We are Sons of God First

I wondered about taking God to work with me today. So I went accompanied in my bathroom, showering and cleaning my teeth. As I dressed I noticed I ignored I was a Son of God, but remembered when I sat at my computer. I got into the car: it was one the garage had loaned me as mine was in for a service. I found the controls were unfamiliar – not what I am used to. In the car I forgot I was a Son of God until five minutes into the journey… I changed my movements and my world shifted too. It was easy to come back to the fact I was a Son of God, it took a split second, just like that. Then I realised that I was still a Son of God when I was choosing to forget I was.

How would the world be if I didn’t forget?

“The ancient great teacher Patanjali began his lessons with the fact that each student was the Son of God… The main central thrust was to know that you are a Son of God and then to proceed to deal with the hindrances that make you think you are not.” Serge Benhayon, The Way It Is (p. 182)

Knowing we are all Sons of God, can we be Sons of God in all we are – in all we do, think and say?

Do we start our day, as our eyes open, acclimatising to the wonder that we are Sons of God?

Am I fully claiming it, ignoring it or in absolute denial of it? Sometimes I take a pic-and-mix approach in my options here, yet I have the clear understanding that the fact of our Son-ship remains, regardless of our choices.

We are Sons of God when we love, when we hate, become emotional, and still Sons of God when we throw all our toys out of the pram or fall down and cry. But nothing we do, that is, not one shred of ‘doingness’, can alter the fact we are Sons of God first.

I know that I used to be convinced that I could not possibly be connected to God in any way because I was so super-critical of myself for not being good enough, not being right, and certainly not being worthy. It was only when I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I was able to let these judgments of myself go, with healing and support.

There is now an awareness in me that there is no crime we can do by choice or omission, no heinous act, wrongdoing or imperfection that can change the fact we are Sons of God. No matter how much we mess up, we are Sons of God first and last. We cannot eradicate the fact of us being Sons of God; no amount of ‘doing’ or ‘not doing’ something will ever change this.

I am a Son of immutable ageless perpetual Love – God who is.

We all are Sons of God.

We are all made with God in each cell.

God holds the Universe, so how grand and vast are we that we are Sons of God?

Thank God for Serge Benhayon. Without him, my life would not be what it is today. I would be living a life that is the opposite of who I am, as I was before I met him. So God, thank you a million billion trillion times for this extraordinary man who loves all as You do.

By Ariana Ray

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835 thoughts on “We are Sons of God First

  1. Love and God, one in the same, always give us the choice to evolve and return to ourselves, to love. This process shows itself in our bodies. The corrections, the moments to stop and take stock, to notice and choose differently, are all opportunities to come back to love. It is the incredible design of the body that is naturally aligned to love that allows this process.

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