Esoteric Healing Modalities – what have they got to do with the Board Room?

Over the last 13 years I have attended Universal Medicine events and workshops, and I have attended courses and trained in Esoteric Massage®, Esoteric Chakra-puncture® and Sacred Esoteric Healing®. I’ve also undertaken the required practice hours, studied anatomy and physiology and nutrition, and gained accreditation from the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)* for these modalities.

This may seem quite reasonable, and it is. Except that I work as a leader, manager, and coach in the public sector in the UK running my own management consultancy company, and I am also an Associate of two UK universities. So why would I use the time and resource to study these modalities? After all, it would be very unlikely that I’d be undertaking esoteric massage at a corporate board workshop, or during a University Lecture. And for the field of work I am in, I have studied extensively including a PhD, as well as a number of vocational qualifications and two other degrees.

What I didn’t realise until I started studying with Universal Medicine was that my focus in work and in life was one dimensional; it was practical, well organised, and in my field of work I am highly regarded, but to me my work and life lacked something. It lacked balance, roundedness, and worldliness – a lived way that did not take the whole picture into consideration. This was highlighted by the fact that I was championing health and wellbeing at work, yet my own physical body was suffering from exhaustion, anxiety and a number of long-term medical conditions, to the extent that at one stage I experienced burnout.

Through studying with Universal Medicine I have become my own esoteric healing practitioner in learning to live life in a new way, discerning from my body each daily choice I make, learning to deeply care for myself in every way and understanding that I am not the one dimensional unit of life I thought I was, but that I am multidimensional. Yes I am in a physical human body, but I also have an energetic body as I am a Son of God, a spark of light, with a spirit and a soul, and there’s a universality to life. I belong to something far grander than what can be seen only by the human eye.

More so, through studying the esoteric healing modalities, not only am I taking care of myself so that I live with a deeper integrity and authenticity, I am also taking a greater responsibility for everything in life, including the way I work and run a business. This means attention to every detail: the finances, the quality of work, the quality of emails, ensuring I deliver what I commit to deliver, learning to not react to or judge others with whom I work, learning to work as a team wherever I am, and seeing all others as equal.

Studying the esoteric healing modalities has impacted greatly on the way I work; it has opened me up to the bigger picture, to being more worldly in choosing to understand what is going on around me in life, worldwide: the atrocities, the issues we face, the intensity and pressures people are under, and to understand to a far greater degree the root of societal and workplace issues.

Every time I lay my hands on another while learning during an esoteric healing course, I realise I have my hands on the pulse of humanity, and in understanding the physical body and how emotions affect us, I am offered great wisdom as regards working in any walk of life.  And you also learn from the get go an immense amount of integrity in the way you treat another, as the energetic code of practice you learn while on the courses takes responsibility to another level when dealing with others in work and in life.

I used to think I was ‘top of my game’ before I met Serge Benhayon and started studying esoteric healing modalities. Fourteen years on I am only now beginning to realise what it is to be a true leader and manager. Every single workshop and course I have attended with Universal Medicine has impacted greatly on the quality I am in life and in my work with boards, leaders, managers and all the people I work with. So whilst I may not be a practitioner in esoteric modalities, I am a practitioner of life, and attending the esoteric modality courses is pure gold. So much so, that for me personally, part of my annual CPD (continued professional development) is based on attending esoteric healing modality courses twice yearly, and ensuring I have monthly sessions with a Universal Medicine practitioner because of the worldliness and integrity they support me to bring to others in my everyday.

By Jane Keep, Phd, MPhil, MSc, FCIPD, MIC, CMgr, FCMI, London, UK

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

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470 thoughts on “Esoteric Healing Modalities – what have they got to do with the Board Room?

  1. A very inspiring blog Jane, as you highlight how valuable it is for all when we are open to considering and honouring that we are far greater than what we think, and that how we are with ourselves impacts all we do and all we are with. Taking responsibility for the choices we make and the quality of connection we are choosing to live with, is how we bring greater quality of presence and truth to every aspect of our lives. For when we realise that it is our connection to our Soul that truly and naturally qualifies us to live life, we then truly understand life, including us all, and our purpose in it together.

  2. We hold ourselves by the foundation we lay on our path.. The way we carry ourselves is all on us, the way we move and the intentions we have with ourselves and eachother.. All chosen by us. This brings great awareness to how we can live life and how we can truly change by our own higher Will.

  3. I am understanding more and more that it is not about what we do but the quality in which we do it and if we are not truly caring for ourselves than what is the quality we are bringing to others, to projects, to everything we do … one of exhaustion and struggle. Life does not need to be this way. I have learnt so very much from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and continue to do so but most important of all it is for all of us to remember and deeply know that as you share we are far more than just a physical body but indeed ‘a Son of God, a spark of light, with a spirit and a soul, and there’s a universality to life. I belong to something far grander than what can be seen only by the human eye.’ We are multidimensional, life is multidimensional time to stop making it one dimensional!

  4. I love what you share here Jane and I could come back and read it again and again. These courses are life skills courses, there is no question that we grow from understanding that how we live affects everything we do because it builds a relationship with who we are and it is who we are that we take into all we do.

  5. We may resort to the esoteric modalities when we see fit for some reason. What we get through the esoteric teachings is far vaster than the modalities though. When we become practitioners of life, we make a huge difference wherever we go.

  6. They often ask what your outside interests and hobbies are in an interview, looking to see if you are more than a 2 dimensional cut out but can bring something more to your work, and enrich the space. The Esoteric study goes right beyond 3D and allows such a richness and depth that can light up a work place bringing more of that greatest quality of all … love.

  7. Attending the Esoteric modality courses and receiving healing sessions often throughout the year have brought me a greater understanding of energetic integrity — every action I complete in my workplace either heals or harms there is no more than 2 ways around this energetic fact. The quality I live is the quality I emanate.

  8. The great point is here that we are never without truth when we connect to our hearts. Meaning that we got a lot to give. And a lot to tell and speak from when we connect to our innermost beingness.

  9. ‘Every single workshop and course I have attended with Universal Medicine has impacted greatly on the quality I am in life…’ I have found this too, Jane. I am able to work longer hours with greater vitality and bring a deeper understanding to myself and others, which consequently brings a deepening of all my relationships everywhere!

    1. If I was a Chief Executive of a company Id love to have Universal Medicine workshops as the foundational professional and personal development for all employees – Im pretty sure quality and productivity would be through the roof.

  10. I love that understanding that shares the way we live affects everything we do whether it is supposedly ‘relevant’ and related or not. To live the one life, the one world and the one level of responsibility everywhere is a vital part of both mental and physical health.

    1. I agree. It is ‘convenient’ to live life in silo’s as we don’t see the degree of responsibility needed across life, we compartmentalise it, so that we stay in comfort and do ‘just enough’.

  11. “Esoteric Healing Modalities – what have they got to do with the Board Room?”. I love the title of this blog as it gets us to expand our awareness of what healing is and how it is needed by everyone, boardroom members included.

  12. As you have shared there is a whole other level and depth to life that is there to be lived. One where the responsibility is ours, as to how we are, how we have lived and what quality we have shared with the world when we are met with the end of the day. Our relationship with this awareness is a given, always there to be accessed, it is only our willingness to be open to honesty of how we are living that allows us to know the truth, otherwise our resistance to it is how we dull and dismiss the depth of awareness on offer.

  13. “I am not the one dimensional unit of life I thought I was, but that I am multidimensional” – indeed Jane and this is the benefit and insight that you (can) receive from doing and or receiving Esoteric Healing – there is so much more to us than meets the eye and physical flesh of a body. The more I understand and live with this fact, the more appreciation I carry for Universal Medicine in their release of all material and content that confirms the energetic truth of us as human beings. To live multidimensionality, is to live.

    1. Beautifully said Zofia – ‘To live multidimensionality, is to live.’ The more we connect to our multidimensionality the greater the awareness is of all that we are here to live for and with every moment, more inspiration is offered to live that ‘more’.

    2. Yes and to live one dimensionally is to not clock how much is affecting us, it is part and parcel of why we cannot explain the sliding statistics for physical and mental health. We are only looking at part of the picture. Why of Why are we so stuck on holding on to part of the picture – surely that is the question we have to ask?

  14. Jane, your immense commitment to ensuring that you are taking full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, and thus all others you come in contact with via your work life is so evident in your sharing here. I love how you have shown what is possible in supporting yourself, even with an intense level of work responsibilities.

    1. and thats it isn’t it Michael, when we take fuller responsibility for our own health and wellbeing it is natural that we deepen our level of responsibility in every part of our lives.

  15. The quality of what is presented and practiced in Universal Medicine courses and workshops can be universally applied to everywhere in life. It’s not contained to a client/practitioner and a massage table setting.

  16. Every word we speak, if spoken in truth can be a healing and there is a lot of talking that occurs in boardrooms so lots of opportunity for healing.

    1. Lots and lots of talking, and how much is just repeating the same things over and over, and how much is about evolution.. about something more than the immediate situation and providing opportunities to inspire others?

  17. It is so true Jane that when we live life as a matter of functioning, it lacks the fullness and dimensions that we truly are as human beings, not human doings.

    1. Yes, it reflects back to the world that living one dimensionally is normal yet we know inside it is not normal and therefore search constantly for more meaning and more truth jumping on any glimpse of light and love we find. The fullness of who we are is consistent and has a depth of love that is expressed in every moment whether spoken or unspoken and regardless of the industry. That is pretty cool!

  18. This is awesome. It would be so easy to not bother with anything other than your job and continue to enjoy the success you have achieved. As it is, you have embraced a broader and deeper understanding of life and relationships, which you are then enriching your work life with. Very inspiring.

  19. The esoteric healing modalities, as with everything Universal Medicine presents is about life and supporting ourselves and other people to evolve. This is needed in every aspect of our lives, not just in treatment rooms. What you can develop in yourself through these healing courses is applicable in every work place, relationship, parenting etc.

  20. Universal Medicine offers us a multidimensional way of life, one that has love joy, harmony, wisdom, equality and truth at it very core.

  21. I feel that it can be very easy to get caught up in the one-dimentionality of life, which for me is mainly in making sure that all the boxes are ticked and everything is functioning appropriately. And sometimes it can seem that to bring in a multi-dimentionality to this would be burdensome or just one more thing to add to the list. But actually it’s not. Actually, whenever I bring attention to the quality of my movements whilst doing all the daily tasks of life, each one just has this kind of joy to it and a sense of purpose. Amazing the power of bringing presence to our movements.

  22. Good reminder Jane. I just like you work at a board level, and don’t give massage to my clients. At least, not yet:-) But I do bring a different way of living that should reflect the fact that we are multidimensional beings first, before we are human. I will often not speak about this, but will surely reflect the magic of this.

    1. An that’s it, isn’t it Willem – its not about what we say – or even what we do, it is the way we are, the quality we are in when we are at work that is the alchemy – the magic that can be in every walk of life and every workplace when we choose to connect to it.

  23. I have studied a lot of complementary modalities and the aim of studying them all was to be a practitioner, to add another tool to my tool belt. Studying the Esoteric Modalities has been different for I see how, even though I don’t practice as a practitioner, they have benefited my life hugely. They support me to reconnect to me and feel me more as I go through my day. I can see as a result that anyone can be a practitioner in the area that they work in because of what they are choosing to align to.

  24. When we bring multidimensionality and the Universe to work, our work places will drastically change. They will change from a place where things need to be done, into a place where things still need to be done, but where we can grow and evolve back to a way of being that we all have lived a long time before.

  25. I think it’s quite common for us to be dismissive about the way our body feels or the kind of choices that we make in how we live life until something bigger pulls us up or makes us stop and reflect on how we have been living…. But Universal Medicine shows us that there is a different way, where we can be truly empowered to be more aware of the kind of choices we’re making and how we are in effect practitioners, every one of us, always affecting our own health and many others by our way of being, regardless of our job role.

    1. Thank you Fiona, yes we are practitioners of life and with the support of the Universal Medicine courses we can deepen our livingness, that is to live from that what lives within, to which we can reconnect to through the healing living as a practitioner of life brings.

  26. That is the beautiful thing about the Esoteric Healing modalities, the wisdom they bring forth from within, can be applied to every part of life, and definitely not to be confined just to a clinic room. What I have learned, is that the Esoteric is a way of life, not something that is just performed in certain situations.

  27. ‘ Fourteen years on I am only now beginning to realise what it is to be a true leader and manager.’ Very beautifully said Jane. Remaining open to the deepening the modalities offer brings the opportunity to truly grow.

  28. The Esoteric Healing modalities ask us to be responsible for our hurts and to heal them and when we do it helps us in all parts of our life.

  29. Multi-dimensionality, something many of us do not consider although we are in it and of it, there is much more unseen than seen, we feel everything, so caring and healing all of us on all levels makes sense.

  30. What I can learn from this is that actually what we practice reflects to us the angles where we are good at and those we need to further master and pay attention to. Actually there is nothing we truly are lacking, only not giving ourselves. So, we can give back to ourselves — the love we truly deserve.

  31. The healing modalities presented by Universal Medicine benefit people from all different walks of life and different fields of work, you do not need to be a health practitioner to study these modalities, as you can see from Jane’s blog.

    1. Absolutely this has nothing to do with being a practitioner and everything to do with how we live, which in fact true medicine and also free and empowering for ourselves and others.

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