Esoteric Healing Modalities – what have they got to do with the Board Room?

Over the last 13 years I have attended Universal Medicine events and workshops, and I have attended courses and trained in Esoteric Massage®, Esoteric Chakra-puncture® and Sacred Esoteric Healing®. I’ve also undertaken the required practice hours, studied anatomy and physiology and nutrition, and gained accreditation from the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)* for these modalities.

This may seem quite reasonable, and it is. Except that I work as a leader, manager, and coach in the public sector in the UK running my own management consultancy company, and I am also an Associate of two UK universities. So why would I use the time and resource to study these modalities? After all, it would be very unlikely that I’d be undertaking esoteric massage at a corporate board workshop, or during a University Lecture. And for the field of work I am in, I have studied extensively including a PhD, as well as a number of vocational qualifications and two other degrees.

What I didn’t realise until I started studying with Universal Medicine was that my focus in work and in life was one dimensional; it was practical, well organised, and in my field of work I am highly regarded, but to me my work and life lacked something. It lacked balance, roundedness, and worldliness – a lived way that did not take the whole picture into consideration. This was highlighted by the fact that I was championing health and wellbeing at work, yet my own physical body was suffering from exhaustion, anxiety and a number of long-term medical conditions, to the extent that at one stage I experienced burnout.

Through studying with Universal Medicine I have become my own esoteric healing practitioner in learning to live life in a new way, discerning from my body each daily choice I make, learning to deeply care for myself in every way and understanding that I am not the one dimensional unit of life I thought I was, but that I am multidimensional. Yes I am in a physical human body, but I also have an energetic body as I am a Son of God, a spark of light, with a spirit and a soul, and there’s a universality to life. I belong to something far grander than what can be seen only by the human eye.

More so, through studying the esoteric healing modalities, not only am I taking care of myself so that I live with a deeper integrity and authenticity, I am also taking a greater responsibility for everything in life, including the way I work and run a business. This means attention to every detail: the finances, the quality of work, the quality of emails, ensuring I deliver what I commit to deliver, learning to not react to or judge others with whom I work, learning to work as a team wherever I am, and seeing all others as equal.

Studying the esoteric healing modalities has impacted greatly on the way I work; it has opened me up to the bigger picture, to being more worldly in choosing to understand what is going on around me in life, worldwide: the atrocities, the issues we face, the intensity and pressures people are under, and to understand to a far greater degree the root of societal and workplace issues.

Every time I lay my hands on another while learning during an esoteric healing course, I realise I have my hands on the pulse of humanity, and in understanding the physical body and how emotions affect us, I am offered great wisdom as regards working in any walk of life.  And you also learn from the get go an immense amount of integrity in the way you treat another, as the energetic code of practice you learn while on the courses takes responsibility to another level when dealing with others in work and in life.

I used to think I was ‘top of my game’ before I met Serge Benhayon and started studying esoteric healing modalities. Fourteen years on I am only now beginning to realise what it is to be a true leader and manager. Every single workshop and course I have attended with Universal Medicine has impacted greatly on the quality I am in life and in my work with boards, leaders, managers and all the people I work with. So whilst I may not be a practitioner in esoteric modalities, I am a practitioner of life, and attending the esoteric modality courses is pure gold. So much so, that for me personally, part of my annual CPD (continued professional development) is based on attending esoteric healing modality courses twice yearly, and ensuring I have monthly sessions with a Universal Medicine practitioner because of the worldliness and integrity they support me to bring to others in my everyday.

By Jane Keep, Phd, MPhil, MSc, FCIPD, MIC, CMgr, FCMI, London, UK

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

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513 thoughts on “Esoteric Healing Modalities – what have they got to do with the Board Room?

  1. To live with the responsibility of loving and caring for ourselves so that the quality we bring to work is one that reflects this deep level of care and integrity with all, is one that would serve us all as a humanity to be, at the very minimum, our ‘normal’.

    1. and deep down it is something that is innate to us, we know it, and one day will realise and return to it – as it is always there – we disconnected from the truth of who we are, that being one who lives with the deepest care, integrity, responsibility and love for all.

  2. This is a great article for all the experience that you bring into the board room must surely be a great support for everyone around you.

  3. ’Studying the esoteric healing modalities has impacted greatly on the way I work’ – AND the way I live. It has made me realise that responsibility and integrity has a lot to do with life and everyone around us, the ripple effect.

    1. and that is a core aspect to life – responsibility – how different it would be if that were the core of the way we lived, and worked. Yes of course there is a level of responsibility, but how much responsibility are we willing to take in our daily living?

  4. I loved reading your blog Jane. How you changed your life from exhaustion and burnout to being something grander and truly caring for yourself from inside out, is inspiring.

    How beautiful that you take the true you to everything you do and what a reflection for others and and offering that they can do the same if they so wish to.

  5. At board meetings we behave according to a particular protocol. This protocol can be very successful but it is quite limited and often based on all-out competition. There is an equally effective but much more encompassing ‘protocol’ or way of living available that is also far more nourishing as you describe in this blog, Jane.

  6. It is fantastic how, by re-connecting with one’s inner-most and eventually the Soul, we can actually experience a more worldly life, even if nothing grand or mega has changed, because just simply by re-connecting with one’s Soul, you are re-connecting with the one unified pulse of the universe and thus of all other people everywhere. And so, being worldly is just the start as eventually we will all experience being universal.

  7. Attending Universal Medicine presentations opened my eyes to the bigger picture and the fact that my life wasn’t all just about me, or even just the people in my life. There is more going on than mere temporal existence. Great to re-read your post Jane.

  8. I agree Jane and I have found the same thing in my work as a health care professional, that obviously how I am as a person and how I live in all of my life effects how I work and the quality of my work. And I have also found the courses and workshops presenting the esoteric modalities invaluable for supporting me to continue to develop and deepen my relationship with life and to keep making the necessary changes and adaptations that I have needed to make to continue working consistently at the highly skilled professional level that I do and to continue working in an intense very busy and demanding environment like health care, without getting burnt out, I am in fact thriving not surviving!

    1. Observing those who have busy intense lives and get burnt out easily compared with those equally busy people who live the Way of the Livingness and do more than survive the day to day, in fact are energetic and playful at the end of the day, surely shows this is something worth investigating, if you want to know truth.

      1. Yes, going for effectiveness alone can easily lead to burnout for yourself and/or others you are involved with.

    2. Well said. In studying the esoteric modality workshops, and presentations by Serge Benhayon, there isn’t a single aspect in life that I can think of that would not benefit from what is learnt and felt at these workshops and presentations – they are universal.

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