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For much of my life I lived in a self-imposed isolation where I looked on at community as an outsider, wishing I were a part of it. I didn’t have the awareness that I was the creator of my isolation, nor that it was only my choices that led to the way I was living. I had a chip on my shoulder against the world and humanity, and whilst I still played ball, I did so from the fringes. I did what was needed to stay in the game but when my turn was over, I retreated to the sidelines.

But even while living this way, I craved engaging with people. I would look at others and think how lucky they were for having the dinner invites, social activity and community events they were a part of. With my arms crossed and a harsh glare, I wanted to be a part of it all and was annoyed I wasn’t.

Five years ago I began having sessions with esoteric practitioners and reading Serge Benhayon’s purple books. Gradually I began attending workshops presented by Serge and now I am a committed esoteric student of The Way of The Livingness.

Today, if I take a snapshot of my life in my community, here is what I see:

  • A home that has a regular flow of people – other people’s kids here sometimes before school, sometimes after; friends over for dinner and popping in
  • A gorgeous housemate who co-parents with me
  • A workplace that is an extension of my home and where my workmates are part of my family
  • Fortnightly Sacred Movement classes where I pair up with a friend, my hairdresser or a stranger and share deeply heartfelt movement and connection
  • Supermarket shops where I know the butcher and we stop to say hello
  • School parents who I love to have a catch up and laugh with at the bus stop
  • Needing help with photography and calling a photographer friend whom I don’t know so well, but know through the community, and he gives me a huge amount of support and researches which camera will suit me best
  • Endless support, be it with healing sessions and swaps, childcare, a friend to call, someone to edit a blog, someone to help with design work… it is endless.

This snippet paints a picture of the richness of our community.

And this community is not bound by geography – we’re global. The other day I had a quick Skype call with a woman I know in the community who lives in Germany, for some video training.

Within this global community we are all working for the same goal – to live on Earth the love we truly are. We’re not perfect at it, but we keep at it. With that same shared goal there is a deep level of trust with others as we know where the heart lies.

We are all there to support each other – in illness, in love, in disasters, in marriage, in pulling each other up to be more… whatever it is, we’ve got each other’s back.

This is the community of The Way of The Livingness. This is our religion and it is reflected in the way we live. It is what binds us together as a community. The door is open for all and you can come and leave as you choose.

The foundation of true community living can only be founded in Love and Truth and with that as a base –– Wow!

By Nikki McKee

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473 thoughts on “Community Living

  1. ‘With that same shared goal there is a deep level of trust with others as we know where the heart lies.’ my heart opens by reading this. All that we live by being students of the Livingness is there to be shared with everyone. As we open up to enjoy and embrace life, we show others another way to live that is accessible for all. Love all that you are sharing with the people who live close to you Nikki, it feels very inspiring to read.

  2. Beautiful Nikki, your sharing brings me to appreciate the connections that are already taking place in my life daily and all the amazing people that today I have around with whom I feel very loved, as a part of my family too. Thank you

  3. When I think about this community I am always so deeply touched. My heart melts at the thought of how incredible it is to have people all over the world willing to support one another with care, respect and honesty.

    1. It makes my heart melt too Viktoria, and everyone benefits when true community is being lived. We certainly don’t see this often, but I reckon we are going to rock the world with a new foundation of how to live harmoniously together as a true community.

  4. It feels so relaxing and joyful to live in a community and to the best of our ability all live with the same purpose of love and truth. You can trust people you have not known for long. It is quite remarkable the instantaneous relationships that can flourish and are now very normal. The Way of The Livingness is the way to love.

    1. So true Rik I’ve experienced that many times whereby I connect with other students from across the planet and there is an instant connection and support available from both sides. There isn’t this ‘I will wait and test you to then see if your safe THEN help you out’.

  5. We are all here to support each other is such an important statement to remember, that we never need to be alone and that there is a global community out there we can be a part of if we are willing to make the steps to connect and open ourselves up to humanity.

  6. Wow indeed. When you experience firsthand what is possible when love and truth are the basis of how we live together in true community, you cannot but be inspired by feeling this is our potential as a humanity. With this marker it is more and more evident that the level of abuse that we have accepted as a humanity is not who we are, not acceptable and that it is through how we live together that we can end the abuse that we currently allow to play out on the many levels it does today.

  7. True Community … now that makes my heart leap with JOY ✨💕 what I really loved about this (among a lot of things) was ‘A gorgeous housemate who co-parents with me’. We all are responsible for parenting children and young people. True community as you have shared is not just about neighbours, the street we live in, the village, town or local community centre, we are global and I really feel we underestimate the power of true community. The more of us that work towards true harmony and community, the easier it is for all parents, elderly, children, professionals. It should not take a disaster, or as is happening in London, an increase in knife crime and deaths of young people for us all to come together to work towards this.

  8. What you have shared Nikki is re-imprinting what community is for all communities. Much more than being together based on shared interests or living in the same areas, which is essential what community currently is. But brings a whole level of commitment to working and being together – as one.

  9. We need a base — a healthy one, and I know now and deeply feel that our foundation is so important to have from respect, love and truth. But that it is very much as we make it to be truly successful or not. There is a greater will inside us that magnifies that to be a loving healthy foundation (even made step by step) or one in denial of ones truth.

  10. Growing up in the army overseas, we had a community where we would look after each other’s children and people would be socialising more or popping in for a cup of tea. At times there was a divide between the different regiments and a feeling that we were better than whoever. It’s clear that we put up the barriers and the borders of who we will and won’t accept for whatever reason and it’s all so unnecessary.

  11. We hurt ourselves as well as those around us when we hold back our love and hold others to ransom for our hurts. Opening back up to the love we innately are and sharing that unconditionally is a much more joyful way to live, with a truly enriching sense of purpose.

    1. I agree Fiona, I have experienced this myself. It hurts to hold back our love and it is so much easier and expansive to be all the love that we are and express openly without holding back.

  12. I often think of a community as being one that is close knit but not that welcoming of others. But this is a reduced version of true community. True community is all-inclusive, regardless of background, beliefs, ethnicity, nationality etc. It fosters oneness and openness not separation. All we need to do to bring this into our lives is live in community with others ie. be open, accepting, transparent, inclusive, and this will inspire community in others. It’s a way of living not something to do.

    1. As you shared here Lucy, I can feel that what we think community is, is actually not community, but separation. All of those qualities you mentioned very much need to be lived by ourselves without households and families first, so that we can all then take that same lived qualities out into our communities.

  13. Thank you Nikki, your blog has given me an opportunity to appreciate just what the student body of Universal Medicine offers as a community. Whilst we are all each working through our own issues, ultimately we are doing so to simply live more love, equality, and joy together. This translates in many practical ways with the sharing of what we each can offer to support others, and as you say, it’s an all encompassing community as love is not lived with a special few but with all.

  14. It is true, we create our own isolation and then hold others at arm’s length for not reaching out to us, and all the time all we want is to be an accepted part of the community. It’s as if we get in a cycle of self-abuse where we tell ourselves that people will not want to know us, but that is so far from the truth. If we accept ourselves, others will also.

    1. Thank you Julie, it can be challenging at times to see our own part in how life plays out, I have found remaining open and willing to take responsibility and see situations in new ways is very supportive. Honesty becomes a doorway to more love if I am willing to see my part and simply nominate it and let it go to allow change.

  15. Nikki – I really love this. You wanted a different kind of life – and you chose it and made it happen. We’re never as stuck as we think we are, and we’re only ever a couple of choices and some hard work away from the magnificent life we deserve.

    1. Thank you Meg I loved your comment, it’s sums up well how we can stay feeling we are a victim, or make some changes and allow the life we would like to have. The process of change can be much more simple than we allow it to be, we think ourselves into knots and tell ourselves this is “our lot in life” when actually we are not as stuck as we think we are. We are indeed very powerful and whether our choice brings misery or love, our life is due to our own choices.

      1. Stuck by our own choice… I was actually pondering on this this morning, and the parable of the elephant who grew up tied by a rope and as it gets older it doesn’t break away because it still thinks the rope is stronger than it. It seems to me like we limit ourselves like this all the time and keep ourselves tied up when breaking free is actually just a step away.

    2. It is empowering to know we can change our life around and that we always have the choice to do so at anytime.

      1. Yeh absolutely – it’s a great way to approach a new day and all it’s new possibilities… knowing that anything is possible and we have the opportunity to change everything around.

  16. There is a huge amount to appreciate about the support that is there for us. When we’re open to giving ourselves the support that we need, we so easily see that it is readily offered through others. I used to think and feel I was totally on my own, having to work it all out by myself, but this is so far from the truth and now I can see how I used this story to keep me small and separate from everyone else. It’s always been about everyone, doing things together, learning from one another’s reflections. Life feels fuller and richer when we open up and allow others in.

  17. It is amazing how if we pay attention, so many connections are constellated in our lives. Some are those we know really well and see often, near or far. Some may be so called “strangers”, like the people who just appeared at our neighbour’s that we engaged to mend our roof at the perfect time, even though we were not looking for it, and now it feels so right to have had that relationship and engagement with them.

  18. When we retreat from life we are no longer living, rather existing. When we give ourselves permission to jump in and express who we truly are, the difference between these two types of lives becomes extremely apparent.

    1. The Way of The Livingness has shown me what true community looks like and that we are all a part of it whenever we choose to live with love.

  19. ‘The door is open for all and you can come and leave as you choose.’ I love seeing this love and openness is for everyone and it’s so genuine and beautiful. It’s supported me to be more accepting of love and support, and also more expressive of this with everyone I meet – and yes, I’m not perfect but I am willing to look at where I have gone into protection and remove the armour. Everyone is equally amazing- though some really connect and live how amazing they are and some don’t.

    1. It’s a great comment Karin, I can relate to learning to let support in, that has certainly been something that has changed for me in this community, as is the developing understanding that loves goes both ways for it to be true – we let love in and let love out. And what a great line and so true, wisdom to live by “Everyone is equally amazing- though some really connect and live how amazing they are and some don’t.” Thank you Karin.

  20. Embracing and living within a community is really a natural way of living, in the past we lived in smaller communities where it was easier to support each other, and now with the aid of technology we are still able to talk and support each other and the more people we meet, so our communities grow.

  21. “We are all there to support each other – in illness, in love, in disasters, in marriage, in pulling each other up to be more… whatever it is, we’ve got each other’s back.” This is a community like no other, offering to each of us true love and equality, knowing we are here for one purpose and that is to live the love we innately are and reflect that same love to the world.

  22. Opening our hearts is what brings community alive, that way we feel the connection to the equalness of us all.

  23. Nikki, this is really interesting to read, I can relate to having feelings of being an outsider, particularly in the past – It’s great to take responsibility for our choices and inspiring how you have made new choices to develop loving and supportive relationships within your community, its great to feel what is possible; ‘I looked on at community as an outsider, wishing I were a part of it. I didn’t have the awareness that I was the creator of my isolation, nor that it was only my choices that led to the way I was living’.

  24. ‘… we know where the heart lies’ and that captures it beautifully Nikki, when we live in a way that makes that the centre of how we are with ourselves and each other … this is where community springs from, and it’s accessible to all of us.

  25. Nikki I thank you for your very simple and true description of the Way of The Livingness. I know that I don’t always fully utilise these wonderful gifts that so many in our community share .

  26. Nikki, I agree with this statement; ‘The foundation of true community living can only be founded in Love and Truth and with that as a base –– Wow!’ In the past I visited many communities around the world mainly looking for one that worked, one that I could be a part of, but all I found were communities that had fallen apart, where there was lots of infighting or a feeling of exclusiveness and so I didn’t ever want to join any of them. When I came across The Way of the Livingness community this instantly felt true, I am now a part of this community – it feels very different to the other communities; it is based on love and truth and there is an inclusiveness, an openness, an honesty and true support in this community.

    1. Are we not all looking for true community? A community that is founded in Love and Truth will always be inclusive as by nature we are all love in truth…. a global community, not separated by town or country.

  27. When we allow ourselves to feel that we are religious by nature, we connect with people with a purpose and that is to help one another in living this life on earth, a life that cannot be perfect but can be lived in a respectful an decent way we all deserve to live.

  28. I’ve found when I have my back then it’s natural to allow others to have my back too and to support. This morning I messaged a question to a friend in one country and plan to connect and do some work with another from a different country and it’s all so normal. It’s what life could be like for everyone… appreciating and sourcing what qualities each one of us brings.

      1. So true, its amazing to be able to have that instant connection, it means you can speak to anyone in the world at any point in time, and if used correctly it can help us build relationships and make us stronger together.

  29. Beautiful article and a role model for us all. Sit back and see there are a number of ways we can choose to be in the community around us. We can withdraw, get involved, sit on the sidelines, dip our toe in or we can just be truly who we are and in that realise community isn’t something you need to go to or have, it’s more a apart of how we truly are and so all we need do is be and true community is the reflection from there.

    1. Brotherhood is indeed our nature and we all have that ability, we just have to allow to feel that inner strength we all feel brotherhood will bring. And in that we have to let go of the individuality we so much tend to live our lives in.

  30. When I was growing up I always missed having a big family. Then when I did not get married or have children I felt it would never be that way for me. But today I can say I have the biggest family imaginable, a global community of friends, fellow students, colleagues, people in my neighbourhood, the local community. It is beautiful to take a moment to appreciate the richness in my life that is there since I came across Universal Medicine.

  31. “With my arms crossed and a harsh glare, I wanted to be a part of it all and was annoyed I wasn’t.” I love this, so very well observed. It is ridiculously amusing how obvious our behaviour and its consequences often are and yet we stubbornly dig our heels in.

  32. Seeing everyone as our absolute equal, whether we know them or not, whether we’ve had past history with them or not, and being honest about how and what we feel, are the foundational building blocks for communities, families and workplaces that support people to be more of who they truly are.

  33. Taking a snap shot of what life would be like before and after Universal Medicine, life would look completely different, so that the after would bring about a change that would be undeniably amazing.

  34. There is so much love and support within the community when we simply say yes to love, embrace and accept what is on offer. It can be easy to go into reaction, saying what about this or that, or that person looked at me this way – but this usually comes from a lack of awareness and understanding on our part. The more love we are willing to be with ourselves, the more we can then be with others and when we as a group are choosing to be more of the love that we are, then the magic really starts to happen and no longer do we feel the need to be guarded, rather we can re-build our sense of trust in humanity, knowing that people are only really the way they are because of the way the world has fashioned us to be through our hurts, but really none of those layers are the gorgeous tender beings that we all naturally are.

  35. What you describe is true wealth, Nikki, accessible for each of us by opening up our heart, connecting with ourselves and the love we are and be willing to let go of things that prevent us from connecting, like old hurts and patterns.

  36. Often times, we have a feeling of ourselves based on what we are not choosing (e.g., living in isolation from the community). Yet, we do not explore enough what are we choosing instead and why we stay there. Exploring this is important and sharing it with everyone because is the only way to help people to move away from it.

  37. That is gorgeous how you have embraced community life and living with others. So often we think we need to have our own place, live independently etc.. yet we are designed to be with people. We do not need to be in a physical relationship to live with others past a certain age either. It is a real joy sharing and connecting with others.

  38. Beautiful. It is such an amazing feeling that I know there are people who I can trust and be open with and know that I would be met with love, and they don’t have to do anything for me.

  39. This is a beautiful snapshot of the love, joy, support and respect that is lived by Esoteric Students. What is eternally more beautiful is that this love is not reserved for the community alone. It is a way of living that is shared with all, no matter your religion or creed, not in a perfect way but with a sincere intention of sharing the love for all that resides at the core of each of us.

    1. Hear, hear Leigh, love is not love if it is only reserved for a selected few because love is to be shared with everyone.

  40. Being open and transparent allows myself to be seen opening my door to others – something I have avoided or shall I say I have lived in a measured way. Being honest and becoming aware of what holds me back in welcoming community into my home and being a part of a community where I live is opening me up to a greater expansion in my body. All I have to do now is to say yes and live it.

  41. I’ve been in a few groups, forums and work teams and they are held together by an activity or an identity with a certain nationality or hobby most of the time. The community of the students of The Way of The Livingness is like nothing I have seen before. We are not bound by nationality, country, activity or educational standing. People from completely different demographics and ranges of life, but when we open up we’ll talk to anybody like a dear friend. I have many people in Australia that I’ve never met but do not feel alien from them in our interactions.

  42. As a child I remember living in a small community where everyone knew everyone and support was all around, that certainly is not the case in town where most are strangers and reading this blog it actually is clear, there is a way of living which fosters the community connection or the lack of it wherever we live.

  43. A real community was once the small villages we lived in and carried on as we spread to suburbia. We have gotten so big that we have returned to our home and used it as a castle to keep others out. The Way of The Livingness has fostered, community to be reborn to include everyone, everywhere all of the time.

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