Universal Medicine: I’m a Part of all of This

For a number of years now I have known about the abuse and false accusations made against Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, his family, and the many students of The Way of The Livingness.

In the first instance many years ago, I was shocked and aghast at the accusations which were made, particularly as it hit the papers. I wasn’t always privy to the detail of what was happening within the Esoteric community, just now and again when it came to the media did it grasp my attention. It made me nervous and I hoped it would just blow over, but the years ticked on and no end appeared in sight.

I was part of a community, a group of people whose motivation was simply to have Love in their life, and they were being accused of a range of things including being ‘brainwashed’ by Serge Benhayon.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon leaning against a brick wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

Some media reports stated that some ‘students’ referred to Serge Benhayon as the ‘new messiah.’ I had never heard of this myself, and did not know anyone who believed such a thing. It certainly had nothing to do with my direct experience of Serge who presented a very simple message of how to lead a healthier and more enriched life by honouring our sensitivities and all that we feel. He made life simple – things were loving or they were not – and it is this simplicity that helped me understand the world around me.

However, as the abuse and vilification of Serge Benhayon and many others who are connected to him continued to take place, I was more regularly approached by those who had seen the articles in the media. I would talk to them about it, but I still felt the difficulty in sharing openly about Universal Medicine. The media put such a twist on things, that no matter what was said, there was always a clever counter argument. Shying away from talking about my association with Universal Medicine wasn’t because I was embarrassed or ashamed, it’s that I was scared of being attacked by an outrageous claim like so many others before me.

And yet, throughout all of the defaming claims within the Esoteric community, I continued to have Esoteric healing sessions, study the Esoteric and Ageless Wisdom teachings, and attend Universal Medicine presentations. The accusations about Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon or any of the investigations did not cause me to even slightly hesitate or pull back from my commitment and dedication to the Esoteric work, because what I was being offered was way too good to turn away from and I knew that in every cell of my body. My life had improved beyond belief and this was my evidence.

So, was I ‘brainwashed’ by Serge Benhayon?

Well, aside from the fact that as far as I know, no one can be ‘brainwashed’ to do anything unless some kind of coercive power or threat has been exerted over another, there has never been anything like that with Serge and nothing could be further from the truth. I have never felt pressured, harassed, coerced, obligated, made to feel less, or had to do or attend anything that I didn’t feel to.

There is no brainwashing at all to be had. I choose of my own volition to continue my involvement in the Esoteric, including engaging in the Universal Medicine healing modalities, because they are an amazingly powerful vehicle for true healing. I have changed beyond recognition in so many areas of my life, and before my very eyes – and love this new me, the true me. Why would anyone turn their back on something so beautiful? It would be absolutely ridiculous to walk away from something that has supported me (and many others I know) to feel more confident, more self-assured and more loving of myself and to others than I have ever felt before.

With a façade of totally false concern for Universal Medicine students being ‘brainwashed,’ the provokers have used all kinds of arguments in a flailing attempt to make people morally outraged and join their hate campaign against Serge Benhayon. One of their many angles has been to take issue with Serge Benhayon’s presentations on Karma, taking aspects out of context and trying to make them appear outrageous or unacceptable.

One aspect suiting that agenda was to emphasise that Serge Benhayon had said that those who have been sexually abused have been abusers in a previous life. Taken out of context this might appear controversial and outrageous, even callous. Yet this was part of a more nuanced understanding on teachings about Karma that Serge Benhayon presents, where Karma is a part of a correction for what we need to learn in order to evolve. In essence, it is not so different from the teachings on Karma of many of the world’s largest religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, where it is taught that we will relive what we ourselves have done in the world in future incarnations.

I remember when Serge presented this many years ago now, and although at the time I could not connect to the teaching insofar as my own personal reading, I didn’t disconnect with it either. I had experiences in my past that would have given me every justification to be outraged, but something within me felt that there was Truth to this statement. I never felt blamed or made less by what was presented, since it had never been presented in this way. It was simply something to reflect upon. So I stayed open to its possibility and this teaching on karma and understanding our responsibility for how we live in each life has supported me to truly heal and understand my past.

I have held back from writing about all of this until now and stayed in the shadows, unwilling to make a stand whilst all along enjoying the beautiful healings and offerings of Universal Medicine. I wanted a life that was without conflict and so in many ways, I tried to turn a blind eye. I did not want to make myself a target and experience the abuse, harassment and cyber-bullying that I observed Serge Benhayon and his family endure. I had seen first-hand how those who have stood up to support Serge Benhayon had themselves become targets of vilification and abuse. But staying silent and refusing to honour the blessings that I have been offered simply ran its merry course, and no longer does it feel true for me to stay hidden in the shadows.

So why have I chosen to make myself a potential target now, and experience, like so many others, the backlash of another’s fury?

The answer is easy – I have never ever found fault in Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon or anything that he presents or represents.

Believe me when I say this, Serge gets no special treatment than anyone else, so for me he must have and demonstrate absolute integrity. If I had found anything inappropriate at any time about Serge Benhayon or to do with Universal Medicine, I would have never continued with the Esoteric work – I would have walked away just as I did in the past from all the mainstream religions and New Age practices I was introduced to. But you see, I have never found anything, seen anything nor heard anything that would make me turn away.

Time and time again, and for the past seven years, I have observed Serge Benhayon unwaveringly speak words of absolute Truth, show unfaltering integrity, absolute love for humanity, and apply steady commitment in everything he does. I have never before observed anyone display such consistency in their being. When I have asked a ridiculous question, he has never mocked. Whenever I have emailed, he has responded with love and understanding. When I have struggled with situations in my life, the simplicity of his words has helped confirm the way forward without ever telling me what to do. When I doubted myself, he never did.

Headshot of Maree Savins
Maree Savins

Never before have I felt another human being offer such depth of Love as Serge Benhayon. Yes, I do feel adoration for him, but not because he is a ‘Guru’ or ‘Messiah’ figure. I adore him because he is a beautiful man who is wise beyond this world and has my deepest respect. And so, it is my honour to come out of the shadows and stand up in truth with so many others and say, “I’m a part of all of this.”

By Maree Savins, Australia

Maree Savins Maree Savins is forever intrigued about life, and shares her personal unfolding process with an openness and honesty.

You can follow Maree Savins on her website at: anunfoldinglife.weebly.com or on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/anunfoldinglife

Headshot of Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine.

You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com. Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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491 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: I’m a Part of all of This

  1. “And so, it is my honour to come out of the shadows and stand up in truth with so many others and say, “I’m a part of all of this.”” Awesome Maree and one by one we all choose to come out of the shadows.

  2. To me, there is nothing that makes as much sense as the Ageless Wisdom does, as comprehensively as it does, without needing any condition or criteria to limit its relatability and applicability.

  3. Maree you must have experienced a tremendous healing writing this and freeing yourself from the shadows. It’s a real process working through how to be with bullying, lies, defamation, conflict etc, so I appreciate you writing this so honestly. Like yourself I have experienced many amazing changes to my life as a result of Serge’s support and Universal Medicine, “I have changed beyond recognition in so many areas of my life, and before my very eyes – and love this new me, the true me. Why would anyone turn their back on something so beautiful?” I agree, I love everything Serge and Universal Medicine offer, it’s all supported me to live a truly beautiful life.

  4. Over the past few days I have more than ever begun to deepen my appreciation for the fact that Serge has given us – well everything really. And he keeps giving us everything about everything, and some of us know and stand up like this to say “yes I am part of it” and others are simply a part of it without knowing – because we all are – all of humanity – part of it, this one huge evolution of humanity whether we choose to know it or not.

  5. Its ironic really that a group of people are labelled as being part of a something harmful when what is being brought through is a commitment to a more loving way of living life and living that to the best of our ability and yet if we look around us the levels of abuse of ourselves and others is rising at escalating rates with everything done so far not even making a dent. Yet we have hundred if not thousands of people who are part of the student community of Universal Medicine who are literally turning this abuse around. Perhaps the label comes from the fact that we don’t want to stop and look at how we are living and the choices we ourselves are making? We would rather blame another than look at what we are living and take responsibility for that.

  6. ‘ Karma is a part of a correction for what we need to learn in order to evolve’
    Great quote of Serge Benhayon

    It is not a punishment from God.
    We just need to feel what we did to ourselves. This way we remember love and will evolve back to our soul. We have to be complete on all aspects of the creation we went in to.

  7. The more you understand the energetics of life,the more you can respond to it, and not react to it. And when you respond, you are far more steadier in this world. When we react we can get thrown around by it. Serge Benhayon has a great understanding of life and shares it with us all so we can see the bigger picture at play.

  8. It’s passing strange when a way of living is vilified because it believes in and teaches about reincarnation and karma. That applies to about 2 billion other people so what is the problem? And the answer is that the detractors to this great man, and this way of living, just cut and paste any sensationalist half sentence on everything and anything.

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to re-read this today. There is a totally different landscape out there and the difference between what we live and what we are told we live is getting wider. In the end we each have a choice about the way we move and how we choose to live and each of us should be left to choose what we want without being vilified or abused for those choices.

  10. I am very proud to stand up and attest to the fact that I am a member of the UM student body. I have absolutely nothing to hide as there is nothing to hide. The Way of The Livingness is my religion and not something someone else can ever give or take away from me. Sure it has needed someone more awakened like Serge to re-inspire and re-ignite the flames within me, but now the baton has been passed over the rest is up to me.

  11. What you share about Serge Benhayon – “When I doubted myself, he never did” – yes agree he never doubts the vastness of one’s essence … over the years I have felt and experienced the depth of love Serge holds me in more than I do myself. And he loves in the knowing of this with absolute respect and humbleness to that fact, and as you say, never doubting it either.

  12. “I was part of a community, a group of people whose motivation was simply to have Love in their life …” I am a part of this community too and no where else have I experienced such true love, commitment to life, honesty, joy and integrity, qualities and values that put everyone on a level playing field because they arise from the essence within us not our social standing or profession. This to me is the true purpose of my life and a living truth in that I feel in my body every single day.

    1. It has for myself as well Shami. And no matter Serge Benhayon has been the beacon of truth and love, steadfast in his truth and unwavering in his love, not only has he been deeply inspiring he has also been a true friend and father.

  13. We are definitely all part of this, we are part of a universal family, whether we honour that or not is something for ourselves to work with and decide. I for one, know that we are here to learn to live together with love and truth and go deeper in our relationships. Inspiration is what I encountered with Serge Benhayon to live more responsibly and attempting to suggest that I follow, have lost myself etc is a disrespectful way of trying to belittle what is being claimed and lived, by those who are inspired by him.

  14. I have been having Esoteric Healing sessions since 2013 and I would not go to any other modalities for any healing/treatment except modern medicine if it is required for my body. I have found the healing occurs from a level that cannot be measured. A healing that the individual decides, in other words how much and how little but it is all healing. I would not turn my back on that, not any more. This is what I had been searching for a long time and I’m finally discovering who I truely am, the real me and this wouldn’t have occurred if I hadn’t met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, it is that simple.

  15. Maree this is interesting to read. It seems people like it when we are struggling, they don’t like the fact we are willing to deal with the baggage that has been built up for years or even centuries. It’s as if they are unwilling, so they don’t want others to make a change or an improvement in their lives. In other words stay miserable otherwise I will have to be accountable for my life too.

    We do stand out like a sore thumb.

    I could not agree with you more about the adoration towards Serge Benhayon, he offers us love equally to all and what you do with it is up to you, no pressure, no strings attached and it is that simple.

    1. I agree and from a place fo solid gold, which makes it a simple process, it consume times challenge, but I have always felt held and truly supported but the practitioners I have seen, which has brought the simplicity and the true beholding.

    2. They sure do Lucy and by doing so they allow us to return to living the way we once did before we are imposed upon by the ideals and ways we think we need to be, essentially returning to the way we were as children and then learning how to live this life in full all of the time.

  16. It says a lot about our society that we feel the need to stand up and say ‘I am part of all of this’ and not shy away from this abuse and vilification. The attacks on Serge Benhayon are an attack on all of us. I find myself wondering how many times we have been afraid to live true to ourselves in life, and is this an example of society challenging me to be at ease doing just that?

    1. And society can go suck eggs if that is the approach they want to take (albeit that its just a small number of people banging their drums loud). When I consider how I feel in myself having studied with Universal Medicine now for a number of years, compared to the path I know I could have taken.. and the general health and well being I see in world today – I thank God for having been blessed by this work.

  17. It feels correct to use the word ‘abuse’ to describe the way Universal Medicine, its practitioners and student body have been treated since 2012. It seems that if a group or person is accused of anything these days, that they are fair game to be treated appallingly. Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and common decency in how we treat each other?

  18. “Universal Medicine: I’m a Part of all of This” – yes, I am an equal part with you too Maree, being a part of and standing for that which is true love and for the support of this [love] for all as per the teachings of Universal Medicine [UM] and Serge Benhayon, the rest of the UM student body including myself.

  19. Throughout history those who speak truth and offer light and love to humanity are attacked and so it is with Serge Benhayon. Serge does not seek to be liked or become a leader, he simply walks among us serving humanity and teaches us to be the same. There are no hidden agendas. A rare thing these days.

  20. A very beautifully honest and open sharing Maree, that speaks on behalf of many that know Serge Benhayon and have witnessed how the media have approached not only Serge, but his family and the student body. Respect and decency in their approach and writing is sorely missing. When we know the truth and can see through the lies, there is no need to hide any longer, for we know that the lies can no longer touch us and they will eventually be seen for what they are….lies.

  21. How beautifully simple life is when we live from the truth of living from the love we naturally are. Serge Benhayon is a true role-model for this, as he lives it 24/7.
    “Serge who presented a very simple message of how to lead a healthier and more enriched life by honouring our sensitivities and all that we feel. He made life simple – things were loving or they were not – and it is this simplicity that helped me understand the world around me.”

  22. I wonder how these people that are making these complaints actually live? How are they conducting themselves in life? If they could let me know how they live then I can make a choice to possibly adopt their way of life or continue my way of life. If there are people out there living a more encompassing life than me I would be interested to know about it?

  23. If it wasn’t for Serge Benhayon I wouldn’t have known what true love is. Serge is a man who talks his walk and is absolutely committed to love and truth, this has been deeply inspiring and supportive for anyone who meets him.

  24. I have no problem with the term ‘messiah’ if that means someone who leads people through inspiration out of the muck we have created and are still wallowing in. Serge Benhayon has consistently said there is no saviour except ourselves, so I have no illusions he is here to ‘save’ us. Instead he has consistently shown me the way to live free of the muck and take responsibility for everything in my life.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, I am learning to arise myself and reinstate Soul as my expression. This is a powerful empowering choice, there is no following in inspiration, we all light up equally.

  25. What a beautiful testimonial both to Universal Medicine (and Serge Benhayon) and to you Maree, to how you allowed yourself to unfold and how you were supported in that unfolding by the absolute integrity of what Serge Benhayon shares with everyone, love in equal measure for everyone.

  26. “Universal Medicine: I’m a Part of all of This” – with you on this Maree because Universal Medicine is part of The All we are all from and thus a part of.

  27. The abuse and slander that have been directed to Universal Medicine and anyone connected with it are proof to me of the universal law ‘everything is energy’. Without understanding energy and that there are forces that want to delay us returning to our divine origins, the ferocity and enduring nature of the attacks wouldn’t make sense. When we look back in history, anyone who presents that ‘we are love and truth and how about we return to that’, has been cut down in one way or another. It is not the individuals involved it is the energetic quality each represents.

  28. Associating to Universal Medicine by free will is of a profound beauty; an amazing act of self-love and another one of immense love. The decision to heal and let go everything is not true is one without return. We walk with the World Teacher to whom we proudly and publicly associate with.

  29. The very first time that I read about the false accusations about Serge Benhayon I let myself to feel the words in my body. For all that I receive in every course and presentation that I attend these words are just a lie. I feel more vibrant and consistent within myself than ever before, this is because of my choice to be a student of my Livingness. And if I see and feel how the Benhayons move and relate with each other, I just can see love being expressed in so many different and unique ways. Something very inspiring to bring into my life too.

  30. Brilliant testimonial Maree. I appreciate very much that you stood up in truth speaking up from your experience with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Like you, I’ve always been treated by him with such a respect and deep understanding. I’ve never felt judged or imposed in the way he presents but very free to choose what feels right for me in my path of life. “I’m a part of all of this.” and I feel joy in my day to day because of it.

  31. I do and always will express about the immense divine support Universal Medicine brings to me and everybody who is ready to open up for love. There will be nothing that stops me, even if I am aware that there are moments I fear the energies behind those who attack me for expressing.
    But I am living more and more the light and love I am.

  32. It really is an honour to be part of a movement and part of a group of people that are dedicated to discovering a new way of living that is free from the harm, abuse, doubt and struggle that we are brought up to think Life is about. It’s an honour to know Serge Benhayon – one man who is unwavering in his commitment people and to everyone knowing that there is so much more to life than we could ever imagine – and – it’s an honour to stand beside him as we unfold the truth.

    1. Well said Meg, it is an honour and I too stand tall and at ease at Serge Benhayon’s side, and indeed as one with those who equally refuse to feel ashamed by those who vilify and abuse.

  33. The very nature of abuse and threats is to attempt to send people back into the shadows. This has been in humanity’s history for aeons and we could say that by hiding we allow the abuse and corruption to rule and to fester. It is so powerful for the whole human race for anyone to not back down out of the love and truth we can live. Otherwise how do we collectively rise above the lies and live more of who we are as a human race if we keep backing down because of the threats? Taking a stand to continue to live in truth and love is the way we establish what is true in this world and make it a living way – instead of living from the lies and corruption which is at epidemic proportions.

  34. As you say, throughout the time when accusations, damning press articles, and vicious cyber abuse were taking place, I also continued with my studies, receiving Esoteric treatments and attending courses. It’s like there are two polar opposite conversations going on… one based on hearsay and circulation, the other on a lived and felt experience. A bit like the fact that there are two very different kinds of energy out there… the light and the dark, fire and prana, divine and astral.

    1. Which is why it is so important to discern everything and not judge anything (including ourselves) for we are all vessels for either, hence why our living way is so important because it assists us to be aware of this. Without a living way that is based on love, we are left to the mercy of not being aware and therefore not knowing.

  35. This is a gorgeous offering of love – for yourself, for Serge Benhayon, and for all associated with Universal Medicine. There is nothing to be scared of if we speak our truth.

  36. It’s interesting how when Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have been attacked and slandered it’s either been outright lies or something taken out of context and manipulated as such to appear strange or non-sensical, because if you truly present what Universal Medicine have been offering for many years there really is nothing to criticise, nothing at all, and in fact very much there to appreciate or at least consider with respect to undersanding life and wellbeing on a deeper level…

  37. Maree I love that you have shared your experiences of Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Healing Modalities. My experiences have been very similar. This is vastly different from what has been portrayed in the media.

  38. It is so easy to throw out abuse at others – it shouldn’t be but it is. We are irresponsible with our words and throw them around without taking responsibility for the ripple effect. The need for the next big story and great headline means truth gets versions related to how much risk they place on the publisher…with little regard to the ripple effect on the people or communities on the receiving end. Sadly people tend to notice this only when they are on the receiving end of the lies or the wrong side of one of the versions.

    1. So its people’s self interest (for fame, the big story, or just to create copy for print and to get paid) that leads to creating these stories. I get that. But the deeper question is why not make the effort to find out what is really going on, to write a balanced story from a journalistic integrity?

      1. Yes, and that right there exposes what is at play. We don’t really want to write the whole story because it means we have to own the fact that SO much of the way we have lived is flawed and needs to change. That means whole industries that have been promoted falling by the wayside, because the bigger issue of diabetes or obesity finds itself a higher priority than a private companies balance sheet and a political relationship…

  39. There may not be many people living with the responsibility, love and care that Serge Benhayon does, but that does not make it strange, untruthful or unrealistic. I have meet him regularly for 10 years and he really is that consistent. Too good to be true? I say you’ve got to meet him to know someone really can love with that level of love for humanity. This courageous and heartfelt choice can not fail to inspire, it has for me, and I walk with my heart and Serge Benhayon, regardless of what is said about him or me or anyone else. The bullying and vilification of a group intentionally attempts to separate it from others. I know students of Universal Medicine live full lives in community, not hiding away in some exclusive spooky group. I speak for myself and I know the truth.

  40. Humble, sincere and a man of equality – that is Serge Benhayon. Never has there been a sniff of ‘Worship Me’ or anything ludicrous like the ‘New Messiah’ that sounds like a Monty Python sketch. I have in fact observed the opposite, he inspires people to walk in their truth, not follow him around.

    1. Well said davidsonsamantha. It is so easy to twist the truth to make someone or some institution look bad and then others blindly jump on the band wagon…it is a sad indictment of where our supposed civilised society has got to.

  41. I had no awareness of energy until I listened to Serge Benhayon presentations on how energy affects everything, that we are living in a sea of energy which is passing through us at all times. This actually makes complete sense to me, as does the fact that we don’t think, this actually is a huge relief because I have often wondered where my thoughts were coming from, as they could be so random and seemingly drop in from nowhere. Having this information so freely given has supported me to take a look at the way I was living and bring it back so that I had control of my life and not that life was controlling me.

  42. The real evidence here is the thousands of people who’s lives have been positively impacted. All those people who feel more healthy, more vital, and more energetic, all those people who have deeper, more loving and profound relationships, all due to the inspiration of this one man – Serge Benhayon.

  43. I don’t believe that everyone has to agree with the teachings of Universal Medicine or any other organisation for that matter, but when we abandon the key foundation of society to live and let live (unless there is very clear evidence that harm is occurring) then we are heading down a very slippery slope of separation and division that in history has never ended up well.

    1. ‘Live and let live’ is an absolute disservice to everyone – it offers no love or even care, but sustains a convenient comfort all round.

      1. I would disagree with you here. ‘Live and let live’ for me is the basis of true compassion – to not compromise on how you choose to live yourself and to not be restricted (provided you are not harming others) or attacked for doing so and to be respectful and understanding of how others choose to live, even if you don’t agree with their choices. I do not mean this phrase in the way that it is often used which is an excuse to tolerate abuse and let things go.

      2. i totally get your response here Andrew – where ‘live and let live’ practiced with integrity is the basis of true compassion and respect for another’s choices. On the other hand just ‘letting things go’, without that basis, has a completely different outcome – the excuse to tolerate /allow abuse.

  44. False concern for someone is an ugly thing – really it’s an attack on a person, just dressed up to try and disguise it as though they care…

    1. Absolutely. It’s like having a heavy blanket thrown over you and the person is going ‘This will keep you warm’ while you just suffocate under it, and you are not even feeling cold.

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