True Education and Healing Matters

I came from a family where education was prioritised and highly valued. In that sense I was ‘well educated’, graduating from a private school of high repute before going on to tertiary education. I was smart, capable and so, of course, it was assumed I would gain a degree of some sort. Without higher education, the potential of work was limited to the (unspoken, but implied) lesser jobs to which women without the piece of paper were relegated.

So I spent four quite enjoyable and fastidious years studying Natural Medicine, which covered all manner of aspects and approaches to health and wellbeing.

Straight out of college, I fell into work alongside some of Brisbane’s integrative GPs, where I began to gain a reputation as a practitioner who was dedicated, knowledgeable and very personable. Patients loved me, I got great results, and I made the GP’s work much easier with my knack for explaining whatever was going on and whatever was needed to support and motivate them.

In essence, I was very good at applying knowledge.

After a number of years however, I became restless, seeing that I only had half the answers I wanted to have. There were many shortfalls in both the medical world and Naturopathy; even combining the two (referred to as Integrative Medicine) didn’t feel like it was delivering what it could. So off I went to study Chinese Medicine. Another 3+ years of study, which I again threw myself into wholeheartedly, putting much of what I learnt into practice myself and becoming immersed in an understanding and an approach that seemed to fill so many of the gaps. Finally, I thought, I had all the answers.

Not long after came the birth of my son and some time off before heading back to work. But less than a year later I found myself burnt out, exhausted and experiencing a recurring case of pneumonia that seemed resistant to every intervention. The lack of resilience in my own health left me feeling disillusioned with my profession and all the knowledge I had accumulated, to the point that I essentially ‘retired’ myself from the profession. If I couldn’t even sort my own health out, what on earth was I doing with anyone else! The effort and drain of ‘helping people’ had become so acute that the mere thought of practising became abhorrent to me.

So, for all my ‘health’ education and my extensive knowledge and experience, I was not able to sustain a busy practice. My personal relationships were also struggling; then to top it off, I was at my wits end in trying to address what was a very debilitating illness.

It was at this point I met Serge Benhayon and began what has turned out to be the most profound educational and transformative experience of my life.

I can say that I learnt more about myself, life around me, my interactions and the patterns I engaged in with others in the next few years than I had ever come close to learning in nearly 8 years of tertiary study and 40+ years of life.

For example:

I learnt how to live in life without getting caught up in the drama of others around me; I learnt how to connect with myself and then foster and hold that connection. I learnt the difference between the love that comes from the connection and the emotional kind I had moulded my life around to that point.
I learnt how central this love was to my own healing and realised I had sought this from outside myself for so long.
I learnt how to restore my own sense of confidence and self-worth that was so unshakeable that I could no longer say yes to a relationship unless what was offered was equal to the love I felt for myself. Through this I learnt how to be in a relationship that was based on love and not on the dynamics that had been miserably played out previously.
I learnt what true responsibility was and that without it, I could never truly heal. I learnt that healing is to restore something that is already intact, and not a process of making us ‘better’ or different. I learnt that without my own healing, I had little to offer another that would support their healing.
I learnt about integrity, real integrity; an integrity that goes to our very core and is seen and felt in our every thought and movement – energetic integrity.
I learnt how to not give my power away – in fact, I learnt what my ‘power’ actually was.
I learnt what it means to be and feel like a woman, and not to live up to society’s ideals and beliefs. I learnt about my own delicateness; the tenderness and nurturing that are my most natural expression. I learnt to listen to my body and to connect to what is true for me. I learnt that my body’s communications are loud and broad, offering the most finely tuned navigation tool I could ever hope to find.
I learnt that I am connected to the Universe and hence I am part of something so much bigger and grander than I could ever have imagined. I learnt that I have a depth beyond the oceans and a wisdom I can access in the stillness of my breath.

Whilst this sounds like I have been given everything, the fact is I have.

What I learnt through Serge Benhayon enabled me to return to relationships with openness and real love. I experience a depth of relating to people that not only enriches my personal life, but every aspect of my professional life also.

I returned to work with renewed vitality and dedication, working well beyond any capacity I had before and with the ability to apply ALL that I live and know. So I have since worked some 8-10 years tirelessly in support of others and have yet to suffer an ill-health condition beyond the occasional common cold in that time.

Now THAT is testimony to a TRUE Education!

By Jennifer Ellis, ND, Adv Dip Ac, Practitioner Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA & ANTA member, Brisbane, Australia 

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404 thoughts on “True Education and Healing Matters

  1. Jenny there are thousands of people around the world that have had a similar experience when meeting Serge Benhayon. People who have tried every self improvement modality on offer only to discover that the underlying unrest is still bubbling away. ‘It was at this point I met Serge Benhayon and began what has turned out to be the most profound educational and transformative experience of my life.’ Serge Benhayon really does have the answers to life questions and shares the wisdom of the universe with everyone, nothing is held back. Energy speaks louder than words.

  2. I admire your honesty Jennifer, that you were humble enough to look at your own health and the lack of resilience you were experiencing, with all the knowledge you had gained it wasn’t truly serving you or others. And that the strain and drain of helping others had worn you down. It is interesting that you met Serge Benhayon and through the courses and workshops which focus on healing ourselves from all the hurts that we carry with us through life, that you were able to heal yourself so that you could work again and in such a way that it isn’t draining and that you actually enjoyed being out in the world again. The work of Universal Medicine is just that, it is true medicine for all of us should we wish to apply ourselves to letting go of old hurts and beliefs which gives us the freedom to be in the joy of life again.

  3. I would agree Jenny, in that all you said you have learned is True Education, which means if that is True Education, then what is all the other education we currently have in place? As you have shown, we can study for years to gain knowledge but knowledge is nothing, it has no basis, no roots and not true foundation. A true understanding of energy along with the choices we make are essential for our health, vitality and whole well-being. This should be at the forefront of all education.

  4. What great wisdom and understanding you have shared Jenny, and we can all learn from the natural ways of living that is shared by Serge Benhayon, and this will become the normal way to approach life and our evolution.

  5. We can learn a lot in standard education but what I have learned about life from Universal Medicine has expanded and enriched life 1000 X plus over.

    1. Yes. Gosh if I did not have the teachings from Universal Medicine I do not know where I would be in my life now, but I know for one thing, I would be going around and around in circles going absolutely nowhere. The truth is we are all going around in circles, or rather cycles (with the earth and the sun). It is absolute illusion that we ‘go’ anywhere, rather it is a deepening within, as every single person holds the truth and essence within. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom through Universal Medicine give us much understanding about life, love, the current state of the world today and much, much more ✨

      1. Hi Vicky I agree with you when you say
        “Yes. Gosh if I did not have the teachings from Universal Medicine I do not know where I would be in my life now,”
        I know I would not have the vitality and zing for life that I have now, and at an age where most people retire and are watching the clock for the day that they can do so. I want to keep working, as I feel I have more to offer society than I did at any stage in my life. There is indeed a way to live that is so freeing, I do wonder to myself why I didn’t choose this way of life years ago and the answer is because Serge Benhayon wasn’t around years ago, it’s as simple as that.

  6. Interesting isn’t it that during most forms of health education the foundation is first not our own well-being and how to truly take care of and love ourselves … like really look after and love ourselves. Over the last few years I have heard more about well-being in work places, which is great, but we are only just touching the very tip of the iceberg of where we can go (and need to go) with this.

  7. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be this honest with myself, for way too many years I was so busy working and helping others when I was not addressing my own exhaustion.

  8. “I learnt how central this love was to my own healing and realised I had sought this from outside myself for so long.” A great sharing Jennifer, and it connects the missing dots I feel in health care, which is the love and care of the whole person (and the practitioner), and that we can’t fix people, only support them reconnect to the wholeness and love they already are, as living from this is the foundation for true health.

    1. Melinda what you said in you comment caught my attention that
      “we cannot fix people,only support them reconnect to the wholeness and love they already are, as living from this is the foundation for true health.”
      I spent years in psychotherapy, I thought I was going to be ‘fixed’ and the psychotherapist I’m sure felt I could be ‘fixed’, but while we are given an excuse to behave in a certain way and not take responsibility for our actions and way of life nothing can be ‘fixed’. Instead I became addicted to my psychotherapist and the sessions I had, they became my go to drug that I had to have in order to function in life. Looking back at that time in my life I was a complete mess. I know beyond any doubt that without the support in self healing that was offered through the presentations, workshops and the Universal Medicine practitioners I would be mentally unstable and living on prescriptive drugs for my mental health problems. I do not take any drugs whatsoever and lead a very healthy and mental health free, amazing life.

  9. I love the integrity you share here, when you recognised that you did not have integrity with what you shared with others and what you lived, you stepped back from healing others till you had restored your sense of confidence and sense of true responsibility.

  10. ‘So, for all my ‘health’ education and my extensive knowledge and experience, I was not able to sustain a busy practice’. This statement has really got me pondering on what true health is.

  11. We can accumulate so much knowledge but it doesn’t prepare us for real life. And, with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I too am feeling like I am truly learning for the first time in my 50 years of life.

  12. There’s always a knowing within us that signals to us that whatever we are doing is okay or not.

    I’ve been in the health care professional for years and despite loving my job, or so I thought, it was for another reason, identification, wanting my family to recognise or accept me for who I am.
It was since meeting Serge Benhayon that my life changed, and that it isn’t to give the limelight to Serge, but to what he presents. If I hadn’t looked at my life from within, my love for my job today would have been at a different place if I had continued to live they way I used to.

    I love my job, I love being around people, despite the ups and downs. No amount of degrees can make you a better person, true education begins within and it’s within us all, it just happens to be Serge Benhayon that is presenting this to us, it could easily be someone else.

    1. Shushila I agree with you, it is not Serge Benhayon the man but what he represents. My take on what he presents is that there is a deeper quality within us that we have not tapped into because we look outside of ourselves to life rather than looking within at this deeper aspect of us. When we stop and look within there is a depth and quality to be found, a level of settlement that is so enjoyable that once reconnected to, leaves us all with such a grand feeling. Why would you want to disconnect from it.

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