Because Religious People are Stupid, Right? 

Growing up, I was not raised in an overly religious family. I attended the local Catholic primary school and mass each week with my class, but outside of the big celebrations like Christmas and Easter, I was never forced to attend church or participate in mass with my family. As I grew older it became my choice as to what faith or religion I wanted to follow, and as such, I never had one particular doctrine, idea or belief imposed on me – I was allowed to be myself with this… I was allowed to explore.

I explored various and different belief systems and practices, from Buddhism to Christianity and everything outside and in-between, finding elements that touched me and discarding those that caused disharmony. For the first 16 – 17 years of my life my fascination with religion was strong, and of those who I thought were truly religious I was inspired by; they however, were not many and were far and few along. 

As I grew older and started to engage more critically and mentally with the world, I began to see more and more the devastations caused by the major religions, and as my anger and unsettlement grew, my vision of religion, and religious people, turned too. In my eyes, and in the eyes of my friends, if someone said they were religious, it was like asking for a social and professional death. Admitting that one was religious meant your intelligence dropped by about 80% – “Why?” you might ask, “Because religious people are stupid, right?”

How could an intelligent person follow something that quoted one thing, yet did the other. How could one listen to a preacher teach about love and understanding, yet he or she themselves be prepared to profit off and exploit not only its people but those who did not fit into its picture? 

You see, we are sold this notion that being religious means forgoing critical thinking or leaving ourselves and our discernment at the door and following something blindly… but what if this is not a description of true religion? What if it is but the by-product of a peddler and their peddlers?

When it comes to religion, our current culture has bought into what I can only call ‘masterful trickery’, with many having a willingness to be tricked. Being religious, truly religious, is in fact quite beautiful and despite my previous belief systems about one’s intelligence, religion – when understood in its true and simplest form – is founded on a science that is far more intelligent than anything mankind has been able to live or deliver thus far and certainly is not something found in an ivory tower, in a book, or looking afar.

For me, when I look around at the trees, at the rivers, at the sun, at the moon, at the seas, at the birds and all of the animals in this kingdom, what gets reflected back to me is an intricate and finite system that is beyond anything modern science has been able to fully explain, answer, master or understand. There are cycles that the day passes through, the sun rises, the sun falls, and there are rituals that all on this earth live and breathe by, not only with waking and sleeping, but in the passing of the seasons and the changes in the weather. What we don’t understand is that in all of this is religion – a deep connection and relationship between everything and everyone, one that we can either choose to listen and adhere to, or ride up against in fury at all that it communicates for what is there to be done.

What is most beautiful is that no matter how hard we fight, deep inside of our bodies, and I mean purely scientifically speaking here, we are made up of this intelligence and as such, we are part of the body of God, whether we like it or not.

If I asked, for example, do you know how to build a baby from scratch, you might say sure, it’s from a sperm and an egg, you simply bring the two together and the rest is taken care of. But what I would ask is, do you know the mechanics of it? Do you know how each piece and part of the body is formed, how the different bits start in one position then wrap around to form another? Do you know how the brain knows when and how to grow before it is even grown or how the cells know how many fingers and toes are needed? There is an invisible blueprint in place that is well beyond our current science and such, our current intelligence.

So who then is the stupid one?

And the answer to that is no ‘one’. For the thing is, and if we stick with the same example, we all know how a baby is formed, right down to the detail; this intelligence can be found deep down in our cells, our bodies know exactly how to do it, even if we don’t. The only crime is that we have chosen and thus forgotten how to connect to it, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. This alone shows that there is an intelligence beyond what we think or know, or more importantly, believe.

By Martin Gladman, Counsellor, Social Worker & Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, Melbourne, Australia

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519 thoughts on “Because Religious People are Stupid, Right? 

  1. Understanding and accepting that religion is ‘a deep connection and relationship between everything and everyone’ changes the whole way in which one observes the game of life.

  2. Current mainstream science has a similar vein of peddling so called facts. Unlike mainstream religion it states that it is more truthful than religion because it has physical proof and research and tests. Often bias and sponsored for certain results to please those few at the top. But we are more than physicality and do have a relationship with what is not material. Both are truly designed to be interwoven, not separate, stand alone ‘truths’.

  3. Interesting how religion and intelligence relate to each other. Atheist consider religiousness as a sign of lack of intelligence, religious people consider those following another religion and atheists as showing signs of lack of intelligence. Are religion and the ability to reason and recollect really connected?

  4. Religion and science don’t seem to marry. Religion can be added, in other words made up and more placed upon it and science needs to prove things. But can it? There is so much about life that must or has to come from another source that neither religion nor science can prove. Ponder on the simplicity of this.

  5. The closer the look we take at science, the more it starts making sense that there has to be an incredible intelligence beyond the human mind’s comprehension to orchestrate everything in and around us. It would be very stupid to deny this possibility flat out.

    1. Yes, it leads to people positing that there is an unfathomable number of universes, purely to prove that our universe’s configuration is down to random chance.

  6. As far as I was aware everyone had a right to choose the religion that resonates with themselves, however for some reason even though nearly the entire world population is religious when it comes to science an excuse can be if its no the religion I believe in then there is no science.

  7. I love what you write here `Martin, that no matter whatever our heads think, we have a different kind of intelligence within us all, whether we accept it or not, it is there. There is so much in the Universe that is inexplicable to the head, but having a knowing of God in our core explains much.

  8. “How could an intelligent person follow something that quoted one thing, yet did the other”. This hypocrisy is one of the big reasons why people have left religion in droves. It only takes a quick look at the walk versus the talk and you are left with a bad taste in your mouth. Unfortunately this has caused many to turn their backs on the possibility that religion is something natural for us and we don’t need a self-serving middle man to have it.

    1. And yet turning to science isn’t any better. If the scientists, medical professional doesn’t practice what they preach. If there is a hierarchy that looks down at the ‘common man’ from academia. Really, is it any different? Or the same energy in a different flavour.

  9. Religion: is choosing to stay awake and aware of what’s around us all of the time- the bigger picture- and developing a deepening relationship with that, through what we can feel and sense.

  10. To leave the Connection in one’s heart is not a clever thing to do as we are part of God so we leave ourselves.

  11. To render our body forth to the unknown, the intelligence that we deep down (maybe unconsciously) know, and understand that there is more consciousness than the reality we have created. It by virtue of becoming more and more aware that will support us to deepen our living way and return to our Soul.

  12. Oh this is rich. I’ve certainly had that judgement that religious people are stupid… like sheep with no voice of their own. But then it occurred to me that the cleverest person I know went off to study at a Theological school to become a Vicar, and commented on how intense the study was. What occurred to me is that living a truly religious way from what we already know inside is very simple (not stupid). Trying to remember all the rules and teachings that have built up over 2000 years of falsehood… now that is complicated!

  13. When we re-connect with our essence the whole universal intelligence is available to us. There is definitely nothing stupid about that.

  14. Thank you Martin for presenting the true sense of religion and the wisdom it offers. The science behind it of a newborn and the miracles in life.

  15. If you forcefully believe something that could not possibly be true then it is not too farfetched to be considered stupid. If you use the same label as such people you will probably have to do some explaining why you use that label.

  16. That indeed is how people can react when you share that you are religious. As if you are stupid. But I noticed that when you speak from your whole body, people feel the religious way you live this Connection with God. Which is different from believing in a certain religion as a condition in life.

  17. The awe-inspiring magnificence of the Universe offers us a glimpse of all that we are a part of and true religion is to live in the awareness of all that we are.

  18. True religion is certainly unexplainable and as you so eloquently summed it up Martin, ‘is founded on a science that is far more intelligent than anything mankind has been able to live or deliver thus far and certainly is not something found in an ivory tower, in a book, or looking afar.’ – hallelujah.

  19. It is so easy to judge people on their religious beliefs, their culture, their lifestyle, their favourite football club… and so on. But it is more true to see the essence of the person beyond their ideals, beliefs and likes, when we are all the same. That is the true challenge for us, to be brave and deeply connect with other people no matter what.

  20. When you see people living in a truly religious way it is not weird in any way, it actually feels very normal, it is when we see people living the false version of being religious that we recoil and feel uncomfortable with.

  21. Religion is so vast and expansive.. so much more all encompassing than what we currently understand it to be and how we relate to the word and concept.

  22. ‘There is an invisible blueprint in place that is well beyond our current science and such, our current intelligence.’ Yes, if we were to truly appreciate this we’d perhaps feel a beautiful humility at the grandness we live in and that there is a greatness we could connect with that we are too a part of – instead of trying to prove ourselves in our arrogance.

  23. Thanks, Martin I love your example of how much intelligence is in the creation of a baby and how there is a science to it that is only from God. The way religion was presented to me was very institutionalized – but more and more I see how religion relates to the bigger picture and it is in everything.

  24. When we start to think there is more to life, one of the first places we think to go is to is a church to find the answers in religion. We find some well-meaning people, but essentially, they are also searching for the truth and a connection to God; some settle for the setup and beliefs of that church and some of us recognise that it’s not it. What I have come to learn through the teachings of Universal Medicine is that the answers to the connection to God is within us already and that we do not need to look outside of ourselves for the answers. We just need to learn how to re-connect back to our natural essence as a child does.

  25. I became aware this week that I was holding back on my relation to God. I mean to the world I was not so open about my relation with God because already when you say the name God people can make faces and judgement.
    So I said outloud ‘ I love God, And he is all my life my friend. I have a Great relation with him And through him I know what is true. And I know I am part of him.

  26. Being religious is our innate way of being by virtue of the fact that our Soul is the light of God, as such we are always in relationship with and held in God’s love. It is then we realise that whenever we are in connection to our Soul, we live and are moved by the intelligence of love and religiosity then is as natural as breathing.

  27. We are a part of God and no matter how much we resist and dismiss what we feel, our body communicates that truth and pulls us to return to live the truth we know within our essence.

  28. It says all about the type of intelligence we champion when we say it can’t go together religion because true intelligence is intrinsically linked to religion.

  29. I love this – our bodies know how to do all these amazing things that our minds have no idea unless it’s taught.

  30. Religion does not reflect stupidity, not even mainstream ones. What it reflects is a shutdown body and a very heavy dose of beliefs moving it. The challenge is to remain open while being religious so you can feel everything about what pertains to God and to us.

  31. It takes religion, science and philosophy to bring us any way near understanding the beauty of the universe.

  32. “There is an invisible blueprint in place that is well beyond our current science and such, our current intelligence.” The blueprint, or Divine Plan, may not be visible to our physical eyes but we are all part of the Plan finding our way back to where we come from.

  33. There are so many instances throughout history when truth has not been realised or denied which confirms your statement Martin of: “This alone shows that there is an intelligence beyond what we think or know, or more importantly, believe.”

  34. It is not that people are stupid who blindly follow a faith of any kind, it is instead that that they are deeply hurt and desperate for anything in order not to have to face the responsibility to heal the cause of their unresolved pain.

  35. Yes, Martin it is so true, the particles of our bodies are made up of an intelligence that cannot be denied and as such, are part of the body of God and this is why our body never lies. Take a first puff on a cigarette and see what the body will do.

  36. There is a feeling of being connected to everyone and everything, to something very grand and in that we feel a oneness, no longer separate.

  37. It’s interesting the relationship between our intelligence being based on science alone. Much of our knowledge comes from people who were deeply religious and where willing to look outside of the visible to consider things like electricity and atoms and chemical structures. When did intelligence and religion become mutually exclusive

  38. True religion has given me great understanding and acceptance of all religions and those who choose them. In the past I judged and scoffed, now I see the desperation and resignation of those who sense there is something more but settle for less than the truth they know. A difference in religion does not stop me holding another as equal and this is true religion.

  39. I love it Martin, and I recognise the sentiment of ‘religious people are stupid’. But then we can also say this for self-proclaimed non religious people as in truth we cannot but be religious. So maybe the short answer is, without connecting to the universal intelligence we hold within, we are all very stupid, but always with the wisdom of God and the all at our fingertips.

  40. Deep within we all know the existence of god and heaven and we long for it and therefore for search it. Unfortunately there is little true reflection of what religion is and so some stick in there trying to right the wrongs, while others get completely turned off and give up on the knowing of God entirely. And then there are those who reject modern day religion, but do not give up and keep searching for the truth in religion. For those there is always a reflection to be found, and in this era it is through Universal medicine.

  41. One could read this blog and say, great your parents let you choose what faith you wanted to follow. And although that indeed can be incredible, I question whether in all cases leaving children without the guidance is actually truly supportive to connect to religion and a religious way of life? Or could it lead to the opposite where children completely disconnect from that because they’ve not had a loving connection and support from mum and dad growing up?

  42. That Religion has become a byword for hypocrisy and ignorance is no mistake. It’s simply because in its true form Religion is a super healing way to live. There are forces that would prefer we didn’t honour what Religion really is. The more we see through this, the more we access the simple wonder of the world as seen by any young child. Thank you Martin for so eloquently reminding us.

  43. Whilst I never thought that religious people were stupid I did often wonder how they could believe what they did. This was just a reflection for me to look at all my own ideals and beliefs that I have taken on and learn how they can blind me/us from seeing truth.

  44. Like you say, there are perilously few ‘religious people’ who are actually living it all in full and by that I mean a direct relationship with God and the divinity that is in us all. However, surprisingly or no, I find that those who are palpably in the livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon are remarkable in their love, their consistency and their connection. These are people to be inspired by, and they are onto something!

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