Universal Medicine: I’m a Part of all of This

For a number of years now I have known about the abuse and false accusations made against Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, his family, and the many students of The Way of The Livingness.

In the first instance many years ago, I was shocked and aghast at the accusations which were made, particularly as it hit the papers. I wasn’t always privy to the detail of what was happening within the Esoteric community, just now and again when it came to the media did it grasp my attention. It made me nervous and I hoped it would just blow over, but the years ticked on and no end appeared in sight.

I was part of a community, a group of people whose motivation was simply to have Love in their life, and they were being accused of a range of things including being ‘brainwashed’ by Serge Benhayon.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon leaning against a brick wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

Some media reports stated that some ‘students’ referred to Serge Benhayon as the ‘new messiah.’ I had never heard of this myself, and did not know anyone who believed such a thing. It certainly had nothing to do with my direct experience of Serge who presented a very simple message of how to lead a healthier and more enriched life by honouring our sensitivities and all that we feel. He made life simple – things were loving or they were not – and it is this simplicity that helped me understand the world around me.

However, as the abuse and vilification of Serge Benhayon and many others who are connected to him continued to take place, I was more regularly approached by those who had seen the articles in the media. I would talk to them about it, but I still felt the difficulty in sharing openly about Universal Medicine. The media put such a twist on things, that no matter what was said, there was always a clever counter argument. Shying away from talking about my association with Universal Medicine wasn’t because I was embarrassed or ashamed, it’s that I was scared of being attacked by an outrageous claim like so many others before me.

And yet, throughout all of the defaming claims within the Esoteric community, I continued to have Esoteric healing sessions, study the Esoteric and Ageless Wisdom teachings, and attend Universal Medicine presentations. The accusations about Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon or any of the investigations did not cause me to even slightly hesitate or pull back from my commitment and dedication to the Esoteric work, because what I was being offered was way too good to turn away from and I knew that in every cell of my body. My life had improved beyond belief and this was my evidence.

So, was I ‘brainwashed’ by Serge Benhayon?

Well, aside from the fact that as far as I know, no one can be ‘brainwashed’ to do anything unless some kind of coercive power or threat has been exerted over another, there has never been anything like that with Serge and nothing could be further from the truth. I have never felt pressured, harassed, coerced, obligated, made to feel less, or had to do or attend anything that I didn’t feel to.

There is no brainwashing at all to be had. I choose of my own volition to continue my involvement in the Esoteric, including engaging in the Universal Medicine healing modalities, because they are an amazingly powerful vehicle for true healing. I have changed beyond recognition in so many areas of my life, and before my very eyes – and love this new me, the true me. Why would anyone turn their back on something so beautiful? It would be absolutely ridiculous to walk away from something that has supported me (and many others I know) to feel more confident, more self-assured and more loving of myself and to others than I have ever felt before.

With a façade of totally false concern for Universal Medicine students being ‘brainwashed,’ the provokers have used all kinds of arguments in a flailing attempt to make people morally outraged and join their hate campaign against Serge Benhayon. One of their many angles has been to take issue with Serge Benhayon’s presentations on Karma, taking aspects out of context and trying to make them appear outrageous or unacceptable.

One aspect suiting that agenda was to emphasise that Serge Benhayon had said that those who have been sexually abused have been abusers in a previous life. Taken out of context this might appear controversial and outrageous, even callous. Yet this was part of a more nuanced understanding on teachings about Karma that Serge Benhayon presents, where Karma is a part of a correction for what we need to learn in order to evolve. In essence, it is not so different from the teachings on Karma of many of the world’s largest religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, where it is taught that we will relive what we ourselves have done in the world in future incarnations.

I remember when Serge presented this many years ago now, and although at the time I could not connect to the teaching insofar as my own personal reading, I didn’t disconnect with it either. I had experiences in my past that would have given me every justification to be outraged, but something within me felt that there was Truth to this statement. I never felt blamed or made less by what was presented, since it had never been presented in this way. It was simply something to reflect upon. So I stayed open to its possibility and this teaching on karma and understanding our responsibility for how we live in each life has supported me to truly heal and understand my past.

I have held back from writing about all of this until now and stayed in the shadows, unwilling to make a stand whilst all along enjoying the beautiful healings and offerings of Universal Medicine. I wanted a life that was without conflict and so in many ways, I tried to turn a blind eye. I did not want to make myself a target and experience the abuse, harassment and cyber-bullying that I observed Serge Benhayon and his family endure. I had seen first-hand how those who have stood up to support Serge Benhayon had themselves become targets of vilification and abuse. But staying silent and refusing to honour the blessings that I have been offered simply ran its merry course, and no longer does it feel true for me to stay hidden in the shadows.

So why have I chosen to make myself a potential target now, and experience, like so many others, the backlash of another’s fury?

The answer is easy – I have never ever found fault in Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon or anything that he presents or represents.

Believe me when I say this, Serge gets no special treatment than anyone else, so for me he must have and demonstrate absolute integrity. If I had found anything inappropriate at any time about Serge Benhayon or to do with Universal Medicine, I would have never continued with the Esoteric work – I would have walked away just as I did in the past from all the mainstream religions and New Age practices I was introduced to. But you see, I have never found anything, seen anything nor heard anything that would make me turn away.

Time and time again, and for the past seven years, I have observed Serge Benhayon unwaveringly speak words of absolute Truth, show unfaltering integrity, absolute love for humanity, and apply steady commitment in everything he does. I have never before observed anyone display such consistency in their being. When I have asked a ridiculous question, he has never mocked. Whenever I have emailed, he has responded with love and understanding. When I have struggled with situations in my life, the simplicity of his words has helped confirm the way forward without ever telling me what to do. When I doubted myself, he never did.

Headshot of Maree Savins
Maree Savins

Never before have I felt another human being offer such depth of Love as Serge Benhayon. Yes, I do feel adoration for him, but not because he is a ‘Guru’ or ‘Messiah’ figure. I adore him because he is a beautiful man who is wise beyond this world and has my deepest respect. And so, it is my honour to come out of the shadows and stand up in truth with so many others and say, “I’m a part of all of this.”

By Maree Savins, Australia

Maree Savins Maree Savins is forever intrigued about life, and shares her personal unfolding process with an openness and honesty.

You can follow Maree Savins on her website at: anunfoldinglife.weebly.com or on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/anunfoldinglife

Headshot of Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine.

You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com. Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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404 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: I’m a Part of all of This

  1. Serge Benhayon offers us the truth we all know and a way of living that makes absolute divine sense to my whole body and knowing; “He made life simple – things were loving or they were not – and it is this simplicity that helped me understand the world around me.” Beautifully said.

    1. ‘things were loving or they were not’, love this simplicity Tricia. Choosing to self-love was the medicine that brought many shifts in me, and now I have a greater awareness of life, of myself and others.

  2. To stand by something you know is true is actually not that difficult, and this then feeds you back the love that you are.

  3. “Never before have I felt another human being offer such depth of Love as Serge Benhayon.” I agree Maree and for me it was not only the Love that was on offer but the depth of understanding of what ‘Love’ actually is as previously I had ‘love’ confused with need, emotions, fulfillment from outside of myself, recognition and identification., fulfillment from outside of myself, recognition and identification.

  4. There comes point for all of us, when we come in contact with the integrity, truth and Love, we need to choose one way or another, are we going to stand by it or look the other way, we have this choice come up in our lives again and again, and there is always the potential to step into the light and not be fearful of reprisals, standing with love, truth and integrity moment by moment builds a quality that is unshakable, Serge Benhayon is unshakable, and he is inspiring and I choose to walk with him. The world suffers from inconsistency, selfism and dishonesty and most of us have been part of it, when you feel the fire of truth and Love in you life it lights you up.

  5. It could be easy to default in a worship state for Serge Benhayon as he is a remarkable man. But to do so would be a disservice to what he is offering everyone. And that is to take more control of our own lives through understanding life and our part in it. It then becomes not about one man but about us all and how we are remarkable beings who have much more potential to live with love and harmony than is currently the case.

  6. To be a part of the Esoteric means not to join a new fancy club or group which now has a form of identification, it means connecting and expressing to the wisdom always pouring from within, and allowing the external life to reflect that.

  7. ‘Some media reports stated that some ‘students’ referred to Serge Benhayon as the ‘new messiah.’ I have never heard anyone refer to Serge Benhayon in this way, it is another twisting of truth by the media to create reaction and drama which ultimately keeps the reader away from truth.

  8. I’m with you Maree, definitely a part of this, my life has changed tenfold since coming across Universal Medicine, so why would I not choose to be a part of this?

    1. Yes Kev, and sometimes this adoration gets confused for blind following. But in fact there are many people who are just in awe of his love and care for people, for the experiences we have all had and also witnessed in others, attest to the man, and such love is hard to comprehend in a world where this is not the norm. And or course people are not perfect, many makes mistakes or give their power over to the teachings they hear, but this is not the truth of what is presented. For the esoteric life is very much about being in your own power and authority, trusting your own living way of being, and sharing that with the world, with your own flavour, your own unique brand.

  9. An organization like Universal Medicine, that only helps to bring about virtuous cycles, cannot generate unsettlement but only true alignment if we say yes to live in alignment with what both offer.

  10. In truth, there are those who wish to resist the ageless wisdom and all that Universal Medicine represents. However, the principles that I now live as a result of those teachings, is with more love and openness, greater understanding and deeper awareness. I wouldn’t change that for the world!

  11. It’s non-sensical that whilst there are wars, discrimination, unrest, inequality and abuse happening all over the world that the daily efforts of some are spent harassing caring communities of people who show an enormous adoration for humanity and look for ways to support others… Our voice can make an enormous difference, but what are we using it for?

  12. Maree thanks for writing this blog
    “I was part of a community, a group of people whose motivation was simply to have Love in their life, and they were being accused of a range of things including being ‘brainwashed’ by Serge Benhayon.”
    I am also part of a community of people who simply want to have true love in our lives. Is this such a terrible thing? When I look around me at all the abuse that we hurl at one another and all the foul things we do as a species to each other, I do wonder who is the more intelligent species animals or humans?
    I am so supported by my community that spans all around the world to live a simple life taking into consideration myself and to know that how I am affects everyone else so it is a loving responsibility to look after myself in such a way that I live harmlessly with everyone. This to me has such a depth of beauty that if we all lived in this way we would transform the world we currently live in over night that is a very encouraging thought.

  13. As the Esoteric is actually accessible through the inner-heart of us all, there can be no untoward activity, it just simply is the choice of one person or another to return to this place and that is all there is to it – a basic and loving right that each person has.

  14. Amazing Maree. One Son of God inspiring another to be all that they are, and to stand as an equal – The Way of The Livingness is just totally awesome.

  15. The way Serge Benhayon has handled the abuse by some of the Media is extraordinary, he is certainly leading the way for how to deal with the immense attacks from detractors and some of the Media outlets.

  16. Maree I am part of a community, a group of people whose motivation is simply to have Love in their life. And having spent most of my life being loveless to myself and therefore to everyone, I can say beyond any doubt that re connecting back to this deep well of love that I discovered lying underneath all the hurts I had taken on is to be treasured for it feels very precious to me. It has not been easy discarding the hurts as I was identified by them, and who was I if I let them go? Letting the hurts go has showed me that I am a deeply heartfelt woman who loves her self and humanity deeply, and I feel this is what is missing from our lives the deep love of humanity, we instead only seem to care for ourselves and in that lies the false separation to each other.

  17. ‘I have never found anything, seen anything nor heard anything that would make me turn away.’ – After nearly 13 years as a student of The Way of The Livingness, I can say there has never ever been so much as a shred of doubt that what Serge Benhayon represents is the real deal. His utmost respect, care and love for people is unmatched and an unending inspiration.

  18. The techniques used to put people off re-discovering truth for themselves through Universal Medicine presentations is age old. Lies have always been spread by those with vested interests or resistance to truth when it is presented. I feel it’s time we started seeing the fact that we are being manipulated when fear, security etc. are used to alienate a group. We really need to feel into what is true for ourselves.

    1. There is an enormous amount of bullying going on in this world and it can be as subtle as disapproval. As a society we have lost the basics of respect to give people space to explore life as they choose, as we don’t honour people’s free will, instead we can use subtle and overt tactics to bully others back into living in a way that is comfortable for the majority. However Truth has never been comfortable for those who have lived separated to it, hence the manipulation and attacks. Even the media, in its self indulgent and profit and agenda based bubble, will defend its lack of truth and integrity by using its very medium to disseminate lies.

  19. Interestingly enough, I was actually introduced to Universal Medicine right around the time that all the defamation started – and I was not put off in the slightest. What made sense to me was the teachings that Serge was presenting, because my body knew them and they were answering every question I had about life and why we are here. What didn’t make sense was some one or few people attacking that – so it was an early decision to continue.

  20. Every person that stands up and shares their experience brings a new light for those who don’t know Serge, about what he is and presents. Every voice is different and offers clarity and understanding of his work. I know by my own experience that what is shared in this blog is true, because it’s my experience too, and it’s beautiful to see there are many different experiences with something in common which is the truth of what we live.

  21. Believe me, I have such a sharp sense if someone is truly walking the talk or not. I NEVER had any ounce of doubt, in whatever Serge Benhayon presented because he is pure and non-imposing. It is simple and makes absolute sense- it is uncomfortable and asks you to get out of your ME ME ME bubble. What a blessing to have this man in our lives, who reminds us simply, what it is all about, instead of what society is reflecting.

  22. I am a part of all this too, and my huge lack of commitment to life has been cleared thanks to those amazing modalities from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. My life now is unrecognisable to how I used to live, mainly, I have a purpose and I know what I am here to bring.

  23. Sometimes I have to pinch myself as I cannot believe just how fortunate I am to have aligned to Universal Medicine and be part of an ever expanding international community . . as well as be able to attend presentations and workshops presented by Serge Benhayon, a man who not only walks his talk but also talks his walk . . . a walk that inspires all.

  24. Through my personal experience and observation, I know what Serge Benhayon represents and brings to humanity is true, and I am completely and utterly honoured to say that I am a part of all this too.

  25. There cannot be anything in between… it is love or it is not love. This is huge for in every single moment we either express love or not and this has to begin in our relationship to self before we go out into the world.

  26. What amazes me is Serge Benhayon presents very practical life tools and it is by no means at all “fluffy” or “airy fairy”. Yet some people seem to react quite strongly. Serge presents with absolute authority that comes from his living way, this authority is strong yet oh so humble and full of fragility. I feel it may be the authority he reflects to people and their reaction is the recognition that the wisdom he is presenting is also present in their bodies. People are not simply reacting to what is being said as Serge has not presented anything that most religions also have presented, with their own interpretations. So nothing is weird or new.

    It amazes me that there are many groups or guru’s out there who come up with what seems to me to be ridiculous ideas that make me wonder how it is possible anyone can believe them. Yet some journalists choose Serge for their “pin-up boy”….. “for the weird and the wonderful”. They have to make up ‘facts’ about him as he is extraordinarily ordinary. Why not choose someone that actually believes they are the one and only saviour of the human race, there are quite a few out there. But some journalists seem to prefer contorting Serge’s words and sentences to fulfil their need, so they can sell papers by shocking and enthralling the public, with lies, lies, lies. Forget truth and integrity, they are two things that appear to me to definitely get in the way when trying to write an enthralling story about Serge Benhayon. The craziest part of this whole situation is…. There is a massive story that is deeply touching, life changing, inspiring and it offers a beauty this world is not used to, it includes no lies or twisted facts but simply the life and Love lived by Serge Benhayon….. If journalists really are after stories that write about world events and things that influence the world, then can someone tell me why the true Serge Benhayon story has not been written?????

  27. Many of the people in this world who stand for truth are being harassed and bullied, and some are killed, whether it’s an environmental issue, slavery, lies in the media, or other forms of corruption, there can often be a direct attack on those exposing what’s really going on. If we bow to the attacks and allow the bullying to dominate the world the light of truth will be suppressed by the shadows. As I have learnt from Serge truth is actually the essence of who we are, to allow less is to live less than who we are. The thing about truth is that it offers no harm, the same cannot be said for lies in the world as we can see the harm of lies everywhere.

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