Injustice and Inspiration – Serge Benhayon 

So what happens when we feel like we are being misrepresented, misinterpreted, lied about – do we rage, deny, go into self-doubt, justification, be in fear and feel a victim?

I have had experiences of having untruths being stated about me and I have gone into all of these reactions at one point or another.

I used to make myself a victim, contract in my body and attempt to hide, hoping that the attacks would be over soon.

I used to rage and get righteous because of the perceived injustice.

All of this had an impact on how I felt about myself, and self-sabotage and self-worth issues came up when I reacted to what I thought was injustice.

So what is this injustice?

If I know who I am and what I feel the truth is – what is there to rage against?

If I know I have done all I can to the best of my lived ability, with lovewhat is there to justify?

If I have been present, honest and responsible in my interactions with consistency (not perfection) – then what is there to self-bash myself for?

Is it possible that injustice is only felt if we go into reaction and this becomes part of the issue itself; when we have not been present and have not been living in a loving way to the best of our lived ability?

So the feeling of injustice comes from a self-rage for not being steady in all that I am. It is not about someone else lying about me or not.

If we are in our full power and love, and we know we speak our truth with love and care and hold others in understanding, then lies can come and they will slide off us like water off a duck’s back.

I have a role model by whom I am deeply inspired and his name is Serge Benhayon. I have watched him for quite a few years now; he has a lot of experience of lies being written and spoken about him, from full-time cyber abusers, misinterpretation from newspapers and people who have heard his presentations and interpreted them to suit their own agenda or to mask or deny a hurt that they do not want to look at.

Serge Benhayon (Founder of Universal Medicine) standing in front of a corrugated iron fence
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

I myself have been one of the people who have reacted to Serge Benhayon. I have misinterpreted some of what he has said, because being honest and looking at what he presented brought up so much for me to question and look at in my own life that I basically did not want to go there. Instead I made a choice to play with words, stretch interpretation and attempt to bring doubt to what had been shared.

I have talked personally to Serge Benhayon and although my doubt, dismissiveness and denial would have been plain to feel, he held me in love, he did not react and he stayed consistent. This choice of his enabled me to get past the surface reactions that I was in and go a bit deeper. He treated me as an equal, he offered a reflection of love and appreciation that rekindled a knowing of this lived quality within myself.

Do we join in with the sea of hurts and protection or do we choose to hold steady and connect with our inner essence and reflect this as a lighthouse to the world?

Serge Benhayon has inspired me for many reasons, but in terms of consistency he is immensely inspiring. Even when the media has made up false stories about him and a few cyber-abusers lied about him, and seemingly inspired by these lies some individuals have even made physical threats of violence to himself and his family, he has stood in a room, open to all, present, responsible, and steady, met everyone he encounters with equal grace and care and given his all to whoever is present. There is no holding back, agendas, hurts, issues or blame for what is occurring.

He lives his power, he is present, he feels his truth and he trusts that The Truth will find its way; like water on the earth, the energetic flow of truth will emerge.

Because he has been living responsibly, consistently, and each movement he makes with care and presence, no regret or doubt can arise. What is there to react to when you know the power of your own truth and you express it?

There is a place within all of us, our essence, an inner knowing, and we can develop and deepen our connection to this by being consistent in our honesty, responsibility and expression. This builds a foundation of lived truth and this foundation, lived and expressed, is us living in our full power.

When we live from our essence, untruths can be observed rather than reacted to. I am developing it and I call myself a forever student, a student of The Way of The Livingness.

When we live from our essence, lies cannot hold up; they have no foundation, and we can live in the certainty that the lies themselves are built on hurt and more lies, and they will crumble.

What I have learnt is that lies do offer a reflection, something to learn from. Given all the times that I and we have denied knowing that we have this inner connection, an inner essence that unites us, could it be that people only lie to attempt to protect their hurts?

We have a glorious equality within us all that can stand transparent and open, without the need for protection.

Through commitment to learning to shift these hurts we enable others to be inspired to also choose another way.

Feeling the potential of this is awesome. There is no more running around, head down, in perpetual reactions and protection and instead shining our light bright and offering an alternative. People feel this choice, it changes lives. It happened to me and it can happen for all of us.

By Samantha Davidson, UK

Headshot of Samantha Davidson Samantha Davidson is enjoying getting to know what life means for her, on this planet within this divine and infinite Universe.

You can follow Samantha Davidson on Twitter @davidsonsamant5

Headshot of Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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700 thoughts on “Injustice and Inspiration – Serge Benhayon 

  1. “Do we join in with the sea of hurts and protection or do we choose to hold steady and connect with our inner essence and reflect this as a lighthouse to the world?” When someone shines brightly void of any hurts it is like a beacon of light in a sea of darkness, This is why I love Serge Benhayon he never stops shining his light and it is this that is constantly being reflected to us all.

  2. Lies are designed to make us contract so that we do not let the magnitude of the love that lives within us to be expressed outwardly. They are the founding stone of the loveless world we have created when we have made the choice to live in separation to such love.

  3. I love this statement, ‘the feeling of injustice comes from a self-rage for not being steady in all that I am’. I can identify myself with this as this was something I habitually would do, make it about others instead of looking at what I was doing to myself.

    Since meeting Serge Benhayon, this blaming of others is dropping, without perfection as I know there is more to let go of. I see these offerings as reflections of another judgment I place upon others. Serge Benhayon sees us for who we truly are, and no less, he sees that the rest is not us – it is that simple.

  4. Anyone can claim to be telling a truth, or at least being honest. It is the way they themselves are and live that would be the main determinant for others to qualify whether they would be accepted as telling the truth, or pronounced a liar. There’s also that if there is a silent agreement that no one actually likes the truth even if it is THE truth, then the same ‘evidence’ can easily be manipulated to be used against the truth. Very exposing of where humanity at large is at when the very system that is supposed to bring justice is more willing to forgo truth over comfort, and truth only stays at a knowledge level and separate from what we actually live.

  5. When a friend of mine found out that I started to align with the teachings presented by Universal Medicine, they read some blogs written by someone they don’t even know that were basically spreading lies, and said to me that they were ‘worried’ about me because they read all kinds of things – even though there were other sources like this blog that were telling the truth. This just totally exposed more than anything else about the kind of relationship I had with them and the level of integrity and trust I had built over the years, which obviously was not much – that I just was not living in a way that would leave an unwavering imprint for them to go ‘No, whatever someone might be saying on the Internet, I believe her choice’.

  6. Understanding that it really does not matter what other people say about me, has helped me just observe and not absorb what is happening around me. And realizing that I really have no control over what people say, has also helped me.

    1. Ah yes that is very helpful, we cannot control others in any way so it makes no sense to focus on this or trying to change someone’s mind. It’s a waste of energy.

  7. It is very easy to react and feel outrage at the injustice if we are lied about. However, it may be the perfect opportunity we need to get to know and appreciate who we are. So much of our adult life and knowing of ourselves is shaped by the feedback we get from others. This is not a solid foundation for life.

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