is seemingly no end to the depth we’ll sink to.

  7. These photos of Ray, Marshall and Michael show three men who are open in their bodies and free to be who they are, with no pretense of roles and no wanting to be anything other than who they are and knowing that this is exactly what is needed by the world: to see them as they are in their full inner swag shining out.

  8. I love these three men very dearly and they continue to be an inspiration to me each and every day. They inspire me to allow my natural swag out with no perfection here asked for, and this is a gift worth celebrating – a gift that lies within us all just waiting to be let out.

  9. “Essentially we all have swag – it is just about allowing it out and having fun with it, not being afraid to let the world see you All of you.” There is a joy and inspiration in showing the world who we are, in letting ourselves be seen and felt, allowing our true essence to shine, which inspires so many more to do the same.

  10. Michael Benhayon is one of those men who, as he walks in to the room with so much grace you cannot help but stop and notice that Grace is Walking.

  11. We’ve all got swag, we only have to allow ourselves to let it come out and zhushing up our movements and the way we look from our eyes.

      1. I really do recognise it in some of the photo’s I have from when I was a baby, that spark and joy from my eyes was infectious in the positive sense. And the beauty is, that after having lost that spark for a long time, I now see it coming back in recent photo’s and every time I look in the mirror. So it is not new, it was always there. I only chose for a while to not live it.

  12. Swag is the natural expression from our inner most and has nothing to do with copying any behaviour from other people we see on TV or in real life. It is about allowing that tender love I can see in those three men that are portrayed in this blog to come out in everything they do.

    1. Nico it is an interesting comment you have made about copying behaviour from other people or what we see on TV. I have been noticing young girls from the age of 5 upwards making odd movements with their bodies, I have been told that they are copying dance moves they see on the TV or in certain films. But what struck me about the moves they were making is how mechanical they seemed. Like someone had switched on a robot. There is something about the way these girls are moving that seems to reduce them rather than expand them in a free flowing movement. So often we do what others are doing to fit into our peer group, if everyone else is making these dance moves then it must be okay, without thinking about the impact on their body until it’s too late. Is it possible that these girls are cementing certain movements into their bodies which will determine how they grow up to perceive and interact with life?

  13. What strikes me in these photographs is the angle of these men’s shoulders and the openness of their chests. Maybe the swag factor involves a transparency of the natural tenderness within all our inner hearts.

    1. One day we all will be Swaggers as it is already there innately in all of us. We only have to let let go of the ill patterns we have taken on form looking to images and role models how we would be and behave ourselves and instead to let the Swag come out.

      1. Nico I agree with you as I can now feel those ill patterns of behaviour I have taken on which really don’t belong to us but are absorbed into our bodies when we are young, so that we ‘think’ that this defines us as we grow up. Letting go of these false patterns frees us to feel the innate swag that everyone is sensing that we have.

  14. Henrietta, I love this; ‘And… could it be that swag is not just limited to a few people or ‘swag role models’? Essentially we all have swag – it is just about allowing it out and having fun with it, not being afraid to let the world see you All of you.’ Reading this makes me realise that often in society we think of some people as being ‘cool’ and having ‘swag’ and most others as not. I love that we all have swag and that it is simply about allowing it out.

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