How Serge Benhayon Supported me to Trust what I already Knew

This year I attended a retreat presented by Serge Benhayon. What was so incredibly profound for me was that it confirmed everything I already knew. I say ‘all’ very loosely, as there is nothing small or little in what Serge Benhayon presented… far from it.

What he shares is always deeply profound, and as I heard someone else describe so eloquently, it is ‘hold on to the edge of your seat’ kind of profound. What I mean when I say ‘all’ he presented is that, in all of the enormousness of the great wisdom he shared, what actually happened was that Serge Benhayon confirmed all that I already knew. He confirmed to me that I am Divine; that I am a son of God; that he is not special simply because he is the one on the stage, and that we are all equal and can access the same profound wisdom if we so choose. That means no one person is more than another – we are all equally powerful and able to live with the same grace and consistency as the next. It is a choice.

He showed me with simple and practical exercises, what he has always said – that we already have all of the wisdom we need inside of us. This is something I have fought tooth and nail to not accept and boy oh boy has this hurt! I did not want to see the truth (although I knew it very loudly and clearly in my body). Instead I chose to refine, specialise and become an expert in deceit, numbing, comfort and indulgence. A choice, and with this choice I shut out all the beautiful awareness I naturally have.

If we roll back a few years before I met Serge Benhayon, I was drinking copious amounts of alcohol (I’m very petite but this did not stop me trying to keep up with the guys), taking drugs and propping myself up during the day with sugary and caffeinated drinks, like coke and coffee, to keep me awake. Underneath this socially accepted chaos, although I thought I was alright, were anger, despair and mood swings. I knew the reason I felt dreadful was because of the lifestyle I was living… I just didn’t know how to stop. I felt pressure to continue in order to fit in, as a life that did not include these things was perceived as dull and boring. I also did not want to accept that I was making these choices to avoid feeling the lovelessness I knew I was living, as well as the lovelessness I felt in the world –– so perversely, there was comfort in my self-abuse.

It was only when I hit rock bottom – losing my business at the same time as becoming acutely aware of the ravaged state of my body – that I chose to make changes.

My choices at this point were clear: I could not sustain my work if I was not taking care of my body, well-being and state of mind. It was one of those lightbulb moments when we realise for ourselves something that we may have been told by others many times before. I simply knew I could no longer function like this.

The anxiety, mood swings and emotional rollercoaster felt dreadful, so I chose to stop. And then what? What was my next step? I stopped working in a stressful situation; I cut right down on my alcohol and cigarette consumption; I started to consider the food I was eating and took some baby steps into taking care of my body.

This all happened BEFORE I met Serge Benhayon.

Three years after the collapse of my business I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. In the presentations I attended it was confirmed to me that choosing to not drink was a loving choice and that there was nothing wrong with going to bed when I felt tired. In fact, so much more than that, Serge showed me that these were very basic loving choices to make and that anything other than this was self-abuse. What Serge Benhayon presented allowed me to feel I was worth loving; I gave myself permission to be the gorgeous and delicate woman I have always been and had just wasted a lot of energy hiding.

I can now see my life is anything but boring. It has more purpose, joy and playfulness than it has had since I was a child. I look younger and more vibrant and as a 40 something woman who spent 20 something years destroying her body with drink, drugs and smoking, I’m looking pretty damn hot.

My body feels lighter and more energised, and like my life, has become a dance where I stop from time to time and sing. Yes, I still have down days and off days, sometimes quite a few of them, though what is so different is that they are only down relative to where I am at now. And where I am at now is consistently building a foundation of love, self-care and appreciation of life.

I already knew precisely what I was doing before I met Serge Benhayon. All Serge has ever done is confirm to me what I always knew deep inside was true.

By Anon, London UK

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491 thoughts on “How Serge Benhayon Supported me to Trust what I already Knew

  1. Who else in the world is so humble that they can say they are not special and that we all have the same access to God and the universe we are just not choosing the alignment.
    Life has become a dog eat dog as everyone scrambles to get to the top of the heap so to say. When actually that is all such a waste of time and gets us no where, because while we are fighting each other for dominance in the total distraction we have missed the point of why we are all trapped on this plane of life, not to get the better of each other but to work together. This is our truth, ‘no one person is more than another – we are all equally powerful and able to live with the same grace and consistency as the next. It is a choice.’ What we see when we attend the presentations and workshops is someone (Serge Benhayon) who walks in their power but there is not a shred of dominance in their movement.

  2. I believe you speak for all of us when you say
    ‘I did not want to see the truth (although I knew it very loudly and clearly in my body). Instead I chose to refine, specialise and become an expert in deceit, numbing, comfort and indulgence. A choice, and with this choice I shut out all the beautiful awareness I naturally have.”
    This has to be true otherwise we would not feel the constant unsettlement that something doesn’t feel right which, as you say, most of us then try to numb out. Which is incredibly deceitful as it robs us of our awareness, we also sometimes call it our 6th sense that we are all capable of accessing.

  3. Re-connecting to and getting to feel our essence is such a normal thing that deepens in us the Loving aspects of our life, which in turn allows us to continue to hold onto our essence. Or, so simply let slip because of what seemingly is normal, but in Truth are all simple indulgences to keep us away from feeling the Truth of our re-connection to our essence or Soul, which are one and the same. Thus the importance of being aware of what we are choosing in life as our so called normal..

  4. We all know truth with ourselves, sometimes we just need someone to wake us up to this fact and here is another fact for you, Serge Benhayon has awoken many many hundreds of people out of a stagnant slumber.

    1. I agree with you anonymous when you say
      ‘sometimes we just need someone to wake us up to this fact…’.
      The other day someone gave a much deeper reading to life than I was aware of. When I was presented with this greater understanding of the energy behind the situation that had occurred, I immediately understood let’s call it the ‘back story’. I am becoming much more aware and we all do know this, as there is a very well known saying that there is more to life than meets the eye, and this is true. If we step back and read everything that is in front of us then we cannot be lied to.

  5. The profound simplicity that Serge Benhayon lives and brings through makes so much sense that when I observe and listen, every cell in my body confirms it as a known.

  6. Life would be very different if we all admitted how much we know and began to honour our inner truth and live from it.

    1. Oh my gosh Melinda I hear you; I have fought tooth and nail to deny what in truth I could not deny; the inner truth of who we are. I can honestly say it is exhausting and absolutely futile to resist the greater understanding I have in me. As I stop fighting myself, I have to wonder why I was fighting myself in the first place. I guess I could say my pride got in the way, I didn’t want to admit I had made a mistake in walking away from the truth of who we all are. So, I buried myself in the deceit and lies for lifetimes. I’m not alone as I know we will all go through this process on our journey back to our soul. I am discovering there is so much more to being held in the love of God and I was crazy to withhold this love from myself and others, as everything I do or say affects the ‘fish bowl‘ of life we all live in.

  7. I have always had the feeling that whenever I ask Serge Benhayon a question that I’m not asking because I don’t know but asking for confirmation of what I already know.

  8. When we are ready the teacher appears. Beautiful to have confirmed what we already know but had denied or forgotten, that we are all Divine and equal sons of God.

    1. None of us are supported as children to trust what we innately know to be true; we are all born with this knowing. Instead the truth is twisted and bent out of seeming shape so that we distrust ourselves and our innate knowing. When someone comes along and reminds us all to trust what we know, that we are love first and foremost, they are ridiculed, scorned, lied about and demonized. What is it about us as a race of human-beings we seem to fear and denounce Love, not the emotional stuff we have replaced true Love with, but the beholding love of God who holds us all? We have seemingly deliberately forgotten that the space all around us and within us is the holding love of God. How is it possible that we are not taught this? I wasn’t taught this at school, I was taught that God is an angry, vengeful God, who loves some more than others; his chosen few, and if you didn’t constantly confess your sins you would go to hell. So, thank heavens literally that there is a someone, or now many people who support humanity to trust what they know in their hearts to be true and to clean ourselves of the lies we have been saturated with.

  9. Serge lives a knowledge, he does not just spout it or speak it. He actually lives what he speaks hence it is a wisdom that comes from the body with an authority. And in this he holds the capacity to support another to feel it in their body too and learn to live that. This to me is alchemy – the transformation of allowing what is within to come out unhindered.

    1. Beautifully explained Henrietta, ‘the transformation of allowing what is within to come out unhindered.’ Humanity has been denied the opportunity of allowing the energy they have been saturated with to no longer have a hold over them. Evidence of this saturation is seen in the waywardness of our behaviours.

  10. The amazing thing is that Serge has a way of presenting things that are never new and yet are profoundly revealing – for it reveals the very wisdom that lies within us all and is simply waiting to be activated.

  11. What we choose to eat, drink and smoke can bring much harm our bodies – and hospital wards are full of the repercussions of these lifestyle choices.

  12. It is only us that can change the movements that affect our body. Just as we reacted to what we were ‘told’ and the rules we felt under as teenagers, we react as adults when we are faced with the realisation that much of the rules we follow are self-imposed! For some reason they are still hard to let go of. The retreats offer an opportunity to surrender some of those rules and experience life without them for a few days. At the end of the retreat you are most welcome to pick them up again but it is like putting on dirty clothes after a lovely shower – it simply doesn’t feel right any more.

  13. We made the choice to step away in the first place, but when it comes to returning, we act as if we need permission from someone. I know I have looked away and tried not to catch the gaze of someone who would do exactly that.

  14. I relate to your sharing. Before I met Serge Benhayon I too was experimenting on the food and drinks I was indulging in and started to cut them out, I had my stop moment too. It got to a point that even a small glass of alcohol knocked me for days and I could have drank a bottle of this once upon a time and raved about it too. Things within my body were not summing up, it was screaming at me and in the end, I had to look within.

    Everything is within us all, the key is are we willing to take the responsibility or are we going to continue doing what we are doing and blame others for our choices? I know where I stand with this now.

    1. Shushila you make a great point that everything is within and is it possible by not drinking alcohol which contains huge amounts of sugar, you were more able to connect to your body and feel the stillness. When we reconnect back to the stillness within then the game changes as the body is always waiting to return to its natural state… stillness.

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