Community Living

For much of my life I lived in a self-imposed isolation where I looked on at community as an outsider, wishing I were a part of it. I didn’t have the awareness that I was the creator of my isolation, nor that it was only my choices that led to the way I was living. I had a chip on my shoulder against the world and humanity, and whilst I still played ball, I did so from the fringes. I did what was needed to stay in the game but when my turn was over, I retreated to the sidelines.

But even while living this way, I craved engaging with people. I would look at others and think how lucky they were for having the dinner invites, social activity and community events they were a part of. With my arms crossed and a harsh glare, I wanted to be a part of it all and was annoyed I wasn’t.

Five years ago I began having sessions with esoteric practitioners and reading Serge Benhayon’s purple books. Gradually I began attending workshops presented by Serge and now I am a committed esoteric student of The Way of The Livingness.

Today, if I take a snapshot of my life in my community, here is what I see:

  • A home that has a regular flow of people – other people’s kids here sometimes before school, sometimes after; friends over for dinner and popping in
  • A gorgeous housemate who co-parents with me
  • A workplace that is an extension of my home and where my workmates are part of my family
  • Fortnightly Sacred Movement classes where I pair up with a friend, my hairdresser or a stranger and share deeply heartfelt movement and connection
  • Supermarket shops where I know the butcher and we stop to say hello
  • School parents who I love to have a catch up and laugh with at the bus stop
  • Needing help with photography and calling a photographer friend whom I don’t know so well, but know through the community, and he gives me a huge amount of support and researches which camera will suit me best
  • Endless support, be it with healing sessions and swaps, childcare, a friend to call, someone to edit a blog, someone to help with design work… it is endless.

This snippet paints a picture of the richness of our community.

And this community is not bound by geography – we’re global. The other day I had a quick Skype call with a woman I know in the community who lives in Germany, for some video training.

Within this global community we are all working for the same goal – to live on Earth the love we truly are. We’re not perfect at it, but we keep at it. With that same shared goal there is a deep level of trust with others as we know where the heart lies.

We are all there to support each other – in illness, in love, in disasters, in marriage, in pulling each other up to be more… whatever it is, we’ve got each other’s back.

This is the community of The Way of The Livingness. This is our religion and it is reflected in the way we live. It is what binds us together as a community. The door is open for all and you can come and leave as you choose.

The foundation of true community living can only be founded in Love and Truth and with that as a base –– Wow!

By Nikki McKee

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469 thoughts on “Community Living

  1. Understanding True community and how the minimum way of living is sharing the decency and respect we all deserve open us all to a complete fulfilling way of living as you have shared Nikki.

  2. “Within this global community, we are all working for the same goal – to live on Earth the love we truly are.” The beautiful thing about living esoterically is we know that love is not just our own essence but the essence of everyone, no matter what others behaviours may be. Living esoterically as the love we are is very responsible because it is reflecting the truth of our being to each person we encounter, offering them a reflection of who we all are and the reminder that we all can choose a loving way of life.

  3. Absolutely, how aware are we of what we actually create in life ‘I didn’t have the awareness that I was the creator of my isolation. I love that fact that the more I love myself, the more love is in my life in the way of people ✨

  4. Life is beautiful when we open up to our every day relationships, when every moment and person counts and is equally important.

  5. Being part of this community has supported me to be more open and participatory in the community in which I live and the community in which I work. The example with which you share Nikki are there for everyone to have in their own communities. Being open to support and open to letting people in is the key.

  6. One of the main things that has supported me to be more open to people and more active in my community is the Universal Medicine therapies, as they have helped me to heal the hurts I had that led me to being withdrawn and distrustful of people, and shutdown to my true essence. The Universal Medicine therapies have helped me to let go of so much and uncover the love inside myself that was buried under hurts and traumatic experiences.

  7. We can try hard at pretending that we can live alone and self-sufficient, and have no need for others to be around, and I have, but I am getting a sense that we are designed to be together. I am learning to let the world in.

    1. I used to be incredibly independent, doing many things on my own, thinking this was far easier and that I didn’t need other people, more recently I have been desiring and enjoying being with people more.

  8. I thought I hadn’t read this before but I realised I had when I saw my comment from before. Reading this is a total reminder of the community we do live in and we are our creator to it all.

    I too am letting people visit and have lunches and dinners and you know what, there isn’t this attitude of the host has to provide everything. Everyone comes together and we all bring delicious dishes to share and the leftovers is shared amongst us all afterwards. The conversations are just as evolving as having the people around and there is no alcohol, gluten or dairy and we still have fun and laughter.

    I love this community of The Way of The Livingness.

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