Universal Medicine: I’m a Part of all of This

For a number of years now I have known about the abuse and false accusations made against Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, his family, and the many students of The Way of The Livingness.

In the first instance many years ago, I was shocked and aghast at the accusations which were made, particularly as it hit the papers. I wasn’t always privy to the detail of what was happening within the Esoteric community, just now and again when it came to the media did it grasp my attention. It made me nervous and I hoped it would just blow over, but the years ticked on and no end appeared in sight.

I was part of a community, a group of people whose motivation was simply to have Love in their life, and they were being accused of a range of things including being ‘brainwashed’ by Serge Benhayon.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon leaning against a brick wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

Some media reports stated that some ‘students’ referred to Serge Benhayon as the ‘new messiah.’ I had never heard of this myself, and did not know anyone who believed such a thing. It certainly had nothing to do with my direct experience of Serge who presented a very simple message of how to lead a healthier and more enriched life by honouring our sensitivities and all that we feel. He made life simple – things were loving or they were not – and it is this simplicity that helped me understand the world around me.

However, as the abuse and vilification of Serge Benhayon and many others who are connected to him continued to take place, I was more regularly approached by those who had seen the articles in the media. I would talk to them about it, but I still felt the difficulty in sharing openly about Universal Medicine. The media put such a twist on things, that no matter what was said, there was always a clever counter argument. Shying away from talking about my association with Universal Medicine wasn’t because I was embarrassed or ashamed, it’s that I was scared of being attacked by an outrageous claim like so many others before me.

And yet, throughout all of the defaming claims within the Esoteric community, I continued to have Esoteric healing sessions, study the Esoteric and Ageless Wisdom teachings, and attend Universal Medicine presentations. The accusations about Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon or any of the investigations did not cause me to even slightly hesitate or pull back from my commitment and dedication to the Esoteric work, because what I was being offered was way too good to turn away from and I knew that in every cell of my body. My life had improved beyond belief and this was my evidence.

So, was I ‘brainwashed’ by Serge Benhayon?

Well, aside from the fact that as far as I know, no one can be ‘brainwashed’ to do anything unless some kind of coercive power or threat has been exerted over another, there has never been anything like that with Serge and nothing could be further from the truth. I have never felt pressured, harassed, coerced, obligated, made to feel less, or had to do or attend anything that I didn’t feel to.

There is no brainwashing at all to be had. I choose of my own volition to continue my involvement in the Esoteric, including engaging in the Universal Medicine healing modalities, because they are an amazingly powerful vehicle for true healing. I have changed beyond recognition in so many areas of my life, and before my very eyes – and love this new me, the true me. Why would anyone turn their back on something so beautiful? It would be absolutely ridiculous to walk away from something that has supported me (and many others I know) to feel more confident, more self-assured and more loving of myself and to others than I have ever felt before.

With a façade of totally false concern for Universal Medicine students being ‘brainwashed,’ the provokers have used all kinds of arguments in a flailing attempt to make people morally outraged and join their hate campaign against Serge Benhayon. One of their many angles has been to take issue with Serge Benhayon’s presentations on Karma, taking aspects out of context and trying to make them appear outrageous or unacceptable.

One aspect suiting that agenda was to emphasise that Serge Benhayon had said that those who have been sexually abused have been abusers in a previous life. Taken out of context this might appear controversial and outrageous, even callous. Yet this was part of a more nuanced understanding on teachings about Karma that Serge Benhayon presents, where Karma is a part of a correction for what we need to learn in order to evolve. In essence, it is not so different from the teachings on Karma of many of the world’s largest religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, where it is taught that we will relive what we ourselves have done in the world in future incarnations.

I remember when Serge presented this many years ago now, and although at the time I could not connect to the teaching insofar as my own personal reading, I didn’t disconnect with it either. I had experiences in my past that would have given me every justification to be outraged, but something within me felt that there was Truth to this statement. I never felt blamed or made less by what was presented, since it had never been presented in this way. It was simply something to reflect upon. So I stayed open to its possibility and this teaching on karma and understanding our responsibility for how we live in each life has supported me to truly heal and understand my past.

I have held back from writing about all of this until now and stayed in the shadows, unwilling to make a stand whilst all along enjoying the beautiful healings and offerings of Universal Medicine. I wanted a life that was without conflict and so in many ways, I tried to turn a blind eye. I did not want to make myself a target and experience the abuse, harassment and cyber-bullying that I observed Serge Benhayon and his family endure. I had seen first-hand how those who have stood up to support Serge Benhayon had themselves become targets of vilification and abuse. But staying silent and refusing to honour the blessings that I have been offered simply ran its merry course, and no longer does it feel true for me to stay hidden in the shadows.

So why have I chosen to make myself a potential target now, and experience, like so many others, the backlash of another’s fury?

The answer is easy – I have never ever found fault in Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon or anything that he presents or represents.

Believe me when I say this, Serge gets no special treatment than anyone else, so for me he must have and demonstrate absolute integrity. If I had found anything inappropriate at any time about Serge Benhayon or to do with Universal Medicine, I would have never continued with the Esoteric work – I would have walked away just as I did in the past from all the mainstream religions and New Age practices I was introduced to. But you see, I have never found anything, seen anything nor heard anything that would make me turn away.

Time and time again, and for the past seven years, I have observed Serge Benhayon unwaveringly speak words of absolute Truth, show unfaltering integrity, absolute love for humanity, and apply steady commitment in everything he does. I have never before observed anyone display such consistency in their being. When I have asked a ridiculous question, he has never mocked. Whenever I have emailed, he has responded with love and understanding. When I have struggled with situations in my life, the simplicity of his words has helped confirm the way forward without ever telling me what to do. When I doubted myself, he never did.

Headshot of Maree Savins
Maree Savins

Never before have I felt another human being offer such depth of Love as Serge Benhayon. Yes, I do feel adoration for him, but not because he is a ‘Guru’ or ‘Messiah’ figure. I adore him because he is a beautiful man who is wise beyond this world and has my deepest respect. And so, it is my honour to come out of the shadows and stand up in truth with so many others and say, “I’m a part of all of this.”

By Maree Savins, Australia

Maree Savins Maree Savins is forever intrigued about life, and shares her personal unfolding process with an openness and honesty.

You can follow Maree Savins on her website at: anunfoldinglife.weebly.com or on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/anunfoldinglife

Headshot of Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine.

You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com. Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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517 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: I’m a Part of all of This

  1. I am part of a community, a group of people whose motivation is simply to have Love in their life and if other people can feel this love and want to share it, it is there to be shared or not.
    I was recently with a group of people and I felt their love and I can honestly say that I don’t feel this love out in the wider community. The wider community seems to have given up on love and this is to our detriment because we are losing out on something that is very precious and we all hold within us.

  2. The simple understanding you have shared about Karma Maree, should turn a light bulb on for us, and thus open the door to be at-least willing to Be-Love until our last breath so we can return to that same Light and Love we have passed-over in.

  3. The defamation continues, yet most people would have crumbled under the weight of that. Indeed some have committed suicide for lesser attacks. Seeing Serge Benhayon and other members of his family up their love and continue to shine is so inspiring.

  4. I feel that we are living in the most interesting times, because no one has been willing before Serge Benhayon in this current life time to stand solid and speak from the truth that the world is in a mess, and that we as a collective have made the mess, so there is no pointing the finger or blaming others, we are all at fault as we have all contributed and continue to do so.
    Through Serge Benhayon, because it certainly does not come from him but through him, and he is the first to admit this, we have been given the tools to start to correct our waywardness and in spite of the back lash from what has been presented Serge Benhayon stands firm and continues, as you say Maree, to reflect back to us all absolute Truth, unfaltering integrity, absolute love for everyone. There are few people who are willing to stand up and be counted in this way, as for many it is so much easier to complain about our lives, point the finger at others, be the victim than to do anything about it.

    1. Beautiful response Mary. Serge Benhayon doesn’t claim credit for what comes through him, by claiming it as his own, but says it is all available for everyone, should we choose to live in such a wat that enables such access. His humbleness and love and absoluteness with regard for truth enabled my body to say yes to being a part of the Universal Medicine community too. Taking responsibility for our actions and for things that occur to us and in our lives is a refreshing change from being a victim or blaming, both of which I’ve done in the past.

    2. Absolutely Mary, and when we consider Reincarnation and Karma, would we not desire to being Love until our last breath, so we get out of the mess we have created and return in our next incarnation to being at-least Loving.

  5. Serge Benhayon invites us to walk along side, not behind him. He shares wisdom we all innately know, but many have forgotten and gives us many practical tools to re-build our inner-selves and lives. More than a Messiah, he’s a loving brother and father.

    1. Yes, Serge Benhayon invites us to walk alongside. He supports everyone to deepen and connect with their essence. His presentations offer a different way to live and if we choose this the rewards are plentiful. What’s not to like?!

  6. I have known Serge Benhayon well over 10 years and like you Maree, I cannot find a fault with Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon or anything that he presents or represents. Serge Benhayon and his family live with such love and integrity that if we all did the same the world would be a fabulous place to live where we could all be in harmony with each other as a basic foundation and grow from there to evolve off and out of this plane of life where we were never supposed to be.

    1. I agree too. One day the world will be like this – an amazing place to live – but first we have to expose the rot and corruption that exists in so many systems. Even just one of us changing the quality of energy in how we move, speak and in our daily activities supports the world to change. We can enjoin and become complicit, or we can inspire others by our reflection.

  7. A messiah is someone who is special, different from the rest of us and has come to save us. Serge Benhayon is none of these, he is just someone further along the journey we are all on to return to our Soul and to continue evolving. He is definitely not a messiah here to save us – the only person who can ‘save’ us is ourselves.

    1. I can certainly attest to what you have said Jstewart51, No one can save us we can only save ourselves or put another way you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

  8. We each have to decide what it is we value in life; do we value honesty, integrity, love, care, kindness, respect, decency? For me these are really important values. I don’t vilify, I don’t belittle, and I pay attention to what I can learn out of every situation. These are my values. I have chosen to live them freely regardless of where they butt up against society’s norm, because I see the consequences of society’s norm’s in the physical and mental health outcomes in our communities. I walk beside many others who have similar values, the majority, but not all of whom, have deepened their understanding of the responsibility we each bring in life through Universal Medicine courses and workshops.

    1. What you say Lucy is correct we all have to decide what is of value in life, I had no idea about this until I met Serge Benhayon he has shown the world a different way to be and it is up to each individual to decide for themselves what their values of life are. We all have a choice. This to me is very different to say the French and Spanish Inquisitions where there was no choice you either converted to Catholicism or were killed.

  9. When it comes to Universal Medicine this line says it all really ‘I have never found anything, seen anything nor heard anything that would make me turn away.’ People don’t give the student body of The Way of The Livingness enough credit for discerning everything and everyone. From the word go Serge has stated that we should discern everyone, even him and we do.

    1. Julie, I agree with you, I too have reconnected back to something that is so Grand, so loving, that asks me to live so simply that it is a joy to let go of all the burdens of life we think we have to deal with, when actually they can be put down. We can move on and the struggle has gone. For many of us, and I counted myself as one of the many, it seemed too simple that I couldn’t put down my hurts. After all, my hurts gave me an identification, they made me everything I thought I was. But it wasn’t the true me. The true me can feel the hugeness of where we come from and know that one day, maybe many life time’s away, we will all return back to where we originated from. This is the promise of God and I don’t see any reason not to believe this.

    2. I so agree Julie. My life has changed so much since my attendance at Universal Medicine presentations and having esoteric healing sessions. Why would I want to give all this up? I’ve never experienced love and integrity like it. I had turned away from many previous spiritual courses and teachers on account of the lack of integrity I found there. I feel blessed to have found the Ageless Wisdom teachings once again.

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