We are Sons of God First

I wondered about taking God to work with me today. So I went accompanied in my bathroom, showering and cleaning my teeth. As I dressed I noticed I ignored I was a Son of God, but remembered when I sat at my computer. I got into the car: it was one the garage had loaned me as mine was in for a service. I found the controls were unfamiliar – not what I am used to. In the car I forgot I was a Son of God until five minutes into the journey… I changed my movements and my world shifted too. It was easy to come back to the fact I was a Son of God, it took a split second, just like that. Then I realised that I was still a Son of God when I was choosing to forget I was.

How would the world be if I didn’t forget?

“The ancient great teacher Patanjali began his lessons with the fact that each student was the Son of God… The main central thrust was to know that you are a Son of God and then to proceed to deal with the hindrances that make you think you are not.” Serge Benhayon, The Way It Is (p. 182)

Knowing we are all Sons of God, can we be Sons of God in all we are – in all we do, think and say?

Do we start our day, as our eyes open, acclimatising to the wonder that we are Sons of God?

Am I fully claiming it, ignoring it or in absolute denial of it? Sometimes I take a pic-and-mix approach in my options here, yet I have the clear understanding that the fact of our Son-ship remains, regardless of our choices.

We are Sons of God when we love, when we hate, become emotional, and still Sons of God when we throw all our toys out of the pram or fall down and cry. But nothing we do, that is, not one shred of ‘doingness’, can alter the fact we are Sons of God first.

I know that I used to be convinced that I could not possibly be connected to God in any way because I was so super-critical of myself for not being good enough, not being right, and certainly not being worthy. It was only when I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I was able to let these judgments of myself go, with healing and support.

There is now an awareness in me that there is no crime we can do by choice or omission, no heinous act, wrongdoing or imperfection that can change the fact we are Sons of God. No matter how much we mess up, we are Sons of God first and last. We cannot eradicate the fact of us being Sons of God; no amount of ‘doing’ or ‘not doing’ something will ever change this.

I am a Son of immutable ageless perpetual Love – God who is.

We all are Sons of God.

We are all made with God in each cell.

God holds the Universe, so how grand and vast are we that we are Sons of God?

Thank God for Serge Benhayon. Without him, my life would not be what it is today. I would be living a life that is the opposite of who I am, as I was before I met him. So God, thank you a million billion trillion times for this extraordinary man who loves all as You do.

By Ariana Ray

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855 thoughts on “We are Sons of God First

  1. In essence we are indeed the Sons of God and this fact as you have wisely shared remains true and unchanged. And so we have the choice to ignore and resist, diminish living our divinity, or we surrender and allow ourselves to be guided and live the power of our godliness.

  2. Ok…so I think you are saying here that we are Sons of God :-). Cheekiness aside, yes we are indeed Sons of God. Held in the most divine love we have ever known. It is what connects us to the stars, the sun, the moon and the universe – and to each other.

  3. A lovely reminder Ariana thank you. It is such a simple thing to do yet so much in the world and our day tries to pull away away from this knowing. The choice is how much do we choose to delay our inevitable return to living the God that we are. The more we each take steps back to living the love we are the more we also show and remind others they too can do the same as they are the same.

  4. Thank you Ariana — for what you share is beautiful. I have the same experience, without Universal Medicine/Serge Benhayon I would have been very lost in my purpose in life, and now I have gained true strength and found my purpose back again..

  5. Remembering that you are a Son of God is step one, but when we actually embody that feeling life totally changes. We then live each moment knowing who we are, not need for remembering.

  6. What is it about God that we fear, could it be we are so far from the truth of who we are that every aspect of life from birth to death has been rearranged or turned upside down as to make what is a natural feeling, that, which we over-ride with our mind so that we are not allowing our feeling to be held as a truth.

  7. This was cool for me to read today ‘The main central thrust was to know that you are a Son of God and then to proceed to deal with the hindrances that make you think you are not.” Serge Benhayon, The Way It Is (p. 182)’

  8. As the Ageless Wisdom is teaching us, if we are son’s of God, which we all are, then we are all actually Gods pretending to be non Gods, for how can a son of God be any less than our father himself? Human life is but a game to avoid our responsibility to the Universe and each other.

    1. I love this Doug, and so love God. Living God each day – how hard can it be if we simply give up trying – I’m going with this today and the relief of not trying is palpable in my body. All the trying never did work.

  9. Our ultimate role model – God. We seem so small and God seems so big, yet we come from God, we were birthed by God, so we are to become like the parent. Like all creatures that means starting small and eventually growing into all we are birthed to become. And when we lose our way we can look towards God to remember who we are, reclaim ourselves as souls and return to being love, stillness, truth, joy and harmony.

  10. A very empowering blog Ariana. To know that however much we (our spirit) rebels against that which is true within our essence, there is absolutely nothing that can diminish this inner light and knowing-ness in any way and yet there is a force that has us believe that we can defend this illusion indefinitely.
    “We are Sons of God when we love, when we hate, become emotional, and still Sons of God when we throw all our toys out of the pram or fall down and cry. But nothing we do, that is, not one shred of ‘doingness’, can alter the fact we are Sons of God first”.

  11. Every particle of our body and being is part of the Universe so we are part of the Divine All and we are here on Earth learning to be all that we are.

  12. Love and God, one in the same, always give us the choice to evolve and return to ourselves, to love. This process shows itself in our bodies. The corrections, the moments to stop and take stock, to notice and choose differently, are all opportunities to come back to love. It is the incredible design of the body that is naturally aligned to love that allows this process.

    1. Great comment ‘Love and God, one in the same.’ Totally true, so connecting to that Love and living it, this is living God, walking God and hanging out with God.

    2. I love this ‘Love and God, one in the same’, yet we are all happy to sing love songs, watch love stories, talk about love, but introduce God to the conversation and we have a very different reaction. It makes no sense. What it shows is how far we have come from the truth of love, we accept a word that has been used and abused to have no semblance of love within it. So time for truth and love to meet once again and God to be talked about freely.

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