Appreciating Esoteric Practitioners – I move with ME!

I have been a Student of Universal Medicine for nearly ten years and with the support of the presentations of Serge Benhayon, The Ageless Wisdom and the whole student body, I have discarded many of the ideals and beliefs that had me living a lie that kept me from who I truly am, and in-truth where I am truly from.

Today, in my body, I live something that I could not have imagined ten years ago – as it was nowhere within my then conscious awareness. So how does someone who did not have this understanding, this potential in her conscious awareness become to not only have it in her awareness but to become someone who lives it with an authority? …My only answer is Reflection – reflection of movement.

By reflection I mean what I tangibly saw and felt from others ­– in the way they moved, how they walked, in the way they spoke, in the quality they held their body in, the way their clothes were assembled with care on their body, how tender their touch was, how engaging their eyes were, how light they seemed to be in their discussions, how much care they took with themselves and with others, in the way they related to others and with me – was something that felt a very true way of being, yet something I had not witnessed in my life before attending my first Universal Medicine presentation by Serge Benhayon. I was able to feel the holding power of this reflection that I was witnessing. I felt it from them and I actually felt different within my body when I was around these true reflections. Reflection was the only thing that started to break down the consciousness that I was holding and supported me to see/feel the hardness I was carrying.

Initially, witnessing the many reflections from Serge Benhayon, the whole Benhayon family, Esoteric Practitioners and the Universal Medicine student body, allowed me to feel that there was more, and that what I was living in my body at that time was not the truth of who I was and am. Over the years these reflections have continued to inspire me and also expose little pockets that do not belong with the grandness of who I am. The power of reflection is that it is a tangible living proof, which for me spoke to every particle in my body saying – this is also who you truly are.

Today I now live this reflection – I live me. And I know that through the way I am with the quality of my movements, that I too provide and inspire others to remember the light they are from, just as I was once inspired. Through others I got to see there was something deeper, precious and beholding which was very natural that I was not living and connecting to. The reflections I received from Serge reminded me of this and started me on my journey to reconnect to the grandness within. This journey has been amazing – not always smelling of roses and at times it was very uncomfortable to feel what I had been choosing for myself, but a journey I would not trade for anything. The rejoining to the love of my Soul is my sole purpose in this life – in truth the purpose of every incarnation, and nothing feels as joy-full.

I fully appreciate the reflection of all the movements that Serge Benhayon, the Esoteric Practitioners and the whole student body offer. Over the years, in reclaiming myself as a walking living Son of God, rebuilding my body to be one that my Soul can have full access to express the love and truth of who we truly are, I have come to have a strong understanding of how important our movements are and just what it is they are reflecting.

Our movements have the power to reflect our multidimensionality and the grand intelligence we are all from.

I have supported myself to feel my body more deeply, deepen the presence in my movements, know the delicateness and tenderness of me and appreciate the amazing qualities I bring to life. Through the modalities offered by other students of Universal Medicine I have been able to deepen my connection to myself and my movements. No matter if I participated in a sequence of sessions or just a one-off here or there, every session offered me another key, a learning, a new marker that only that practitioner was able to provide at that point in time. This is why I am forever humbled and grateful for the unique ‘qualities’ that every human being is designed to bring in life, including the following practitioners:

  • With Danielle Pirera in Harmony in Movement, I learnt to focus on particular areas of my body during a movement, letting myself feel all that was there and what was happening as I slowed each movement down.
  • With Karin Becker in Sacred Movement, I have learnt to feel my connection to my body and my sacredness and moving with this connection during the healing movements.

The reflections of each practitioner and my participation in their programs have supported me in unfolding, surrendering, letting go of entrenched patterns, rebuilding, re-imprinting and deeper connection with all sorts of ‘true’ movements, I now bring a truer way of being to my everyday life – in the way I walk, do chores, the way I exercise, the way I prepare things, the way I clean, the way I drive – every facet of my day. And this all supports my body, which then supports the way I am with all those I relate to and everything I do in this world to also hold the same amazing quality. And so the ripple of Reflection continues…

Published with Permission of the Esoteric Practitioners named in this blog.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Certificate of Early Childhood Education, Complementary Health – Esoteric Practitioner, Student of Counselling Diploma

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705 thoughts on “Appreciating Esoteric Practitioners – I move with ME!

  1. Johanna – I have been blessed to enjoy sessions with the practitioners you mention (and many others too) for Esoteric Yoga, True Movement, Sacred Movement and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and other Esoteric Modalities. The changes in my body and life are significant from the care and commitment of the Practitioners and the presentations by Serge Benhayon.

  2. Reflection is so powerful. Just look at all the traits we pick up from our parents. Traits we are not even conscious of.
    And in my case most of the reflection from Esoteric Practitioners has been through a computer. And it still has supported me in so many areas of my life.

  3. Without reflection we cannot know who we are, that´s how it is designed; realizing and reawakening to who we are by the interconnectedness and interrelationship with every other being and part of the universe.

  4. Reflection is a biggie for me and no doubt others too. I realise now how reflection is the equivalent of permanently looking at your self in the mirror. And you either like what you see, or don’t like what you see and its the ‘don’t like’ what you see, often makes people rocky.

    Without perfection, I at times struggle with these reflections yet still appreciate the offering even though it could be uncomfortable. Sometimes they highlight how I am living and sometimes they highlight how I need to live – it’s that simple?

  5. ‘Reflection was the only thing that started to break down the consciousness that I was holding and supported me to see/feel the hardness I was carrying.’ Great reminder of how we are supported by reflection and how we support others to see what their choices are. There is true grace in reflection.

  6. I loved reading about your experience with Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, The Ageless Wisdom and practitioners. Most of us just live life being students or shall I say existing in life and majority don’t even think further than this.

    I too just existed within the Hindu community, half hearted about karma and reincarnation and nothing further, little care to cause and effect, always wondering why I had no internal health, wellbeing and contentment.

    Then one day I met Serge Benhayon and everything that came with and through him, then my life started to shift. There was more to me than just existing, there was responsibility, there was accountability and there was integrity. Every result has a root cause leading to it, every move is from a decision and every knowing is from an awareness from the awakened.

    And if I could sum it up, boy do I appreciate Serge Benhayon and everything that comes with and through him to be in my life and many more lives to come.

  7. Powerful and a blessing to be inspired by others and know that what we see and feel is a reflection of who we truly are and equally accessible to all.

  8. Moving with love and grace as we go through our daily lives, reflects to those around us that living in harmony with our body and our surroundings is our true way, and is available for all to choose if they so wish..

  9. Reflection is the answer for all those who feel powerless in what they see around them. We may not be able to change the world in one go, but we can change ourselves and in that reflect to all around us and all we meet that a different way is in fact possible, igniting in them the spark for change as well.

  10. A great reminder Johanna about reflection and how it inspires and ignites another, the Benhayon family has done this so powerfully for so many of us – true alchemy at play.

  11. What a great reflection you have offered here: of appreciating the reflections that have supported us in deepening our experience and true expression in life. And embracing the fact that how we live matters, because we in turn provide reflections for others.

  12. It is very important to be responsible for what we are reflecting to others, for role models work both ways. They can reflect to us all that we truly are and equally reflect all that we are truly not and in some cases make that look attractive when it is in fact deeply harmful. I am deeply grateful to the Benhayons for reflecting a true healing way of living and all the magnificence that goes with that!

  13. The esoteric is to live from within, from a place of love and integrity. Any human being can connect to that, and practitioners who have this understanding and live a life in such a manner bring a greater healing to their clients than simply the physical relief.

  14. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners were the one/s for you, and now you are the one for others. This is how to works, all of us inspiring each other to live who we truly are.

  15. We can have reflections that inspire us and reflections that make us despair. Either way we have to be able to observe it all and not react in any way.

  16. Absolutely there is much power, healing and inspiration when true reflection is felt from others I have experienced this many times especially with Universal Medicine and the Benhayon Family. Their movements ask us to be more, ask us to be who we truly are, to live responsibility with care and integrity and this is all done through movement, even just someone walking past, no words needed. Now that is what I call true power.

  17. Without the power of reflection we would just keep going round in circles staying in the very same spot without changing or evolving, and as in my case becoming more and more disillusioned with life. Thank God for Serge Benhayon who has offered us the most powerful reflections on this planet, reflections that break the false cycles we live under.

  18. Without true reflections, it is impossible to know where we are stuck and dis-connected from in ourselves, or make true and lasting changes in our everyday life without punishing with rigid disciple, or giving ourselves a hard time for failing miserably to maintain the changes. Serge Benhayon and the practitioners named in this blog have all been instrumental in supporting my new choices and footsteps in returning back to who I am /we are.
    “The power of reflection is that it is a tangible living proof, which for me spoke to every particle in my body saying – this is also who you truly are”.

  19. I learn so much more from what people do and how they move than the things people say. For example when I see a woman moving so exquisitely delicately I’m inspired to try moving my body in that way, or if I see someone go out of their way to help someone I’m like – yeh I want that kind of integrity. We should never under estimate the power of our reflection.

  20. Johanna, I love how you bring the power of reflection and the key to connection with our soul down to the simplest of bodily movements like driving, getting dressed, speaking with a friend, etc. I feel like I have resisted this in the past and am just now really beginning to feel how, when I am present with my body it connects me with the source of its essence, which is in fact the particles that make it up and belong to the whole Universe, not just me.

  21. In the darkness of the night sky, it is the twinkle of the stars that remind us who we are and where we come from. Reflection is everything. It guides us back to our true and godly self.

  22. Knowing everything is energy isn’t just a nice fact to look at in a science test – it’s embracing the reality that everything in this world moves and does so by a quality – and we have the choice to make our moves in tune with God or against. The results are huge!

  23. We have a choice of course to accept or deny the reflection of love, truth, harmony, joy and stillness from another, but if we do accept it, we start to live this reflection in our own movements and become a reflection for others.

  24. Just as we receive reflections from others, so too do we emanate a quality that others receive. The more we appreciate and value ourselves, the deeper the quality of this reflection- and its potential to inspire.

  25. Just by being who we are, connecting to our true nature, and letting the light and the love that we are shine out our eyes, we can all be reflections of the world to see the possibility that there is so much more in this life then meets the eye.

  26. Thank you Johanna, there is a large network of people now living the esoteric way that can provide support in the various aspects of life, however it’s the way they live and their reflection that can inspire so much change within ourselves.

  27. We are really blessed to know so many people have found a way to live that is so gorgeous and contagious, it can’t help but inspire all those around them.

  28. Reflections are profound – whether we choose to see them or ignore them we cannot deny something is knowing of them. Being someone who wanted to ‘fix’ the world rather than take responsibility for myself I didn’t put much acknowledgement on the reflections I saw – those that were reflecting my ill choices back to me and those that could have inspired me – I just wanted to ignore. Now I know how healing they are when I appreciate what’s being communicated and what’s being called for in how I move in life.

  29. We are able to be inspired by others purely by watching them move, it is normally with a grace and a flow, it has no rush, it is consistent and is always honouring of the body, a great reflection for us all.

    1. The reason that we are so inspired by qualities such as grace and flow is because we have that same quality within ourselves otherwise we would not be able to recognise it in others. To see someone living such a quality that we may not be expressing in full ourselves gives us permission to let out our own quality and thereby grace ourselves and everyone else 🙂

  30. Without reflection I know I would not have become aware of how hard I was being with my body, and even while I may have been aware of it I would not have known there was another way. This is how we are inspired and inspire each other, just by how we are and how we move.

  31. ‘Our movements have the power to reflect our multidimensionality and the grand intelligence we are all from.’ It is literally all about movements, the power and the consequences of our movements is something that could be investigated much closer. They make way for more love for new opportunities or for staying stuck in the same (often loveless behaviors and thoughts).

  32. I love your observation about others: ‘how light they seemed to be in their discussions’. When things aren’t so focussed anymore on being right and more on working together this brings a completely different quality to a group.

  33. The reflection of others is the start of change if someone chooses so. Even if someone doesn’t change his life at that moment the option is planted and you never know what and when the follow-up will come.

  34. Beautiful piece of appreciation Johanna. We are offered incredible reflections so show us that we are also great reflections to many.

  35. A great reminder to appreciate the enormous amount of true support, lived expertise and beautiful reflection that surrounds us, all from people have chosen for themselves to do the work and return to a loving and responsible way of life.

  36. Reflection is the law of the land. Yet, reflection is much more than the eyes can see. It is what our body feels is really going on. If everybody attacks him/herself under the alibi of life is hard, this is what we do even if we may not be aware of what we are doing. But, if we see someone holding deeply him/herself, on a consistent basis, we incorporate this as a possibility and starts working towards it. It only takes one to change what we feel it is possible via reflection.

  37. “The power of reflection is that it is a tangible living proof, which for me spoke to every particle in my body saying – this is also who you truly are.” A beautiful post Johanna. I too have and am changing as I receive beautiful reflections from some amazing esoteric healing practitioners as they move and go about their day. And we too are reflections for everyone we meet. The question is do we choose that to be healing or harming? It is our everyday livingness that supports either choice.

  38. We can’t escape reflections. They are happening every minute of the day. But we can ignore them if we want, or we can see them for all they are offering and learn and be inspired by them. They are what I feel to be far more educational than anything we learn in our current schooling system. They teach us about who we are and how we are with ourselves.

  39. When I am being presented with a reflection that is of a greater connection to God than I then I have two options with which I can respond. The first option is that I can choose to be in awe and inspired by the other person or the other option is that I can choose resistance and feel very uncomfortable. Surrendering and being inspired allows for evolution; resisting holds me back from seeing and feeling what it is that I am to see and feel in that moment and therefore keeps me in the comfort of staying where I am on the path of my unfolding.

  40. It is a beautiful thing to appreciate the inspirational movements of another person, because this opens up the door to the possibilities of what you may bring as an inspiration to us all.

  41. Observing others in the love and quality of their movements would serve us all to take notice of and then apply to our own lives. When we understand how important our movement is to the quality of energy we put out, we get to feel how restricted we have been living within our bodies and then imposing that onto others by way of a reflection.

  42. We can all feel there is something about those who are in their body, there is something that communicates their ease, their surrender, their confidence, their steadiness in their movement. They reflect and remind me the simple way back to connection.

  43. It’s amazing how much we pick up from just seeing and observing other people – the way we move, the way we feel, the light in our eyes; we are all role models for each other…

  44. The power of reflection is huge because we can see in others what we know is true within us. This is a living confirmation and an invitation to always be who we are, supported by the fact that it is not only possible, but a blessing for all to fully be ourselves.

  45. ‘ The power of reflection is that it is a tangible living proof, which for me spoke to every particle in my body saying – this is also who you truly are.’ This is so true and I love this article for reminding me of what I behold when I see those who express divinity in their every move.

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