The Beauty of Stillness in my Hands

I have long been amazed by the way in which the practice of Esoteric Yoga brings not only a reconnection to inner stillness, but also a deep awareness of stillness being a state of being that is actually innate to our bodies (no matter how far away from it we may think ourselves to be). Experiencing this awareness has revealed what changes to my daily routine and way of living the choice of stillness can offer as a way forward. This became very clear quite some time ago during a 6-week course with the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women.

A few minutes into one of the sessions that comprise the program, we were lying down and I had connected to stillness. Our practitioner had us focus our attention on our hands. As I allowed myself to feel my hands from the place of stillness, I was very aware at that moment of two vastly different types of energy within them.

I was delighting in how delicate my hands felt and I had a sense of how much delicateness and stillness they were capable of holding. I started to feel a deep sense of appreciation for my hands and found myself contemplating how remarkably divine would be all that I touched and did with them, if I were to express in this energy.

At the same time, which in itself is quite remarkable, I also felt the intensity of how much I had had my hands ‘do’ up until this moment of revelation. My hands were showing me how much my life had been a push and a drive as I felt the physical hardness I had encased them in to serve this unrelenting, harsh, forward momentum.

I had used my hands as functional workhorses, there only to serve whatever my mind was deeming was the thing to do at any one time.

I had disfigured two fingers on my right hand with excessive writing while pushing myself to get a degree at University – before the days of word processors. I had tensed my hands driving my car at times, in stress, frustration and anger, and had used them to lift weights in the gym that were way beyond my physical capacity. I had allowed shopping bags and dog leashes to cut into my hands, while choosing to ignore the harsh, physical effects of these activities. On a few occasions I had burned and cut parts of my hands in kitchen accidents, usually when I was in a hurry or distracted by a million thoughts other than those relating to cooking.

All of this I felt as I observed my hands from stillness, without judgement but with an honest accounting of the energy residing in them, placed there by me during the course of a lifetime.

I was astonished by the matter-of-fact honesty offered by my body without recrimination or blame: just a sharing of truth and the offering of a choice – continue with the harshness or choose to honour my hands in the delicateness and stillness that I truly am. I could choose to have the same hands I had had as a baby – delicate, sensitive and tenderly aware of how my touch engages with the outside world.

For a while after this, my hands felt a little sore at the fingertips. This I attributed to my choice to honour them. This choice meant that I became very aware of how and when I was pushing, because my fingertips, previously numbed into hardness, became very sensitive and their sensitivity alerted me to how I’d been using my hands – the quality of energy I used them in as I went about my daily activity.

I started to take moments to stop and to appreciate my hands at different points in my day when I moved them gently or massaged them, reminding myself that I wanted to move all of me, including my hands, delicately, from stillness. At other times I found I was naturally delighting again in the loveliness of my hands in activity, often when drying dishes, or during my cleansing routine, or dressing for the day.

My hands have since become a truly remarkable and precise indicator of whatever energy is running through me at any one time and they offer a constant awareness of the choices available to us all. They are absolutely worth appreciating and absolutely worth offering the energy of delicateness and stillness for their expression. As am I absolutely worth being delicate with me, as the woman that I am.

By Coleen Hensey

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521 thoughts on “The Beauty of Stillness in my Hands

  1. I also have come to really connect with the amazingness of my hands during several Esoteric Yoga Stillness Programs for Women, hands like yours Coleen, that for many years were simply taken for granted and often abused. These days, like the rest of my wonderful body, they are given much more loving attention and there is nothing more lovely that to place my hands together and to feel each and every part of them, touching each fingertip to another, so very delicately; yes, they are “absolutely worth appreciating”.

    1. It’s amazing to experience the ways we can cherish ourselves, by caring for and loving different parts of our body including our hands. I used to value being tough, tolerating pain, pushing myself, etc, now I can honour and respect my delicateness and feel how precious I am. It’s a constant learning but what a beautiful learning it is!

    1. I agree and blogs like this one remind me that it is always a choice and if I notice my nails are chipping or my fingers are peeling there is a question about how they got to that stage before I noticed they were working so hard.

    2. Our hands and our feet are perhaps the parts of our bodies that we use the most and are undoubtedly the parts of our bodies that we ignore the most.

  2. Beautiful reminder Coleen that we can forever deepen the relationship we have with ourselves and our body, that there is always more to uncover and experience. I shall bring more focus to my hands today and allow more love in my expression.

  3. Appreciating every part of our body is something we often forget to do. It is more common to dislike or even criticise parts of our body which may not have been so common say 100 years ago. So, what has changed since then and why are more and more people disliking their body?

  4. What is beautiful and pretty cool to feel is how bringing our attention and awareness to one part of our body makes us more aware of other areas within and beyond us. Our awareness expands beyond the contents of our minds and into our wider world when we connect to our senses and what we can feel.

  5. Our hands are very precious and sensitive, yet we tend to abuse them or take them for granted. Although they can feel so much and bring a delicateness back to our body, we tend to just use them rather than feel and appreciate them. I can relate to the shopping bags and dog leads cutting into them or the many times when I started gardening or using cleaning chemicals without gloves. It was only when my skin became thin and constantly had minor injuries that I started to treat them with regard. Coming to know how delicate they are in Esoteric Yoga has been an absolute gift to become more conscious in the way I use them, as its about how it feels more than just ‘getting the job done’.

  6. Our hands can be totally taken for granted and the rest of the body for that matter. But the hands can be used and abused with expected to do exactly what every you need them with out any appreciation in what they offer us.

  7. I’ve just come back from a weekend workshop and I observed this presenter’s hands. Every time she spoke and used her hands to also communicate with, they were delicate, elegant and graceful. When she was writing on a white board, I observed the way she gently picked up the marker pen, and there was this dance when she drew on the white board, no harshness, no need to get this message across attitude either. Just these delicate, graceful hands that went with her graceful body.

    How beautiful and honouring to observe. What a reflection.

  8. After reading this blog, I realised how I take my hands for granted, the intricate details they go about on a day to day life. This doing is easy to go into and I haven’t stopped for a moment to really appreciate that without my hands and fingers I wouldn’t be able to type this comment either. Here is a marker for another level of appreciation for my body to be included in my daily rhythm, thank you for the reminder to go deeper within my body and appreciate it more.

  9. Yes Coleen, we live in a world where we have turned truth upside down. We are powerful creatures, yet have lost ourselves in the creation instead of being. Time to turn the tide by walking our truth and letting go of the lies.

  10. “The Beauty of Stillness in my Hands” – it is beauty feeling the quality of stillness in any part of our body, and when it’s there in every cell of my body which occurs especially after a session of Esoteric Yoga, i feel my sense, and the sense of anything being possible in the silent clarity.

    1. If we can feel stillness in our hands we can feel stillness throughout our body. It is amazing how our body doesn’t work in parts but works as a whole. It is our mind that tends to separate it into parts.

  11. It is delightful, the infinite delicateness that we can feel in our hands. After reading this blog I can feel more awareness and appreciation for my hands, but also how I take them for granted at times and how I use them to function without feeling them so much. Every part of our body communicates constantly in a very clear and precise way, we just have to stop and listen. Thank you Coleen

  12. It’s easy to forget how sensitive the hands are – as in physically there are so densely covered with nerves. But like most things, we can push through pain and set new markers for how hot water has to be before it burns or how callouses protect but leave little to be felt. In reading this, it’s clear that you’ve set a new marker on the flip side, as in you’ve felt the delicateness of your hands and respected that. Very cool.

  13. Beautiful appreciation of our hands Coleen, what you’ve shared reminds us of how delicate and tender they are. We communicate with our hands and we use them pretty much for everything. Our hands can be used for healing through the quality of our touch and it is a very powerful tool.

  14. Yep, when you see someone actually moving delicately, for example Natalie Benhayon, you know that there is no longer an excuse to not be delicate with yourself as it feels so simply, we have made it all so hard complex and uneasy. All of this is no longer needed. Goodly so.

    1. It is inspiring to observe someone moving delicately. You know you couldn’t be rough with them and it brings the feeling of tenderness back. Seeing it in another person means you don’t have to leave the feeling of delicateness on the yoga mat and can easily move that way in your day and continue to enjoy getting to know how that feels.

  15. Coleen I agree with what you have written here
    “I have long been amazed by the way in which the practice of Esoteric Yoga brings not only a reconnection to inner stillness, but also a deep awareness of stillness being a state of being that is actually innate to our bodies (no matter how far away from it we may think ourselves to be).”
    Through Esoteric Yoga I can connect to the stillness that I had no idea was there within my body and the stillness I have experienced not only supports me to be more steady in how I approach life but it also gives me a great marker to come back to when I feel myself responding to outside stimulus ( becoming racy) rather than staying with myself

    1. Esoteric Yoga offers an opportunity to feel stillness that is innate to the body and yet not valued or therefore moved. After years of that movement the memory of it becomes a distant past, yet the focus of Esoteric Yoga is that stillness within and bringing that into movement at the same time as re-connecting to that stillness through the movement. My body is a genius that actually never forgot, what a stunning modality.

  16. Thank you Colleen, this is a beautiful reminder to me to really take note of my hands in order to allow the tenderness of me to be felt through them.

    1. Our hands are so important and to be able to feel the tenderness and delicateness through our hands is a huge shift from the hardness and disregard we often use them in.

  17. It truly is a testament to the love we are, that the stillness we are within is ever-present and ever-calling us to be in connection to this divine quality that we are in essence. And, it is heartening to feel this quality and the power of Esoteric Yoga offers the opportunity for us to explore how tangibly we can live in connection to this quality leading us through life, whenever we will it.

  18. Providing the space to connect and feel our body opens up our awareness to feel the quality of energy we have chosen to hold and move our whole body with, as it always reflects and offers the truth to us so that we have the opportunity to choose to come back to our innate and harmonious way of being as we are naturally designed to be. Our hands provide a great marker to feel and with that start to make changes that eventually expands to include the whole of our body.

  19. Appreciation is the key to absolutely loving life – get this right and all areas of lives benefit.

  20. We have only just begun to touch the true divinity we are. Our hands reflect our level of acceptance of our own preciousness. We gradually embody the hand of God.

  21. When we stop, connect and feel it’s really amazing to feel how we have lived and what choices we have made. The body speaks loudly and can communicate precisely what is there to be looked at. I also find it amazing how the body can clear our old patterning when we give it the space to do so.

    1. And our hands can be one of the biggest markers as to how we have been living and the level of love we have been giving ourselves. Yes, ‘every part of our “body speaks loudly” and when we hurt our hands in any way, even the smallest of cuts, our hands will speak very loudly indeed. But will we listen? – that’s up to us.

  22. There is so much delicateness in our hands. So much care we can give to our hands, so that we can express our delicateness, that would be a truly amazing choice.

  23. ‘Functional workhorse’ describes perfectly how we can push the body to such an extent that we are willing to work it to the ground until illness and disease sets in so that we have to stop.

  24. “I was delighting in how delicate my hands felt and I had a sense of how much delicateness and stillness they were capable of holding” – this is gorgeous … feeling the actual fine quality and it is this stillness quality that makes everything physical then so beautiful. Quality, stillness is our true beauty.

    1. ‘Quality, stillness is our true beauty.’ – this is so absolutely true. Observe anyone moving in connection to their stillness and the natural beauty and grace that emanates and is reflected is inspiring beyond measure.

  25. I often catch myself when I am rummaging in my bag to find something, how I can bash my hands/fingers around as the frustration grows, and the rummaging has more force when I cant find the elusive item. I stop, as I too have been re-connecting to the delicacy and stillness that our hands offer, and look with much more grace and care and you know what? I normally find the item much quicker!

  26. Whatever we have done to our hands, we can always make that choice to reconnect to that delicacy our hands are able to express and make them the tools through which we can express and share the love that lives within with everybody we meet.

  27. We can be so hard on our hands while they hold such a delicate and tender touch. Is it possible that in making our hands hard that we live in avoidance of this delicateness that comes from within and can be naturally expressed by our hands?

  28. Beautiful. Simply a powerful message in its delicate terms. We are here to be sacred from our connection and in our movements, this is what we mostly miss. Time to bring it back into our lives.

  29. Taking the time to connect to my hands, especially my fingertips, has been the most priceless commitment in my every day life. Feeling all the parts of my hands and sometimes bringing the palms together and delicately touching each fingertip has the power to reconnect me to the rest of my body and to how it is truly feeling. I often find myself closing my eyes and connecting to my breath at the same time, and as I do I can feel the stillness that is always with me begin to ripple throughout every particle of my being; very yummy indeed!

  30. It has been through Esoteric Yoga that i too have discovered that within me, within my body, there is a depth of stillness that feels like it goes on and on forever… Without discovering this through Esoteric Yoga, through the connection into my body, life in this ‘modern 24/7 environment would be far less than grand than it is now, now knowing my Soul, what love is, and that there is far more to life than just the everyday ‘mundane-ness’ we superficially experience.

  31. Very beautiful reminder Coleen that truth is love, and love is always calling us to be more and more of the love we are by way of our openness to the truth of what is and what is not of this love. Our every part of our body constantly reflects the truth as you have wisely shared, as such wise it is to stop and check in with our bodies and its innate intelligence that at heart knows only to guide us to be more of who we are in essence.

  32. When you spoke of using your hands as functional workhorses, to serve whatever the mind was deeming was the thing to do, I know this is how all of the body is used when we choose to not be present with ourselves. We become hard all over from that drive, which apart from exhausting us, stops us from feeling the delicacy and sensitivity we are, and that we can feel all manner of things, in detail, energetic as well as physical.

  33. Such a great blog to read first thing before I start my day reminding me that there is always a choice as to how I move my body in the world.

  34. It’s true that our hands can be at the mercy of the state of the mind. If we are in a driven mode and are driving ourselves to get everything done it is our hands that have to do it all. Great point! So focusing on the quality of the movement of our hands is a great way of cutting the domination of the mind and lovingly choosing a different way.

  35. This is gorgeous. Thank you for the reminder of the delicacy of our hands, and that they represent and express the energy we are choosing to run with. Focusing on using them in a way that honours them allows us to honour the rest of the body.

    1. When I focus on my hands I do naturally become tender in all what I do. So indeed a great reminder to remind myself on focusing on my hands more often.

  36. Beautifully observed Coleen. Connecting to the quality, delicacy and exquisite touch of my hands confirms my true nature.

    1. Well said Rosanna. We really do have everything we need to know of who we are, in all its magnificence, literally and tangibly at our fingertips.

  37. What a gorgeous blog Coleen, and now I have so much more awareness of my hands and how I am moving them. Am I absent when moving them or am I moving them with the quality of delicateness and awareness? If I am honest I tend to move between the two, and now make a conscious choice to move them in connection with all of my body!

  38. How extraordinary that we can bring awareness to an area of our body, like our fingertips, and they can ache afterwards like we have had a workout. It is illogical from what we know according to the way intellect works at the moment, yet when we consider that everything is energy and everything is because of energy we can understand how the body holds on to memories till it is ready to release them and the connective tissue adjusts to the space or tension. Having felt it, it feels so logical to me now.

    1. Absolutely Lucy. Once it is experienced, this energetic fact cannot be un-known, it can be denied, but not un-experienced.

      1. That is the wonderful fact of the body, you can’t unfeel what you felt. It is the marker of all truth according to Serge Benhayon and when you take it to this simplicity it is fact.

  39. As I pressed my mouse to send the last message I got an image of the ripple effect of our actions online, so if we hammer our keyboard and then slam the mouse to move around the screen or press send then it just feels jarring compared to considering the impact of my actions and simple movements and choosing to do them with more focus and presence. This doesn’t make them soft because that wouldn’t be much better, there is simply more awareness of the impact and impress we are leaving behind or sending out.

  40. The delicateness we can connect to in our relationship with our fingers is never far from the surface since doing the Esoteric Yoga. It was the medium for me to reconnect to them and then see how that touch feels in everything I do. It pulls me back when I type, when I clean my face, when I pick things up and put them back. Thank you once again for the reminder that little things matter as they have big ripple effects.

      1. What I have noticed is the subtle things we do that seemingly don’t count but plant a seed that ‘doubt’ can come back to. Everything matters, sow seeds of quality so that is what we feel and build as a foundation to stand on regardless of what comes into our lives.

    1. Seeing the ripple of our movements from how we are on the keyboard to clicking a mouse in your earlier example is so practical and shows how we can be fully responsible for what we send out into the universe.

  41. There is much to share on this subject: asking us all, how much do we allow our beauty to come out? Have we created more ways to suppress it ?
    I for myself can say that I have lived based on a lack of self-worth, now since I had committed to my truth again, finding out more and more the worth (love) that I actually Am, so now I am observing all ways which I have played less than who I am. Finding out every day that there is more and more to be re-discovered.

  42. We come to realize that we have sought truth outside of ourselves. By virtue of doing this, we create a whole different reality than we actually know to be (truth).

  43. As I read this lovely blog I found myself bringing the tips of my fingers together and feeling the delicateness flowing from all my fingers, running the fingertips of one hand down the inside of the other hand; it felt exquisite. Since being introduced to the beauty of my hands through the Stillness Program for Women I have been continually delighted how different it is to do certain things when I first focus on their innate delicacy and how they then respond in kind.

  44. Thank you Coleen, it’s a simple focus to bring our awareness to our hands and to use how they feel as a gauge of the overall quality we are connected to. It’s also quite lovely to bring awareness to our hands – which I plan on doing more of today! Your words also about your relationship to life and how this has been reflected in your hands are very supportive, there is a lot to consider about how we are with life and how this is expressed through our hands.

  45. This is very cool – I’m going to bring more attention to my hands today, the first thing I notice is I need hand cream! I know in the past I’ve brought attention to the delicateness of my fingertips and it’s been very beneficial in helping me to keep focused on the task I’m doing.

  46. Coleen thank you for the reminder that our hands are indeed very delicate and it is when we are distracted that we tend to be much harder on them. When we are aware and connected to our hands we are able to pick up a lot of information just through touch and feel.

  47. Thank you Coleen for a great blog reminding me to take more tender care of my hands realising that every part of life is graced by our touch when it is tender and delicate.

    1. Thank you Jill for your words “every part of life is graced by our touch when it is tender and delicate.” I notice when I am rough with myself and how I move I feel cut off from the my natural understanding that I am part of the all and having an effect on others. When I am connected to my Soul and tender and delicate with the way I move the care for others is automatically there as is the awareness of the whole I am part of and having an effect on.

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