We are Sons of God First

I wondered about taking God to work with me today. So I went accompanied in my bathroom, showering and cleaning my teeth. As I dressed I noticed I ignored I was a Son of God, but remembered when I sat at my computer. I got into the car: it was one the garage had loaned me as mine was in for a service. I found the controls were unfamiliar – not what I am used to. In the car I forgot I was a Son of God until five minutes into the journey… I changed my movements and my world shifted too. It was easy to come back to the fact I was a Son of God, it took a split second, just like that. Then I realised that I was still a Son of God when I was choosing to forget I was.

How would the world be if I didn’t forget?

“The ancient great teacher Patanjali began his lessons with the fact that each student was the Son of God… The main central thrust was to know that you are a Son of God and then to proceed to deal with the hindrances that make you think you are not.” Serge Benhayon, The Way It Is (p. 182)

Knowing we are all Sons of God, can we be Sons of God in all we are – in all we do, think and say?

Do we start our day, as our eyes open, acclimatising to the wonder that we are Sons of God?

Am I fully claiming it, ignoring it or in absolute denial of it? Sometimes I take a pic-and-mix approach in my options here, yet I have the clear understanding that the fact of our Son-ship remains, regardless of our choices.

We are Sons of God when we love, when we hate, become emotional, and still Sons of God when we throw all our toys out of the pram or fall down and cry. But nothing we do, that is, not one shred of ‘doingness’, can alter the fact we are Sons of God first.

I know that I used to be convinced that I could not possibly be connected to God in any way because I was so super-critical of myself for not being good enough, not being right, and certainly not being worthy. It was only when I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I was able to let these judgments of myself go, with healing and support.

There is now an awareness in me that there is no crime we can do by choice or omission, no heinous act, wrongdoing or imperfection that can change the fact we are Sons of God. No matter how much we mess up, we are Sons of God first and last. We cannot eradicate the fact of us being Sons of God; no amount of ‘doing’ or ‘not doing’ something will ever change this.

I am a Son of immutable ageless perpetual Love – God who is.

We all are Sons of God.

We are all made with God in each cell.

God holds the Universe, so how grand and vast are we that we are Sons of God?

Thank God for Serge Benhayon. Without him, my life would not be what it is today. I would be living a life that is the opposite of who I am, as I was before I met him. So God, thank you a million billion trillion times for this extraordinary man who loves all as You do.

By Ariana Ray

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881 thoughts on “We are Sons of God First

  1. A very empowering blog Ariana. To know that however much we (our spirit) rebels against that which is true within our essence, there is absolutely nothing that can diminish this inner light and knowing-ness in any way and yet there is a force that has us believe that we can defend this illusion indefinitely.
    “We are Sons of God when we love, when we hate, become emotional, and still Sons of God when we throw all our toys out of the pram or fall down and cry. But nothing we do, that is, not one shred of ‘doingness’, can alter the fact we are Sons of God first”.

  2. Every particle of our body and being is part of the Universe so we are part of the Divine All and we are here on Earth learning to be all that we are.

  3. Love and God, one in the same, always give us the choice to evolve and return to ourselves, to love. This process shows itself in our bodies. The corrections, the moments to stop and take stock, to notice and choose differently, are all opportunities to come back to love. It is the incredible design of the body that is naturally aligned to love that allows this process.

    1. Great comment ‘Love and God, one in the same.’ Totally true, so connecting to that Love and living it, this is living God, walking God and hanging out with God.

    2. I love this ‘Love and God, one in the same’, yet we are all happy to sing love songs, watch love stories, talk about love, but introduce God to the conversation and we have a very different reaction. It makes no sense. What it shows is how far we have come from the truth of love, we accept a word that has been used and abused to have no semblance of love within it. So time for truth and love to meet once again and God to be talked about freely.

  4. ‘No matter how much we mess up, we are Sons of God first and last.’ Can we then fathom how loved we are?

  5. Reading these words – “We are all made with God in each cell.” – I stopped for a moment and allowed myself to feel the truth of what you have written. I began to be aware of God being with me, with each breath, with each movement I make and as I type I can feel the connection to God from the tips of my fingers to every single part of my body and that feels divine but at the same time so very natural.

  6. Lovely blog Ariana, a great read which made me smile, because I could feel how applicable it is to myself, when we get distracted we momentarily forget out true connection, and I am having to remind myself less that it is simply a choice to stay connected to who I truly am, a son of God.

  7. This is just what I needed to read today – start out with my intrinsic connection to the fact that God is inside me, and then work from that (and not the problem first).

    1. So an example of the perfection of God! That is totally perfect. We have to appreciate how the magic of God works to support us just when we need it. I love that.

  8. It could be called a gift to be given the opportunity to consider that you might be a son of God, but there is actually more… because what if the light that shines from every cell in your body is the light of God, and you are not his son but in fact his equal? Would it then be a gift to have this shown to you, to be shown who you truly are? Or would this actually be the most normal thing in the world? A simple return to the truth.

  9. To know that we are Son’s of God, is step one, and that I do. The next step is to deeply accept that, and embody it. One of the ways I do this is walking it, magnifying it in my body. Each and every day.

  10. What I love is that just the littlest step towards feeling we are a Son of God can have the most big impact in our daily lives. Like you shared just constantly remembering being with God totally changes how you move and honour yourself and that is what I mean. It is as simple as that and slowly we come back to living it consistently.

  11. ‘No matter how much we mess up, we are Sons of God first and last.’ To accept and live this fact we have to let go the judgements we have on ourselves and on each other. There is no right or wrong there is just endless love, and we are all made of and by this endless love of God.

  12. I love the humbleness and honesty that Ariana displays in writing this blog, and can feel how much I have resisted truly accepting the fact that I am a Son of God no matter what I do that may seem contrary to what one thinks a Son of God would do. But that’s just it, a Son of God just is, way before it does anything, and in that we are massive in our power even though we do everything to forget this fact.

  13. ‘We are Sons of God when we love, when we hate, become emotional, and still Sons of God when we throw all our toys out of the pram or fall down and cry.’ I keep coming back to this blog and the title which resonates so strongly ‘We are Sons of God first.’ Hence the tension of life when we walk around not feeling like the Sons of God. Part of me is thinking ‘really? Are you sure i don’t need to do anythng first?’ as I reflect on the ways that I think I need to do things and be a certain way to earn the love of God.

  14. ‘But nothing we do, that is, not one shred of ‘doingness’, can alter the fact we are Sons of God first.’ We can try to change this unchangeable, unalterable fact. Yes I have also thought that I could do and then undo this fact. I am starting to accept this fact and indeed it still sometimes seems like news to me. It is the best piece of news ever. When I change my movements to reflect that I am the Son of God then that’s how I feel. It is a choice.

  15. “We are sons of God first” is an immutable fact, that when claimed in our bodies allows us to understand that we are all equal regardless of gender, colour or culture and we are here to reflect and hold each other in the love that we all are.

  16. Ariana thank you for sharing your day of reconnecting to being a Son of God and how this felt for you. For me this means I am love, harmony, joy, stillness, truth, and light, and a feeling I am so much more than I can mentally comprehend, it’s something I feel and know. Looking up into the night sky and the stars and vastness of the universe always activates a deep knowing of who I am – it’s a gorgeous feeling that comes from my heart and I feel very otherworldly.

  17. “No matter how much we mess up, we are Sons of God first and last.” Regardless of whether we know this in our hearts we are all sons of God. Serge Benhayon has enabled me to know this for myself.

  18. I am with you Ariana all the way, in thanking God for Serge Benhayon, a divine reflection to walk amongst us along with the universe through which His love is constantly reflected, by which we can observe, be inspired and reminded of who we truly are so that we reignite our inescapable relationship with Him and live the Fiery light we are.

  19. Ah… such a perfect timely reminder. I am a Son of God even when I choose to forget, or refuse to live like one. What is the point in bashing myself, or anyone for that matter? The truth remains the same that we are Sons of God whatever we might have done. Nothing can change that. In this light, unworthiness seems like a totally self-indulgent stubbornness. Like you say, it is a split second choice to reconnect to the truth.

  20. How often do we start with what’s wrong with us and focus on that rather than bringing ourselves back to a foundation of appreciating who we are in truth, our potential and then looking at what we’re choosing to avoid that…?

    1. So true Fiona, this was how I lived most of my life, not appreciating enough of who I was and focusing only what was wrong. It is no wonder I was exhausted and disheartened from constantly trying to right the wrong, to which I could not see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel. When we begin to connect to the truth in our bodies, we realise and can feel that we are in essence the love of God, and then we can observe why it is we are choosing or resisting living the greatness we already are. As such we make changes that allow us to return to move with the Light that we already are.

  21. This is huge Ariana, that we are sons of God first and foremost, most of my religious life was about trying to be good enough to be a son of God but always falling short, to know I am a son of God no matter what I do, and that I am beloved no matter what fills me with awe and wonder at the amazing grandness of the love of God that we are held in.

  22. Absolute worth a million or more – showing us that living in the denial of being the Son of God is actually no fun and that by claiming by feeling that we are – this enormous joy comes back to the surface – a forever continuous joy that is unending.

  23. Thank you Ariana, reading this blog I began to feel a shift in me to align to this simple yet very powerful truth. What a game changer when we begin to live this truth – ‘God holds the Universe, so how grand and vast are we that we are Sons of God?’

  24. I woke up in more of a ‘throw your toys outside your pram’ kinda way so a nice reminder that I am not that, and that I am a Son of God, and all the Glory that that entails. Thank you.

  25. Reading this blog makes me ponder why I’m not living myself all the time as the Son of God that I really am. Is it too much fullness? Is it too much to feel? Too much to see? My grandness doesn’t come from this place and in fact there is no effort needed to embrace it in full. I deserve it and as you share Arianna, it really makes the difference each time that I stop and surrender to the neverending love of God that I truly am and allow in my life whenever I choose to re-connect with it.

  26. ‘I changed my movements and my world shifted too.’ And that’s the power of who we are, that in a heartbeat no matter how we’ve been we can change how we move and our lives change.

  27. Its a testament to the fact that we have all that inside of us as a natural birthright, that it should be so simple for each and every one of us to connect back to our divinity should we choose to. Its right there, all of the time.

  28. Serge Benhayon indeed is a remarkable man: he holds all in his love, like you would expect of God. God hold us all in his love, not only knowing that mentally, but also being able to feel that, is changing my life.

  29. “We all are Sons of God.” and it is our responsibility to deeply confirm this fact in our bodies so that our movements reflect the power and wisdom within, and so break through the illusion that keeps us playing small – away from the grandness of who we are.

  30. Our connection to God is the series of movements in which we express and choose everyday and it is from these movements we find true learning, simplicity and joy and can set us on an evolutionary path for life if we so choose.

  31. Such gorgeous, gorgeous reaffirming words that sing the truth of who we are, thank you Ariana. We are love first before we are anything else that may come in the way of our expression of this love.

  32. “But nothing we do, that is, not one shred of ‘doingness’, can alter the fact we are Sons of God first.” Thank you Ariana for a very powerful blog for me to read today, especially after reading a blog on guilt and realising that my wanting to get it right was so I didn’t feel guilt. Claiming myself as a divine son of God with no doing, just as I am, is an ongoing process.

  33. It is still concept I can’t grasp, Son of God, I haven’t really even understood what God is, let alone what it means to be his son, it obviously mean a lot to everyone else, so I just keep reading and exploring these blogs. When there is a practical application it is a little easier for me to understand, I understand that its not a doing but the whole son of god thing still rubs me the wrong way a bit, maybe I’m missing something, maybe its because I don’t understand.

  34. Absolutely, God is love and not a ‘doing’ hence when we make it about right or wrong we do not truly make it about God (us). And so, we can state from this that much of our world is set up from this absence of God and the love that he is. Hence, it does make sense that our world is not coping as we actually truly want it to be, as we are from God. So, it is time to get real & honest.. and see what world we have created – without any judgement, just the absolute power of free will we have to ignite as Sons of God again, and this time around this counts by our way and form of living.

  35. Thank you for the reminder, it is so easy to forget we come from divinity and that this is not just a concept, but something tangible to be felt in the body. Going from point A to B as we do a hundred times a day or more, is the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves and reconnect to this fact.

  36. I am the Son Of God, it has a great vibration to it. I know this to be truth and God walks in us and with us all the time even if we do not live this truth of being the Son Of God. And yes thanks to the livingness of Serge Benhayon as a realised living Soulfull being and all those people ( male and female ) who have gone before him who have lived as realised Sons of God.

  37. Great to read this again Ariana. Every day I work towards removing the hindrances (mostly ideals and beliefs) that take me away from the fact I’m a Son of God/Soul. How I move also has a big impact on the my connection to living from my Soul in daily life.

  38. Re-connecting with ourselves is certainly the wisest move ever. A gorgeous confirmation that we are sons of God and appreciation of the fact that we have made the choice to re-connect.

  39. Starting, finishing and every moment in between, knowing we are Son’s of God absolutely changes the way we feel, move and think. I for one appreciate the difference in how I feel about living in my fullness in everyday life. It’s not perfection I’m discovering it is simplicity, willingness, truth and a forever deepening understanding of love for all equally. All the while living an ordinary life going about what is there to be done with a vitality and well-being and the re-connecting to joy that for many years simply wasn’t accessible due to choices of lifestyle and thoughts.

    1. ‘Starting, finishing and every moment in between, knowing we are Son’s of God absolutely changes the way we feel.’ Yes it does. Yesterday in the pool I swam knowing this and my swim was so steady, strong and easy, supported all the way by my connection. Delicious.

      1. Delicious is a great way to describe how we feel. The more we appreciate our innate deliciousness the more me realise there is that is simply delicious in the everyday moments.

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