Miranda & Natalie Benhayon – Sacredness of the Way they Move  

I first started hearing the word sacredness through attending presentations by Universal Medicine. Although my woman’s body seemed to remember this word, my logical mind was telling me that I didn’t have a clue what it meant! There was such a contrast between the distant yet clear knowing in my body and the way I was living and moving, which was largely devoid of this sacredness. Where to start when waking up a giant? This is where female role models who live this sacredness play such a significant role. Perhaps surprisingly, it isn’t in anything they say. It is the way they move. My whole-body seems to drink in what I see and I feel and in an instant, I know the sacredness within a woman.

There are many women who have inspired me over the years. One of these amazing role models is Miranda Benhayon. What I have observed in Miranda’s movements may seem simple or even mundane, yet the effect of the beauty and divinity in her movements is quite profound.

One memorable example of this was when I realised that I had never seen or heard anyone swipe a credit card the way that she did. Normally when I am at the shops and my card is swiped, there is a rush and harshness to the movement, and the sound feels like nails on a chalk board! Whereas when Miranda does this same movement, there is no rush; there is absolute presence and purpose. Instead of harshness, there is a sound that is in harmony with every cell in my body and the whole of the Universe. It is like music to my ears and it leaves me feeling deeply at ease.

I am also very inspired when Miranda is on stage singing or presenting. Her voice is so rich, steady and deep. However, it is what I see in her movements that keeps me spellbound. There is such a grace and elegance to the way she holds herself on stage, whether poised on a seat or standing, that reminds me of a true way of being. One of the things I love the most about seeing Miranda Benhayon on stage is the way she holds the microphone.

There is such a delicateness and femininity to the way each of her fingers is deliberately placed. There is not an ounce of gripping, hardness or tension in her hand or arm. The harmony and perfection of the angles that her fingers and wrist create, instantly creates space within me and I experience a sigh of surrender throughout my body. The divinity that I know inside me is there before my eyes – I am observing heaven on earth.

Woman holding a microphone and singing, with eyes closed
Miranda Benhayon

The other woman who has been a significant role model in my life, and for thousands of other women, is Natalie Benhayon. She consistently reflects sacredness as a woman in every movement and gesture, without an ounce of apology or holding back. Natalie Benhayon is pure sacredness – proof that it can and needs to be lived in every moment, by every woman. If you want to experience the joy of observing Natalie, I would recommend visiting Esoteric Women’s Health (one of the many amazing women’s projects she has initiated) and watching the video “So Lovely”.

From the steady groundedness of each step, to the delicateness of the touch of her fingers, you can feel she is completely with her body and honouring the sacredness that is within her. There is nothing that can lure, distract or tantalise her away from the preciousness and magnificence of what she feels.

Natalie has one particular movement, which although seemingly very simple, touches me deeply and has a profound effect on my body – and that is the way she closes and opens her eyes. Normally I would call this blinking, but it seems like an insult to use such a short, sharp word to describe a movement that holds such a timeless beauty and sacredness. If you consider it, how often have you been stopped in your tracks or even noticed this movement in another person? Never or rarely? Instead of the rushed, abrupt or functional way that most of us close our eyes, Natalie takes her time. In fact, this is what I love the most and it is delicious to feel. It is like time itself stops. And if you feel the depth of sacredness within you, why would you rush or dishonour that feeling?

Upper body shot of woman half turned towards the camera and smiling
Natalie Benhayon

Although the way that Miranda Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon express sacredness is different, their movements carry the same message.

There is absolute dedication to keep feeling and appreciating the depth within themselves and move in a way that reflects heaven. This allows us to see and feel unfathomable beauty, stillness and grace. With this firm commitment to sacredness, they refuse to be moved by anything life or society tells women they need to be. Observing and appreciating these amazing role models over many years, I now know how natural and powerful sacredness is, and that it can be expressed in every movement.

By Fiona Lotherington, Team Leader, Complementary Healing Practitioner, Registered Nurse

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678 thoughts on “Miranda & Natalie Benhayon – Sacredness of the Way they Move  

  1. Natalie and Miranda, live what they tell you and equally do not hold back from their absolute beauty and power. They hold their love higher than the complexity of life – which is quiet unique in this current time, but oh so wise to life so. My inspirations they are every time I connect with them I am being pulled up to my power and beauty too.

  2. I love reading this and feeling the beauty each of these women express. ‘The harmony and perfection of the angles that her fingers and wrist create, instantly creates space within me and I experience a sigh of surrender throughout my body,’ is just gorgeous. When people talk about their admiration of singers it’s rarely anything other than their voice – of which Miranda’s has such depth and quality. But all her expression, her voice, her movements are, just as Natalie’s are, watching divinity on earth. So wonderful to observe them and feel this. They teach me it’s not showiness or in yer face trying to be sexy that is truly sexy but the grace and beauty of divinity in motion.

  3. I appreciate you writing this blog as it helps me confirm and appreciate what we have on offer by observing Natalie and Miranda. It provides a stop moment to go, oh wow, we do have this on offer, and yes it is amazing to witness it and then bring it/build it into our own lives. From reading this I have noticed how I GRIP the mascara bottle and the car wheel, and thanks to this appreciation, I clock it, and then lessen the tension in my holding. All these little moments of less tension, bring a halt to the bigger tensions we have in our lives.

    1. Love what you say Sarah. I have so gripped onto life and getting somewhere, doing something perfectly, achieving. This blog brings such appreciation to Natalie and Miranda. It’s like I love seeing Simone too. I love watching divinity.It’s effortless, unimposing, and shows me there is no need for any trying or any fear or anxiety in life.

  4. This is an amazing testimony to the power of role models, and how all that we will ever really need to do, to see real change in our local communities everywhere, is to live to the standards that are known to be true for decency and respect and from there comes inspiration and self respect and eventually, sacredness can have a ground upon which to flourish.

  5. There is much to read and be seen in the way people move and the way the Benhayons move is a sure reflection of the divinity we all come from. We all clock it, whether we want to or not, but when we are open to feeling the reflection that is in front of us simply watching those movements can ignite this same quality in us once again.

  6. Fiona, I am so glad to re read this tonight, what a fantastic reminder of sacredness and the quality we all hold within.

    What is absolutely stunning and gorgeous about Natalie and Miranda is they they do not let anything in life or society to tell them what women they need to be, they know their divinity to the core. And wow this is so inspiring.

    1. Well said Sam, they know, live and hold the fact that the true woman comes from within. Nathalie thought me that the true woman is something we already are and do not need to become, and that what we have taken on from outside of us actually got n the way of that natural expression.

  7. Natalie and Miranda is heaven on earth, and the more each of us as women realise we are all heaven on earth, then the more we will learn to express this and truly live the amazing beings that we are!

  8. There is sexy and then there is sexy… Both Natalie and Miranda are super sexy without exuding sexual energy in the common way that it is known in our world – Natalie and Miranda are just naturally sassy and gorgeous in a way that inspires any other woman to likewise let out their natural sass and sexiness.

  9. Fiona, it is so beautiful to read of your admiration and deep honoring of two of the women in your life. As women we often don’t want to celebrate other women but this blog breaks that mold.

    1. Very true Elizabeth for celebrating appreciating and being inspired by other women in their true essence also breaks down the misery of comparison and jealousy that shadows and interferes with too many of our interactions and relationships.

  10. This is such a wonderful reminder that every move we make matters as it is in the smallest of movements that we can inspire another. From the way we walk to the way you have described Miranda Benhayon swiping a credit card, every single thing we do not only impacts on ourselves but on everyone around us therefore we have the endless responsibility to ensure the deepest quality of what we bring to everything we do.

  11. In a world where sacredness or even true self-love are not normal ways of being, it is very important that we take what we see in role models like Miranda and Natalie Benhayon and actually take the steps to live that ourselves. The more reflections there are the more the current model of how women are treating their own bodies will be exposed for the abuse and abnormality they are.

  12. The curves of Natalie Benhayon in the way she moves her body reflect the joy of being with-Heaven – to me this [stillness in motion] is all the inspiration I need to experience the essence and beauty of God, and that that same quality is within me/us all also.

  13. Observing Miranda and Natalie Benhayon move is an absolute delight to observe and ignights something so beautiful inside my body also. An amazing reflection and knowing in the world for us all to see. “There is absolute dedication to keep feeling and appreciating the depth within themselves and move in a way that reflects heaven. This allows us to see and feel unfathomable beauty, stillness and grace.”

  14. Although Sacredness has a very particular quality, it can be expressed differently from person to person.

  15. “Miranda & Natalie Benhayon – Sacredness of the Way they Move” – It’s all in the angles in the way they move their bodies to receive openly those they meet.

  16. “I am also very inspired when Miranda is on stage singing or presenting. Her voice is so rich, steady and deep” – every time I hear Miranda Benhayon sing live on stage, I am moved and touched by her lived grace that is her total beauty.

  17. If a few years ago someone had asked me to define the word Sacredness it was to me a Goddess, a woman who is untouchable some tall utterly beautiful woman in a long white Greek robe who lived in the inner temples of Greece, Egypt or some Middle East country gracing everyone by the way she moved in sacredness to her body. Being told that I was sacred and so was every man woman and child on this planet seemed too far fetched to me. But slowly over the years I have come to know this is true and it is another one of the many lies we have swallowed that have us all believing we are not in any way shape or form sacred. My question now has to be what other lies have we swallowed and why do we live such a lesser life than what is constantly on offer?

  18. “There is such a delicateness and femininity to the way each of her fingers is deliberately placed. There is not an ounce of gripping, hardness or tension in her hand or arm”

    Since first reading this a while back, I have been tuning into where there is tension or gripping and the two standouts are the way I hold my mascara when I am putting it on my eyes, and the car wheel. I check in regularly when doing those two tasks and often find myself gripping the mascara and/or wheel. So i check in, feel it, and then lessen the tension/grip. It is great to observe how/where I do this and then let it go.

  19. Miranda and Natalie Benhayon are sacredness as they walk, talk, engage with the world and live their everyday lives. No stone is left unturned to consider as they live, they are deeply inspirational as women who live in a very real world.

  20. I absolutely agree Fiona, Natalie and Miranda are a constant reminder that living from your sacredness is real and possible. You have described them aptly and accurately – I too love the way Natalie closes her eyes, and I love the way she listens to you with her eyes. I love the way Miranda says hello to you and the way she says my name and other people’s name.

  21. It is deeply inspiring to see the way that Natalie and Miranda Benhayon move, reminding or confirming the spark within us all and how this can be in our everyday way of living.

  22. I heard the word sacred long before Universal Medicine but it is through Universal Medicine that I truly, TRULY, started to understand what sacred and sacredness is. It is nothing to attain, achieve, reach, become but instead deeply innate within every single one of us and something we can re-connect to and live from. Nothing big, no drama just really simple and more and more I am appreciating role models in my life like Natalie, Miranda and Simone Benhayon who reflect and show me what it is to live this way.

  23. There is something divinely sacred about both of these women, Natalie and Miranda Benhayon. And it is worth mentioning here that it is neither their names nor their places of birth, their home addresses or their jobs that makes them so, it is simply by the way they move that has generated a life for each that is awesome for us to see and be inspired by.

  24. Just had a sacred movement groupsession with Natalie.
    Just one move with my shoulders opened up to let out the delicateness within me.

  25. Sacredness, when seen and deeply felt, is a very powerful game-changer, transforming lives forever.

  26. Thank you Fiona a beautiful sharing. Both Miranda and Natalie Benhayon have inspired me over the years to re-connect to my sacredness and what it means to live as a woman. This may seem obvious, but when you watch these two women move then you know there is something very different about them. The gentle way they move offers us the possibility to say, this is what a woman looks and feels like when she is fully claimed and in her power. We can learn so much more about ourselves, and others from our movements than we can from words.

  27. Thank you Fiona, you have set a new standard for us all in observing and appreciating the women around you! As I read I also felt my appreciation for Miranda and Natalie deepen, as I too could relate to the details you had shared about the way they are and move with what they have connected to inside themselves.

  28. Miranda & Natalie Benhayon invite me to make my movements very important, to value and appreciate myself for the sacred woman I am too. The way they move and honour themselves by bringing their exquisite delicateness in the middle of a world that is constantly pushing us to do the opposite is very inspiring. Having them as a role models in my life doesn’t make me feel less but equal from within. Thanks for sharing Fiona

  29. If our every movement can carry the grace and diviness of who we truly are, so can every moment and the space between moments.

    1. Beautifully said jennym… it is the quality of grace and thus divinity that is so deeply inspiring.

  30. We are all blessed by any woman moving in sacredness; them just passing by is a revelation even when not consciously recognised. It lifts us up to also embrace the sacredness within.

  31. Great article, and the thing is, that neither Miranda or Natalie Benhayon, with all of their sacred beauty, ever treat any one as less than themselves. There is no arrogance, there is no hardness or protection of their status. They simply are who they are and who they are is simply awesome.

    1. I agree Shami. What they emanate is very powerful but very holding and loving at the same time. There is an exquisite humbleness and transparency in their presence that always makes me see how precious we are.

  32. ‘There is absolute dedication to keep feeling and appreciating the depth within themselves and move in a way that reflects heaven. This allows us to see and feel unfathomable beauty, stillness and grace.’ An inspiring article to appreciate the awesome power of connection in our every movement.

  33. This very much exposes how important our role modelling is… the detail we are all capable of seeing, feeling and knowing is extraordinary – our every movement truly counts, as we never know who is observing, learning and being inspired by us.

  34. This is divine to read and absolutely inspiring beyond words … the quality that is there to be felt in this sharing is profound.

    1. Paula it’s deeply honouring of other women and what Fiona refers to is that we all have this same inner beauty and sacredness within. This is a love letter to other women and it is re-imprinting how women can relate to each other.

  35. Reading this beautiful piece of writing connects me instantly to my body and my own sacredness. I feel how delicate and precious I am and feel the strength in these innate qualities, something to value more in my day to day life.

    1. I felt the same Annelies, as I read I could feel a much deeper knowing of sacredness than I currently live. It’s very confirming of the equality and power we each hold as sacred women.

  36. I had to swipe a card in machine a few times yesterday and was aware of the tension that I allowed in my body with this simple movement . Reading your blog this morning is perfect, for it shows me how it is possible to do this movement with grace and purpose and no trying in case it doesn’t work!

  37. Captured it very well Fiona – this needs to be shared with the world! These women a true role models. The modality Sacred Movement has given me freedom in my mind. You realise just how much your mind fights the body or is in control when you do sacred movement. It is a heavenly movement as is the modality that comes from heaven.

  38. It is very beautiful how our outward expressions of sacredness can differ perhaps in surface appearance but underneath that come from the same source.

  39. It’s a delight observing these women, how the message may be the same but what’s expressed is equally as exquisite and amazing. This is true for us all when we express from our Soul. How did comparison ever make sense?!

  40. Gorgeously expressed Fiona, I am able to feel the sacredness described by your writing..
    This is so true: “It is like time itself stops. And if you feel the depth of sacredness within you, why would you rush or dishonour that feeling?”
    That last question is so so true, why would we? I love that. Equals the silliness of stepping away from what we know is true and it highlights the importance to return to our sacredness and reignite with our Joy.

  41. Fiona, reading this makes me melt and makes me realise how important the way we move is and how inspiring this can be for others; ‘the effect of the beauty and divinity in her movements is quite profound.’

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