What is My True Religion?

When I came to the works of Serge Benhayon, I was invited to look at my relationship with religion. At first, all I could do was worry – worry about what would be said about religion and the effect this would be having on the people around me, including myself. I seemed to carry an inner-tension I had built up since I was young that would result in an increasing heartbeat the moment religion was spoken about.

For years it would activate all my past experiences of when religion was being heatedly discussed and fought over. Many of the conversations I would hear from my family members and people around would differ so much. I would be feeling quite uncomfortable as people would be sharing different thoughts, different ideals, which would often bring disharmony and destruction into the group.

When Serge first presented on religion, all I could feel and see were those images, those beliefs, those frightening moments, the feeling of war and absolute separation this subject or ‘word’ is causing currently and has caused in the past. My body shook in reaction to these images I had taken on around this word ‘religion.’ I remember it as clearly as yesterday.

So the moment when Serge introduced the word religion, I was bracing in my chair, my automatic response, waiting for the disharmonious conversations to happen. Yet this time it was not the case at all: instead of disharmony, there was a stillness, a love, a holding that held us together, a union, a space and place where there was understanding of each other and courage to trust.

At first I thought it was the word religion that was the negative one, but in this presentation I made a commitment to truly feel what was going on for me. I could see people around me equally react to this subject/word quite strongly. I was intrigued by the offering now given to us all to ponder on.

What does the word religion mean to us? And does it actually represent the religion that is in truth dear to us? And so, is the word religion used and lived in its true meaning?

I felt a little uncomfortable as those questions popped into my mind. I took the time to just sit still and observe whatever I was feeling around this subject. Even though I felt like running away like I always would do when this subject is raised, this discussion somehow felt true and was one that I wanted and was ready to face.

The presentation continued and I knew we were on a path of true and open discussion.

Having the feeling that all the people around me were quite shaken up through the questions being posed and discussing what religion meant to them, I was feeling truly safe, simply because I felt inside that for the first time in my life, the matter of religion was truly being asked without any demand whatsoever. We were being offered a space to truly ponder with no right or wrong scenario – one I had never been offered before. The nervous tension I had been carrying, including the quickened heartbeat, had eased. The feeling of truth and the purpose of what religion truly meant seemed to rise as my heart expanded.

The thing is, all I can say from my ponderings over what occurred this time is that the questions presented by Serge Benhayon offered me so much to consider. It wasn’t just simply the questions themselves, but the way they were discussed that actually inspired me to be more open again to my relationship with the word religion. Instantly, the false images and ideals I had been running with seemed to stand out naturally, as simply a deception and distraction away from the truth.

What I had found was that I had been living on the interpretations, opinions, judgements and expressions about this word, but never truly made it my own. I did not allow myself to have a relationship with the word religion on my own, nor discern how I felt about it. I became aware of what I felt, and at the same time looked at all these images, beliefs, and thoughts I had about religion. I could feel how many of them weren’t actually true to me. Yet I had lived by them, thinking they were true. No longer did these concepts fit as I became more aware of the truth in my heart.

I could feel how it was easier to go with the ideals, emotions, beliefs and expectations of those around me, or even blame others if it suited. But I always had felt that there was more. I could feel that if I were to stand up to feel my own truth about my personal relationship with religion, I would stand out and have more chance of being disliked. So I continued my reflection and simply observed my ways. I observed the way I looked at religion, and if there was anything to ‘living religiously.’ I can remember finding it almost scary to go there. It made me feel more real, vulnerable and tangible and at the same time I felt visible to people from the outside, as if they could see through me like looking through a glass door.

Was I in any way, shape or form religious? And if I was, was this then a bad thing? Instantly I could feel the flavour of hiding again. As I was being more observant with my own behaviours and old patterns around religion, I started to taste the false beliefs I had been walking in. I started to feel how many of these thoughts and questions pulled me away from the actual religion I was feeling on the inside of my heart’s truth. Oh wait, what did I just say? Could it be that what I had thought, believed, and acted on, even though I made myself a non-Christian, non-Islamic, non-Jew, non-Buddhist, non-Hindu etc, besides the bits of truth I carried from them, was so very different to what I felt religion meant within me?

Yes… it did. And at the same time I could feel how everyone had their own space to choose what it meant to them. All the converting and imposition that I once thought religion was about simply faded away.

Honesty and my observations brought me back closer to the truth I know. And so I allowed my power to come out and stand in the fact that I am a deeply religious person. Even though this means the absolute opposite of what is going on in all the religions in the world today, it is okay.

Even though I was not choosing to conform to the norm, I felt an inner joy and deep inner-strength back again, at the same time feeling One and the same with everyone I was choosing the truth I felt in my heart. Even though there were some parts in life that did reflect the truth of my heart, it was in that very moment that I felt more universal, more expanded and closer to the All. I brought myself back, my religion back, which was not at all anything outside of me, but an activated connection and confirmation from within me. I felt a love that had no words, simply a connection to God. In this space all I found was what I now call my religion.

It was a moment of realisation. I could no longer put aside the truth I was feeling inside and I had to claim it for myself – as it is who I am. I knew that I would no longer fit into a certain box I had held myself in for so, so long. I was willing to take that step, even though I knew I had to leave behind my old behaviours – being nice to people, giving myself away for recognition or approval and wanting to be liked by people around me.

I also let go of certain needs – needing people to fulfil me, to make me feel good or better about myself. I accepted that people all of a sudden might see me as different, as an outsider. This also meant no longer holding on to relationships that naturally no longer worked and/or felt true or respectful.

All of this brought an enormous strength back in my body. With that there came trust and all I could feel was GOD, Love, People and Brotherhood in action. My true personal relationship with religion became bright and alive again.

All of this was inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon: not only on that specific day, but at all the courses, presentations and sessions thereafter. Serge presents a livingness known as The Way of The Livingness, which is based on true religion in our every way –every day.

I came to feel that there is no such thing as having no religion or not being religious, but that we all have a deep knowing of what religion is. It is just a matter of connecting to it again. We are ALL part of it. We know we are all the same and religion binds us All.

Let us all re-awaken to the simple ways of what true religion is. It is within us all.

By Danna Elmalah

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448 thoughts on “What is My True Religion?

  1. I used to have quite an aversion towards religion, feeling there was so much wrong with what I observed in them. So when Serge Benhayon first started to bring up the word religion I had a multitude of reactions come up. What I have leaned from this is how important reflection is. I had been reflected only the current well known forms of religion in this world and had rightfully rejected them. But without a true reflection of what religion is I had rejected the entire notion of religion all together. We live by what we see around us and because of that it is very difficult to connect to something completely different, to a way that is not lived around us. By the reflection of Serge we were offered this, a whole other way of being, that allowed us to ponder on and reconnect to what religion truly is.

  2. Is it not amazing how asking questions in a completely open way, offering a consideration that what we had held as truth before might not be so, can change our world around completely. As with you Danna, being asked those question about religions offered me the space to connect to what I hold true within myself about religion.

  3. “Let us all re-awaken to the simple ways of what true religion is. It is within us all.” Yes , however the word religion has been so bastardised it is no wonder that people feel that religion has no part to play in their lives. Tracing the word back to its roots it simply means a re-binding, a reconnection to one’s true self. Who could argue with that?

  4. The word religion invokes a profound feeling of uneasiness in many.
    The world of religion is a refuge against the uneasiness that people feel in their lives.
    Uneasiness and religion seems to be close friends.
    It is only The Way of The Livingness that shows to the world that this state of things does not have to be. Joy & Glory and religion can also be a great couple.

  5. I know I feel Sacredness within, maybe my inner Sacredness and the activity of this is my religion…. My religion evolves constantly to encompass and enhouse all I feel to be true. Religion is a reflection of myself and God in everyday. I am still feeling what this word expresses in my heart…..

  6. We could be religious about all kinds of things and can talk in different ways but what we are all seeking is the connection with something that we inherently know as the absolute.

  7. How complicated we have made religion in its bastardised version when it is actually very simple when we strip away all the ideals and beliefs or other connotations we have or had around this word. And that’s what you have done Danna, you have made it simple and claimed the truth of what you’ve felt in your body and also took the next step in changing the way you move through life.

  8. The opportunity to discover the real meaning of religion and what it can in truth offer everyone on the planet has been a revelation to me, and something I am deeply appreciative of thanks to Universal Medicine.

  9. I love re-discovering the word and experience of religion. Without any belief or imposition, it feels really natural and accessible, just being me connected to my Soul.

  10. There is so much reaction worldwide to the word religion, because of where we have taken it. I reacted completely against the church I was brought up in, because what I saw and what was taught were very different things. I could certainly understand how anyone would say “how does God even exist, considering what is going on the world?” But was gradually, through Serge Benhayon’s loving presentations, brought back to the original meaning of what religion is and how where we are in the world is based on the part we play and what we in the world have created. That we are the ones that have stepped away from our innate knowing of God, but that we can also make that same step back towards God, for every constant reflection in life is that of which to make that step of return. God never interferes in our choices, for we will return in the end.

  11. If the true meaning of the world religion is a permanent invitation to (re-)connect to everything, how can be so much separation around it? Does this fact tell us anything regarding what we do in the name of religion? Or said differently, the extent to which we are very un-religious when we get to religion? If we take the mainstream religion supply side, what kind of bodies and beings does it produce? Can we discard this as a sign of their own quality and of the truth they hold and represent?

  12. A lot of people don’t feel like they can be religious in their own right – it’s common to feel obliged to follow what our parents/family choose to believe, or our friends, rather than finding a way of life that WE feel is vital, godly and divine based on our experiences of it.

  13. I was recently asked at work by a new employee if I believed in God and without hesitation I said an absolute Yes. In the past I would have fumbled or half hearted said yes but today I know exactly what my relationship with God is and it doesn’t contain a special building that I need to go to. My church is my body and my direct relationship with God, this Union that I am fully dedicated even thou there are days I wobble and disconnect from it. I come back and open armed the warmth and love is forever holding me. The Way of The Livingness is my religion and it feels amazing. I have huge appreciation for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for reflecting a steady, consistent and transparent relationship with God and showing how possible it really is.

  14. True religion resides within each one of us when we connect to our inner essence and live life from that space which connects us to all.

  15. I have always known that the religion taught today is not true religion. It may have a smattering of truth within it but really it is very far from the truth of who we are. Instead of supporting us all to have a closer relationship to God it takes us further away.

  16. ‘I was feeling truly safe, simply because I felt inside that for the first time in my life, the matter of religion was truly being asked without any demand whatsoever.’ Discussion of religion prior to those I’ve experienced with Universal Medicine have come loaded with imposition – if you disagree with what I believe then I’ll argue my point until you do agree to it! And there were times I did this myself, unable to accept another’s free will to choose. So what is it about religion that makes people want to dominate another’s beliefs? Why do people care so much? Whether we want to deny it or not, religion is a fundamental part of our lives and it’s when I was shown the space in which to consider it without imposition that I could begin to feel what was true to me.

  17. The more I develop my understanding of religion the more I love it. Once I based my understanding of religion on the main religions and my only issue was that they didn’t reflect what I innately know is religion. Now I’d have no issue with expressing what religion means to me if someone were to ask.

  18. The Way of The Livingness is bringing religion back in its true and pure form, an a very natural connection to God.

  19. I am still not quite there with being publicly Religious but what I love about these open discussions and forums is there is an opportunity to speak without being wrong, its a great space for exploration and opening up to the fact that maybe what we are reacting to is a false version of Religion, not Religion its self.

  20. My true religion is how loving I can be with myself and therefore with all others equally. It is asking how would God deal with the? and staying consistent as far as possible in living a loving way.

    1. This is really beautiful. What a wonderful question to ask – how would God deal with this? And this of course considers us all equally.

  21. Loving my religion more and more each day; it’s in my every movement, every confirmation that God is behind everything when I am in my fullness.

  22. Funny how we can brace ourselves with the word religion, when in fact it is not the word we react to but rather the many misguided representations of it that so many have adopted as their version of truth…

  23. It is true what you say that we all have a deep knowing of what true religion is – and it is the easiest thing in the world to recognize when someone reflects the livingness of true religion, you cannot but feel it.

  24. ‘We know we are all the same…’ this statement, in all its simplicity, exposes the games we play that keep us separate, in competition and comparing ourselves to one another… the madness of the complication and conflict we create against our innate nature.

  25. How is it that a word which has caused so much segregation world wide in truth actually means the opposite, that is, to rebind and return.

  26. As I open more and more to my true religion, my connection with myself and God, my body just melts and my heart expands. there is so much beauty in this and I can feel that I have only touched the surface. There is so much more depth to open to.

  27. My true religion is simply my connection to God. There is so fanfare, no pomp, no ritual, no loud proclamations from the roof tops, no need to convert or convince anyone and no words needing to be recited. It’s simply a quiet feeling that that fills my being with a knowing, a richness and a settlement. It’s a personal feeling to me and nothing more is needed, for it is already everything.

  28. My true religion is something that naturally flows form within me, from my essence and my own knowing and expressing of what is true and is God.

  29. ‘… I allowed my power to come out and stand in the fact that I am a deeply religious person. Even though this means the absolute opposite of what is going on in all the religions in the world today, it is okay.’ Beautiful and very inspiring Danna.

  30. Allowing a space for my own religion to emerge is a very precious and profound experience and one that has gradually developed throughout my life. When I was introduced to religion as a child I could not understand the dynamics of what was taking place – the words and the actions did not integrate – the words felt empty and meaningless. What I did feel was true for me was my own personal relationship with God – a direct link we have when we allow ourselves to connect to the inner heart and the wisdom of the Ageless Wisdom.

  31. The deep knowing of true religion within us all is very beautiful with the simplicity of knowing God within us is what keeps us looking and the joy shared here is very beautiful ” I felt a love that had no words, simply a connection to God. In this space all I found was what I now call my religion.”

  32. Great sharing, Danna, as it shows how simple and real religion is. No certain building is needed and no sermons or prayers, just the simple connection to ones own body and God and the openness of one’s own heart to truth and people.

  33. The approach to religion that is prevalent across the world is one of separation between different groups of people who all believe in different things and this causes much pain, both to our conscious minds as we try to comprehend such a way and to our physical bodies because to be open and loving is the natural human way to live. Therefore anything that calls itself a religion must be precisely examined for its intent and its structure, because as a human race we cannot go on accepting forms of religion that continue to keep us away from the love we have for eachother, from brotherhood.

  34. Our true destination and ultimate inheritance in this world is to live every day with true Joy. It might take some lifetimes or years, but the same simplicity is on offer to everybody, everywhere. Our reconnection to this divine brilliance we have inside is what Religion is all about. Thank you Danna for sharing and being inspired.

  35. I remember feeling that you could only follow a religion if you had some kind of blind faith, a belief in the religion that you had been brought into by family etc. This never made sense to me as I always knew there was so much more to life than we generally live but could not feel it in our then existing ‘religious’ institutions. I therefore also felt a repulsion from the word religion, which it has taken some time to change. Re-learning that I already know true religion in every part of me, as a lived way shows how worlds apart it is from the form that society has come to accept as a very poor substitute.

    When Serge Benhayon first mentioned religion in relation to The Way of The Livingness and Universal Medicine I remember thinking ‘oh no, that’s that done with’ such was the strength of feeling toward my then perception of religion. I now thank God and Serge that he did bring it back to truth to unlock all that has been so bastardised, by design, to keep so many, like me, away from our known divine truth of true religion.

  36. I remember at school everyone used to laugh at religious studies and did not take it seriously. This attitude is easily brought into adult life. But religion is one of the most important things in life. Our ability to feel what is true, our commitment to living that, and living with integrity is so important in a world that is full of abuse and corruption. Nothing to laugh at.

  37. Danna, it is very beautiful reading about true religion. Until recently I had not considered myself religious, claiming myself to not believe in God or religion. When I heard Serge Benhayon talk about God and religion this changed, what he was sharing felt true and made sense.

  38. I remember having a bit of an internal freak in claiming my religiosity because I was aware of all the judgements many hold around this word. And understandably in the sense that institutions under the name of religion (misused from the true meaning) have been the cause of some of the most horrendous events and brutalities to date.

  39. You can really feel the damage religion has done when you realise so many people are traumatised simply by a word – a word that in truth is all about our connection to ourselves.

  40. It’s amazing to have the lid lifted on a very controversial subject, so we no longer have to fear or avoid what the word religion really means to us. I can now openly say I’m religious, where as in the past I felt to have nothing to do with it.

  41. Yes, Danna, re-activating our connection to God is the most joyful of all things, and our patterns from past choices to separate from the love we innately belong to can be let go of.

  42. Thank you Danna, I enjoy reading your blog again. I was having a conversation with a friend about religion and from that it was interesting to feel how the institutionalised religions has played a huge part in distorting people’s understanding and relationship with religion.

  43. I love how you have discovered the true origins of the word religion, all from experience. Reading this gives me a strong sense of it for myself.

  44. The Way of The Livingness as the one true religion that unifies and honours all equally does away with all the preconceptions, the disillusionment and the bad memories that institutionalised religions have spawned.

  45. If we were all to think of a word that conveyed what religion represents for us we would likely have a pile of quite negative words. To me that seems like a pause for thought in itself and maybe a reassessment of what religion could represent.

    1. Yes, Stephen. I told someone recently that I was religious and they looked at me with horror! But when explained how I lived and why I chose to live the way I did, they could feel that it was not a big deal and actually something that made total sense.

      1. And that would be a perfect example of a preconceived idea of what religion is, which I guess is why it is so important to express religion in a different quality, one that is about equality and love care and compassion.

  46. Reflecting again on my true natural ‘divinity’ as this word has been super liberating for me in my body to recognise this quality, and bridge me back to the word religion which holds a lot more connotations for me than I once realised, as a return to knowing its true meaning as being my re-connection to God. My divinity feels like my daily living of that, which is beautiful to recognise.

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