Trusting What I Feel

Thanks to the support of Universal Medicine, the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon and the various esoteric modalities, I have begun to trust more deeply what I feel, and be less caught up in needing life and my daily tasks to be a certain way. Hooray!

This was clearly demonstrated to me on a morning walk today.

Before setting foot out the door I had felt the direction I wanted to walk, which was great. I chose to carry a water bottle and not complain to myself that the water bottle was going to ‘get in the way’ or ‘be a burden on my walk’ as I knew I would need to hydrate. I did also get a little caught up planning the walk – where I would go, which nice areas I wanted to visit again from my walk the evening before, how far I would travel… etc!!

As I started to walk, I could feel a drive and distraction in trying to plan steps ahead of where I was… then I simply chose to come back to me. The difference when I stopped thinking about the future result and chose to feel my feet and body as I walked was profound. I stopped to pause and stretch while walking up a large number of stairs and felt no need to rush. My chest felt open and warm and I was able to see more of what was around me than if I was stuck in my mind, focussed on where I was getting to.

When I reached the street where my plan had been to go left, it clearly did not feel right – everything in my body felt to turn the other way down a ‘no through’ road. I at first denied this, but as I started to walk my body felt restricted, without the openness and warmth I had felt moments before. So I turned around and trusted my feelings. Where I had previously hesitated because, “What if the road goes nowhere and I just have to turn around and come back again?,” I chose to make the walk about the quality of my movement and that this was already enough without needing where I was walking to satisfy me.

The street I walked down was not anything I could have imagined or planned. It took me past a beauty-full vibrant and colourful bed of flowers, and at the end of the street, to a small patch of remnant vegetation by the river with a walking track and undercover seating. A tranquil haven all within ten minutes from my home, which if I had not honoured what I felt, I would never have known was there!

So often I have sought to prepare myself, to plan ahead while dismissing to care for and listen to myself, and what my body needs right in that moment. What I am realising is that this old way seeks to control the outcome and robs me of the preciousness of simply being with me and the beauty that abounds when I support myself to be connected, and to trust and be open to receive.

With much gratitude to the various esoteric modalities for sharing the simplicity of being with and caring for our bodies in movement and daily activity! Thank you!

By Susan Hayes, Wendouree, Australia

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562 thoughts on “Trusting What I Feel

  1. Trusting what we feel is the greatest tool to live life with. It’s the deepest of handicaps when, as kids, we are told that what is felt is not real… we then deny what we feel and override from the head.

  2. I stopped listening to myself in my teens, you could say I gave up on myself. So meeting Serge Benhayon later in my life was to me a blessing. Through the teaching and workshops I have attended I have gradually brought myself back to fully participate in society. There are no words to express my deep appreciation of the Benhayon family, they have solidly supported me to re-engage with life something that years of psychotherapy was unable to do.

    1. And when I have done that, which I am learning to trust more and more, I consistently deepen my confirmation in myself and my connection to the All.

  3. When we commit to walking, talking and moving with a focus on quality, our grace can be felt, appreciated and expanded upon all the more.

  4. Like you Susan, when I choose “to make the walk about the quality of my movement”, everything changes. I feel totally present in my body, I can feel my feet connecting with the ground, my movements flow so easily and I am open to feeling what comes next, not thinking what should. Walks like these are becoming more common for me, but how amazing if every walk was in this exquisite quality: definitely a very worth-while work in progress.

  5. I so love this – when we just let the body take the lead, and we allow ourselves to be surprised by how it so simply, immediately, joy-fully and with ease knows the harmony.

  6. This was good to read again, trusting what you feel is something we need to learn to accept as our bodies know what’s right and what’s not.

    I have much to develop in this and when I do trust from time to time, it’s amazing what is there. Over riding is probably disregarding this. I feel with consistency of trusting, more is offered to us, if we just allow it.

  7. To let go of a ‘plan’ or ‘picture’ of what we think we need or want to do, allows so much space for what is there to be done to literally unfold before us. Choosing the direction in which we are walking is such a great example of this, and offers us a wonderful reflection of how we can do this in our lives.

  8. I had not appreciated the level of control we take as our normal till I started experiencing the esoteric modalities. Their simplicity highlighted the tension and control I held in my body and I could see how so much of the control was from fear of not being able to determine what was coming and wanting to be prepared for every and any eventuality. In fact, the tension shut down any awareness I might have had and therefore left me more vulnerable. Worth considering as a personal experiment, even if it on a 10 minute walk.

  9. By planning, controling and thinking in the future we lost the present and the clarity to know what’s the next step to take. Awesome revelation. Thank you Susan

    1. I agree Inma, we definitely ‘lose the present’ when we live in the future – or the past – and these are the times we, more often than not, will trip, fall, drop something, burn ourselves; the list is endless. Staying with ourselves all the time can be very challenging, but oh what a difference it makes to our lives when we do.

  10. We should have sessions/lessons from birth in confirming us to trust what we feel within as I feel this shapes how we are with ourselves, with others, our choices, what we accept and do not accept from a young age through to our teens and adult life. It is really important.

  11. As a child you never doubt what you feel or question if it’s right. You just know you feel upset, playful, tired or needing to quietly focus on your play. This is part of what Universal Medicine has supported so many people like me to rediscover. My body thanks me everytime I live in response to what it’s feeling rather than being ruled by external factors.

  12. I had to read this blog again as something happened for me yesterday and I remembered going into reaction of anger towards a person. When I sat and pondered on the whole thing, I realised that I had a feeling, which I dismissed and the consequence of not trusting this feeling, led me to the anger. The anger wasn’t about the other person (which is commonly done by me), but the fact that the anger was towards me for ignoring the feeling in the first place.

  13. It is so simple to honour your inner feelings. Plus life is really so simple, there are naturally no issues or created struggles. Our only issue is how simple it is and the fact that we cannot own it or control it, as it does not come from us

  14. Trust is a biggie for me and I can understand over-riding the signals of the body. I have done this many a times and then left wondering if I had gone the other way what would have happened. When you trust and follow there is no wondering of, ‘what if’?

  15. It wasn’t until some years of knowing Serge Benhayon attending the presentations and workshops that I came to an understanding that I did not trust myself but had relied on other people to guide me through life.
    I took on other people’s ideas and beliefs and made them into mine and turned my self-inside out trying to get them to fit me. They never did, they never could because what I have discovered is that there is a me which is completely different, I had been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole as the saying goes and denying who I am. Thankfully meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has put a stop to all that as I claim myself back and to trust deeply what I know to be true.

    1. Bringing attention to the quality and being present in our body are two of the keys to letting go of control, because the body becomes aware of the poison of the tension.

  16. Living in connection to our body is profound, for if we don’t we end up living from our heads and in disconnection from how we truly feel.

  17. Our movements expand our true expression and the way we walk is re-configuring our body, so is it any wonder Universal Medicine is now sharing walking therapies.

  18. Controlling our every move restricts our experience of the world and ability to respond accordingly. It is a limiting and limited way to be in the world, that might feel safe for a while, but ultimately offers no safety or protection, but is capping and stifling – and offers no room for learning, growth and evolution.

  19. What a great example and rendition of what life can offer when we take the extra time to stop and honour what we feel — what I find invigorating after that is confirming what I honoured to feel.

    1. So true Victoria, and what I am learning is that my inner quality remains untouched by anything going on around me, but it’s up to me to remain connected to it and not be drawn out into what’s going on around me.

  20. It’s so interesting that your body felt open and warm when you felt your way and stayed present, and how it felt restricted when you didn’t honour what you felt. I wonder how many bodies are in tightness, tension, and even aches and pains from not trusting what we feel?

    1. In my experience, if there is any resistance to how and what we feel and what this calls us to address in our lives it causes unease and tension in the body. Our bodies are our true markers 🙂

  21. One of the most beautiful things about trusting what we feel and following that impulse, is the simplicity that flows from that. There is such divine and natural synchronicity, where no effort is involved, from allowing ourselves to trust these feelings.

  22. It makes a profound difference to our whole being when we start to trust our feelings and honour what our body is truly communicating.

  23. I think this is a big one for everyone and something I am still definitely learning and that is to honour the body and respond to this with love rather than override, ignore or resist! … Which is very tiring!

  24. When we’re so busy in our minds focused on the next thing and perpetually living in the future, we miss out on the simple joy of just feeling connected to our bodies..the sense of stillness, solidity of knowing who we are, that is always there for us to connect to, underneath our self created whirlwinds of busyness.

  25. When we focus on the quality of our movements we then are guided by a quality, a universal intelligence, our Soul, that knows how we are to move, to position ourselves to receive all that is on offer for us to be all that we are, as such reflecting that light of God through how we live.

    1. There certainly is far more spaciousness created in our bodies and around us when we focus on the quality of our movements rather than being squeezed into time, with the drive required to meet or be attached by any end point or outcome.

  26. Re-learning to trust what your body is telling you is a wonderful experience and way to live. It brings back the innocence and magic of being a child but also allows me to feel the deep wisdom that is always there for me to access. My body knows things I could never know and I love what happens when I am guided by it.

    1. Yes and anxiety comes in when we stop trusting that our body has all the resources it needs to know what our next steps need to be. It is in the relationship with our body that we find the key to so much healing.

  27. There is nothing more lovely than truly and fully being with ourselves in each moment. Life becomes so simple and there is zero trying.

  28. Sometimes we are impulsed to do something which makes no sense what so ever, only to find out that we felt the impulse to prepare ourselves for something which is coming our way, prepare us in a way that our conscious mind will never be able design.

    1. A very wise comment Viktoria. The mind cannot match the intelligence of our heart and the divine source that intelligence comes from.

  29. I have had similar experiences where I have trusted where I felt to go and got marvellously lost but ended up seeing pure magic unfold, so why is it that I slip back into not trusting always what I feel. Is it because everything is a movement and the little voice inside my head casting that shadow of a doubt on what I feel is only there because the wrong moves have been made?

  30. I agree with what you say here Susan,
    “What I am realising is that this old way seeks to control the outcome and robs me of the preciousness of simply being with me and the beauty that abounds when I support myself to be connected, and to trust and be open to receive.”
    I know this to be true because I have felt this for myself, but I also get caught up in wanting to control what is going on in my life and then of course life feels flat, the need to be an individual is very strong.

  31. At the supermarket the other day I looked at something and my body tensed up, it didn’t want that food. I put it in my trolley anyway and as I walked around I became more and more distressed and disturbed, It wasn’t a mental criticism over my food choice, but a very clear disturbance in my body. Never before have I felt this sort of message so strongly and shows me how sensitive I am.

    1. I had a similar experience at the supermarket the other day, and then had to somehow ‘justify’ my purchase rather than simply coming back to the body and feeling. I can relate to the body disturbance you describe.

    2. A great example how everything is registered in the body. I find it Interesting to note what was fed to the mind before the choice came to put the food into the trolley…

      1. Yes Victoria, I agree, we often don’t question this and go back to where our ‘choice’ came from but it is only when we are willing to see how we are motivated that true change can occur.

  32. “Trusting what I feel” has been challenging for me at times because for so long I just didn’t. But coming to know that I have an inner sense that when connected to confirms what is true and what isn’t, has brought an expansion to my life I didn’t think was possible. The crazy thing is that I was born with this sixth sense, it had never gone away, I had simply shut down my connection to it and in doing so made life a lot harder to live.

  33. ‘I have begun to trust more deeply what I feel, and be less caught up in needing life and my daily tasks to be a certain way. Hooray!’ Something clearly to be celebrated. Also a great example of when we trust what we feel and and make it about quality and not what we ‘think’ things should be, more is revealed to us than we would never have ‘thought’ or imagined. A reminder to bring it back to the wisdom in the body.

  34. This is very true for life, if we focus on where we need to be, what needs to be done and getting those things done we miss out on the joy of being with ourselves.

  35. This blog beautifully sums up life, where we can choose to walk a quality that is indeed true, or walk a quality driven by our pictures and ideals of how we think life should be, in order to be safe and secure.

  36. I find I can always go deeper with trusting what I feel, what I can learn from it, about myself and how I am in life, with others and what I sense about the world.. and the evolution that comes from this.

  37. Thank you Susan for a simply beautiful blog, when we choose to let the body do the leading instead of our plans, magic happens.

  38. ‘So often I have sought to prepare myself, to plan ahead while dismissing to care for and listen to myself, and what my body needs right in that moment.’ This is huge. It is me connecting with myself and knowing I am enough – or connecting with someone who is walking the path I know is true and being inspired to trust by their example. Too often I do not want to be present, I am scared in some way, and ‘live’ thinking ahead of where I am at rather than being present and responding to life. This trusting others who are living what is possible, their quality in how they live is what supports me in times of wobbles when I have not yet built that trust within myself.

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